SECOND REMEMBRANCE SERVICE IN HONOUR OF THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF PROPHET TB JOSHUA - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


June 4, 2023 was the eve of the second anniversary of the passing of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua. It was, of course, not a time of mourning but of celebration of a worthy legacy that continues to impact millions all over the world. “Watch and pray,” God’s servant had warned the world only hours before his glorious transition. And two years on, under the leadership of Pastor Evelyn Joshua, The SCOAN has carried on with the message of love, faith and salvation.

The service commenced with the rendition of a Jim Reeves classic by Kayode of The SCOAN Choir: “O Gentle Shepherd/Hear My Cry And Save My Soul!” Esther of The SCOAN Sunday School then followed with two numbers: “It Is Well With My Soul” and “Locate Me, Lord, In Your Mercy!”

Thereafter, The SCOAN Choir gave a special dramatic performance on the impact of Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry, making it more impactful with a special composition on some of God’s servant’s last words on earth: “Time For Everything/Time To Come Here/Oh Oh Oh Oh/Time To Return Home After Service!” They also rendered a South African number entitled “Malibongwe”, giving it a Reggae flavour, just as they asked for the Spirit of the Living God to fall afresh on the people.

The day’s sermon was given by Evangelist Shina. The message, “SEE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO OTHERS AS AN ASSIGNMENT FROM GOD”, was anchored on Bible references such as Romans 15:2, Romans 12:9-16, 1 Peter 5:5, Hebrews 13:1 and John 13:14,34-end. The focus of the message was the need to emulate Jesus Christ, Who had “a healing and hearing ministry with the help of the Holy Ghost,” hence His devotion to meeting the needs of the people.

Evangelist Shina described Jesus Christ as the Roadmap, the Healer, a Friend closer than a brother and the Hope for the hopeless. On that note he urged congregants to pay more attention to their work of faith in love, instead of making a fetish of frequency of church attendance, amount of tithe and offering given in church or the Christian titles possessed. For an example of faith work in love, Evangelist Shina cited Ruth’s contribution to Naomi’s progress. According to him, “Ruth took care of Naomi as an assignment from God.”

Therefore, he urged congregants to view helping others as an assignment strictly from God that will contribute to their own heavenly account. He reminded the people: “As we prepare to celebrate the second anniversary of the transition of Prophet TB Joshua, whose life and times impacted us immensely in many ways, we are reminded that he lived a life of investment, not expenditure.”

Evangelist Shina concluded: “Your life is a solution to someone in need, so live it out!”

And The Lord Heard Their Cries!

On joining congregants for the Prayer Line/Laying Of Hand session during the Second Remembrance Service for Prophet TB Joshua, Pastor Evelyn Joshua thanked members of The SCOAN, Emmanuel TV Partners and friends of the TB Joshua Ministries for their support over the years.

Before commencing the ministration, she prayed: “Father, Lord God of Heaven, hallowed be thy name! Almighty God, we have come again, waiting for what you alone can do in our lives. Father, Your Word says we are healed, saved, delivered. Almighty God, do to us according to Your Word, in the name of Jesus Christ! Father Lord, touch Your children with Your healing, blessed hands, in the name of Jesus Christ! Deliver them from every shackle of satan and free them from every bondage! In Jesus Christ’s name we pray!”

As the ministration commenced, people with various issues received anointing that cleared away piles, swollen belly, heart failure, fracture, fungal infection, diabetes, difficulty in walking, right-hand paralysis, urinary tract disorder, epilepsy, asthma, drug addiction, mental disorder, skin disease, cancer, bleeding from fibroids and other destiny-derailing afflictions.

Pregnant women were also impacted by the fire of the Holy Ghost.

From the Prayer Line, the woman of God and The SCOAN Evangelists moved to other parts of The SCOAN Auditorium to continue ministering in the name that is above all names: Jesus Christ. As the Holy Spirit impacted the people, the demons that had been running their lives became uncomfortable and exposed their acts of wickedness before vanishing forever.

During the One-On-One session the evangelists declared, “Fire all over your body!” as they confronted each case. Indeed, the power of God delivers permanently!

