HAPPY 54TH BIRTHDAY, PASTOR EVELYN JOSHUA! - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


At The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Saturday, December 17, 2022 was not just another day. It was the day that Pastor Evelyn Joshua, the leader of The SCOAN, turned 54 years on the face of the earth. Indeed, it was a day to celebrate the abiding divine grace upon this woman of God who has made herself available as a worthy vessel in the Lord’s vineyard.

Always a striking example of commitment to the Christian ideals of love, forgiveness and kindness, Pastor Evelyn Joshua has over the last one year shown the world what it takes for a virtuous woman to sustain the gigantic legacy of a most anointed servant of God, Prophet TB Joshua. To be sure, it is to the glory of God Almighty that The Woman In The Synagogue has been able to weather the storm and come out victorious as she marshals a formidable team of God’s soldiers, offering great guidance in an atmosphere of discipline, restraint and kind firmness.

On her birthday, Pastor Evelyn Joshua did not revel in wanton merriment, as that would be out of her temperate character as a daughter of Zion. For her, it was more important to live out the truth in these powerful words: “The beauty of life does not depend on how happy we are but on how happy others can be because of us” (Prophet TB Joshua). And so, even as the church, friends and family celebrated her, she carried on the work of giving of her love, time and resources to those in need.

Earlier in the week, the woman of God had led The Emmanuel TV team to some places of need in the city of Lagos, the headquarters of The SCOAN. Her first port of call was the Lagos State Office for Disability Affairs (LASODA), where she proved yet again that love pays no heed to social or physical barriers. In cooperation with officials of the ministry, Pastor Evelyn Joshua and the team were able to bring smiles to the faces of the physically challenged, who live in facilities run by the government ministry.

Among the residents were the blind, the partially sighted, the lame and the deaf mute, among many others. While addressing the people, the woman of God said, “I came here today to say, ‘Thank you’ – to appreciate you all, because this is what we are created for: to see to each other’s needs.” After her Bible-backed words of encouragement to the people, she announced that they would be getting a cash gift of three million naira and hundreds of bags of rice. On hearing this, the people screamed in excited gratitude. Afterwards, some of them took the microphone and expressed their appreciation over the continuation of the charitable legacy of Prophet TB Joshua, who always said, “Love has a language that transcends all languages, barriers and distance.”

From there, Pastor Evelyn Joshua and The Emmanuel TV Team moved to another area of Lagos: Ebute Meta, their precise location being the Okobaba Destitute Home. There, one will find people of all ages, ethnic affiliations and religions. However, what unites them is the modesty of their situation in life. According to Prophet TB Joshua, the helpless are there to be helped by those who are in a better position in life and someone somewhere is always desperately in need of the little that we have. Accordingly, the woman of God also gave a cash gift of three million naira and hundreds of bags of rice to residents of the home for the destitute, who expressed their profound gratitude to her, Emmanuel TV Partners and The TB Joshua Ministries.

As we celebrate Christmas, let us remember that we have a duty to be our brother’s or sister’s keeper, realising that others may be weak where we are strong and that we ourselves may be weak where others are strong. Good Morning And Win Today And Forever! Emmanuel!