MAINTAINING YOUR BLESSINGS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


In calling attention to the presence of the Holy Spirit in The Arena Of Liberty, The SCOAN Choir began the worship session with these lyrics of assertion and affirmation: “There Is A Stillness/In The Atmosphere/There Is A Sweet Anointing/In The Sanctuary/For In The Sanctuary/God Is Here.” After several other songs, they moved on to proclaim: “Out Of My Belly/Shall Flow Rivers/Rivers Of Living Water!” By the time the choir was done, the hearts of congregants had been thoroughly prepared for the Word.

Evangelist Jemila began by asking, “After blessings, what’s next?” Self-answering the question, she said: “After blessings is maintenance!” Her message, “Maintaining Your Blessings”, was backed with readings such as 2 Corinthians 9:8-10, Hebrews 12:8-18, John 1:1, Hebrews 13:8 and Romans 10:17.

Prefacing her teaching with words from Prophet TB Joshua, she observed: “In 2012, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, ‘If you have not seen enough and you receive suddenly, you will lose that blessing because you will not know the value of that blessing. God allows you to see enough because He does not want you to lose what you are going to receive.” She continued, “‘Seen enough’ means trained by God through sickness, afflictions, challenges and hard times.”

With different illustrations, Evangelist Jemila explained that divine blessings can be maintained only by staying close to God, the Source of our blessings, so that we can enjoy the ultimate blessing of salvation. She said, “The purpose of blessing is salvation; our blessings are meant to direct our focus on God, the Giver of the blessing, and not to take our minds off Him.” To achieve this, she said, it would be necessary to rely always on God’s Word so that one can maintain good character through faith and good works.

In her concluding words, the preacher said: “God does not necessarily bless us because of today but because of tomorrow”; therefore, people of God, maintain God’s blessings in your life in Jesus’ name!”

Healing For The Ailing, Deliverance For The Captive

Before starting her ministration at The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua lifted up her voice to Heaven: “Father, we thank You for the opportunity to be partakers of the divine opportunity you have given us today…. Father God, give us the grace to overcome every situation, difficulty we face. Give us testimonies that will shame satan and his world today, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Upon the body, soul and spirit of all those who had come with diverse cases the woman of God declared ease and relief in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. With the atmosphere in The Arena Of Liberty having been saturated by the presence of the Holy Spirit, every issue in the people’s lives received the command to leave immediately.

Among the issues were diabetes, asthma, swollen belly, cervical/thoracic spondylosis, breast/prostate cancer, difficulty in walking due to waist pain and osteoarthritis, fracture, ulcers, sickle cell anaemia, hernias, epilepsy, skin disease and mental disorder, among numerous other physical and spiritual issues.

Those experiencing pregnancy complications were also impacted by the raw power of the Holy Ghost!

The anointing continued to flow as the evangelists joined the woman of God for the Laying Of Hands session. As each person received a touch, every mountain in their life was levelled in Jesus’ name! Indeed, in vain did demons seek to control those destined to be saved by Jesus Christ.

Grace For All!

The Mass Prayer session began with these words of prayer: “Father, sanctify us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Father, purify us body, soul and spirit, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua further prayed: “Every spirit troubling your life today – we command it out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” She also told congregants: “Every contrary monitoring spirit – spirit of confusion in your way business career marriage –begin to command it out now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

The woman of God also told congregants to pray: “Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me! Heal me!” Again, she prayed: “Every soul under the bondage of sickness – be healed, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every soul that is wandering – discover yourself today, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

To viewers all over the world Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “Begin to command every helpless situation in your life to leave you right now, in the mighty name of Jesus!” She also prayed for them: “Be freed from every chain! Whatever chain satan may have used to connect you to himself – be loosed right now, in the name of Jesus! Receive your freedom, breakthrough, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Every spirit frustrating your life, family, marriage – begin to order them out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You demon, unclean spirit, ancestral spirit – anywhere you are in my life, family – enough is enough! I command you by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You spirit – familiar spirit, evil spirit – I command you: Out!” He also prayed for the people: “Every sickness in your body: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “Whatever mountain on my way to breakthrough, I call you by your name – hear the voice of God: Out!”

“You have seen the downfall of satan – glory be to God!” declared Prophet TB Joshua in a Mass Prayer clip. He prayed: “Those under the dominion of sickness and disease – receive your freedom, in the name of Jesus! Those under dominion, those under the bondage of sickness, disease, affliction, setback, stagnation, rejection – receive your freedom, in the name of Jesus!”


As Jesus Shows Up, Boastful Family Idol Falls Flat On Its Face!

Declaring itself “the family idol” was the demon in Abara, who came from an idol-worshipping family. It confessed that it had been troubling its victim’s business for decades, although things had spiralled out of control when Abara made a daring move against the demon. While burning with the fresh fire of a newly converted young man, Abara had confronted the family idol after saying some prayers. Then he discarded the idol, even though he was supposed to have been its custodian. Expectedly, the idol gave Abara no rest as the years went by. Every business Abara ventured into eventually collapsed, with other members of his family not faring any better in life. While praying to God for liberation, Abara had a dream in which God’s Spirit instructed him to visit The SCOAN. On Sunday, November 13, 2022, Abara made his way to The Arena Of Liberty, where he received an anointed touch. Immediately, the demon in him started confessing its acts of malice before fleeing forever. Since then, Abara’s dream life has changed and he has been receiving favour from those who had apparently forgotten him. He advised people having issues to keep their faith in God. He also advised people to ignore negative comments about The SCOAN. “Our God is still doing miracles,” he said.

Set Free From Covenant With Marine Kingdom!

