GOD’S ABIDING RIGHT HAND UPON THE SCOAN - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


During the Sunday Service of January 29, 2023, The SCOAN Choir began on a note of submission to the Maker: “I Surrender All To You/Everything I Give To You/Withholding Nothing!” They also performed soul-lifting compositions in which they called for sin’s power to be broken and for the Holy Spirit to take more of the people and give them more of Himself. Along the line, they asked for Jesus Christ to command His healing and blessings on the people. And the Lord yet again proved Himself in the lives of the people.

For over three decades, the Right Hand Of God has been upon The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, with millions all over the world having received their healing, deliverance, breakthrough and salvation there. Through the faculties of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, divine power was repeatedly made evident to a doubting generation. Today, under the leadership of Pastor Evelyn Joshua, The Arena Of Liberty continues to be a place of refuge for the world.

As she joined congregants for the service, the woman of God thanked them for their support of the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua. Having presided at The Ghana Meeting only a few days before, precisely on Wednesday, January 25, Pastor Evelyn Joshua glorified God for the success of the meeting. She said, “It was meant to be a Meeting but God elevated it to a Crusade.” On that note, she announced that highlights of the event would be played during the service.

Following the abridged rebroadcast of The Ghana Meeting With Pastor Evelyn Joshua, congregants and viewers all over the world had the opportunity to be impacted by God’s Spirit.

Jesus Christ Is The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever!

At The Prayer Line, the woman of God prayed: “Father, let Your goodness speak for Your children today, in the name of Jesus Christ! Touch them for healing, blessing, deliverance, in the name of Jesus!”

And with that declaration, she proceeded to declare healing on people with issues such as difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis, ankle dislocation and fracture, as well as those suffering from difficulty in breathing, prostate enlargement, diabetes, sickle cell anaemia, tubal blockage, hernia, asthma, bloody urine, hand cancer, epilepsy, swollen legs/body, mental disorder, abdominal discharge, hypertension and brain tumour.

She also prayed for women seeking the safe delivery of their babies, all of whom returned home with the assurance of divine protection following efficacious prayer in Jesus’ name.

Thereafter, the leader of The SCOAN was joined by evangelists Ope, Chisom, Joseph and James in ministering prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough to the people, who all received from the Throne Of Grace! To the glory of God, no demon was too stubborn to submit at the presence of Jesus Christ!

One By One, The Holy Spirit Touched Them!

Led by Pastor Evelyn Joshua onto The SCOAN Altar, Evangelist Ope began the Mass Prayer session, saying: “It is time to uproot every unwanted thing in your life!” He told congregants: “Whatever the Heavenly Father has not planted in your life, marriage, business, career – begin to uproot it right now, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James told congregants to declare: “Thou power of deliverance – fall afresh on me!” He also prayed: “Whatever evil spirit, contrary spirit behind my limitation, disease – out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “That spirit that attacks your body, health, that spirit that causes you sickness, disease – anywhere you are – I command you, in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You spirit covering my glory, destiny, career, finances – Holy Ghost Fire: Out! You demon, familiar spirit that is against my family, career, finances – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants: “Begin to command the name of Jesus Christ to favour you today!” She prayed:  “We command the healing, deliverance power of God into your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be loosed from chains of affliction, disease, setback, disappointment, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

The woman of God told viewers all over the world to declare: “By the Blood of Jesus Christ, let the healing, deliverance power of God locate me. Let the blessings of God locate me and all that has to do with me!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua told congregants: “Whatever power, spirit behind those challenges – right now, begin to command it out! That nightmare in your career – I command that spirit to leave you right now, in the name of Jesus! Whatever sickness, disease, wherever it is located – leave my people!”


Freed From Wickedness Of Family Idol!

The demon claimed it was the idol from her father’s house and that it wanted to destroy her. The person involved was Mary, a young woman who had witnessed God’s raw power during the service of January 22, 2023. As an anointed hand fell upon Mary, the demon in her had started to manifest and confess its atrocities. The demon said it had given Mary constant suicidal thoughts. On one occasion she almost took her own life with a kitchen knife. In her younger days, Mary had been a brilliant child but as the demon sank its claws deeper into her, she lost her brilliance and continued to fail. Mary also used to have recurrent headaches that denied her sleep. Since the deliverance, however, the headaches have disappeared and Mary has also stopped seeing the spirit husband that used to mess her up at night. She advised people to take their issues to Jesus Christ. Her father confirmed that it had all started during his time in the village, when his own parents used to worship idols. He thanked God for delivering his daughter and urged everyone to run to God for their own deliverance.

Healed Of Six Years Of Lumbar Spondylosis, Engineer Confirms The Power Of Efficacious Prayer!

