MIRROR YOUR LOVE FOR CHRIST ON OTHERS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday Service of November 27, 2022 was yet another testimony of God’s abiding grace in The Arena Of Liberty. To the hundreds of people who had come from far and wide, God showed Himself to be true and faithful indeed. Many of them had braved numerous odds as they resisted plans by the devil and his agents to prevent them from getting to their place of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of their souls. As part of the opening prayer, The Emmanuel TV Choir sang: “Take Glory, Father/Take Glory, Son/Take Glory, Holy Ghost!/Now And Forever More!” The choir then led congregants to worship God in the beauty of His holiness, rendering some of the most melodious and impactful songs composed by God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua.

When Evangelist Joseph got on the altar, he stated in a matter-of-fact way: “Obeying God’s Word is obeying Jesus and obeying Jesus is obeying God’s Word.” He then announced his message title as “Mirror Your Love For Christ On Others.” He took his major reading from John 13:34, after which he observed that “Our love for others is an expression of Christ’s love in our heart.” Other scriptures for the sermon were John 20:21, John 15:9-12, James 2:1-8 and Matthew 25:37-40.

It was another well-received message in which the evangelist urged congregants to model their life on Jesus Christ, Who gave His life for humankind after displaying unconditional love for everyone that He came in contact with. The preacher noted that believers ought to love others exactly as Christ loves them. “Without His love and without Him loving us,” he said, “we have no love to love.” And so, in words echoing the very essence of Prophet TB Joshua’s life and ministry, Evangelist Joseph stated emphatically, “You are saved to save others; you are blessed to bless others.”

Although he stressed the idea of showing love only for God’s sake, without expecting anything in return, Evangelist Joseph reminded the church about the law of reciprocity: “The way and manner you love is the same manner you would be loved; the manner you give is the same manner you would be given.” Accordingly, he urged believers to give not only material things but also their time, smile, counsel and care, etc., for everyone has something – no matter how small – that they can share with others.

In ending the sermon Evangelist Joseph quoted the words of Prophet TB Joshua: “The love you give is the only love you keep; the care you give to the society is the only care you keep. The attention you give to the society is the only attention you receive. Where you are now is somebody’s dream come true. The only thing that will give you peace of heart is to consider your neighbour while looking for your own.”

Jesus Christ Is The Healer!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua lifted her face to Heaven: “Jesus, we surrender our lives to You. Almighty God, help us to rise above fear. Father Lord, deliver us from the attacks of the enemy and their plans for our destruction. Lord Jesus, see to the needs of Your children today! Heal their wounds, O Lord, and bless them accordingly! Father, we thank You, Lord, because we know You have answered our prayers!”

As the woman of God moved from case to case, healing and deliverance became assured for those who had come difficulty in walking due to spondylosis, asthma, fracture, mouth tumour, partial stroke, skin disease, tuberculosis, swollen belly/body, diabetes, goitre and difficulty in stooling. The power in the name of Jesus Christ also put an end to afflictions such as epilepsy, mental disorder, leg ulcer, sickle cell anaemia, chronic depression and bleeding due to fibroids.

Jesus Christ also resolved the complications in the pregnancies of those who had come to seek His face for the safe delivery of their babies.  

When evangelists Ope, Chisom, Joseph and James joined the woman of God, the anointing continued to flow freely in The Arena Of Liberty and the power of Jesus Christ settled all fundamental issues in the lives of the people.

Furthermore, during the One-On-One session, every stubborn spirit was expelled in the all-conquering name of Jesus Christ! “Out, in the name of Jesus!” declared each evangelist.

Who Can Battle With The Lord?

Starting the Mass Prayer session, Evangelist Ope declared: “The Son of God is about to work in our midst.” Before reading from Jeremiah 1:9, he asked congregants and viewers all over the world to prepare their hearts for contact with God’s Spirit. “There is power in your mouth; use it now to pull down every demonic spirit in your life, family, business, health,” said Evangelist Ope. He then told the church to pray: “Thou Son of David, every demonic activity in my life, family – by the fire of the Holy Ghost – I pull you down!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Every evil spirit operating in your life, family – continue to command it out!” He also prayed: “Be delivered, restored, set free, in the name of Jesus! Every damaged organ in your system – be restored!”