Although it had boasted that nobody could dare it, the demon in Precious finally got subdued during the one-on-one session with Evangelist Chisom in the service of November 13, 2022. “Once you confess love for me as a man, you have begun the journey to your downfall,” the demon confessed while describing itself as “king of women.” Precious said it had all started many years ago, during her first marriage, which had packed up no sooner than it started. In her subsequent marriage, Precious’ spirit husband from the marine world had troubled her so much that her second marriage also collapsed. Then she went into prostitution after accepting to worship the marine spirit. During her initiation, Precious swallowed a whole egg, a dollar note and a razor blade. During a raid at the brothel where she was plying her illicit trade of prostitution, alongside the open trade in tobacco, Precious managed to escape while other women were shot at by police. Because of the fortification she had undergone, Precious recorded apparent success in her tobacco trade, always selling off all her wares before others. But there were, of course, serious problems for her as she started to have series of nightmares because the marine spirits wanted to kill her. Not wanting to die, Precious made her way to The SCOAN for prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. While on the trip to Lagos, she had managed to resist attempts to provoke her, thereby causing her to miss out on God’s blessing. Since her deliverance, Precious has become a new creature. “No more nightmares, spirit husband or heart palpitations,” she said.  Advising congregants and viewers all over the world, she said: “The devil has no free gift for anyone; come to Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega!” 

Cobwebs Of Hatred Cleared Away In Jesus’ Name!

“I covered her face with charcoal – my plan is to make people hate her everywhere she goes!” That was one of the confessions made by the demon in Jacinta during the deliverance session of the service of Sunday, November 13, 2022. During her testimony on November 20, Jacinta told the church how it had all started about four years ago. “I would frequently feel cobwebs on my face and people just kept turning against me for no reason,” she said. “They just kept blowing everything out of proportion – no matter how small the issue could have been,” she added. Luckily, however, her mother’s prayer always rescued her in the last minute. Taking her brother’s advice, Jacinta made her way to The SCOAN for prayer – and the Spirit of God located her through an anointed touch from one of the evangelists! Unable to go to work the following Monday, Jacinta had called her superior at work to ask to be excused. To her amazement, her boss was quite warm and understanding, even solicitous. When she returned to work on Tuesday, Jacinta was further amazed to see colleagues welcoming her cheerfully and asking about her welfare. “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is here!” she declared by way of advice.

Stomach Ailment, Poor Vision And Ceased Menstruation Vanish After Living Water Service!

When she attended The SCOAN Living Water Service of Friday, September 30, 2022, Francine from Cameroon had been suffering from persistent stomach upset, poor vision and ceased menstruation of eight months. During the service she had washed her face with the water and had immediately regained full vision in her eyes. On returning home, she had continued praying with the water that she had taken with her. During her visit to the hospital for checks, Francine’s doctor told her she probably had appendicitis. However, as she continued prayer, Francine was later confirmed to be free from every stomach ailment. To the glory of God, her menses also returned! Following her healing, Francine can now eat well, without bothering about her stomach. “Run to God, Who alone knows the secrets of our life,” she advised congregants. Her sister, Solange, confirmed the healing, urging people to believe in God. 

Spirit Husband Banished, Evil Voice Silenced!

During the one-on-one session of the service of November 13, 2022, Roseline was one of those who received prayer as Evangelist James ministered in the all-conquering name of Jesus Christ. Among the several problems listed on Roseline’s placard was piles, which origin was confessed by the demon as the Holy Spirit surged through the troubled woman. Testifying the following Sunday, Roseline told of how ancestral demons had made a mess of her father’s finances, tormenting him to his dying days. After their father’s death, Roseline and her siblings had the spirit of poverty and wretchedness transferred to them. In marriage, she saw her husband’s finances take a nosedive. In dreams, she would see dogs chasing her. One of those dogs ended up biting her anus, causing her piles a short while later. She also had dreams in which she kept getting married to numerous men and women – but never to her real-life husband. Also in her dreams, Roseline would find herself eating different kinds of food. Inevitably, the demons brought strife and setback to the family. While praying one day, the Holy Spirit instructed Roseline’s husband to stop updating his wife about his progress. To the glory of God, since her deliverance, Roseline has been having only dreams of victory over the demonic husband that had been messing up her life. “The affection has come back – we no longer quarrel,” she said about the present state of her relations with her husband. She advised people to remain steadfast in prayer. Roseline’s husband, Victor, told of how problems had begun during their marriage rites in the village. “I just saw my finances dwindling,” he said. He also told of how he began to hear voices asking him to sell off his property. Eventually, Victor realised that it had been a demonic voice speaking to him. Since the deliverance, however, his business has started to pick up, with calls now coming from international partners. Victor advised people to be discerning about the voices speaking to them.

Email Testimonies

Someone from South Africa testified about getting a new job after ministering the New Anointing Water, which they got during The SCOAN Outreach Service in South Africa.

A Zimbabwean testified about getting transfer approval immediately after praying along with the evangelists during The SCOAN Outreach Service in South Africa.

Another Zimbabwean testified about restoration of ceased menstruation, as well as freedom from other issues, after attending The SCOAN Outreach Service in South Africa. “I give all glory and honour to Jesus!” she wrote.

A woman from South Africa testified about securing a permanent job after calling one of the Emmanuel TV prayer lines. She sent pictures of the new car accompanying the job!

After-Service Testimonies

Professional nurse Marvelous was healed of difficulty in walking due to spondylosis. On receiving prayer from Pastor Evelyn Joshua in the mighty name of Jesus, all pain in her body had vanished. No longer needing her lumbar corset, she demonstrates all the things she had been unable to do before, such as squatting, jumping and walking briskly.

Bridget from Cameroon was healed of arthritis, which had made it impossible for her to move freely or sleep peacefully. “I felt a sharp light and fell under the anointing when Pastor Evelyn Joshua touched me,” she said. She added, “Now I can walk and jump.”