STOP CONSIDERING YOUR PAST - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was exactly a week after the spectacular thanksgiving service at The SCOAN – and the church was still in a celebratory, thanksgiving mood, especially as the new week would usher in the 54th birthday of Pastor Evelyn Joshua, the leader of The SCOAN. As the evangelists opened the service in prayer, they asked congregants to talk to the Lord: “O Lord, let Your mercy prevail over judgment in my life. Lord Jesus, cleanse me from all uncleanliness and make me pure. In the name of Jesus! By the Blood of Jesus!” Quite appropriately, The SCOAN Choir rendered one of the compositions of Prophet TB Joshua: “Locate Me, Lord, in Your Mercy/Do Not Leave Me Out/When You Heal/Do Not Leave Me Out/When You Deliver!” Other inspired songs followed, with manifestations of God’s Spirit witnessed all over the auditorium.

Noted Evangelist James as he got on The SCOAN Altar on Sunday, 12th December 2022 to give the day’s sermon, “As you pay attention to God’s Word, everything about you will change.” Having stated that fact, he proceeded to read from Isaiah 43:18-19 after informing congregants about the title of his message: “Stop Considering Your Past”. He started by observing that since no one can ever be fully certain of what the next minute holds, it would be wise not to dwell too much on the mistakes of our past but to look to the future by making God’s Word our anchor. “When you remove the guilt and shame of your past mistakes by focusing on Jesus Christ,” he said, “you will not consider the past because Jesus Christ has put an end to your past and given birth to your future.”

The preacher advised believers not to give in to satan’s attempts to make them query the certainty of God’s promises owing to what may be an unsavoury past of disobedience to God’s command, faithlessness and enjoyment of forbidden pleasures. According to him, “When you focus on your past, then your present is in danger and your future is tarnished.” On account of this, he urged congregants to divorce their past from their present as they move towards the future, although he was also quick to point out the need to use the lessons of the past in only a positive way. After reiterating the need for believers to make God’s Word the standard for their lives, he ended by observing thus: “No Word of God is void of fulfilment. God’s Word refreshes our mind and God’s Spirit renews our strength.”

Their Petitions Before The God That Never Fails

Although it was a plethora of afflictions that they had brought before the Lord during the service, none of the people returned home with any baggage of the body, mind or emotion. To start the Prayer Line session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Father, we thank You this new life which You have given through Your Son. We thank You for Your peace, joy, hope that we feel in the inside…. Holy Spirit, come and take Your place! Break every yoke in our lives today, in the mighty name of Jesus! Set us free today, in the mighty name of Jesus! Meet our needs today – in the mighty name of Jesus we pray!”

Among the afflictions brought before God Almighty were difficulty in walking due to various causes such as stroke and spondylosis, cataracts, severe hand pain, evil attacks, difficulty in breathing, shoulder dislocation, piles, evil attacks, cervical spondylosis, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, bedwetting, urinary tract infection and mental disorder.

Those with pregnancy complications also received prayer as fire from Heaven consumed every evil hand upon the women and their babies. To the glory of God, they will be having their babies without any issues!

Soon after, the woman of God was joined by the evangelists to minister prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of the people. There was absolutely no hiding place for any demon in The Arena Of Liberty! Thank You, Jesus!

And Their Prayers Where Answered!

At the start of the Mass Prayer session, the woman of God prayed: “Any power that wants you to attend this service in vain today – be disgraced, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every contrary spirit in our midst, every familiar spirit, every spirit that is not of God – we command you out now, in the mighty name of Jesus!” She continued: “Whatever the enemy might have planted in your life – we command it out now, in the mighty name of Jesus!” She then prophesied to the people: “Receive your healing, deliverance, breakthrough – breakthrough in your life, children, health!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Every demon, familiar spirit, evil spirit – wherever they are – out! You demon, familiar spirit, unclean spirit – I command you: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants: “That hidden spirit – command it out! You spirit of setback, failure – out!” He also told them: “That spirit standing against your forward movement – call them by their names to get out. Command them out by the fire of the Holy Ghost!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “That sickness threatening your life, peace, joy – command it out of your life, body, system, in the name of Jesus! Whatever you might have eaten in the dream, from the table of your enemy – begin to command it out!” He also prayed: “Be healed of that sickness, in the name of Jesus! Be healed! Be set free!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You spirit blocking my breakthrough – anywhere you are – I command you out, by the fire of the Holy Ghost! You spirit of limitation, frustration – anywhere you are frustrating my life, business, efforts – I command you out! He also told them: “That spirit that frustrates your efforts – command it to come out.” Finally, he declared: “Every closed door to breakthrough – be opened!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “I command you to come out of darkness! Out of darkness!” He also told congregants: “Begin to command your life, business, career, marriage out of darkness.” He further prayed: “Your journey in life – out of darkness! Let the power of God come down on you, upon your flesh! Anywhere disease, sickness is located – let the power of God come down on you! Power upon your life, career, business, marriage, country, continent! Right now, begin the good life! Let your story change, in the name of Jesus!”

