THIS IS THE YEAR! - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


For the service of Sunday, January 8, 2023, The SCOAN Choir started with songs giving glory to God while honouring Him and His name. They went on to proclaim the presence of living waters inside the people, even as they asked for forgiveness of their sins by the King Of Kings.

In continuation of the attitude of gratitude, Evangelist Chisom started his sermon by noting – quoting Prophet TB Joshua – “A new year is a gift from God.” He announced his sermon topic as “THIS IS THE YEAR” and read from Isaiah 65:117-19 and Job 8:21. He assured congregants that all that made them cry in 2022 would no longer be heard.

“We citizens of Heaven laugh steady in this unsteady world,” he said while reminding the church that being citizens of Heaven does not mean facing no issues in life – for which he cited Luke 17:1 on God’s assurance to step in. ”Your test will turn into a testimony and your mess will turn into a message,” he reassured congregants. He then cited John 14:27, noting that “Whatever is rooted in God is permanent.”

Further recalling Prophet TB Joshua’s powerful observations, Evangelist Chisom said: “What makes the year new is the way we live it. If you are to solve the problems of this new year with the same approach of the old year, you will make no difference. If you are to make a difference in your life this year, you are to conquer your past.” Finally, reading from 2 Corinthians 5:17, he urged the people to call on Jesus Christ to help them conquer their past.

Their Dates With The Destiny-Changing God!

“Father, draw us closer to You – to love you the more, to know you the more. Father, let all things work for our good, in the name of Jesus Christ! We bless Your Holy name, O Lord! Thank You, Jesus!” Those were some of the utterances that issued forth from Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she joined the people for the Prayer Line ministration.

She prayed for people with numerous cases, including difficulty in walking, breathing impediment, allergies, hernias, stiff neck, swollen cheek, epilepsy, boil in buttock, bleeding due to uterine fibroids, swollen belly, insomnia, leg ulcers, difficulty in urinating, bipolar affective disorder and other health issues.

Hundreds also received their deliverance after receiving an anointed touch from the woman of God, as well as the evangelists. Among such people were pregnant women seeking safe delivery of their babies. Indeed, at The Arena Of Liberty there was no hiding place for demons!

Sealing Their Packages With The Blood Of Jesus!

“It is time to take your package and seal it,” said Evangelist Joseph at the start of the Mass Prayer session. He then told congregants to command every darkness out of their lives before decreeing: “O Lord, let Your power come down and set me free! O Lord, let Your power come down and deliver me! O Lord, let Your power come down and heal me!”

Evangelist Ope urged congregants to pray: “You spirit, I call you by your name – you spirit tormenting my family, that spirit of limitation – Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James said to congregants: “That spirit causing you sickness, disease – say: Out!” He declared: “By His stripes you are healed!” He also told the people to declare: “My health – be restored!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “Command satan to remove his hands from your business, finances, career.” He also told them to declare: “You satan – remove your hands from my business, finances, career! Every spirit of limitation, setback – anywhere you are in my career – Out! Every closed door to breakthrough – be opened, in the name of Jesus!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants: “Every spirit that is not of God, every contrary spirit holding you in bondage in your business, career, health – ask them to lose their grip right now, in the name of Jesus!” She also prayed: “We ask for your healing, deliverance power in the lives of your children! Receive your healing, deliverance, in the name of Jesus!”

Addressing viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Every spirit that comes to steal your joy – begin to speak against it, in the name of Jesus!” She also prayed for them: “Be healed! Be freed from every shackle of satan!”

Capping it up, the woman of God told congregants and viewers to ask for the anointing to maintain their blessings. Finally she prayed, “May your good destiny remain with you, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Every spirit that is not of God – wherever you are – in the name of Jesus: Out!” He also told the church to proclaim: “I rest my life upon the authority of Jesus Christ!” The man of God further prayed: “Every power, spirit that is not of Jesus – I command you: Out! “Whatever in your organ, whatever disease in your organs – every pain – be removed! Begin to function!”


Young Woman Freed From Shame Of Messy Foot!

