THANKSGIVING CHARITY FOR THE ELDERLY - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


In the phenomenal, unforgettable words of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua: “There can be no love without giving. There can be no giving without receiving. There can be no planting without reaping.” Looking at these three statements, one can see that they reflect beauty at the level of rhetoric.  

More importantly, they contain timeless truths. First, as the Bible teaches us in John 3:16, God loves the world so much that He gave up His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. This means that the one who truly loves always finds it necessary to give, hence the expression by God’s anointed servant “no love without giving.”

Second, the expression “no giving without receiving” implies a two-way relationship: we can give only because someone is available to receive from us. But this also suggests that we have something to give. And who gives us whatever we possess? The unmistakable answer is God Almighty, Who always ensures that His children are catered for.

As that great doer of the Word, Prophet TB Joshua, used to say, someone is need of what you have, no matter how little. He also told us that money or material things are not the only things we can give but also our love, smile and time – in short, anything that can make life more pleasant for fellow humans. In a timeless quote, he said: “The love you give is the only love you keep.”

Third, it is an immutable fact of nature that we sow what we reap – and in multiple folds! And when we look more closely at the third statement in Prophet TB Joshua’s quote in the first paragraph of this article, we will see that it implies that we must make an effort before we get results, for planting is working and sowing is getting the reward for the work that we have done.

Therefore, it was in that spirit of love, giving and sowing that Pastor Evelyn Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners organised a thanksgiving charity for the elderly members of The SCOAN on Monday, 5th December 2022 – the day after The First SCOAN Thanksgiving Service.

At the event, which was witnessed by some of the international visitors who were yet to return home, Pastor Evelyn Joshua restated her commitment to carrying on the work of giving as started by Prophet TB Joshua under divine inspiration.

In addition to the sum of five million naira, Pastor Evelyn Joshua handed out hundreds of bags of rice and gift hampers to the people of God. As the good old saying goes, charity begins at home.

Delighted about it all, many of the recipients took turns to thank the woman of God and to pray for the continuation of God’s grace upon The SCOAN, The TB Joshua Ministries, The SCOAN Evangelists, Emmanuel TV Partners and Emmanuel TV.         

Some international visitors from Botswana and the Dominican Republic also spoke in praise of God and in commendation of Pastor Evelyn Joshua’s steadfastness as leader of The SCOAN.  

At the event, The SCOAN Evangelists were on hand to assist in distributing the gifts to the elderly, whose faces glowed with excitement as they waved and smiled at the cameras.

Glory be to Jesus Christ!