GOD’S GRACE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was only hours away from the 60th posthumous birthday of Prophet TB Joshua – and from all over the world people had gathered for The SCOAN Sunday Service to thank God for His abiding mercy on them, their families and everything pertaining to them. The service was also a time for the people to celebrate the legacy of love and faith that God’s servant bequeathed to the world.

During the opening prayer by the evangelists The SCOAN Choir sang, “Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord.” As the worship session progressed, the choristers stressed the need for the presence of the Holy Spirit as they moved from one song to the next on the Holy Spirit as composed by Prophet TB Joshua. Some of the numbers were “Take More Of Me”, “Spirit Pray Through Me”, “Holy Spirit, Breathe In Me” and “Liberate My Spirit”. As the worship went on, many congregants began to expel the evil deposits in their systems.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua joined congregants with a song in her mouth. She sang effortlessly, “God Is Already Here/Can’t You Feel His Presence/All You Need To Do/Is To Open Up Your Heart.” To start her message, she read from Hebrews 4:16 and made it clear that “as long as your testimony is only on your needs and wants, God’s Word has not prevailed in your life.” Before announcing her sermon title, “God’s Grace”, she noted that a Christian can no longer dwell on their past, for it is over and they are now sanctified, healed, delivered and linked up with God.

For her proof text she read from Luke 5:1-11 and explained the significance of Peter’s submission to Jesus’ instruction despite the fisherman’s frustration at not being able to catch any fish. She said, “By acting faith, we fetch in grace and help from above to help us do the impossible.” She stated that Peter’s boat had not been chosen by chance. According to her, “Those whom God has designed to admit into the most intimate relationship, fellowship, companionship with Him, He will first make them sensibly to appreciate how undeserving of His grace that they are, ordinarily.”

Among passages for the message were Ephesians 6:10-11, Ephesians 2:13-15 and Matthew 14:27. Illustrating with the story of Simon Peter, the woman of God said: “When God’s grace comes upon your life, God Almighty will put an end to all your labour and personal struggles.” She then urged the people: “Whatever gift you have, whatever ability you have – that is given to you by the grace of God – use it for the glory of God.”

She also taught the people on the need to seek out God instead of hoping that God would seek them out, noting that “there is no way you can bring yourself to God’s mind unless your past is over.” Accordingly, the Christian must be “clothed with that new man – the new man that is renewed in image, wisdom, power, understanding according to the image of Him that created you.”

And Faith Did It For Them All!

“Faith has done it,” declared the woman of God as she echoed the choir’s last song during the worship ministration before the Prayer Line/Laying Of Hand session. She prayed: “I pray that God Almighty will touch your case file. He will deliver you, heal you, set you free and bless you according to His abundant grace, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Standing on the believer’s authority while exercising active faith with the enablement of God’s grace, the woman of God ministered prayers upon a diverse range of cases. Among these were troubled pregnancies, difficulty in walking, sickle cell anaemia, stiff neck, boils, swollen belly, bleeding, difficulty in breathing, asthma, autism, leg ulcers, chicken pox, bone cancer, drug addiction, mental disorder, skin disease, addiction to eating soil, and urinary tract disorder.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua and the evangelists then moved to other parts of The SCOAN Auditorium to continue the work of active faith backed by the Spirit. Indeed, no demon was spared as the Spirit of God worked through the faculties of the woman of God and the evangelists to expose all issues hindering the people’s lives.

And They Were Loosed From All Bondage!

“Your joy shall remain permanent, in Jesus’ name!” declared Evangelist James as he started the Mass Prayer session. “Ask Jesus to give you peace, whatever the trouble may be without,” he added. He told congregants: “Every unclean spirit from your past disturbing your present and your future – rebuke them, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You demon, unclean spirit, familiar spirit – I order you out, I command you out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “You unclean spirit that causes me disease, sickness – anywhere you are, I command you out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “Every spirit standing against my business, career – I call you by your name anywhere you are: Out! You closed door to my breakthrough, success – I command you in the name of Jesus – be broken!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to shout, “Holy Ghost Fire!” She prayed: “Be loosed from every bondage, ancestral cage, cage of affliction! Wherever you are hurting – be touched for breakthrough, in the name of Jesus Christ. Whatever that sickness may be – be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Whatever that bondage may be in form of stagnation, hatred – be freed, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Upon viewers all over the world the woman of God declared: “Whatever you ask shall be given from Heaven, in Jesus’ name! Receive your healing, deliverance, breakthrough there, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua told the church: “Wherever there are evil spirits in your business, career, marriage – send them packing, in the name of Jesus! Every spirit that is not of God: Out! Every weapon fashioned against you in your business, career, marriage – send it packing! I say to that disease, ‘Leave my people!’ I can see you being healed, delivered, healed, in the name of Jesus!”


