REST - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


In Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria, the location of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, the dawn of July 2, 2023 broke with showers from Heaven – a sign of the rain of blessings that was to fall on congregants who later assembled in The Arena Of Liberty for impartation by God’s power. To start the worship session, Kayode of the Emmanuel TV Singers rendered Jim Reeves’ timeless “Where Do I Go From Here?”, with music for the rendition being supplied by an orchestral band. Thereafter, Esther, whose operatic performance is always supported by the band in question, stepped up to glorify God’s name with “Great Is Thy Faithfulness!” As edifying music came from blessed violins, cellos, tubes and other instruments, congregants felt the aura of the Holy Spirit. “Hosannah In The Highest!” Esther further sang, before giving way to instrumentalist renditions of “Hallelujah/Amen/Sing Hallelujah/Amen!” Finally, the full choir sang, “I Enter The Holy Of Holies/I Enter Through The Blood Of The Lamb!”

Evangelist James’ message was short but highly impactful. “Rest,” he titled the sermon, reading from Matthew 11:28. With probing questions he began: “What is the state of your heart? Are you worried? Are you anxious? Are you troubled? Are you stressed? And what is Jesus’ response to these different states of our heart?” To start with, he explained what he meant by ‘rest’: “Rest in the Christian life means freedom from worry, anxiety, stress and burden.” Next, he contrasted rest with worry, which he described as “a destructive tool that has robbed many of a victorious life in Christ Jesus.”

While acknowledging there may be reasons for us to be worried sometimes, the preacher assured congregants that there is a greater reason not to submit to worry, given God’s Word in John 14:1 and 27. He warned the people, “Worrying about ‘next’ destroys our sense of reasoning, our sense of judgement and cripples our ability to think, act and exercise faith in the present.”

On that note, Evangelist James urged congregants to focus on the Problem Solver, Jesus Christ, rather than their sources of worry. Accordingly, he ended on a further note of assurance after charging congregants to be humble enough to seek God: “Are you worried? Come to Jesus and He will give you rest. A simple cure for worry is to cast our burdens upon the Lord, for He alone is able to give you rest.”

The Incomparable Power Of Jesus Christ!

When she got to The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua looked up to Heaven: “Almighty God, we have come with our emptiness that You may fill us. We are here with our weaknesses so You can strengthen us. We are here with so many questions in our heart knowing that You have the answers to them all. Almighty God, we are from sin and selfishness, but dirty as we are we know You can cleanse us, purify us, make us whole. Father, we thank You for Your blessings, healing, deliverance today – for the victory that awaits us today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Holy Spirit, take care of us. Father, give us testimonies that will put satan and his work to shame. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray!”

By the authority in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power in the Word and the enablement of the Holy Spirit, the woman of God laid anointed hands on people who had come with various ailments, such as piles, deep vein thrombosis, stomach ulcer, asthma, hernia and kidney problems, among others.

A number of expectant women also presented themselves for prayer.

The woman of God was later joined by The SCOAN Evangelists in the work of commanding troubles, affliction and sickness out of people’s lives. To be sure, no demon was too stubborn for God’s deliverance power! Thank You, Jesus!

Prayer That Brought Them Rest!

“Today is your day of healing, deliverance, breakthrough!” proclaimed Evangelist Chisom at the start of the Mass Prayer session. He read from Matthew 11:28 before praying: “Father, we have come before You – give us rest in our family!” He further told congregants: “Whatever spirit that is causing you distress – unclean spirits, ancestral spirits, contrary spirits – command them out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “You spirit challenging my authority in Christ Jesus – anywhere you are – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Every spirit that is sent to kill, destroy you – anywhere they are in your body – command them out. Every sickness in your body – be it cancer, fibroids, hypertension, kidney problems, liver disease, your heart, your lungs, your bones, your blood, your skin – command it out!” He also told them to pray: “You contrary spirit sent against my health, life – anywhere you are – I order you: Out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Every cycle of limitation, setback, stagnation, disappointment in your business, career, family – be broken!” He also asked the people to pray: “My career, in the name of Jesus, I command you: begin to flourish!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the people: “Disconnect yourself from every inherited curse, ancestral bondage, cage of barrenness, cage of hatred, unnecessary delay in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ!” She prayed: “All traces of darkness in your life – be exposed, be disgraced, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit that kills, that steals, that destroys – out, in the name of Jesus Christ. May your foundation receive deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ!”

To viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Resist every power that holds you in bondage. Resist the oppressor in your life, in the name of Jesus!” She also prayed for them: “All that is crippled in your life – begin to walk right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Everything that is dead in your life – rise and shine, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Those in darkness – in the name of Jesus, come out! Those in darkness, those who are afflicted – be freed! Those who are sick, those who are in captivity – come out to the light. Leave that darkness! I deliver you, in the name of Jesus! Whatever way you find yourself in darkness – I command you: be freed!”


