HOPE, LOVE AND SALVATION AT THE GHANA MEETING WITH PASTOR EVELYN JOSHUA - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, the leader of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Pastor Evelyn Joshua, led The Emmanuel TV Team on a visit to the West African nation of Ghana. The purpose of the visit was for the woman of God to minister the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit and to offer efficacious prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Expectedly, she would also take the opportunity to commend the work of the brethren holding the fort since her last visit on February 16, 2022.

Treated to a warm welcome by enthusiastic followers of the TB Joshua Ministries, the woman of God beamed with smiles of appreciation and gratitude as she soaked in the warmth before joining a large congregation at The SCOAN Ghana Branch in the country’s capital, Accra.

Before the woman of God climbed on the altar, The SCOAN Choir prepared the atmosphere for the presence of the Holy Spirit. They sang various songs, including those composed by God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, such as “Spirit, Pray Through Me”, “Calm Every Storm” and “Liberate My Spirit”. Also on hand to call down the Host of Heaven were a couple of Ghanaian gospel acts including Cwesi Oteng, Nii and Michael, a one-time prominent member of The SCOAN Lagos choir.

Teaching on the topic “Our Cross”, Pastor Evelyn Joshua reached deep into the Scriptures as she encouraged congregants to commit to successfully running the race for the Kingdom of God. Starting with Acts 16:25-34 – the passage in which the jailer saw the incredible power of God manifest as Paul and Silas prayed, leading to his own salvation and that of his family – the woman of God cited series of Bible verses to drive home her point.

It was indeed a message of hope, love and salvation in Jesus Christ, according to the woman of God. She began, “You must hunger and thirst for God’s Word always, because it is only through God’s Word that you can be moulded, refilled and used for His glory.” Later on in the message, she said to congregants: “In the situation you are facing today, do not doubt God. God is there; He does not sleep, He does not slumber.” She then advised them thus: “If you must fit into God’s arrangement, you must change your way of thinking, for faith that moves mountain … is faith in action.”

In rounding off the message, the woman of God told the people: “God makes the troubles of His people to work for their good. And if He is involved in your matter, your struggle will make you stronger.” She then declared prayerfully: “God Almighty will make a way for you where there seems to be no way. Every mountain for your sake shall be levelled and the hill shall become plain, in the name of Jesus!”

Manifestations Of The Raw Power Of God

And indeed, God Almighty showed Himself to the people as His servant ministered prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough to a cross section of Ghanaians from all walks of life. She was also joined by SCOAN evangelists Joseph and James, through whom God Almighty brought freedom to the captive, healing to the ailing and succour to the suffering.

Instant Testimony

Among the instant testimonies at The Ghana Meeting was that of a grandmother who had been brought to the venue in a lumbar corset and a wheelchair but had returned home on her feet – with vitality restored to her body and limbs!

Mass Prayer: The Word Affected Them All!

During the Mass Prayer session, more signs and wonders followed as the woman of God led the evangelists in standing on the believer’s authority to cast out evil forces from the people’s lives. She prayed: “Any questionable foundation that keeps you in bondage – we command the power of God to break it right now, in the mighty name of Jesus!”


Delivered From The Spirits Of Fear, Anxiety And Depression!

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, during Pastor Evelyn’s first visit to Ghana, Belinda was one of the recipients of prayer. Prior to that time, she had been a deflated soul, dogged by the spirits of fear, anxiety and depression. A major cause of her unhappiness was her inability to hold down a man, even after he would have already committed seriously to their relationship. In one particularly harrowing case, her fiancé was hauled off to jail over something he knew nothing about. As the woman of God ministered on the day in question, Belinda began to feel like vomiting. Later, during the service, a SCOAN evangelist engaged her in prayer and cast out the demon in her. And although she had been on the brink of taking her own life as at that time, Belinda bounced back into robustness after her deliverance. Subsequently, she had a dream encounter with God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua. Only three days later, her innocent fiancé was released! Today, Belinda is completely delivered from the spirit of fear and depression. She is also healed of the growth in her neck, even as she is regaining her weight. Belinda’s mum sang in gratitude to God for His wonders, and Belinda advised people to not to give up on life.

