NO EXCUSE NOT TO LOVE OTHERS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Sang The Emmanuel TV Singers during the worship session of the service of June 18, 2023, “Good Morning, Jesus! Good Morning, Lord!” They also sang of the Lord’s goodness, mercy and compassion: “Come And See Thy Lord’s Goodness/His Mercies And Compassion!” As they sang on, the atmosphere in The SCOAN Auditorium lit up with God’s presence as soul-lifting, faith-building songs of worship rent the air.

When he joined the people, Evangelist Joseph gave them this assurance: “Jesus loves you. He reigns in power for you and He still prays for you, so relax. He is working out the answer already.” He went on to announce his sermon title as “NO EXCUSE NOT TO LOVE OTHERS”. He read from 1 John 4:20 and Mark 12:30-31, then asked congregants: “How is your life affecting others? Are people in pain because of you? Are you a positive influence to others?”

In the message, the evangelist warned the people about striving endlessly for satisfaction FROM material things. He said, “Even if you get what you are looking for today and tomorrow, there would still be the desire to get more and more.” He then stated, “The only thing that will give you peace of heart is to consider your neighbour while looking for your own.”

He urged congregants not to belittle their own capacity to contribute to making the world a better place. “One man consumed with the love of God can turn the world upside down,” he noted. He therefore advised them to do their own bit, like Prophet TB Joshua, in changing lives, changing nations and changing the world. In some of his final words, he asked the following probing questions: “When we don’t love, what then will be our legacy? What will be your imprint for generations yet unborn?” He ended by advising the people to spend life on what will outlast it.

Powerful Declarations Of The Word Through The Spirit

When she joined congregants at The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Father Lord, we thank You! Jesus Christ, we praise You! Father, we come to you today with a heart full of joy and gratitude. We thank You for blessing us. Thank You for loving us. Thank You for protecting us from known and unknown dangers. O Lord God Almighty, as we give You thanks, we also plead for Your mercy and forgiveness. Father, overlook our flaws and let our wonderful destinies remain with us, in the name of Jesus Christ! Almighty God, touch them with Your hand of healing, Your hand of glory, Your hand of mercy. Father, wipe away their tears and frustration, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray.”

The woman of God went on to minister prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough to people from all over the world – some with fibroids, breech presentation and other issues in pregnancy, as well as breast pain, swollen belly, leg ulcers, osteoarthritis and hypertension. Others had problems such as ankle swelling, difficulty in walking caused by many issues, mental disorder, drug addiction, umbilical hernia, swollen cheek, jaw pain, painful urination, prostate enlargement, acute bronchitis, seizures, breast cancer, evil attacks and many other issues.

Suffused with the presence of the Holy Spirit, the atmosphere in The SCOAN Auditorium became too hot for issues in the people’s lives. As the ministration of prayers continued, foul spirits confessed their atrocities before fleeing forever at the mention of the only name given by Heaven for breaking satan’s hold.

Prayer For Winning Forever!

“Win Forever/Win Forever/Win Forever!” Pastor Evelyn Joshua sang at the start of the Mass Prayer session.

Before commencing prayer, the woman of God read from Psalm 91:1-2 and asked the people to personalise the declarations in the verses. Among other points she prayed: “As you stand in the shelter of the Most High God, all that stands between you and God’s promises for your life – be removed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be it in your career, health, family, marriage, relationship! As you stand in the shelter of the Most High God, every hardship of your life – be removed, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist James prayed: “All unclean spirits operating in your life, family – manipulating your life, causing you confusion – Holy Ghost Fire: Out! Every demonic bondage – be broken!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You spirit causing me disease, afflicting my health, afflicting my life: Out! Every spirit that is a messenger of satan – anywhere you are: Out! You affliction in my body, bones, kidneys, lungs, heart – anywhere you are: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “Whatever spirit that is blocking your way, whatever spirit that is blocking your business – spirit of frustration, disappointment, failure, setback that is disturbing your business, finances, breakthrough – say: Out!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Wherever you are having any pain, any hurt – be it physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, psychologically – I pray may the living water flow into your innermost being, bringing health, healing, salvation to your spirit, soul, body, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered from that bondage, problem, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be freed, loosed from that chain, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be healed from that sickness, affliction, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit, power, force that entered you through curses – be nullified right now, in the name of Jesus. Every garment of shame, disgrace – tear them right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be restored! In the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua told the people: “All the doors opened to the enemy through which fear, oppression is entering into your life – by the key of David – right now begin to shut it up! By the key of David, lock it up! All powers that have been holding you down to where you do not belong – right now begin to break it – power of stagnation, failure, career failure, affliction, sickness and disease!”