Prayer For The Pulling Down Of Strongholds

“Who is like the God of Prophet TB Joshua?” Evangelist Joseph asked at the start of the Mass Prayer session. He led congregants to pray: “Locate me, O Lord, in Your mercy! Don’t leave me out when You are blessing, delivering, healing others!” Furthermore, he prayed: “Every spirit that is standing against your deliverance, freedom – wherever they are: Out! You demon, unclean, familiar spirit – I command you by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Whatever satan might have used to connect you to himself – be broken!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “Every hidden sickness in my body – I call you by your name: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “Whatever spirit that is blocking the way to my breakthrough – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants to ask for God’s mercy over their family, business, career. “Position yourself for God’s attention,” she urged them. She also reminded them, “Jesus Christ is as close to you as He was to Blind Bartimaeus, as He was to the Centurion.”

The woman of God then prayed: “Every trouble that is threatening your peace – out, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every sickness that is threatening your good health – out, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every yoke that is threatening your freedom – out, in the name of Jesus! Every barrier that is threatening your breakthrough – out, in the name of Jesus!”

For viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Whatever problems you may be experiencing – we confront them by the Blood Of Jesus, in the name of Jesus Christ, by the Fire of the Holy Ghost! Any sickness in your life right now – we command it out, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer video, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Whatever chain satan must have used to connect you, your career, marriage, finances, health – whatever medium, whatever means, whatever chain satan must have used to connect you – be disconnected, in the name of Jesus! I release your health, career, in the name of Jesus! You are delivered, in the name of Jesus!” He also told the people to pray: “Lord, I have come: Loose me from this infirmity, sickness, disease!” The man of God then declared: “Every finger of satan in your liver, kidneys, bones – I say: Out!”


Asthma Flees In The Name Of Jesus Christ!

On June 26, 2022, Alice from Benue State was in The Arena Of Liberty for prayer over the problem of asthma. She had woken up one morning two years ago to find that she could no longer breathe well. From that day onwards, she had to start using an inhaler and taking a cocktail of drugs. Of course, the condition made her weak most times, especially during cold weather. Urged to seek God for a solution, Alice had presented herself for prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for her, Alice began to sense the impact of the anointing as her body vibrated. On returning home, she further experienced the healing power of God Almighty as an uncontrollable itch in the dream made her scratch out the worms that had been responsible for her condition. Since that day, she has been able to lead a normal life. Alice advised people to take their problems to God alone.

Now The Hand Of The Lord Is Upon Blessing!

When she was growing up, Blessing used to see snakes that liked to ‘play’ with her. As she grew older, a spirit husband made it a habit to visit her for intimacy in the dream. In real life, she would be nice to people but they would pay her back with pain and ingratitude. For many years, she remained confused, not knowing where to go for a solution. In the end, she made the choice to seek God’s face, hence her visit to The SCOAN for prayer on May 28, 2023. As the anointing fell upon her, Blessing saw the ancestral demon in her start to confess its atrocities. Minutes later, she became freed forever. Now she has been sleeping like a baby, with no more nightmares or worries. “A man is now asking for my hand in marriage,” she disclosed. She advised people to go to a Bible-believing church for solutions to their problems.

Delivered From 10 Years Of Enslavement To Spirit Husband

Lilian from Delta State testified about her deliverance from 10 years of enslavement to a spirit husband. Until May 28, 2023, when she received an anointed touch in The SCOAN, Lilian hadn’t known that the source of her problems was actually a spirit husband. She was always angry with her husband, her business was permanently down, she constantly came down with ailments that could not be diagnosed, and fear ruled her life. “After anointed taps on my head during the service, I lost consciousness and God’s Spirit took control,” Lilian said during her testimony on June 4, 2023. Evidence of the change in Lilian’s life was her warming up towards her husband. “For the first time since our marriage,” she said, “I wore my husband’s shirt as a sign of affection for him – and he himself was surprised.” She assured the people, “God will answer your own prayers today.”

Healed Of 29 Years Of Dreadful Skin Disease!

