WHY WORRY? - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Sunday, January 15, 2023 was another extraordinary day in The Arena Of Liberty. From all over the world congregants had gathered to witness God’s transformative power as exercised through his servants. “We Are Grateful, O Lord, For All You Have Done!” sang The SCOAN Choir during the opening prayer session. Subsequently, they led congregants in asserting thus: “I Don’t Mind Waiting On You, Lord!”

For his sermon entitled “WHY WORRY?”, Evangelist Joseph read from Luke 12:22-31, Philippians 4:6, Matthew 11:30 and John 11:39, among other Bible passages. He urged congregants to focus only on God’s promises. “A man of purpose,” he said, “focuses on his destination and not his situation”, that is, life’s challenges, by which Christians are not expected to measure their standing with God.

The preacher explained that God’ timing for a Christian’s success are completely at His discretion, hence the need for them not to go ahead of God in ‘helping’ themselves. “In life, man may work hard,” he noted, “but it is the duty of God to determine the time and season of harvest.” On that note, he assured congregants that there are no such things as delayed blessings, since God is always waiting for the right time to give to us. Accordingly, he advised the church against worry, which he described as one of satan’s tactics to stop believers from focusing on God.

To combat worry, Evangelist Joseph said, one must study the Word and meditate on it all times so that it can act in one’s life. He warned congregants, “We cannot achieve God’s desired plans for our lives when our heart is full of worries.” In some of his final remarks during the sermon, he said: “When the goings are good and when the goings are tough, Jesus is the Lord. Don’t forget this is your Year of Laughter. So, why worry?”

Works Of The Merciful Father!

Before starting the Prayer Line ministration, Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the church to give God a clap offering. “He alone is worthy of your thanksgiving,” she reminded them. She then prayed “Father, let the power of Your spoken Word be enough for us today! Set Your children free from every entanglement of the devil. Give us testimonies that will shame the devil and his work. Thank You, Lord!”

She then proceeded to pray for cases such as tuberculosis, fibroids, stroke, hernia, epilepsy, mental disorder, enlarged prostate, swollen cheek and lips, skin disease, muscle spasms, kidney disease, chicken pox, leg ulcers, hypertension and sickle cell anaemia, among others.

Each pregnant woman also received a touch backed by Heaven.

Thereafter, the woman of God was joined by the evangelists, who also called down the fire of the Holy Ghost to eliminate every infirmity of body and mind in the people. In the end, there was no demon too stubborn to subdue in The Arena Of Liberty! Thank You, Jesus!

The Believer’s Authority In Action!

Said Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she rejoined congregants for the Mass Prayer session, “The bank of all you need is in Heaven and your Maker is sitting on the throne, seeing to your goodness.” She prayed: “May all the storms of your life be quiet, in the name of Jesus Christ! May your life, home, family, marriage, finances, career, businesses be restored, in the name of Jesus! Father, open up our eyes of faith to see Your grace and follow you in obedience, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be loosed, freed, healed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Sin’s power over you, your home, children, health be broken right now, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Evelyn Joshua further told congregants, “Command the goodness of God, His mercy, compassion into your life!” To viewers all over the world she said: “Begin to command every yoke of limitation in your life to go out, in the name of Jesus! Every family curse that holds you in bondage – begin to command it out.” She also prayed: “Every unworthy companion, relationship that has been disorganising your plans – be exposed, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You demon, unclean spirit, familiar spirit tormenting my life – come out, in the name of Jesus! You demon, familiar spirit – my body is not your dwelling place. Anywhere you are, you are darkness – I command you by the light of God: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You demon, evil spirit – I command, order, kick you out of my life!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “You garment of affliction in my family, you garment of affliction over my life – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “That family idol frustrating your effort, those ancestral curses frustrating your efforts, that evil spirit stealing from your finances, business: Out! Receive rest in your finances, career, business, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua told congregants: “Every spirit that disturbs your way, career –command them out of your way.” He prays: “Right now I declare that satan leave you, in the name of Jesus! You demon, leave my people! I release you, in the name of Jesus! Whatever the demon is using to connect you to itself – be loosed, in the name of Jesus! Whatever sickness, disease – I command it out, in the name of Jesus!”


