2023: THE YEAR OF YOUR LAUGHTER! - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Although The SCOAN Candlelight Service 2022 was a colourful event indeed, what was more important for those who had come to The Arena Of Liberty from all over the world was the fact that it announced the year 2023 as “The Year Of Laughter” for worshippers at The SCOAN and all followers of The Prophet TB Joshua Ministries. It was a time of uninhibited singing and dancing before the Lord like David did in biblical times.

The SCOAN Choir started by warmly welcoming the Holy Spirit into The SCOAN Auditorium, thereafter asking for mercy and favour from the Throne Of Grace. They went on to perform several compositions by God’s great servant Prophet TB Joshua, such as “Holy Spirit, Breathe In Me”, “Spirit, Pray Through Me” and “Sin’s Power Over Us Is Broken.” As the divinely inspired lyrics of these songs seared through congregants’ hearts, manifestations of the Holy Spirit began to be witnessed as many vomited the impurities in their systems while others trashed about on the floor as evil forces wriggled out of their bodies.

On joining congregants shortly before midnight – the break of the first dawn of 2023 – Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “I greet you all in the name of the Lord.” Then she prayed for them, “May your lives continue to flourish with the morning dew, in the name of Jesus.” Seized by the spirit of song in an attitude of gratitude, she cued the choir: “There Is A Sweet Anointing/In This Sanctuary/There Is A Stillness/In The Atmosphere/Come And Lay Down/The Burdens You Have Carried/For in the Sanctuary God Is Here.”

In her short but highly impactful message, the woman of God talked about the power of Jesus Christ and how the Holy Spirit demonstrates His power. “You must receive Christ Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour,” she told the church while urging them to express full faith In God. Anchoring her message on Mark 5:35-43, she emphasised the possibility of all things with God, Whose worship must be guided by the prescriptions in His Word. “When you believe God in Spirit and in truth, you are at rest,” she noted. She also told her audience never to be desperate for anything.

Before concluding, she read from Genesis 21:6-7 but told the people to read later from Genesis 18:9-15. She then prophesied upon them, “The glory of God will be shown in your life!” Finally, she announced The SCOAN theme for 2023 as “The Year Of Your Laughter”, saying “All who are waiting to laugh at you will laugh with you, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Lighting Of The Candle And Prayer For The New Year

After her message, the woman of God invited the people to join her in lighting the prayer candle as earnest prayers began to usher in the New Year. She declared: “Because you are here, all who hear that you are here will laugh with you, in the name of Jesus! You are destined to be freed, healed, delivered, blessed! Receive your freedom, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, in the name of Jesus Christ! All who see the glory of God in your life will laugh with you, in the name of Jesus!”

Addressing viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Wherever you are, begin to rescue yourself, in the name of Jesus!” She also told congregants to pray for the rescue of their neighbours, nations and leaders. “Let the wisdom of God be deposited in their hearts, in the mighty name of Jesus!” Finally she prayed: “You are rescued from hardship, unworthy relationships, in the name of Jesus!”

“Take This Candle To Your Personal Altar!”

After the prayer session, the woman of God told the people to go home with their candles and light them during every meditation time at their personal prayer altars.   


Divine Healing For Severe Hypertension And Other Medical Issues

Alice from Cameroon testified about her healing from severe hypertension after receiving prayer at The SCOAN. Although doctors had warned her against leaving the hospital premises, she had decided to act in faith and claim her healing in the presence of God. On returning to her base in Yaounde, Alice had presented herself to doctors for checks. According to her, in the last three years, she has been certified as free from every medical ailment, including hypertension. “There is nothing impossible for God,” she told congregants at The SCOAN Candlelight Service 2022.

Miraculous Delivery Of Improperly Positioned Twins After New Morning Water Ministration

On November 20, 2022, during The SCOAN Sunday Service, Olawunmi was among the pregnant women who received prayer for safe delivery. In the course of prenatal care, she had been told that one of her twin babies was not properly positioned. Although she had been troubled at the news, her husband, Olalekan, had assured her that all would be well; so he had suggested that they visit The SCOAN for prayer in the mighty name of Jesus. Following prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua during the service, Olawunmi returned home and slept peacefully – something she had not done since getting the news about her twins’ position. When it was time for Olawunmi to have her baby, the devil interfered by causing her to fear. Because of complications, Olawunmi was moved from hospital to hospital. It was at the fourth hospital that her husband decided he had to use the New Anointing Water, which he also ministered on the doctor on duty. He also asked that an image of Prophet TB Joshua be put under the pillow of his wife’s hospital bed. Within an hour, Olawunmi had her babies without experiencing any tear or going through surgery! “Stay calm in every situation, for God’s way is not man’s way,” her husband advised the church.

Freed From Shame And Pain Of Hideous Leg Ulcers After Anointed Prayer!

On December 12, 2021, then 20-year-old Moses was at The SCOAN to receive prayer over the problem of leg ulcers. Following football injuries, he had found his feet swelling and feeling sore. Despite interventions by doctors, Moses had felt no relief as the sores on his legs worsened. For over a year, he had battled with the ulcers until he received prayer in the name of Jesus Christ as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered. “Within a week after the prayer, my sores dried up,” said Moses as he testified at The SCOAN Candlelight Service 2022. Jumping and walking briskly, Moses demonstrated all that he had been unable to do before. “There is nothing God cannot do,” he assured congregants.