GOD’S STRENGTH IN OUR WEAKNESS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


With a series of joyful songs did congregants begin the service of June 25, 2023. They worshipped along with the Emmanuel TV Singers and the presence of the Holy Spirit soon filled The Arena Of Liberty. They blessed the name of the Lord God Almighty Who reigns forevermore, asked for the Spirit to pray through them and asked for more of the presence of Jesus Christ in their lives. 

Asking congregants and viewers all over the world to declare, “God is with me, for when I am weak, then I am strong!” Evangelist Jemila started the day’s word of exhortation entitled “GOD’S STRENGTH IN OUR WEAKNESS”. It was a message on the need to confess our fleshly weaknesses and failings to God while asking for His help to attain spiritual growth. Perfection, she observed, eludes us as humans, and weaknesses seems inevitable, hence the constant need for divine enablement.  

She cited numerous Bible passages including Proverbs 28:13, 1 Peter 5:8-9, Romans 7:14-20, Mark 8:34, Proverbs 24:16, 2 Timothy 3:16 and Philippians 4:13. Quoting Prophet TB Joshua, she said: “To identify and acknowledge our weakness is victory in itself. If we mean it with all our heart, the job is half-done. It is fifty percent of the victory; the remaining fifty percent, leave it for God.” She then urged congregants not to let satan feed on weaknesses such as arrogance, jealousy, hatred and talking too much, etc. She noted, “If you do not have food for satan, satan will not come to you.”

Evangelist Jemila also told the people not to be merely sorry about their weaknesses but to stop doing things that do not please the Lord. “Mistakes are correctable,” she reminded them – again using the words of Prophet TB Joshua. She continued, “Your weakness does not matter to God but your willingness to change and overcome it.” She further reminded them about being ready to pay the cost of serving God. In her words: “Putting off our old selves and putting on the new man in Christ Jesus is costly. It costs us in terms of our ego, pride, time, hard work, and dedication.”

Regarding how to win the battle against the flesh, Evangelist Jemila urged the people to embrace God’s Word and seek the Holy Spirit. In further words from God’s servant, Evangelist Jemila said: “Without the Holy Spirit destroying the root of sin in us, we are bound to be tormented by our desire to return to our bad habits!” She concluded thus: “Ask God to give you the grace to live above your weakness. Ask God to speak strength into your weakness. Your life will not remain the same! In Jesus Christ’s name! Amen. Thank You, Jesus Christ.”

God Who Never Fails, God Who Never Sleeps!

“Good Morning, people of God, And Win Today!” greeted Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she joined congregants for prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough. “I pray that your life will be refreshed with heavenly dew, in the name of Jesus Christ,” she proclaimed.

The woman of God prayed: “Father Lord, we are here again in humble dependence and an unpretentious attitude of heart. Father, we bow down our head in total submission not just for what we are asking for but for You to help us to ask for the right thing. We ask for Your mercy so that we will not receive the judgment we truly deserve. Almighty God, we have walked out of darkness into Your light. Heal us, save us, deliver us and bless us! In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray!”

From different parts of the world people gathered to experience God’s irrepressible power. They came with various illnesses and diseases including severe waist pain, difficulty in walking, diabetes, peptic ulcer, osteoarthritis, hernia, prostate enlargement, fracture and stiffness of the hand.   

As well as for women seeking the safe delivery of their babies, the woman of God ministered prayer to people with piles, swollen groin, issues of drug/smoking addiction, nose bleeding, breast cancer, loss of memory, multiple uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and adenoid enlargement.

God Almighty also worked through the faculties of The SCOAN Evangelists as they joined Pastor Evelyn Joshua in casting out the roots of issues in the people’s lives. After the ministration of prayers upon them, the people declared, “Thank You, Jesus!”

Words Affected By The Spirit To Break All Barriers!

At the start of the Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua declared, “May the joy of the Lord never depart from your life, home, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” She also told the people to proclaim, “My life is about to change!”

The woman of God read from 2 Corinthians 3:17 before praying with congregants and viewers all over the world: “Every veil of unrighteousness, sadness, disappointment, barrenness, joblessness, sickness, self-pity in your life – be broken, removed today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Freedom to your life, career, children, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every raging storm in your life – be broken, be still, in the name of Jesus Christ! Let their wasted time become prosperous time, in the name of Jesus! Every turbulence in the lives of Your children, every failure in their lives – turn it into glory!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “That spirit that troubles your life, that spirit that disturbs your peace – unclean spirit, ancestral spirit – anywhere you are: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You cage of satan in my life, family, finances, career, business – I command you: Be broken!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Every spirit of infirmity – loose yourself from it.” He also prayed: “You sickness, disease – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua urged viewers all over the world to pray: “Replace every fear within me with a strong faith. Replace every darkness within and outside me with Your gentle light. Remove every resistance of Your will from my life!” She also prayed for them: “With the light of God in your life, be healed right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! With the light of God in your soul, be freed, in the name of Jesus Christ! With the light of God in your spirit, be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua ministered to the people: “Every spirit that is operating in your life – spirits of setback, affliction, stagnation, nightmares – begin to command them out!” He further ministered prayer: “That sickness, disease – that sickness in your bone, kidneys, blood, liver – I say, ‘Leave, in the name of Jesus!’”