Ageing Bones Restored To Youthfulness!

On January 8, 2023, having been told by doctors back in 2020 that her bones looked far older than those of a 25-year-old, Felicia from Ghana presented herself for prayer at The Arena Of Liberty. The hairdresser had been suffering from relentless back pain and could not do her work effectively. She had been taking drugs and using a lumbar corset to no avail. “I felt I was dying slowly,” she said. As Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered, standing on the believer’s authority, the hairdresser felt the immediate impact of God’s power over her problem of difficulty in walking. Since receiving her healing, the 28-year-old has been beaming with smiles, doing all that she had been unable to d before. “There is nothing God cannot do,” she told the church.

“We Are No Longer Different People Living In One House!”

It was a dangerous spirit of anger and aggression that had been threatening to ruin Glory’s life. Coming from an idol-worshipping family, she had believed that she would not be able to get married, given the rate at which her relationships were failing. Eventually, however, she managed to find a suitor who went all the way. As the marriage progressed, the idol in Glory began to nudge her to kill her husband, Emmanuel. At the slightest provocation, she would threaten to kill him but he would always ask Jesus to take control. “God will deliver you,” he would pray for her understandingly. After losing a child last year and falling ill, Glory requested to be brought to The SCOAN, ready to hand herself over to the Redeemer. On January 8, 2023, the Saviour stepped in and the evil spirit in Glory confessed before fleeing forever – following an anointed touch by one of the evangelists. “Always run to God – He is the only Helper we have,” she told the church by way of advice. Emmanuel told of how he had been sharing his wife’s issues only with Jesus Christ. “We used to fight every Sunday morning but now we’re no longer different people living in one house,” he disclosed. He thanked God for restoring romance and love into their marriage. Finally, he advised people to give their lives to Jesus Christ and to pray without ceasing.

Speedy Healing From Grievous Hot Oil Burns

On April 17, 2022, during a Sunday service, Solomon received prayer over burns from hot oil. He had been trying to save their home when a burning pan of palm oil emptied on him. After initial treatment, doctors told Solomon that it would take a very long while for his burns to heal. “I couldn’t sleep or do anything,” he recalled. However, upon being ministered with the New Anointing Water by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Solomon began his speedy recovery journey. Within two weeks, he began to walk again – to the amazement of doctors. “Now I can wear shoes and do all things,” he testified on January 15, 2023. He advised people to seek God for healing in cases like his. He also advised people to exercise caution when dealing with hot oil. “Cover the pot or pan with its lid before carrying it,” he suggested. Solomon’s father testified about how he had asked that his son be brought to The SCOAN just the day after the incident. “I return all the glory to God,” he said.

Rescued From Lifelong Torment From Spirit Husband!

“She is my wife!” screamed the spirit husband that had been living in Caryn since her childhood. The problem had started when her mother took her for a ritual bath at the riverside. “I used to run from room to room just to avoid the spirit husband,” recalled Caryn about her growing-up days. The spirit in her caused her delay in all areas of life, including her academics. “It took eight years for me to pass my terminal secondary school examination,” she said. “At university,” she added, “I was a fearful person, never wanting to sleep in my own off-campus hostel.” In marriage, Caryn’s husband suffered several issues, including a downturn in his business. “I also stopped seeing my period,” she reported. However, it was a date with destiny when an anointed touch fell upon Caryn during the Laying of Hands session of the service of January 8, 2023. “The prayers of many years are not lost,” said Caryn as she recalled the words of Prophet TB Joshua. “Now I sleep like a baby and I no longer have worries,” she said, adding that her home is now full of mirth and grace. “Make God’s Word the standard for your life,” she advised congregants. Caryn’s husband, Victor, told of how he became financially miserable after being lured into politics. “Last week God answered our prayer – and now our love is something else!” said Victor. Caryn’s mother, Maria, advised people to be close to God. “That way, you will always be guided in your actions.

Saved From The Idol Of Her Father’s House!

