THE WORDS YOU SPEAK - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


So went the lyrics of one of the opening songs rendered by the choristers at the Sunday Service of August 27, 2023: “I Surrender All To You/Everything I Give to You/Withholding Nothing”. Then they moved on to an iconic composition by God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, “Holy Spirit, Take More Of Me”. Among other soul-lifting songs they declared that darkness has no place in God’s people’s lives: “Imole De/Okunkun P’ara Da/When Light Breaks Forth/Darkness Must Vanish!” And the Lord shone His light into every dark area in the people’s lives as they participated in the service.

The Word ministration for the day was given by Evangelist Chisom, who started by asking congregants to assert: “No matter how unsteady the world appears to be, I will continue to live steady, talk steady, shout steady.” Proceeding, he reminded them on the need to mind the way they speak and the way they live their lives based on the truth that no one can stand against anyone behind whom God stands. His words were quite interesting and remarkable: “The words you speak should be in line with the future you desire, not the future you fear.”

Evangelist Chisom’s message was entitled “THE WORDS YOU SPEAK” and he read from Psalm 141:3 and Proverbs 4:23-24 for his theme. “Most of our troubles are tongue troubles,” he noted even as he cited other relevant Bible verses such as Matthew 12:34, Philippians 4:8, Ephesians 4:29 and Matthew 12:37, as well as 2 Kings 14 and Daniel 3. “Jesus Christ believes that what you and I say is important,” he told the church, “because the words you speak determine the life you enjoy.” He reiterated to the people, “You cannot rise above the level of your words.”

The preacher quoted some of Prophet TB Joshua’s powerful observations on the Christian race, including the one about being an overcomer through avoiding idle words  and ensuring godly mind management. “Before you talk, think,” he warned the people. In his concluding remarks, taken from his mentor, the evangelist said: “When you train yourself to think right, you are training yourself to talk right, because the Word dominating your heart will dominate your mouth. When you train yourself to talk right, you are training yourself to act right, because the word dominating your mouth will influence your conduct and behaviour. God’s Word should be the standard for your confession.”

Healing, Deliverance And Blessings For The Ultimate Salvation Of Souls

“We will rejoice,” said Pastor Evelyn Joshua on joining congregants, “and be glad in the presence of God.” Before proceeding to lay hands on the people, the woman of God prayed: “Father, we are here again. We have come to praise and give You thanks. Almighty God, we have come to listen and to share with You what is on our minds and hearts. Father Lord God Almighty, hear us and grant our requests. Fill us with Your joy and empower us with Your Spirit to know You the more.

Thereafter, the people started to receive the remedy for every malady in their lives. For some it was difficulty in walking, breast lumps, swollen belly, arthritis, asthma, shoulder dislocation and brain tumour. For others it was issues such as mental disorder, leg ulcers, addiction, skin disease and every untoward thing in their systems. For those determined to use their faith to put a demand on the anointing that heals, delivers and sets free, God’s power indeed knew no bounds!

Among these were pregnant women who had come to place themselves and their babies under God’s canopy.

There was also the spectacular case of a university undergraduate whose menses returned right inside the church after 265 days! Thank You, Jesus Christ!

Prophetic Prayers That Cancelled Every Plan Of The Enemy

“There is no god like our God,” Evangelist James reminded joyous congregants after the praise session. “Cancel every plan of the enemy against your life,” he urged them as he led the Mass Prayer session. He continued: “Every contrary spirit that challenges your life, family, destiny – command it out, in the name of Jesus!” He then asked them to declare: “You unclean spirit, familiar spirit – by the authority in the name of Jesus, I command you: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph charged congregants to decree: “You demon, unclean spirit – anywhere you are, I call you by your name: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “That spirit that causes sickness, affliction, disease: Out!” He also told the people to pray: “You spirit of sickness – anywhere you are in my body, I command you by the Blood Of Jesus: Out! You sickness – anywhere you are in my body, listen to the voice of God: Out!” He declared upon the people: “Be healed, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Ope told the people to pray: “You spirit of destruction destroying my business, family relationship, marriage, career – anywhere you are: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua charged the people: “Command every bondage of destruction to give way in the name of Jesus!” She also told them to request: “Holy Ghost power of deliverance, healing – rain on me! My heart, awake to receive in the name of Jesus Christ!” She equally pronounced upon them: “Freedom to your life! Peace to your life! Healing to your life! Receive your restoration, in the name of Jesus, by the Blood of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Ghost!”

To viewers all over the world the woman of God said: “All that is not of God around you – begin to reject, it in the name of Jesus Christ! Cast your burden upon the Lord! Begin to reject disappointment, affliction, hatred, in the name of Jesus! Ask Jesus Christ to satisfy you in good health, prosperity, goodness. Every sickness that attacks your body, mind, spirit – begin to reject it right now, in the name of Jesus!” She encouraged them: “Confess your victory over it, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua told the people: “That spirit that torments your life – right now command it out! Any area of your life that is not safe – right now, command that devil to leave you.” He also prayed for them: “Any area of your life that is not safe – be restored, in the name of Jesus Christ! Your kidney, liver, blood, womb, bones, organs, every faculty – be restored, in the name of Jesus! Receive your pass to good health, freedom, salvation in all areas of your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Healing in your bone, liver, in the name of Jesus Christ!”  