Evangelist Chisom told the church to pray: “You sickness, disease – my body is not your temple. Anywhere you are in my body, by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out of my body!”

Evangelist Joseph told the church to pray: “You demon, evil spirit — I command you to remove your hand from my life, career! My lost dreams – awake!”

On her part, Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the church to pray: “Lord God Almighty, do to me according to Your Word. Your Word is Light, Truth! Lord Jesus Christ, let my eyes be fixed on You and You alone! Do not allow self-pity to dominate my emotion.” She also prayed: “Every spirit of greed, bitterness, envy, jealousy, unforgiving spirit – we command you out right now, in the name of Jesus!”

For viewers all over the world the woman of God prayed: “Every battle that is confronting you – be removed! Every giant that stands on your way – be defeated, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every power that oppresses you – be removed! Be healed from every affliction, disease! Be delivered! Be blessed! Breakthrough in your life, way, business, career, marriage!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua told congregants to pray thus against evil spirits: “Leave my life, career, business, finances, relationship, in the name of Jesus!” He then prophesied upon them: “You are created to lead! Begin to lead, in the name of Jesus!”


Eight Years Of Bleeding Ends In An Instant – After Hesitation To Seek God’s Face At The SCOAN!

Eight years ago, Olusola had been bleeding profusely. In her search for healing, she went to numerous witch doctors, who fleeced her of her hard-earned money. Advised to seek God’s help at The SCOAN, she had refused bluntly, worried about exposing her problem. After God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua passed away, she subsequently had a dream in which an image of the man of God appeared to her, asking her to visit The Arena Of Liberty for prayer. In that dream, a big fish had swallowed Olusola just before she woke up. After relaying the dream to her son, Olusola became persuaded to visit The SCOAN. On July 10, 2022, she presented herself for prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered. “People of God, my bleeding of eight years stopped that very week!” said Olusola in utter excitement. Since then, she has been thriving in every aspect of her life, eating and sleeping well. “Just believe in God,” she advised the church after citing Psalm 118:17.

Evil Voice Silenced After Anointed Touch!

Samuel came from an idol-worshipping family. The idol had wanted Samuel to serve it fully, so it asked the young man to quit school and go into business. After some time, the idol began urging Samuel to borrow money from people, thereafter making it impossible for him to pay back as every business deal failed. Despite attempts to pray away his problems, Samuel kept getting into difficulty. Then he had a dream in which Prophet TB Joshua’s image asked him to present himself for deliverance at The SCOAN. Samuel was also instructed to tell no one else but his wife and to fast while in church. On the journey to Lagos, Samuel witnessed severe health issues but managed to make the journey. On the day of service, Samuel resisted every urge to eat before receiving his deliverance, even as he had refused to heed the voice that had been urging him to stay put in his hotel room and not attend the service. To the glory of God, vigilant ushers had prevented Samuel from leaving the auditorium when he had tried to – during the deliverance session of the service of November 20, 2022. Upon receiving an anointed touch, Samuel fell under the power of the anointing and the demon in him began confessing. When he got to the hotel room later that day, Samuel vomited all the poisonous substances in his system. “I no longer hear the evil voice or have headaches and pain all over my body,” he testified. “Don’t run from God,” he advised the church. Also thanking God for the deliverance, Samuel’s wife urged people to run to God for solutions to their issues.

No More Foot Amputation After New Morning Water Ministration!

Christopher, a Nigerian living in South Africa, had come down with a severe foot swelling after attending his father’s burial in the village. He had suffered excruciating pain despite getting medical help. According to him, “The more medications I took, the more the pain I suffered.” Until he began ministering the New Morning Water on the swelling, the situation did not change. Once he started ministering the water, the abscess in the foot had broken open and the pus in it started oozing out. Christopher said he had banished fear while ministering the water, even though doctors had suggested the foot might be amputated. “Now I can walk, run and jump – things I had not been able to do before,” he told the church. He advised people to prayerfully use all the faith tools they get at The SCOAN. 

