THE TIME IS NOW! - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


When the people of God gathered in The Arena Of Liberty on Sunday, November 13, 2022, they were led by The Emmanuel TV Choir in worship songs that reached up to Heaven. They began, “O Holy Spirit, We Welcome You In This Place!” Soon, they moved on to humankind’s universal need for God: “I Need You/Need You, Lord!” Thereafter, they asked for God’s mercy and many began to show emotion in realisation of their unworthiness before a perpetually forgiving God.

The worship session done, Evangelist Chisom stepped onto The SCOAN Altar and announced his message title as “The Time Is Now!” The urgency of his message came from 2 Corinthians 6:2, where salvation is described as something to be embraced today, not at any other time. Going straight to the heart of his message, the preacher noted the tendency of many to imagine that a convenient day will come when they can begin to live right. That time, he said, may never come. Given that fact, he said, the knowledge of death’s certainty should encourage believers to seek to please God every minute, starting from now.

As such, Evangelist Chisom spoke on the need to value time and make the most of it through rightful focus. In his words: “It is not mere wishful thinking that brings about a contented life but a rightful focus. It is not mere desiring to be great that brings greatness but how you live your life and make choices in reference to time.” Accordingly, he said: “What you are today is because of how you lived your life yesterday and what you will become tomorrow will depend on the choice you are making today.” Evangelist Chisom therefore urged congregants to strive to leave behind a positive legacy for generations to come.

Only In His Name Do These Miracles Take Place!

At The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Father, thank You for Your presence in our lives. Almighty God, let your mercy, favour, compassion speak for us! Father, touch us in a special way, in Jesus’ name! Father, healing to Your children’s lives! Deliverance to their souls! Blessings to their lives! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray!”

She then proceeded to lay hands on people with cases such as difficulty in breathing/walking, severe neuropathy, asthma, bleeding, swelling due to multiple fibroids, prostate cancer, knee dislocation, sickle cell anaemia, hernia, skin ulcer, fire burn, skin disease and pregnancy complications, etc. As the raw power of God surged through the people, it brought them instant healing and deliverance for breakthrough.

The experience was no different when the evangelists joined Pastor Evelyn Joshua in laying anointed hands on congregants, with the power of the Holy Ghost exposing every hidden thing about the people’s situation. Indeed, the God of Prophet TB Joshua never fails!

Where Can We Go From His Presence?

For everyone who had made a heart connection with God Almighty during the service, The Mass Prayer session meant their cases did not escape the anointing as the woman of God and the evangelists made prophetic declarations over their lives, families and finances in Jesus’ name.

Singing “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand,” the woman of God asked congregants to beseech God for the grace not to be ignorant of their faith under pressure of life’s problems. She then prayed: “Every person under the bondage of satan – we declare you free today, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Be freed! Be loosed from every chain, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every contrary spirit within and outside this auditorium – we command you out right now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua told viewers all over the world to declare: “I am free because God’s Word says I am free! I am healed because God’s Word says I am healed! I am delivered because the Word of God says I am delivered! She then prayed for them: “Be freed, in the name of Jesus! Be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “Every spirit operating in your life – familiar spirit ancestral spirit, contrary spirit – anywhere they are, command them to come out.” He also told the church to pray: “You demon, unclean spirit, ancestral spirit, familiar spirit – anywhere you are in my life, family – I command you, by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “By the Holy Ghost Fire, you demon, darkness, evil spirit: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants to pray: “You sickness, disease – I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!” He also prayed: “Be healed! Be set free, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua prayed: “Right now, I command every spirit that is not of God to leave you, in the name of Jesus! That spirit that causes you pain, that spirit that causes you setback, that spirit that causes you sickness, infirmity, challenges – whatever situation you are facing – right now, begin to rebuke those spirits out, in the name of Jesus!” The man of God declared: “I say to your business, ‘Awake!’ I say to your career, marriage, finances, ‘It is dawn!’”


A Vengeful Idol Meets Its Waterloo!

While at university and burning with the fire of a fresh believer, George had stormed his village in the company of fellow fresh believers and destroyed a community idol. It didn’t matter to him that his father had nominated him to take over as custodian of the idol in question. Of course, smarting from the assault, the idol decided to teach George a lesson. First, it prevented George’s church ministry from growing. Second, it blocked George’s means of livelihood. Third, it made people to dislike George. Fourth, it made it hard for George to find a spouse. Moreover, one of those who participated in the shrine destruction was struck with madness, which was later cured by prayer, however. For one or two other participants, the idol exacted the ultimate penalty of death. In dreams, George would see himself as leader of two churches – one huge and colourful and the other small and built with mud. In those dreams, a giant man would keep steering him towards the smaller church. In real life, when George eventually managed to marry, his wife kept suffering miscarriages. George also had poor health most of the time. But it all came to an end on November 6, 2022, when he made his way to The SCOAN and received a touch that transformed his life. Once George got an anointed tap on the head, the demon in him began to confess. Minutes later, it fled forever as George collapsed during the One-On-One session! In a confirmatory dream afterward, George saw the giant man finally direct him to the bigger church. He advised preachers to allow themselves be led only by God. George’s wife of 10 years said, “I know my problems are all over now and I can see so many changes in my husband’s life.”