Mid-Service Testimony

Prophecies Come To Pass In The Life Of Former Liberian Warlord Senator Yormie Johnson

Jerome from Liberia, the chief of staff to Senator Yormie Johnson, read a letter from the top Liberian politician. Senator Johnson had come to Nigeria shortly after the Liberian civil war in which he had played a major part – and had stayed back for the next 14 years. During that time, he was a regular visitor to The SCOAN, where he received words of prophecy from Prophet TB Joshua assuring him that things would eventually turn out well for him and his family. As the man of God had prophesied, Senator Yormie Johnson and his family have now witnessed a new dawn, following the fulfilment of all the prophecies given by the man of God. Now the family are proud owners of legitimate businesses that are a blessing to the lives of many in the country of Liberia. Jerome advised people to wait patiently for the fulfilment of God’s promise for their lives. Gideon, a son of Senator Yormie Johnson, also spoke about the healing of his sister after prayer by Prophet TB Joshua during Johnson’s exile in Nigeria. Jerome ended by expressing his principal’s good wishes for Pastor Evelyn Joshua and The TB Joshua Ministries.


“I’m Back To My Father’s House!” Declared Man Healed Of Difficulty In Walking

Charles, a Ghanaian based in Germany, testified about his experience during the service of December 3, 2022. One morning, he had heard a crack in his back and had thought nothing of it. But later in the night, he began to feel severe pain – pain so excruciating that he cried like a baby. Although his loving wife did a lot to ease the situation, Charles continued to feel severe pain and he could not function well. For instance, he could not stand or walk for long, despite getting a lumbar corset from his doctors, who had diagnosed him with spondylosis. On receiving a touch from Jesus Christ during the service, Charles knew that “my Father has accepted me back.” During the testimony, he demonstrated what he had been unable to do before, such as walking briskly and exercising his body. “Remember your Father’s house and He will receive You,” Charles advised the church.

Healed Of 13 Years Of Difficulty In Walking

For a very long time. Allison was ill. It had all started after he suddenly felt discomfort in his right hip while seated in his home. Then commenced a 13-year period of pain and unhappiness for the Nigerian fisherman, who was diagnosed with lumbo-sacral spondylosis. Doctors told him that he needed to have a full knee replacement surgery in India. To cut the long story short, Allison finally came to The SCOAN in faith on December 3, 2022. While receiving prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Allison felt the presence of the Holy Ghost surge through him. Immediately, he began to walk painlessly again and without his crutches. He advised people never to doubt the power of God working in them. He said, “Hearken to the words of God’s prophets and you will be free, in Jesus’ name.”

Evil Worm Cast Out In Jesus’ Name!

Zachariah had been orphaned since he was 14 years old. “I was raised as a free ranger,” he started his testimony in a tone of regret. He then told of how he had suffered so much in life because of his status as an orphan. He recalled having to go the extra mile to prove his capacity. Yet, the more advancements he made in life, the more he continued to face opposition by those who should be supporting him. In his efforts to find meaning in life, Zachariah, who is now over 70 years old, had decided to set up a family shrine. As the priest of the shrine, he had to keep offering libation to the spirits behind the shrine, represented by stones standing for his departed parents and other relatives. But things did not improve for Zachariah and his family, as health problems persisted in the ancestor worshipper’s life. However, after receiving prayer on December 3, the Spirit of God fell upon Zachariah. When he returned to his hotel room, he felt severe itching in his back and while scratching it with a towel, he saw a worm wiggle out of his flesh and fall on the floor. On sighting the worm, Zachariah promptly ended its life to confirm his victory from demonic forces. Apparently, the worm had been responsible for the strange movements that he used to experience all over his body. He advised people to seek God for possible spiritual problems in their lives before it is too late.

Set Free From 26 Years Of Pain!