Spirit Of Aggression Cast Out In Jesus’ Name!

Ijeoma used to be such a troublesome kid! She also used to have strange dreams in which she would see various animals, including snakes. What was responsible for all these issues was the demon in her, which had been programmed into her through a covenant with her parents. On November 20, 2022, however, Ijeoma received her deliverance after an anointed touch by one of the evangelists. Since then, she has had confirmatory dreams in which God’s Spirit has wiped away every remnant of issues in her life. “I no longer have nightmares or the urge to fight people,” she said. She advised people to keep on trusting God for their healing, deliverance and salvation.

After Seven Years, Ceased Menstruation Returns During Pray-Along Session With Prophet TB Joshua!

Chibuzor testified about the restoration of her menses after seven years. Her search for a solution had taken her to both medical doctors and witch doctors, but there was no solution in sight. Until The SCOAN Living Water Service of September 30, 2022, the situation had remained the same. That day, Chibuzor had taken home some of the water and had been ministering it prayerfully. One day, while watching a prayer video by Prophet TB Joshua, Chibuzor had acted out her faith by making a heart connection with God Almighty. All of a sudden, she felt a wetness between her legs: a sign that her long-lost monthly visitor had returned! “Keep on believing in God,” she advised the people while telling them that distance is no barrier for God’s power.

Saved From Food Poisoning By The Anointing!

Deborah, a student, testified about her healing from stomach bloating during the service of November 20, 2022. In the week before, a friend had offered her food that had led to what seemed to be food poisoning, causing Deborah to experience severe stomach upset and terrible nightmares later in the night. Now fine, Deborah advised people to love everyone but to trust no one but God. Deborah’s father thanked God for healing his daughter, before advising young people to get whatever they want to eat by themselves.

Healed During Session Of Prayer Without Barrier!

Ekebuike, a Nigerian based in Gabon, testified about his healing after a serious motoring accident five years ago. After treatment, he had found that his right hand could not be moved and was numb. The doctor told him that he would need surgery. But Ekebuike had a certain dream before the operation, so he decided to not have surgery. He then returned home and the inability to use his right hand continued. One day, he prayed along with Prophet TB Joshua and the ailing hand began to respond again! Now he can eat with his two hands. Moreover, Ekebuike saw his flesh open up on its own and the shrapnel that had been hiding under his skin was exposed – years after the accident. He then went to the doctors to have them removed. Since then, Ekebuike has been in great health. He advised people to have faith in God and to watch Emmanuel TV in faith.

Freed From The Spirit Of Violence!

Joy, who came from an idol-worshipping family, shared an interesting testimony about her deliverance. Recalling one of the many incidents in her life, she told of how she had broken a man’s head physically after a dream in which he had apparently attacked her. From then on, the spirit of anger had taken over Joy’s life. She would fight neighbours and her husband all the time, even injuring people on numerous occasions, leading to series of police arrests. To the glory of God, since her deliverance during the service of November 20, 2022, Joy has parted ways with the demon inciting her to destruction. “Trust in God; there is nothing He cannot do,” she advised the church. In a rather hilarious manner, Joy’s husband told of how his wife had been a terror to their marriage but he also thanked God for freeing her from the spirit of violence. He advised people to wait patiently on God and to avoid fighting women no matter the provocation.

After-Service Testimonies

Gabriel Isaac, a member of the Nigerian Navy, was on his way to work one morning when he had a ghastly motoring accident that kept him at home for six months. To the glory of God, after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua at the Prayer Line, Gabriel began to use his legs freely again. Now he can squat, turn his legs in all directions and do other things he had been unable to do before. “Thank You, Jesus!” he exclaimed.

A businesswoman from Adamawa State was healed of difficulty in walking at the Prayer Line. She is now able to return to all that she had abandoned earlier. “I can run and do a lot of things now,” she says.

Blessing from Imo State testified about her deliverance from evil spirits. She said she had experienced God’s power during the service of Sunday, November 20, 2022. “Now I don’t feel like taking alcohol anymore,” she told the church. She also said she is now free from the spirit of anger. She advised people to trust in God.