Muslim Couple Finds Joy And Peace Of Mind As Miraculous Baby Is Born!  

In June 2022, Abdul and his wife – both Muslims – were in The Arena Of Liberty for prayer over their rather prolonged search for a third child. On returning home, they received a divine answer and the pregnancy progressed without issues until seven months on. Doctors came up with a grim verdict: breech presentation. In faith, Abdul brought his wife back to The SCOAN on March 5, 2023 and Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. When it was time for the delivery, the human verdict remained: the inevitability of surgery. Yet, Abdul’s wife had been assured in a dream by an image of Prophet TB Joshua that her baby would be delivered easily. Although the doctor in charge had insisted on getting two additional doctors to assist him in conducting the Caesarian Section, Abdul had remained prayerful throughout the time. And the God of Prophet TB Joshua did not disappoint him and his wife. While Abdul was on the way with the doctor to fetch the two other doctors, news came that Abdul’s wife had had her baby by herself – after she ministered the New Anointing Water in the labour room! At the service of June 25, 2023, it was an Abdul who was beside himself with excitement that testified alongside his wife. Hale and hearty, Abdul’s wife cradled her baby fondly as she praised God’s name. “Run to a living church,” Abdul advised people. “The God of possibilities is there,” he insisted.

“God Gave Us Something That Money Could Not Buy,” Says Man Whose Wife Was Healed Of Chronic Stomach Pain

Akyen testified about her deliverance from the hold of ancestral spirits. Right from childhood, she had been bothered by a snake spirit that used to appear to her in the dream. On her family premises in the village was a strange tree that harboured a foul spirit. During an attempt to cut the tree, the tree cutters saw their equipment catch fire. Subsequently, the tree cutters made incantations that helped them to cut down the tree, under which they found a strange big hole that later erupted in a fire. All along, Akyen had always been troubled by stomach pain that made it difficult for her to conceive for a third child. “I always felt severe stomach pain that made my life miserable,” she said. After attending the service of June 18, 2023, however, God’s power located her for deliverance as one of the evangelists ministered to her in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Since then, her marriage and health have been restored to God’s original design. She advised people to believe in God’s power. “Distance is not a barrier,” she added. Her husband, Chidi, said, “God gave us something that money could not buy.”

A SCOAN Mocker Experiences God’s Power Of Deliverance In The Arena Of Liberty!

During the deliverance session of the service of Sunday, June 18, 2023, the demon in Seun confessed that it had entered her from childhood. Afterwards, Seun vomited the evil deposits in her system. Testifying a week later, she went back in time. “I used to see things that most people couldn’t see – even things that my parents had done before they met,” she said. She also told of how, as a pupil, she had twice warned her classroom teacher of a snake that was about to bite her. “People were scared of me – scared of my powers,” she continued. This led to Seun’s isolation from family, even after ending up with kids by a much older man. “I used to rain curses on my children, sometimes for no reason,” she further explained. At some point, Seun rented an apartment from an elderly woman who carried an aura that Seun couldn’t penetrate. “I badly wanted to scan the woman spiritually and kept looking for an opportunity to engage her in the spirit realm, but I couldn’t,” Seun added. For no reason, the homeowner had offered a bucket of water to Seun – a gesture that led to being invited into the woman’s home, where she saw a portrait of Prophet TB Joshua. “No wonder!” Seun thought to herself. Nevertheless, she assured herself that she would continue in her attempt to penetrate the woman. Eventually, the elderly woman persuaded Seun to visit The SCOAN for an encounter with God. “She told me that she had had a dream in which an image of Prophet TB Joshua asked her to offer me water,” Seun said. It was during the service of June 18 that Seun received her deliverance, following ministration by one of the evangelists. “I felt drained after the deliverance; I couldn’t even eat before sleeping off,” she recalled. Thereafter, she had a dream in which her spiritual victory was confirmed by an image of Prophet TB Joshua. “Set her free!” the image of God’s servant had commanded agents of the kingdom of darkness. Since the deliverance, Seun has entered into a world of divine bliss and her behaviour has transformed. “I used to say bad things about The Synagogue, but now I know better,” she confessed. “I can confirm that people do not get paid to testify in this church,” she added. She advised people to free their minds before the Lord. One of her children, Esther, confirmed the transformation. “We are no longer scared of her,” she stated.

