STOP SLEEPING! - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday Service of December 18, 2022 began with an acknowledgement of the only known redeeming power to humankind: the Blood of Jesus Christ. “Nothing Can Make Me Whole Again/Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus!” sang The SCOAN Choir. Thereafter, as the worship session got into full swing, they rendered other soul-lifting, faith-building songs, including highly inspired compositions by Prophet TB Joshua. In one such song before the sermon, they led the people of God to appeal to the Holy Spirit: “Take More Of Me/Give Me More Of You!”

As it was a sermon delivered with pulsating energy under the influence of the Holy Spirit, it was no surprise that the people of God got jolted back to reality when Evangelist Ope addressed them on the topic “STOP SLEEPING”. To start the captivating message, he had asked congregants to turn with him to Matthew 26:36-45 – the sobering passage where scenes of Jesus Christ’s preparations for His last hours as a human being are recorded. Having literally caught His disciples napping on three occasions, the Son of Man had let it be known to them that they had failed in their duty as watchmen against the enemy.

On that note, the preacher turned to his audience comprising both congregants in The Arena Of Liberty and viewers of Emmanuel TV on all platforms all over the world. Speaking with power, the evangelist pointedly told the church that they need to stop sleeping and be spiritually awakened and alert. To avoid any form of misunderstanding, however, he quickly made it clear that he was not talking about physically sleeping when the body demands sleep but failing to stay in tune with God’s Word always while standing in the believer’s authority to approach the Throne Of Grace, knowing that the enemy of the Christian’s soul does not rest.

Drawing from other sections of Scripture, including 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Acts 17:28 and Luke 18:1, Evangelist Ope told the church that prayer is necessary at all times, whether good or bad. In words echoing God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, the evangelist said: “Prayer cannot take a second off, a minute off, an hour off, a day off! Whether you feel like praying or not, prayer must be employed!” He also described prayer as a relationship between God and His children – a relationship from which they must keep satan.

In his closing remarks Evangelist Ope told the church: “A Christian should pray every day and be in an attitude of prayer at all times. Each day is a gift to be opened with prayer. We must cultivate the habit of always being in the attitude of prayer. To be in an attitude of prayer is to be in an attitude of Jesus Christ. The attitude of Jesus Christ is faith and humility!”     

Nothing Is Too Hard For God!

At The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua began with a supplication to heaven: “Father Lord, we bless Your name once again! Father, You are the reason for our living. Continue to grant us the grace to continue to run to You. Our trouble does not embarrass You, because You have a solution to it. We thank You for your promises that never change. May we continue to praise You, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

She then proceeded to minister prayers of healing and deliverance upon people who had come with a variety of cases. As led by the Spirit, the woman of God would sometimes break into a song of worship or praise as she armed herself with the name of Jesus Christ while confronting cases such as diabetes, difficulty in walking or breathing, swollen belly, bleeding, breast lumps, hernia, cervix tightness, skin disease, peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, mental disorder, epilepsy, abdominal cancer, leg ulcer, rectal cancer and other forms of bodily affliction. She also laid an anointed hand on those facing affliction from agents of darkness, even as she did not leave out women seeking the safe delivery of their babies.

After a while, evangelists Ope, Joseph, James and Chisom joined forces with Pastor Evelyn Joshua in laying hands on other congregants, who had also come to seek the face of the Lord over every mountain in their lives. As The Arena Of Liberty burned with the fire of the Holy Spirit, every demonic power became uncomfortable and confessed its atrocities before fleeing from the people’s lives forever.

Further Manifestations Of God’s Power

It was Evangelist Chisom who started The Mass Prayer session. “It is time to recover what the enemy has stolen,” he told congregants. He told congregants to pray: “You demon, unclean spirit – anywhere you are, I command you by the Blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You demon, evil spirit, familiar spirit – anywhere you are in my body – I command you: Out!”

Evangelist Ope prayed: “Whatever you may have eaten at the table of the enemy, causing you sickness – I command it out, in the name of Jesus!” He also told congregants to pray: “You sickness in my blood, liver, kidney – I command you right now: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Any force standing against your success, breakthrough – begin to rebuke it, in the name of Jesus!” He also told them to pray: “Every cycle of limitation in my finances, business – be broken!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants to pray: “God Almighty, reveal to me all those things that are keeping my heart, mind behind and replace them with the sweetness of Your love and the abundance of Your grace!” She also prayed: “I command every garment of heaviness, sickness, affliction, disappointment on you to be removed and consumed by fire! Be removed!” She further told the people to pray: “My life – reject affliction, failure, disappointment by the Blood of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over the world, the woman of God prayed: “We command the healing power of God on your life, family in the name of Jesus Chris! Be loosed from every stagnation, poverty, family curse, in the mighty name of Jesus!” Finally, she urged everyone to prophesy upon themselves: “I am healed, blessed, delivered, linked up with God! Defeat and failure are things of the past!”

In a Mass Prayer clip Prophet TB Joshua declared with efficacious power: “Whatever satan might have used to connect you – satan’s connection – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ! Whatever demons might have used to connect you to themselves – be broken, in the name of Jesus! Every chain of demon, chain of affliction, chain of disappointment, chain of sickness and disease – be broken, in the name of Jesus!”


Teacher Takes To His Feet Again!