Three months ago, Mrs Ogbonna had been feeling severe waist pain that made it difficult for her to do any serious work, including cooking meals for the home. In fact, for 26 years, she had been experiencing mild pain – after the birth of one of her children. When the pain worsened three months ago, she had brought herself to church for prayer, during The SCOAN Healing And Deliverance Service of December 3, 2022. That was the day that the Lord had appointed for her healing from lumbar spondylosis. She also used to feel severe irritation in her eyes – irritation that also disappeared after she received an anointed touch from one of the evangelists. Mrs Ogbonna advised people to believe in God. “It is God Who created you, not witch doctors.” Her husband, Simeon, thanked God for healing his wife, telling of the toll that it had taken on her.

Healed Of Urinary Incontinence And Depression Caused By Evil Spirits

During the healing and deliverance service of December 3, 2022, Maithe from Belgium received her deliverance from the spirit that had been responsible for severe afflictions in her life. She told of how she had gone through two divorces owing to her inability to show love to her two husbands, by whom she had one child each – a boy and a girl. Despite having all the comforts of life, Maithe could not express love to anyone – not even her children or husband – and she kept isolating herself. The evil spirit in her life tormented her more by causing her to wet herself in public, with urine visibly trickling down her legs sometimes. Moreover, in a bid to medically resolve her issue of uncontrollable bleeding, she had had her womb removed. Since receiving the prayer of deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ, the story has changed. According to her, “I have not worn diapers since my deliverance!” She also told the church that she is now a happy person, who prays for herself and others. “I feel light now,” she said. She advised all to pray always.

At Last, Donna Is Freed From Lifelong Afflictions!

Dona from the Republic of Benin testified about her deliverance from evil spirit affliction. For 25 years, she suffered from severely painful menstruation. After two children, she found it hard to have another baby as she started to suffer miscarriages and stillbirths. She also had pelvic inflammation. All of these issues made it hard for her to lead a normal life. Yet, doctors could find nothing medically wrong with her. Donna’s children also had the problem of painful menstruation. On discovering Emmanuel TV, Donna started to build her faith. After attending the deliverance service of December 3, 2022, however, her condition has improved tremendously and she can now do all the things that she had been unable to do before now, including sitting down painlessly and walking freely. She advised people to wait patiently on God.

“God Has Given Us The Mother Of All Miracles!”

Following an accident, Joy found that she could no longer walk easily and do other things despite all the efforts of medical doctors. Although she took numerous painkillers, she felt little or no relief.  After she made a move of faith by attending the healing and deliverance service of December 3, 2022, God met Joy at the point of her needs. Now she can bend, squat and walk freely – things she had been unable to do previously. She advised people to trust in the Lord. “If God can do it for me, He will do it for you, in Jesus’ name,” she prayed. Her husband said, “God has given us the mother of all miracles!” He added, “We are coming for an even bigger testimony.”

Deliverance Brings Permanent Prosperity Into Faith’s Life!

Faith from Edo State, Nigeria was set free from an ancestral spirit that used to feed her in the dream. She had thought it was normal for a motherly figure to look after her in the dream world. After some time, she began to see herself in the water and to interact with a spirit husband. After mysteriously losing a job at which she had been doing quite well, Faith succumbed to the suggestion to propitiate marine spirits so that they could let her lead a better life. In spite of those efforts, things continued to worsen for Faith. At some point, she could not boast of the smallest naira denomination. Along the line, Faith had dream encounters with Prophet TB Joshua, after which she knew that it was time for her to be delivered. Since attending The SCOAN Sunday Service of May 29, 2022, Faith has stopped seeing the evil woman and has broken free from the spirit of poverty. Now she manages a bigger company than the previous one and has set up a big retail store for her mother. “It is only God Who can do it; there are no shortcuts,” she told the world.

After-Service Testimonies

Udeme, a Nigerian living in Freetown, testified about his healing from cervical spondylosis, which had caused him severe back pain. After prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, he regained his vitality. Now he no longer needs a neck collar. “God is God and nothing is impossible for Him,” he said by way of advice. 

Dr. Wilfred Lugemoi, a 52-year-old medical doctor, testified about his healing from difficulty in walking. Now he no longer needs a stick to support his movement. He advised people to persist in prayer.

Jacqueline was healed of severe right hand pain after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. Now she can clap with the hand and use it for everything she had been unable to use it for in the last two months. Discarding her hand brace, she advised people to trust in God.