Breast Lump Vanishes Alongside Cancer Fears!

Ntuli from South Africa had been in The SCOAN in April 2019, afflicted with a painful though benign breast lump from two years earlier. Her family had a history of cancerous lumps, so she had been afraid that she too might end up with a cancerous lump. On receiving prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ as Prophet TB Joshua ministered, Ntuli fell down. “It was like a hammer struck my head when Prophet TB Joshua touched my head,” she recalled on June 18, 2023. When she returned home, Ntuli continued praying and ministering the Morning Water that she was given during her visit to the SCOAN. “In a short while, the lump vanished alongside my fears,” she told the church while displaying her medical documents. She advised people to thank God for what He has done and to believe that their testimony is imminent.

Ancestral Demons Lose Battle Over Ngozi’s Life And Marriage

During the deliverance session of the service of June 11, 2023, the demon that had been tormenting Ngozi’s life had had many confessions to make. It talked about afflicting her with nightmares in which she saw strange things including snakes, which she also saw regularly in real life. “A man also used to make love to me,” she added. Minutes later, she was delivered of the evil spirit. The following week she returned to church to share her testimony. She began by telling the church that the spirit had snuck into her during childhood, when her parents used to offer sacrifices to idols. She told of how the ancestral demon had affected all aspects of her life, including her business and marriage. Following her deliverance, however, she has started a new life in Jesus Christ. “I no longer have those dreams and now live peacefully with my husband,” she smiled. She advised people to move close to God. Her husband, Gabriel, spoke gleefully about the transformation, disclosing that he had even tried to provoke her in order to confirm her conversion. He advised people to be patient and to hope in God.

No Longer Under Bondage Of Dark Powers!

Cletus, a Nigerian resident in the city of Jos, was in church on June 11, 2023. That day, he received his deliverance. On June 18, he shared the story of how it all started. “When I was a child, I used to participate in idol worship with my family,” he said. When he grew older and started business, Cletus visited a witch doctor sometime in 2004 who told him that the source of issues in his life was the family idols that he had stopped worshipping. Somewhat surprised, Cletus returned home to his father, who said it was very possible that the idols were truly being vindictive. And so began a journey embarked upon by Cletus and his father in the bid to appease the idols, who had been wreaking havoc on the family, ruining their marriages and businesses and killing many of them. “In fact, I am the oldest living member of my family; the idol has killed all those older than me,” he said with regret. At his wits’ end, Cletus made his way to God’s presence – and his story of liberation started. “I no longer see pythons and other animals in my dreams,” he said excitedly. “I now sleep like a baby,” he added. He advised people to open up their heart to God’s Spirit.

“My Doctor Couldn’t Understand How It Was Possible,” Says Woman Healed Of Four Years Of Bleeding At Spain Crusade With Pastor Evelyn Joshua

Silvia, a general practitioner based in the United Kingdom, gave another powerful testimony during the service of June 18, 2023. In 2014, she had been menstruating longer than usual and doctors had later found that she had multiple fibroids. The discovery led to a series of surgeries – fine in all – that never solved the problem. Doctors told her, “Have a womb removal surgery or take medicines for the rest of your life.” Silvia refused the first option. Then she discovered Emmanuel TV in 2018 and started praying along with Prophet TB Joshua. With her faith now built up, she grabbed the chance to attend the Crusade In Spain With Pastor Evelyn Joshua on April 27, 2023. Silvia returned home and decided to stop her medications, believing that God had done it. To the glory of God, Silvia found that her bleeding had stopped, with her cycle now restored to normal. “I no longer suffer hip pain as well,” she added. “And my doctor just couldn’t understand how it was possible for me to be healed like that,” Silvia said. “Go to God for the solution to problems like mine,” she advised other women.