“Maintain Your Relationship With God,” Advises Woman Delivered From Demonic Forces

On Sunday, June 18, 2023, the demon in Ajoke confessed tormenting her health and marriage. Minutes after, the demon fled her life forever. On June 25, she testified before the world. “As a child, I used to have strange dreams over which my parents took me to a spiritualist,” she began. She went on to tell of how her life had been ruled by evil forces that kept steering her towards married men. “In my family, most of the women are in polygamous marriages but I never wanted that for myself,” she said. Eventually, Ajoke made her way to The SCOAN for the prayer of deliverance. Afterwards, however, she broke her relationship with God and stopped attending church. She eventually had a stillbirth after someone called The SCOAN Prayer Line on her behalf over a baby that had died in her womb. She had been scheduled for surgical removal of the dead baby. Since her restoration on June 18, Ajoke has come back under God’s cover and no longer has nightmares. “Maintain your relationship with God,” she advised people.

“Only God Gives Rest!” Declares Woman Saved From The Marine World

“Let me go!” screamed the demon in Edith’s life during the One-On-One deliverance session as the fire of the Holy Ghost burned through her body on Sunday, June 18. Expectedly, the demon made many confessions before making its hurried exit. The following Sunday, grateful Edith returned to church to testify. She began, “From the age of five, I had been praying to family idols alongside my father.” She said she had strange powers that helped her to see things that other people could not see. “At some point, I was arrested by the police for foretelling the death of a neighbour’s sick child,” she added. Troubled by the effects of her powers in the real world, Edith asked her parents about her origins – and they told her. At the age of 16, she left her parents but continued offering sacrifices to marine spirits. She did so until the age of 26, although she had continued facing disappointments in many areas of life. She then stopped making the sacrifices. However, she was soon forced to return to making the sacrifices. One day, she woke up from a dream holding on to some money. Agents from the spirit world told her to hold on to that particular money so that she would never run out of money in the real world. Eventually, Edith got married after seeking permission to do so from “the other side of the world.” During her first two pregnancies, she laboured for hours before managing to have her babies – only after having sacrifices made on her behalf by her father. For her third child, Edith almost lost her life as she battled for close to two weeks before she could be delivered of the baby. When she turned 36 years old, the time when she was meant to leave this earthly plane, Edith began to face many health issues and frantically made sacrifices to the marine spirits that had been running her life. She ended up crossing the threshold of her 36th birthday. Now in her thirty-seventh year, Edith wanted to continue sacrificing rams to the spirit forces but her husband declined to support her financially. Enraged, Edith argued endlessly with her husband. Along the line, a supposed business transaction came up and Edith’s husband advised her against it. Because she was stubborn, Edith went ahead with the fake business and got scammed of 400 thousand naira – her husband’s money, in fact! This forced her husband and her siblings to stop supporting her financially. Meanwhile, her husband continued to demand a refund and to request that she visit The SCOAN with him. “The only condition for getting back your ATM card from me is coming with me to the church,” he had insisted. Edith had been requesting her seized debit card so that she could continue offering sacrifices to forces in the river. To the glory of God, Edith witnessed God’s raw power fall upon her as an evangelist ministered the prayer of deliverance upon her. On being impacted by the anointing, she had fallen down. When she got back up, Edith did so as a new creature in Jesus Christ. Since that day, she has had confirmatory dreams involving Prophet TB Joshua and Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “I no longer have nightmares and I relate to people normally. She advised people not to be discouraged from seeking God. “Only God gives rest!” she asserted. Her husband, Raphael, thanked God for teaching him patience. He advised men not to abandon their wives and to help them to seek God.

“This Breakthrough Is So Much!” Asserts Woman Who Has Been Enjoying Divine Blessings Since Supporting God’s Work

Mimi, a caterer turned produce supplier, testified about the impact of God’s power on her business after she decided to support the Lord’s vineyard. Her business, which had been struggling for long, began to flourish. In one fell swoop, her warehouse got cleared of produce that had stayed unrequested all the while. “Within two days of ministering the New Anointing Water on my goods, I began to experience breakthrough in all areas of life,” Mimi declared in excitement that she could barely contain. She advised people to stick with God for their own breakthrough.

After-Service Testimonies

At the Prayer Line, Sydney from South Africa received prayer over an ankle injury that had prevented him from leading a normal life. Now he no longer needs a walking aid.

Alexander was healed of difficulty in walking at the Prayer Line. “Now I am free!” he declared.