Wilfred from Uganda, a teacher at a tertiary institution, testified today about his healing from waist pain causing difficulty in walking. Although doctors had done their best for him, including giving him crutches, there was little improvement in his condition. As such, he could not do much at work; in fact, he frequently needed his wife’s support to have his bath and perform other simple domestic tasks. Placing his faith in God, Wilfred made his way to The Arena Of Liberty for the service of December 11, 2022. After receiving prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Wilfred dumped his crutches and began to walk freely again. He demonstrated all that he had been unable to do in the past few months, including running, squatting and jumping. ”Always run to God for solutions to your problems,” he advised the church.

Healed Of Embarrassing Skin Infection

Joyce, a Nigerian from Plateau State, testified about her healing from constant itching caused by skin candidiasis. For many years she had been ingesting different sorts of drugs as recommended by doctors but her situation had failed to improve. Troubled by the irritation and embarrassment from her condition, Joyce had not known what to do until she eventually made her way to The SCOAN for prayer on September 4, 2022. After prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua that day, Joyce witnessed the raw power of God clear out all the infection in her skin. Since then she has stopped needing to scratch virtually every part of her body. She urged people to wait patiently on God for their own miracles.

Love And Affection Reign Supreme As Evil Spirit Is Cast Out!

Right from when she was three years old, Mabel, a twin, had been facing spiritual afflictions owing to an idol that was running her life. To prevent her from dying like her twin, Mabel’s father had taken her for so-called fortification, during which a spirit husband had sneaked into her life. As Mabel grew older and got married, the spirit husband became more active in her life, forcing her to disrespect her husband and quarrel with him at the slightest opportunity. She also used to subject her first daughter to severe physical abuse. In fact, prior to her deliverance on Sunday, December 12, 2022, Mabel’s home was about to be broken finally, as her husband had decided he was leaving her because of her meanness. Meanwhile, Mabel had actually come to church over her pregnancy, not wanting to have another Caesarian Section.  Upon receiving an anointed touch, however, the demon in her manifested and the rest is history – to the glory of Jesus Christ! “I am transformed now,” she testified. She advised people to seek God, not satanic forces, when looking for solutions to their problems. Mabel’s husband recounted the issues he had been having with his wife but thanked God for taking control and bringing love and affection into his marriage. “Now we hold hands all the time – and I even kissed her yesterday!” he said, drawing an excited applause from congregants. He advised people to take their problems to only God – and to wait patiently for His time.

Satan’s Designs Come To Naught Over Couple’s Life

The demon in Judith’s life had committed itself to destroying her husband’s finances. There had been signs that something was amiss in Judith’s marriage when she started to have strange dreams in which she kept seeing dead people and finding herself swimming in large bodies of water. The demon had prevented Judith from getting pregnant; however, God’s power prevailed as Judith and her husband came to The SCOAN for prayer and subsequently had a baby boy. Unhappy about being defeated in that area, the demon tried to take the life of Judith’s baby. During the service of December 11, 2022, the couple had returned to The SCOAN for prayer over their son. As it turned out, the demon in Judith manifested following a touch from one of the evangelists. That anointed touch also brought healing to Judith’s baby. Delighted at the turn of events, she advised people to have faith in God. “There is nothing hard for Him to do,” she told congregants. Judith’s husband, Abuchi, narrated how he and his brother had got pastors to destroy an idol that his grandfather had been worshipping. According to Abuchi, he and his brother persisted in experiencing business failure. “I kept selling off my properties,” he confessed. Following Judith’s deliverance, however, things have changed in the family, even as their little boy now sleeps peacefully and plays excitedly. The couple also shared confirmatory dreams about their liberation from the enemy. Abuchi urged people to seek God for their deliverance. “I shall recover all I have lost, by the grace of God,” he prophesied upon his life.

Epilepsy Vanishes After An Encounter With God’s Spirit

Augustine, a Nigerian based in South Africa, testified about his daughter Destiny’s deliverance from the spirit responsible for epilepsy. At times, the little girl would stay in hospital for up to six months. Sometime in June 2019 Augustin had been at a SCOAN Sunday Service with his daughter as he sought a divine solution to the issues in her life. As Prophet TB Joshua walked among congregants, the little girl screamed to get the attention of God’s servant, who paused, took her little hand and kissed it. From then on, Destiny stopped experiencing epilepsy and other health issues. Moreover, she has been performing fantastically at school, winning awards every school term. Medically, the family now no longer needs frequent hospital visits, even as their child is now as lively as ever. Augustine advised fathers to pay more attention to their children, not leaving all of the responsibility to their wives. Destiny told of how she had felt a sensation course through her body during the contact with Prophet TB Joshua.

The Anointing Clears Away Difficulty In Walking!

On May 8, 2022, Raphael, a Nigerian residing in Cameroon, was one of those on the Prayer Line during The SCOAN Sunday Service. He had found himself needing surgery after being diagnosed with severe compression in his spine. Declining surgery, Raphael had flown down to Nigeria and made his way to church for prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered to the ailing in body and heart. Immediately afterwards, Raphael found that he could exercise his limbs freely again and walk without any difficulty. Since then, he has been living without fear of walking. He advised people not to let their hearts be troubled when going through crisis.

After-Service Testimony

Stella testified about healing from difficulty in walking. “I felt something leave my body when the woman of God touched me,” she said. She urged people to exercise trust in God while doing some of the things she had been unable to do before. To God’s glory, she will no longer be needing a waist band. Thank You, Jesus!