For many months, Helen had been ashamed of her looks as her right foot had become a mess after she woke up one morning to severe pain and feverishness. In no time, the affected foot began to swell, with the skin peeling off as she scratched it. Despite receiving medical help, Helen did not get any relief until she visited The SCOAN for prayer on October 16, 2022. Standing on the believer’s authority, Pastor Evelyn Joshua pronounced healing upon Helen and asked her to claim it. Within three days, Helen’s wounds had dried up – to the glory of God! She advised people to move close to God and to seek out a living church. Her mother, Adeola, recapped the testimony and advised people never to go back in following God. “Don’t give up on your children,” she further urged parents.

Divine Laughter For Woman Healed Of Seven Months Of Ceased Menstruation!

For seven months, Ms Emmanuel had experienced ceased menstruation. Although she had been unhappy about the situation, she had kept her faith in God. The reward for her patience and faith came on December 31, 2022, during The SCOAN Candlelight Service, where Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed in the name that is above all names and declared the year 2023 as the year of laughter for worshippers in The Arena Of Liberty and believers all over the world. On returning home after the service, Ms Emmanuel found that her menses had returned! She advised people to stay close to God, Who does things in His own time.

Evil Interloper Crushed By The Holy Spirit!

On January 1, 2023, Amara was among those who began their season of laughter during the first SCOAN Sunday Service for the year. As the Holy Ghost arrested the demon in her, confessions flowed about its atrocities. In the bid to find solutions to life’s problems, especially regarding the search for a suitor, Amara’s mother had taken her to a spiritualist, who gave her some substances to use. However, Amara refused to use the items. She then found a suitor, with whom she entered a union. Only a few months later, she lost interest in the relationship and walked out of the home. Afterwards, she met her present husband, with whom she believed she was in love. After marriage, however, nightmares began to torment Amara’s nights. She subsequently stopped loving her husband and bitter feuds became frequent in the home. Behind it all was a spirit husband who had sworn to deny marital bliss to Amara. The spirit husband also caused her to suffer the affliction of bed-wetting. Since the deliverance prayer, however, Amara has become a new creature in Jesus Christ. “It’s as if we got married only last week,” Amara gushed about the newfound bliss in her home. She advised people to believe so that they can receive from the Throne Of Grace. Her husband said, “Only the God of TB Joshua has done this.” He also told about how his wife has now received a calm spirit and has become cooperative. He advised people to be patient for their own testimonies.

No Place For Depression Where The Anointing Is Present!

On 16th July 2022, Matthew had received a call from the United Arab Emirates regarding his wife Blessing who was based there. He was told that she had been acting strangely and constituting a nuisance to neighbours. Immediately, Nigeria-based husband processed a visa to join his wife in Dubai. There, he told doctors that he wanted to bring her to The SCOAN for prayer. They agreed, even if reluctantly. On September 16, two months later, Blessing received prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered. From then on, she returned to the state in which God had made her. Now in perfect mental health, she said: “You can see I am bold and truly happy.” She also advised people to put God first. On his part, Matthew advised people to continue believing in God.

With Spirit Of Death Banished, Precious Gets Her Bundle Of Joy!

On Sunday, June 26, 2022, Precious was among those who received prayer for safe delivery. In childhood, she had used to be troubled by the spirit of death. When she got married, she lost her first baby in the womb but was able to conceive again after two months. It was in that state that she had visited The SCOAN for prayer. As Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered, Precious felt something leave her body. That night, she slept like she had never done before – to the glory of God! She also stopped seeing the spirit of death and subsequently had her baby without any complications whatsoever! She advised people to seek God for succour and relief. Her husband, Bassey, told of how he had also been delivered from bad dreams. “Trust God no matter your challenges,” he told the church.

Joyce Begins To Prosper After Breaking Free From Agents Of Darkness!