Breakthrough For Manasseh And Family!

Manasseh, a PhD candidate in Wayne State University, USA, testified about God’s goodness in his life through the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua. Sometime in 2014, while struggling with his Master’ dissertation, he had discovered The SCOAN Ghana Branch and received ministration of the Morning Water there. When he returned home, he had a dream in which God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua touched him, after which he touched no other person among the congregation. The following day, Manasseh received a call asking him to come for his dissertation defence. Among his cohort, he had been the only one called up for the defence exercise. To the glory of God, he graduated with a Distinction in Applied Mathematics. Afterwards, he began searching for a job but made little headway. He then became a regular worshipper at The SCOAN Ghana Branch. Along the line, he had a dream where God’s servant told him one word: ‘Education.’ Immediately, he started applying to educational institutions and soon landed a job in a college of education. Again, he had a dream in which God’s servant asked him to bring his documents for prayer. On applying to American universities, Manasseh got a fully-funded PhD scholarship at Wayne State University in 2020. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions that prevented international travel, Manasseh continued to enjoy his scholarship at home. As restrictions started to get lifted, Manasseh’s wife received a call inviting her to The SCOAN for the Partnership Meeting of June 5, 2021 – the fateful day of God’s servant’s transition. Although God’s servant did not touch Manasseh, he set eyes on the documents as he walked out of the Meeting venue. Miraculously, Manasseh got a visa interview and eventually travelled to the USA, scoring A’s and B’s during his coursework. Today, his wife and son have obtained multiple visas for the USA! Manasseh promised to stay in the house of God and advised the youth to see Jesus as their hope. “We thank God for what he has done,” said his wife, Melissa.

Healed Permanently From Leg Pain!

Sarah had been on her way to church on February 16, 2022 when she began to feel pain in her leg. Having recovered from a stroke just a few years back, she was perhaps not so surprised. On being prayed for during the ministration, Sarah instantly received her healing. Since then, she has been freed from all pain and everything is moving well in her life. She demonstrated all that she had been unable to do before. She advised people to exercise faith in God.

Breast Discharge Ends After New Anointing Water Ministration

Sarah, a Nigerian living in Ghana, testified about her healing from complications arising from lump removal from a breast. Months after the surgery, she started to see a discharge. On returning to the doctor, she was told that nothing was wrong. However, the doctor gave her antibiotics, which she took for several weeks without noticing any difference. The more her breast discharged a brownish, bloody substance, the more worried Sarah became but it also made her to think more about God. After some time, she had a dream encounter with Pastor Evelyn Joshua and only days later had the opportunity to receive ministration of the New Anointing Water by Pastor Evelyn Joshua on February 16, 2022. Since then, Sarah’s discharge has dried up – to her amazement and the glory of God! “God has turned around my situation,” she sang.

Menses Restored After New Anointing Water Ministration!

For several months, Edith did not see her menses. However, following a touch and the ministration of the New Anointing Water by Pastor Evelyn Joshua on February 16, 2022, she returned home and began to bleed out all the impurities in her system. “For three weeks I bled – it was bad, smelly blood but since then my menses have returned and stabilised,” she disclosed to congregants. “Trust in the Lord and remain prayerful,” she advised congregants.

The Power Of Efficacious Prayer In Francisca’s Life!

Francisca had a weird experience. A woman had suddenly asked her, “Should I bless you with a baby girl?” Francisca had fired back, “You are not God!” And the woman had vowed that Francisca would never have a baby in her life. Untroubled, Francisca took her case before the Lord as she attended The Ghana Meeting of February 16, 2022. On getting a touch, she fell under the power of the anointing and satan lost his hold on her. Although she received attacks during her pregnancy, Francisca kept her hope in God Almighty, Who saw her through the pregnancy and the childbirth process. Indeed, it was the power of God that restored Francisca to life when it seemed that she had given up after her baby was surgically removed. Despite the complications, Francisca had never doubted God’s power to put things right. She advised people to take advantage of God’s ability and readiness to heal and to save.

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