Maria, a resident of Spain who hails from Equatorial Guinea, testified about her healing in The Arena Of Liberty. “For 29 years I suffered from a skin disease for which I could find no cure, no matter how hard I tried,” she said on Sunday, June 4, 2023. Maria said she had visited so many places, including witch doctors. On being told about The SCOAN, Maria had made her way to Lagos for efficacious prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Since that prayer, Maria has been using her hands and feet freely. “My skin is no more like that of a crocodile,” she said, with tears betraying her joyful emotion. She added, “Now I can wear proper shoes!” She told the people, “God is good – run to Him.”

“Patience, Faith And Character Saw Me Through,” Says Man Who Finally Bought A Home In The USA

Montwedi, a Botswana resident of the USA, testified about his deliverance from the spirit of stagnation. For three straight years, he had been trying to become a homeowner but his credit report always got in the way. Along the line, Montwedi came to The SCOAN for the first remembrance service for Prophet TB Joshua. On returning home, he put his documents together and made another request for a mortgage, backing it up with prayer. “My wife had had a dream in which Prophet TB Joshua was ministering vigorously to people,” he recalled while testifying on June 4, 2023. Within days of putting in his application, Montwedi saw the jinx broken and now he has finally bought a house for his family! “What saw me through was patience, faith and character, as preached by Prophet TB Joshua,” he concluded.

Two Brothers Find God After 9 Years Of Imprisonment!

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, Emmanuel from Enugu State was among those who received prayer in The SCOAN. “My problem started in 2013, after I went to the village and handed out money to friends and relatives there,” he said on June 4, 2023. He then told of how he later had a dream in which an old woman demanded that he hand over his money to her. “I became so poor that I contemplated stealing,” he told the church. In fact, Emmanuel did engage in robbery and he actually got sent to prison for nine years – in 2014. He had hijacked a car together with his younger brother Kelechi and a friend, who later ran off with the vehicle and snitched on the siblings. Emmanuel also told of how another brother of his had lost his sanity – an incident that convinced him on the need to seek divine help, after finishing a nine-year prison term. He sought God’s help in The Arena Of Liberty. Since his deliverance, Emmanuel has stopped seeing the old woman or masquerades in his dreams. “Seek God’s help always,” he advised the people. Kelechi shared his own story, admitting that he had indeed brought up the idea of the carjacking that sent them to prison. He also told of how he had agreed to seek God’s help after his brother’s earlier deliverance. “Don’t be pushed into crime by your situation,” he said while advising people to seek God’s help. Moved with compassion about the siblings’ situation, Pastor Evelyn Joshua, with the support of Emmanuel TV Partners, announced a donation of 1.5 million naira for them. Thank You, Jesus!

After-Service Testimonies

During the service of Sunday, May 28, 2023, Shakira from Tanzania was delivered from addiction to eating sand. The problem had brought untold suffering to her life, especially through illnesses and loss of favour.

Benjamin from Delta State was healed of difficulty in walking caused by injuries sustained during an accident years ago. He cast aside his lumbar corset, saying: “I have no need for it anymore.”

Angela from Uganda described herself as “a free person” after the Prayer Line ministration, following her healing from “sharp pain in the body”.

Rose, a Kenyan living in the USA, was healed of difficulty in walking caused by foot strain. For months, she had depended on an ankle brace and a special shoe pad to aid her movement. “I am completely healed now,” she said.

During the Prayer Line ministration, Brian from Uganda was healed of chest and ankle pain. He said he no longer needed his walking aids.

Kim and another woman from the USA were also healed of difficulty in walking.

Vera, a Cameroonian based in the USA, testified about her healing from severe illness. She had been praying along on Emmanuel TV and a brother of hers had also brought her picture to The Arena Of Liberty for prayer. “On the day my brother brought my picture to the church, I was watching a prayer video on Emmanuel TV and an image of Prophet TB Joshua came into my living room and declared, ‘I separate you from the spirit of death’,” Vera said.

“I am totally free,” declared one man after all pain vanished from his body following the Prayer Line ministration.