A More Joyous Marriage For Couple As Spirit Husband Is Eased Out

“I used to see myself naked in dreams, not knowing where I was,” Rose said at the start of her testimony on November 13, 2022. A week before, an anointed tap on her head had forced the spirit husband in her to confess before returning to the permanently to the kingdom of darkness. Narrating her ordeal before her deliverance, Rose told the church about how she used to get intimate with a strange man in her dreams. Although she had married rather late, Rose never cared about keeping her marriage, as she would move out of the house at the slightest provocation. Since her deliverance on November 6, 2022, however, she is now free from nightmares and sleeps peacefully, sharing the same bed with her husband. She advised people to go to God for solutions to their issues. Her husband, John, said: “Everything is now normal and sweet.” He advised fellow men to seek recourse to God.

Hauwa Becomes A Woman Of Peace And Ease!

It was also during the service of November 6, 2022 that Hauwa received her deliverance from a giant man. The demon had been tormenting her marriage by making it hard for her to conceive. Speaking in the Nigerian language of Hausa, Hauwa said that she was in her third marriage, having divorced two previous husbands, to whom she hardly showed love. “I never wanted to be close to men and I hardly communicated with family,” she said. In her current marriage, Hauwa said, issues have also been frequent. To the glory of God, however, deliverance has seen her living a new life of ease and happiness. She advised people to keep on believing in God and in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hauwa’s husband confirmed changes in her life. “I believe they will be permanent, in Jesus’ name.” He advised people to seek God’s direction over their issues.

He Was A Mocker Of God’s Power At The SCOAN But Grace Found Him!

While confessing its atrocities in Peter’s life during the service of November 6, 2022, a family idol had said that it had only released a fraction of Peter’s success to him. The idol also confessed about making Peter’s siblings wretched, in addition to making Peter rude to clients. Moreover, the demon identified Peter’s older sibling, Jide, as the person trying to lead other family members to deliverance through Jesus Christ. A week after, Peter returned to testify about how God transformed his life. He told of how people always ended up not helping him when it mattered most, despite easily making friends with them. He said he came from a family of idol worshipers and that five of his nine siblings had passed away. He added, “I was always facing disappointment anytime people wanted to help me.” Because his mother had died of a stroke, Peter kept receiving threats from the idol that he too would die of a stroke. “I used to be rude to my clients and things got so bad that I sold my car – my only means of livelihood – to register my children at university,” he said.

However, his brother, Jide, persisted in urging him to visit The SCOAN. In a rather hilarious confession, Peter said that the first time he had come to church he had been excited about the food he was served. “This must be why my brother has been coming here,” he had chuckled. During one of such services, Peter had been impacted by God’s power. “It was as if someone had injected me and my leg pain vanished,” he said. Subsequently, he decided he was going to be coming to church alone and would no longer be eating until after the service.

And the power of God located him mightily after an anointed touch by one of the evangelists during the service of November 6.

“People are now offering to help me and I have been getting credit bank alerts,” he said. He also told of how he has been rid of pain. He told critics of The SCOAN, “Your healing is here!” Peter’s wife, Mary, confirmed that he has now become a humble person, thanking God for the transformation. Peter’s older brother, Jide, also thanked God for his brother’s deliverance. However, he also told of how he had earlier been healed of a stroke, with which he had been struck after two strange dreams. In his words: “Prophet TB Joshua had prayed for me on that occasion and I had expected to fall. I didn’t know that my healing would be manifesting fully later in the night, in a dream in which an image of Prophet TB Joshua and a woman dressed as a nurse appeared to me.” For advice he told congregants: “Draw close to God, continue meditating and come to The SCOAN.” 

“Now She Calls Me Names That Please My Heart!”

On November 6, 2022, Rosemary encountered the raw power of Jesus Christ during the Laying Of Hands session of The SCOAN Sunday Service. Upon receiving a touch, the demon in her had manifested and confessed its atrocities in her life. It said it had ruined the family’s fortunes. Going back memory lane, Rose told of how her mother had received diabolical power from a python after staying at a river for seven days. “I used to beat my children mercilessly and I had no affection for my husband,” she admitted. However, all nightmares have ceased since her deliverance. She advised people to have faith in God. Her husband, Victor, told of how the demonic spirit had made his marriage unpleasant and messed up his business. He told the church, “A force used to move me to the floor while in bed with my wife.” He further said, “To the glory of God, she is now a loving wife, calling me names that please my heart.” He concluded, “I thank the God of Prophet TB Joshua!”

Mid-Service Testimonies

While the Laying Of Hands session was ongoing, 44-year-old Emily from South Africa received her healing from loss of hearing in the left ear. Instead of helping her to hear better, Emily’s hearing aid had in fact affected the hearing in her right ear. Previously as well, her eyes had been too sensitive to light. Thank You, Jesus!

Also healed of loss of hearing was 52-year-old Akintunde from Nigeria.

After-Service Testimonies

Rebecca from Ghana was healed of difficulty in walking. Expectedly, she parted ways with her lumbar corset!

Mabel from Ghana also received healing over the issue of difficulty in walking. Now she can walk briskly and freely – for the glory of God!

This young Nigerian man was healed of difficulty in walking caused by knee pain. For the first time in 11 years he can now walk freely!

Bernice from Ghana was healed of seven years of difficulty in walking due to arthritis. Now she no longer needs any walking aid.

Veronica from Edo State was healed of waist pain. “Something came out of my body during the prayer,” she told the church, while demonstrating what she had been unable to do before. “I’m totally healed now!” she exclaimed while discarding her walking aid.