For the past six years, a forty-five-year-old electrical engineer, Innocent, had been suffering from lumbar spondylosis. One day, while at work, he had been trying to lift an object when he heard a crack in his back. As a vibrant worker, he had thought nothing of it. Shortly afterwards, however, Innocent began to feel relentless pain that interfered with his work and family life. He took numerous drugs but never felt better. Realising that God had healed thousands of people with similar issues in The Arena Of Liberty, Innocent decided to present himself for efficacious prayer in Jesus’ name. During the service of January 22, 2023, he received an anointed touch and immediately recovered his vitality. “Now I can do all I had been unable to do before!” he exclaimed for the glory of God. He advised the church, “Keep trusting In God; at the right time He will visit you.” His wife, Regina, thanked God for freeing the family from the burden of having to care for the man of the house. “Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith,” she reminded congregants.

Coupled Released For Breakthrough As Spirit Partners Vanish!

Despite its stubbornness, the demon in Meye‘s life was no match for the power in the name of Jesus Christ. For decades, the possessive, vengeful demon had tormented Meye by paying her nightly intimate visits. Calling itself her spirit husband, the demon even gave her a marital ring and constantly interfered in her physical marriage. In addition, it gave Meye several illnesses that made her life miserable. “Whenever I urinated, I would find ants swarming over my urine – in the toilet bowl; I also had high blood pressure,” she said. Since her deliverance on January 22, 2023, however, Meye has been free from the evil spirit and she now has affection for her husband. “We no longer quarrel and I can eat anything I want,” she testified. Her husband confirmed the testimony, adding that he himself was delivered from a spirit wife a fortnight ago in the Arena Of Liberty. “Things are looking up for me now,” he said, while disclosing that his business had used to suffer under the yoke of a spirit wife. He advised people to rely only on God for their salvation from evil forces.

For Ijeoma, The Light Of God Brings Succour!

It was also a date with destiny for Ijeoma during The SCOAN Sunday Service of January 22, 2023. As a Heavenly touch fell upon her, the spirit in her began to manifest. Telling how it all began, during her testimony a week later, Ijeoma recalled how she and her siblings used to eat sacrificial chicken prepared by her parents. Soon, the idols took over her life, afflicting her with the spirit of anger as well as relentless dreams about snakes. She used to be so aggressive that she eventually forced her husband to flee from their home after a fierce fight in which he almost lost his life. After discovering Emmanuel TV, Ijeoma decided that she would need to visit The SCOAN for her deliverance. On being impacted by God’s infinitely superior power, Ijeoma fell under the anointing and became a new creature once she got back on her feet. Now all of her afflictions are over. A major sign that things have changed for the better is that her family members have now stopped quarrelling with one another. “I have a free spirit now,” she told the church. She advised parents to love God and raise their children on divine principles.

Saved From The Spirits Of Lust And Death!

It was the plan of the demon in Anayella to claim her life before time. However, God stepped into the situation and saved her during The SCOAN Sunday Service of January 22, 2023. Going back in time while testifying a week later, the Cameroonian told of how her parents had used to offer sacrifices to idols, with the blood of animals used to ‘cleanse’ the children of the house. In older years, Anayella found that demons were trying to claim her life through motoring accidents and the spirit of lust. Realising that she needed help, she had made her way to the service and the Spirit of God had taken control. Now, Anayella is free indeed! There have also been dividends for her husband, who now sleeps peacefully and is due for promotion that had eluded him for years. She advised people to run to God for freedom whenever under the power of demonic forces.

Mighty Anointing Frees Kidnap Victim Without Any Hassle!

Zainab, a Ghanaian, testified about the rescue of her friend Nancy, a Nigerian, who had been in the hands of kidnappers for five days. On learning about the situation of her friend, Zainab had called The Emmanuel TV Prayer Line. After receiving assurance that God was in control, she began to pray with the New Anointing Water after making contact with her friend in the den of kidnappers. Realising that Pastor Evelyn Joshua was going to be at The Ghana Meeting, which was held on January 25, 2023, Zainab brought a picture of Nancy to the meeting and the woman of God laid an anointed hand on it. Two hours later, Nancy was released – to the glory of God! Confirming how it all happened, Nancy told of how the Holy Spirit had prevented the kidnappers from getting intimate with her, even as she was eventually released without any hassle. Zainab advised people to meditate on the Word of God. Nancy advised people to maintain their connection with God’s Spirit. “Distance is no barrier,” she observed.

After-Service Testimony

All the way from Ireland, a social care worker visited The SCOAN for prayer over the problem of difficulty in walking. At the Prayer Line, she received prayer in the name that is above every other name: Jesus Christ. Now free from all pain, she demonstrated all that she had been unable to do before. She also discarded her lumbar corset.