When The Deliverer Removed Sleep Apnea!

On August 13, 2023, Nigerian national Michael had attended The SCOAN Sunday Service of that day. The 58-year-old had come all the way from Germany with the problem of sleep apnea, which had started two years back. “I just couldn’t sleep, and doctors later diagnosed me with hypertension due to inability to sleep,” he said as he began his testimony on August 27. “You run the risk of developing a stroke if this illness persists,” the doctors warned Michael. Meanwhile, they gave him a machine and many medications to aid his breathing. Yet, there was no improvement. Realising that only God could heal him, Michael had made his way to the church and the Lord had visited him as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “Now I can do all the things that I hadn’t been able to do before,” he disclosed. He advised people to seek God, the only Deliverer. His wife, Elizabeth, confirmed the testimony and advised people to have faith in God.

In Faith, Esther Receives The Strength To Walk Again!

On August 20, 2023, Esther had come all the way from northern Nigeria to seek the face of the Lord at The SCOAN. The schoolteacher was experiencing difficulty in walking due to arthritis. Despite taking a cocktail of medications, she had not seen any improvement and her entire body remained riddled with pain. Her lumbar corset did little for her as well. Upon receiving a touch from Heaven, however, Esther felt strength surge into her body. Instantly, she started exercising her body vigorously. “Now I can stand for hours, use high-heeled shoes and move around freely,” Esther assured the church with demonstrations. “It is only God who can answer your prayers,” she told the world.

And God Gave Her Speedy Healing From Severe Hot Water Burns!

It was during the service of July 16, 2023 that Modupe received prayer over the severe hot water burns that had left her skin peeled and all of her body in pain. Knowing that Jesus is the Master Healer, she had sought succour in God’s power. “I felt a sweet sensation – some kind of coldness – when I received prayer in the name of Jesus Christ,” said Modupe. Since then, her skin has healed completely. “Just believe in God,” she urged the world.

“Today I Am Full – A Complete Man!” Says Man Whose Wife Fell Pregnant After 12 Years Of Marriage

On December 11, 2022, Ololade was in The SCOAN for prayer over her condition of barrenness. “I had gone to many places in 12 years of marriage, but I could not find a solution,” she recalled wistfully. Doctors had told her that she had fibroids and could not fall pregnant except the fibroids were first surgically removed. “During those 12 years I faced so much humiliation from neighbours that sometimes made me weep bitterly,” Ololade added. Soon after receiving prayer, however, a baby began growing in her womb – to hers and her husband’s amazement. Her baby bump now at an advanced stage, Ololade told the church on August 27, 2023, “There is nothing God cannot do.” Her husband, Mustapha, glorified God’s name for the miracle, proclaiming, “Today I am full – I am a complete man!” He advised people to wait upon the Lord.

For Anna, God Made The Impossible Possible!

Because of lumbar spondylosis due to injuries sustained in a motoring accident, Anna had presented herself for Holy Spirit-backed prayer on January 29, 2023 as Pastor Evelyn Joshua undertook Kingdom work. Minutes later, Anna stood up a perfectly healed woman. The social care worker had been driving to work in the Republic of Ireland when the accident occurred. “I had to rely on my family for support,” she said while testifying on August 27, 2023. After receiving prayer, the Ghanaian national had returned home and had a dream in which she encountered an image of Prophet TB Joshua, who assured her that the threat of death over her head had been lifted. Since receiving prayer, Anna has returned to winning ways in the name of Jesus Christ. “Let us come to God, Who gives total healing,” she advised the world. Her daughters said, “God has made the impossible possible.”

Umbilical Hernia Vanishes At God’s Command!

On March 26, 2023, Mariam received prayer over a concerning issue of umbilical hernia. On being informed about the situation, her father had insisted that she be taken to The SCOAN for prayer. At the Prayer Line, Mariam received ministration from the woman of God on the day in question. Immediately, all of Mariam’s pain vanished – to the glory of God! She advised people to believe in God. Mariam’s mother told of how all of the pus from the hernia had dried up after the prayer session. “Keep believing,” she encouraged the people.

Marlene Is Healed Of Depression And Knee Swelling

Although Marlene, a Namibian, had come to church with a crestfallen appearance on August 20, 2023, she had returned home with a smiling face. Her major complaint was the problem of a swollen knee, which made it difficult for her to walk and caused other issues, including difficulty in breathing and dizziness. There was also the problem of depression – for 25 years. “Once I received prayer from Pastor Evelyn Joshua, I felt warm inside of me,” Marlene testified a week later. She demonstrated all that she could not do before. “I feel energetic,” she declared. “Everything is possible with God,” she added.

Prophecy Brings Healing And Promotion For Woman From Botswana

On April 15, 2018, Tholika had received a prophetic word from Prophet TB Joshua about her three years of abdominal pain. “The pains were so excruciating that I could not perform my duties as a woman,” said the woman from Botswana as she testified on August 27, 2023. Tholika said that the prophecy brought not only healing but also career breakthrough. “I earned promotion and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. “With God, all things are possible!” she exclaimed.