God’s Power Averts Thumb Amputation!

It had started with a slight pain in the right thumb and Titilayo had felt no qualms about self-medication. Unfortunately, her attempt to play doctor led to severe increase in the pain she was feeling. Soon, she got a grim verdict: “We may need to cut off your thumb.” Not wanting to hear that, Titilayo ran to God, for whom nothing is ever impossible. Upon receiving prayer in The Arena Of Liberty, she returned home for her full recovery. On July 2, 2023, she returned to The SCOAN to testify about her restored health. “I no longer feel pain in the thumb,” she said, “and I can do all that I had been unable to do before.” She advised people to have faith in God’s power.

Spirit Husband And Spirit Of Anger Now Ejected From Joy’s Life Forever!

After losing her dear mother, Joy became so enraged at life that she began to do strange things to the people in her life. She talked rudely to her husband and was unfriendly to other family members and neighbours. A spirit husband also started visiting her, in addition to a host of strange forces that kept bringing her food in the spirit realm. Along the line, she lost a pregnancy and her mental state further suffered. On falling pregnant again, Joy continued to witness complications. Although she was not due, she suddenly started bleeding one night and passed out for three days. Perhaps not unexpectedly, her anger issues worsened even as home became hell for her husband. “I began to see dead people in the dream and I ate with them,” she said. Subsequently, she had a dream in which she found herself in The SCOAN. In the real world, Joy made her way to The SCOAN on June 25, 2023 and the power of God located her. Since then, foul spirits have stayed away from her and she is at peace with herself and the world. “Stand up – you are free,” the evangelist had told her after the foul spirit in Joy went out following an anointed touch in the name of Jesus Christ. She advised people to make God’s Word the standard for their lives.

For Two Siblings, It’s An End To Decades Of Spiritual Bondage!

During the service of June 25, 2023, two siblings witnessed God’s awesome power of deliverance. A week later, Frank and Uche returned to testify in The SCOAN. Frank started by telling of how the foul spirit of a lion had possessed him after he watched a horror film at the age of 12. “I would roar like a lion every now and then, but my parents thought it was just childish play,” he recalled. When he became an adult and went into business, Frank continued to witness the demon’s actions in his life, as the spirit of anger made him ruin many business opportunities. “And I hardly ever got sound sleep; in fact, no matter what I did, it was always impossible for me to sleep before 3am,” he told the church. He also spoke of how a spirit wife had entered his life at the age of 16. “Single women hardly paid attention to me; only women with kids found me attractive,” he said. Indeed, life was so miserable for Frank that he had to confide in his father, who took him to a church where he was given a ‘special’ wrapper to cover himself with at night. The spirit wife paid no heed to the wrapper! Moreover, the spirit wife infected Frank with relentless itching in his private parts. “I was placed on a drug that I had to use always,” he recalled. The demonic force also inflicted Frank with the spirit of lust, seeking for sex several times a day. Realising that there was little else he could do, Frank decided to move in faith and go for prayer in The Arena Of Liberty. Since his deliverance, Frank has gained victory over the spirit wife and his infection has vanished. He advised people to keep believing in God and making His Word the standard for their lives.

On her part, Uche told of how a spirit husband had crept into her life. “This evil spirit made it difficult for me to sustain relationships with men and I had the spirit of anger that messed up my interactions with other people,” she added. She said she was attracting only married men – a situation that she said she never welcomed. “I always felt a strange presence in my home and I tried many avenues to break free from it, but to no avail,” Uche continued. “I kept following all the instructions of the spiritualists who gave me so-called remedies,” she said, “but the foul spirit kept tormenting me.” She said a hand continued to appear to her, alongside the spirit husband. “I spent so much money,” she said with regret. On being located by divine power on June 25, 2023, Uche received her liberation. “The ultimate deliverance power belongs to God,” she told the people. The siblings’ mother, Evelyn, thanked God for rescuing her children. “I have seen changes in both of them,” she affirmed. She advised parents to seek God in a living church.

The Electrician Who Became A State Commissioner – Now A Member Of Parliament!

Hon. Nnamdi Ezechi testified about how his life moved from grass to grace after he became aware of God’s power through Prophet TB Joshua, who had spoken prophetic words to his life. “My life started to transform once I met Prophet TB Joshua and got the Anointing Water,” he said. He told of how he thereafter moved from being an electrician to a commissioner at the state government level. Keying into the message of helping others, Nnamdi set up projects to better the lives of people around him. In a more recent testimony, Nnamdi told of how he got elected as a Member of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “In Delta State today, they call me the Prophet’s Son and I am so proud of that,” he said. He told the world, “I will continue to worship the God of Prophet TB Joshua.”