Five Years Of Bleeding Ends After Anointed Touch!

“She’s bleeding – she will not conceive!” screamed the unclean spirit that had been troubling Patience for decades. The spirit had been squealing during the deliverance session of the service of June 4, 2023. A week later, during her testimony, the Benue State indigene told the church, “I used to dream of swimming in the river, but after some time a man started getting intimate with me in those dreams.” When Patience got married, the problems continued and she was unable to fall pregnant owing to five years of bleeding caused by the evil spirit. “I couldn’t even show affection for my husband and I almost quit the marriage,” she said about the demon’s impact on her life. Realising that the matter was beyond her, Patience had decided to bring her case before God – and the rest is history. Since the deliverance the bleeding has stopped! She advised people to put their trust in God. Her husband, Olah, declared, “My wife’s deliverance is permanent!” He told the church, “It is good to be patient.”

Breast Cancer Scare Stops In Jesus’ Name!

On March 19, 2023, Esther had presented herself for prayer over the aftermath of a breast lump removal operation. “I was in pains and couldn’t attend lectures or do most things because my breast later started bleeding from the surgery,” she told the church on June 11, 2023. Troubled by the situation, she had sought God and had immediately felt better after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “Today I no longer feel any pain – to the glory of God,” she said. “God is the Solution to all fundamental issues of life,” she added.

Holy Spirit Arrests Generational Demon!

For many minutes, the stubborn spirit in Elizabeth had believed that it could resist the fire of the Holy Spirit during the deliverance session of June 4, 2023. However, after confessing its atrocities, the demon sped off without looking back. “I used to eat food sacrificed to idols,” recalled Elizabeth during her testimony on June 11. “While growing up, I used to be favoured by my grandfather, who was an idol worshipper,” she continued. As she grew older, Elizabeth began to get wayward. “I never took school seriously,” she confessed, “but my parents didn’t know about it.” Later on, she graduated into a higher form of waywardness, abandoning school altogether and partying all over town. Along the line, she went into marriage with a top Nigerian political appointee by whom she had three children. But the marriage was short-lived owing to Elizabeth’s aggressiveness and undisciplined behaviour. Luckily, she managed to find a much older man who agreed to marry her and accept her grown children as well. Although the man had been extremely patient with her, Elizabeth took him for granted and acted irrationally most times. Owing to the effects of the demon that had been running her life, Elizabeth saw her businesses go down the drain, alongside her husband’s. “The only thing we had left, our house, got consumed by fire earlier this year,” she said. To the glory of God, Elizabeth encountered Pastor Evelyn Joshua in a dream and opted to take her case to God together with two of her children. During the service, God’s power fell upon her and the foul spirit in her confessed before letting go forever. “Whatever your situation take it to God and never be ashamed to do so,” she advised the church. Her daughter, Happiness, also testified about her deliverance from the spirit of lust that had been troubling her life since age seven. She had also received an anointed touch during the service of June 4. “Draw close to God,” Happiness urged people. Elizabeth’s husband, Chief Oduah, told of how he had fallen from grace to grass in his business as a famous transporter. He told of how the devil had ruined his business and how he had come down with a stroke. “I also received a touch during the service and I felt something leave my body,” he said. “I can walk and raise my hand,” he said, demonstrating both actions to the world. “Run to Jesus Christ,” he advised.

Hawwal Proposed To Hit A Guinness World Record But Only God Made It Happen!