Liberated From Demon Causing Poverty And Stagnation

After ending its empty boasting on Sunday, June 11, 2023, the demon in Peace quickly lay flat on its back at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ. A week later, she returned to The SCOAN for her testimony. “I used to join my siblings in eating chicken sacrificed to idols,” she began. She said that she had had a troubled, deprived childhood. “My education was slowed down because I moved from home to home as a maid,” she continued. She said she used to have dreams in which she saw herself in a valley. “Later I had a dream in which I met some strange old women who said they had been waiting for me,” she added. Peace said that she had refused to join the women, who had threatened to make her a slave. “From that day onwards, we became extremely miserable as a family,” she said with misted eyes. The family could barely feed themselves. They also got ejected from their rented home. Peace then decided to leave Morocco, where she had been a struggling immigrant. She had managed to make her way to The SCOAN and the Spirit of God had located her for deliverance and breakthrough. Since then, her family’s finances have improved drastically. “My husband sent me a substantial sum of money last week,” she laughed. She advised the people, “Run to God, the only Solution!”

Medical Graduate Sees God’s Hand Upon His Life!

Sometime in childhood, David had suffered sexual molestation at the hands of a neighbour. From then on, he began to experience troubles with his academics and dream life. He had a tough time making progress as he grew older. “I would have dreams suggesting making progress, but I would wake up stuck in my present location,” he said. He also started having wet dreams. At some point last year, David began to feel depressed. One night, he uttered a few words of prayer before going to sleep. In that dream, he had encountered an image of Pastor Evelyn Joshua and had received a few instructions on praying to God and using the quotes of Prophet TB Joshua. On waking up, David began to do as he had been instructed in the dream, then he felt God’s presence around him. Thereafter, he had made his way to The Arena Of Liberty for prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “I fell under the anointing and didn’t know what happened until I was told, ‘Stand up; you are free’,” he said. Since that deliverance, the fresh medical graduate has been experiencing open doors. “I have now been offered the internship I had not been able to get before,” he said. “No more wet dreams too and my spirit is free,” he further disclosed. He advised people not to misinterpret God’s silence for rejection. “Engage your heart with God,” he ended.

Partnership In God’s Work Leads To Prosperity For South African Couple!

Jaccline, a South African woman, testified about how God transformed hers and her husband’s business after they joined Emmanuel TV partnership. The furniture suppliers had been struggling with their business prior to that time. In another testimony, Jaccline told of how God’s power had protected her and her husband from what should have been a fatal accident. “A car rammed into ours at very high speed and rolled in the air a few times before crashing into a hill,” she said. She said that they had had the Anointing Sticker on the car at the time. Moreover, the family has been experiencing further material blessings including new cars and homes. She advised people to seek God’s Kingdom first.

After-Service Testimonies

During Easter 2019, Martins, a medical doctor, experienced something strange. An object had pierced his foot and he had felt a sensation in his eye. The incident led to paralysis for which he had to be admitted in hospital for over a month. Originally a mocker of God’s power in The SCOAN, Martins had decided to start following the prayer sessions on Emmanuel TV. From then on, he started having spirit encounters with Prophet TB Joshua. In the end, he called the SCOAN Prayer Line and received prayer that made him vomit the poisonous substances in his system. He also testified about how God’s power had been protecting him and his household while also bringing marital peace to his home. “Stop speaking against God’s servant and his ministry,” he advised the world.

At the Prayer Line, Nweene received prayer over the problem of ankle swelling. Now she no longer needs a walking aid.

Lilian from Zambia, a 62-year-old registered nurse, was healed of difficulty in walking owing to cervical and lumbar spondylosis. She no longer needs a lumbar corset. Hallelujah!

Mary from Ghana was also healed of lumbar spondylosis. Thank You, Jesus!