It was with a frightening tiger’s roar that the evil spirit in Joyce had confessed about tormenting her life, business and family while causing her bodily ailments including pneumonia and migraines. The demon confessed that it had meant to take Joyce’s life on December 22, 2022 but that the God of Prophet TB Joshua had intervened. On January 8, 2023, a week after her deliverance in The Arena Of Liberty, Joyce returned to The SCOAN to testify. She began, “Please help me to thank the God of TB Joshua.” She told of how she had grown up with her grandmother, who had committed herself to protecting her children and grandchildren by every means possible. However, because Joyce’s grandmother had made a deal with the dark world to exchange her wealth for the preservation of her children and grandchildren’s lives, repercussions followed her covenant. As Joyce grew older, she began to see strange things and odd patterns in her life, especially regarding her business. In her bid to escape evil forces, Joyce received help from a friend who introduced her to some weird spiritual exercises. At one time, Joyce underwent a ritual involving pigeons at the riverside. Instead of getting better, however, troubles deepened and multiplied in Joyce’s life and she came down with illnesses, including a stroke, migraines and pneumonia. In further search for a solution, Joyce resorted to Emmanuel TV and began to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua. One day, Joyce got knocked out as she was engaged in prayer. In a trance-like event, she saw angels ministering healing to every part of her body. In another experience, she saw Pastor Evelyn Joshua intervene in her case using a sword. It was during the service of New Year’s Day that Joyce received the anointed touch that restored her health and freed her from the evil forces of her household. “Be careful where you go in search of help – run to God,” she advised the church. “Have faith in God,” she added.

Blessings Galore As Julita Is Freed From Family Idol!

It was also on January 1, 2023 that Julita received her deliverance from the idol of her father’s house that had been bothering her since birth. Sometime in 2022, the Cameroonian had been at The SCOAN seeking God’s face. On returning home, she got an unexpected opportunity to participate in a United Nations training programme. Although much more experienced people had unsuccessfully applied for the programme in the past, Julita acted in faith and put in her application, ministering the New Anointing Water as she applied. To the glory of God, she was selected to represent the entire Central Africa region. She did attend the training – in Istanbul, Turkey – and felt obliged to return all the glory to God Almighty! In another testimony, she told of how she had been delivered from the idol that had cut short her parents’ lives and made it difficult for her and her sisters to get married. Since her deliverance, however, Julita has been sleeping like a baby and no longer has nightmares or bodily pains. To top it all up, her contract was renewed – quite unexpectedly. She advised people to seek God’s help in overcoming the malice of family idols. She also advised people to stick to their faith regardless of discouraging situations.

“There Is Peace In My Heart Now!” Says Man Freed From Spirit Wife, Ancestral Demons And Spirit Of Lying

“Spirit wife!” thundered the demon in the life of Abiola when asked about its identity during the first SCOAN Sunday for 2023. In the demon’s futile attempts to confront the Holy Spirit, it was forced to confess how it had entered Abiola’s life at age three, when his grandfather took him to a witch doctor. Abiola’s life was marked by futile struggle, strife. One day, a spirit had entered him and caused him to begin experiencing further problems. For five straight days, he had a strange dream that eventually led to his being dropped for a job that he had earlier been recruited for in the United Arab Emirates. In the search for a solution, he had sought help from a female spiritualist, who advised him to get married. After four years, he lost his wife, having returned to Nigeria following the loss of the job opportunity in the United Arab Emirates. Along the line, Abiola discovered Emmanuel TV and started following the prayers of God’s servant, Prophet TB Joshua. He would write down all prayer points given at The SCOAN and use them against the kingdom of darkness. He used to hear God’s servant tell him, “Once you are committed, you will be connected.” On receiving his deliverance, Abiola has been free from nightmares and attacks from the spirit wife. “There is peace in my heart now,” he said. He advised people to believe in God’s power while praying fervently to God.

Instant Testimonies From The Prayer Line

Shortly after receiving prayer on The Prayer Line, two women testified about the instant healing power of Jesus Christ. “Thank You, Jesus!” they exclaimed.

After-Service Testimonies

Ekene, a Nigerian based in South Africa, testified about receiving his healing from the source of evil attacks in his life for the past few months. During the Mass Prayer session, he had vomited the impurities in his system – a clear sign that Jesus Christ has come to his rescue!

Following a motoring accident in which she sustained a fracture, Uduak, a Nigerian nurse, had continued to feel leg pain despite getting sustained medical treatment. To ease her pain, doctors gave her a knee brace. After prayer during the year’s second Sunday service, however, Uduak felt instant ease and now she can walk freely again!

Sarah from Ghana received her healing from difficulty in walking caused by osteoarthritis. After prayer, she discarded her knee brace, saying she had felt something go out of her body as the woman of God prayed for her. “Now I can walk without pain,” she exclaimed.