Even though it had tried to prove stubborn during the service of January 8, 2023, the demon in Felicia finally succumbed to the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Growing up, Felicia had seen her family serving a family idol. On several occasions, she witnessed her father sacrifice birds to the idol, commanding the birds into existence from nowhere. “At times, the eight of us children would just fall ill at once, yet doctors would not be able to detect anything,” she recalled. She hardly ever got help, as a spirit husband kept diverting good things from her after sleeping with her. In marriage, she had no affection for her God-fearing husband, whom she always wanted to fight. However, all of that ended after Felicia’s deliverance following an anointed touch by one of the evangelists. “Now I no longer see the spirit husband and I sleep peacefully,” she testified. Felicia’s husband, Francis, told of how she had threatened to end their marriage on several occasions. More importantly, he testified about her transformation. “She is so loving and caring now,” he said. “Hold on to God, which is always the best,” he added. Felicia advised congregants, “God will perfect everything.”

Freed From Hate-Causing Family Idol!

On New Year’s Day 2023, the demon in Rosemary had boasted that it was going to claim her life by February. But that verdict was neutralised as an evangelist commanded the fire of God upon the troubled woman’s life. Moments later, she was restored to how God had made her. To return to the beginning, however, Rosemary told of how her life had been dogged by hate from family and neighbours. She was actually a common thief and a street fighter with whom few wanted to be associated. Thrown out of the house, she believed she had gained treasured freedom. Consequently, she had no family to show the man by whom she later had four children. Subsequently thrown out of her husband’s house with her four children, Rosemary took to prostitution. Maltreated by many of her clients, she discovered a side of her that she had not known about: She had the ability to lay effective curses on any man who took advantage of her. To the glory of God, however, she discovered Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV and started to pray along with him. And since her New Year’s Day deliverance, she has now lost all desire for prostitution, even as her body and heart have healed from disease and hurt. She advised parents not to throw out their rebellious children but to correct them in love. She also assured the people, “With God, all things are possible.”

Healed By God’s Power In New Anointing Water!

Raymond from Enugu State testified about his healing through the medium of the New Anointing Water. One morning, he had woken up with shoulder pain and swelling. At the doctor’s, he got antibiotics to last him a week. By the time he returned there, the pain and swelling had increased. He got another set of antibiotics, which still failed to cure him. “Now you will need surgery,” his doctor told him. Then he remembered that his family was in possession of the New Anointing Water. Within a day of ministering the water, Raymond’s swelling eased and the pus came out. “Within five days, it was all gone!” he reported, displaying pictures of the state of his body before the healing. He advised people to hold on to the God of Prophet TB Joshua.

Anointed Touch Eliminates Hepatitis B And Stomach Ulcers

Aina from Ogun State was healed of hepatitis B and ulcers, with which she was diagnosed five years ago. On December 7, 2022, she came to The Arena Of Liberty and received a touch from one of the evangelists. During the prayer, she vomited the impurities in her system. On returning home, she went for tests and doctors certified her to be free from the infirmities in her system. She has also stopped having bad dreams. Glorifying God, she demonstrated all that she had been unable to do before. “Stay with and believe in God,” she advised congregants.

Manhood Restored After Efficacious Prayer In Jesus’ Name!

In his bid to impress himself, Isa from Bornu State decided to use herbal concoctions meant to increase the length and girth of his male member. He said he had been sorely disappointed by his performance during intimacy with a widowed mother of two. He had told a friend, who promptly took him to the said herbalist. However, instead of improving, Isa’s condition worsened and his manhood stopped responding altogether. “I couldn’t bear to live without my manhood – not even with all the money in the world,” Isa said during his testimony on Sunday, 15 January 2023 – a week after receiving prayer. In his hilarious testimony, Isa said he no longer needed the herbal preparations that had been meant to help him. He advised the youth to take all their problems to God, not man.

After-Service Testimonies

During the Prayer Line ministration by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Sunday from Delta State received his healing over difficulty in walking caused by muscle spasms and lumbar spondylosis. On a couple of occasions, he had been involved in road accidents that he managed to survive with injuries. “I am no longer feeling pain,” he told the church, while demonstrating what he had been unable to do before.