Hawwal testified about the hand of God upon his endeavours. He had been aiming to make a Guinness World Record for the longest period of studio recording with multiple artistes. After putting all the logistics together for the challenge, Hawwal had managed to pull together 29 artistes and reached up to 40 hours and 19 minutes of recording. However, there was a problem when the Guinness crew refused to acknowledge the efforts of Hawwal and his team. At that point, armed with divine promises as highlighted by Prophet TB Joshua, Hawwal decided to write a protest letter to the World Record people and backed it up with prayer and ministration of the New Morning Water. “Only a day later the organisers responded and said that they would revisit the matter,” Hawwal told the church on June 11, 2023. Subsequently, he and his group were awarded the record – to the glory of God. His partner on the mission, Benedicta, confirmed God’s hands in their situation. She then cited Ephesians 2:10 as she advised the people to put their trust in God.

A Deliverance Like No Other!

It was a quite prolonged and rather dramatic session when a SCOAN evangelist confronted the stubborn demon in Patrick’s life during the service of June 4, 2023. Although the engagement had lasted for several minutes, the Spirit of God had defeated satan’s kingdom definitively. A week later, the Bahrain-based Patrick returned to church for his awesome testimony. “We used to eat food sacrificed to idols by our grandfather,” he began. He went on to explain how the household demon had tormented the lives of many members of his family, including his oldest brother, who had joined a cult and lost his life in a gang attack. “I myself messed up my academic life and joined a cult while in school,” he continued. He said that his life was ruled by the spirits of anger and arrogance. “I never respected my father and always wanted to control him,” he said. He also said that he began suspecting that he might kill his father, owing to the spirit controlling his own life as at the time. “I was a fighter and might have taken lives at some point but something kept stopping me,” Patrick further said. On moving to Bahrain, Patrick had thought he would no longer be under the influence of the demon, but he was wrong. “I joined a church there and became a counsellor but I knew I myself still needed help and deliverance, so I left the church and took to the streets,” he disclosed. Along the line, Patrick got introduced into a dodgy money-transfer business that once led to a fierce confrontation with cultists, some of whom he had known back in Nigeria. “Together with my group, I was meant to kill a target and have another beaten up mercilessly,” Patrick further narrated. However, the still small voice in him had won on the occasion, advising Patrick not to kill the target.

Yet, the dominant demon made Patrick go into drug selling, although he never managed to succeed in it. The other voice nudged him, “Start taking the drugs yourself, since you’re not able to sell them.” And Patrick yielded to the voice. Soon he started to find buyers and became entangled with a ring of drug dealers who were also engaged in ritual sacrifice. “On the day I was to be initiated into occultism, I was offered a special cup of tea,” he said. “But I kept meditating and praying to God in my heart,” he added. Quite unexpectedly, Patrick was let go of that day by the occultists, although their leader had promised that he was going to be visiting Patrick at home. “For two weeks I kept dreaming of a python and a skeleton coming into my room,” he said. After escaping a kidnap attempt in which he got grievously injured and had to get treatment for at least a month, Patrick decided to return to Nigeria and get married. On his way to his fiancée’s village, he had an accident in which his car crushed a bike rider to death. “I had to settle the family, after being detained for a fortnight,” he said. Patrick later returned to his base and started to have dreams in which he found himself on the seabed. He said he would lie on a grand bed in the water while giving instructions to his ‘subjects’. “In the end, an angel began the process of rescuing me from the water and I woke up before we got to the surface,” he recalled. It was after that experience that Patrick had made his way to The SCOAN for the prayer of deliverance. “It felt as if a caterpillar had moved out of my body,” he said of how he felt when God’s raw power located him as Pastor Evelyn Joshua joined hands with the evangelist in expelling the demon that had been ruling Patrick’s life. Since then, he has had confirmatory dreams to assure him of a new life. “There’s so much calmness in me now; I’ve never felt this way before,” he affirmed. He advised the youth to make hay while the sun shines. “Be mindful of the friends you keep,” he advised.    

Prophet TB Joshua’s 60th Posthumous Birthday: Charity For The Elderly

In commemoration of the 60th posthumous birthday of Prophet TB Joshua, Pastor Evelyn Joshua expressed her appreciation to the elders’ section of the church, known as the Old Testament Group. She then announced a donation of three million naira to them as well as two bags of rice and a gift pack to each person.

On behalf of the New Testament Group, Elder Awolumate thanked Pastor Evelyn Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners all over the world. “We want to be known not as old people but as Evelyn TB Joshua Babes,” he joked. Two of the elderly women also expressed their gratitude.

 “The best way to celebrate Prophet TB Joshua’s birthday,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants and viewers all over the world, “is to give to the needy around you.”