GROWING IN CHRISTLIKENESS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


“Spirit Of the Living God, remove my sinful nature and clothe me with the garment of righteousness, in Jesus’ name!” so were congregants asked to pray at the start of The SCOAN Sunday Service of November 6, 2022. The worship session took off with a rendition of a Jim Reeves classic asking, “How Long Has It Been/Since You Talked With The Lord?” Thereafter, Esther from The SCOAN Sunday School gave an operatic performance of “Christ Is My Rock.” On taking over, The Emmanuel TV Choir led the people to sing: “I Lay It All Down Again!”

For her message, Pastor Evelyn Joshua taught on “Growing In Christlikeness”, with her proof text taken from 1 Timothy 6:18-19. She dwelt on what it means to be Christlike, which is “to emulate our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Being Christlike, she explained, will not allow anyone to pray for the downfall or death of the enemy. According to her, such prayers suggest “that satan is still planting the seed of discord among brothers, family, friends.”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua noted that God’s help is free, full and unconditional and that God never abandons those who show compassion and love to others in need. As such, she told the church, “what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.” She also stated that Christlikeness is forever.

The woman of God spoke against the unbridled urge for material things at the expense of accepting Jesus Christ in truth and in Spirit—which will imply helping and forgiving everyone. In her words: “If you cannot stand up for Jesus, you certainly will not be able to stand against satan and his demons; therefore, be perfect imitators of Christ Jesus by loving, helping and forgiving everyone.”

In summary, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “If you love others the way Christ loves you, you will naturally come across others who will show you true love and take your problems and pains as their own. The Bible says that help is given freely to those who help freely, mercy is given to those who give it freely.”

Charity In A Season Of Flooding

Before starting the Prayer Line ministration, Pastor Evelyn Joshua thanked Emmanuel TV Partners worldwide for their support in providing relief materials for flooding victims in the Nigerian states of Delta, Anambra and Kogi. She also thanked the recipients for accepting the gifts, noting that there is joy in giving.

His Mercies Endure Forever!

Before laying hands on the sick and the captive, the woman of God prayed: “Almighty God, let Your hand of healing touch Your children right now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Almighty God, set them free! Heal them of every infirmity, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

As Pastor Evelyn Joshua moved from case to case, the work of healing and deliverance began to manifest as foul spirits became uncomfortable in the people’s lives. Thus, each person’s issue became a thing of the past as the power in the Word was activated by the Holy Spirit through the claiming of God’s promises in faith. Among the cases were diabetes, stiff neck, asthma, stooling blood, smoking addiction, cancer, difficulty in walking/breathing, hepatitis, mental disorder and pregnancy complications.

After a while, the evangelists joined the woman of God in exercising the authority in the name that is above every other name: Jesus Christ. Because of the power in the name, instant healings and deliverances happened right in The Arena Of Liberty – for the ultimate salvation of souls. To the glory of God, no demon was too stubborn in the presence of Jesus Christ!

The children were not left out as two of the evangelists also ministered directly to them. “Train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” says the Bible in Proverbs 22:6. May these children continue to abide under the cover of God Almighty. Amen.

Prayer Against Every Noisome Pestilence

The Mass Prayer session started with Evangelist Joseph asking the people to proclaim: “My case will not escape the anointing of God!” He told them to pray: “Whatever spirit hindering your success, career, healing– command it to give way, in the name of Jesus!” 

Next to claim the believer’s authority was Evangelist Ope: “You giant holding me bound—I command you in the name of Jesus: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “That sickness threatening your health … that refuses to yield to your prayer—by the authority in the name of Jesus, command it to yield to your prayer! Whatever has been planted in your system, body, blood, fluid causing you disease, sickness—command it out in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You satan, I remove your hand of limitation from my business, your hand of frustration from my career! Whatever chain satan might have used to connect me, my career, business to himself—be broken!”

Taking over, Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the church: “Become God-conscious instead of problem-conscious.” She then asked them to rebuke all fears plaguing their mind. She prayed: “Every spirit of lust, alcoholism, lying, hatred, envy—we cast you out now! Be freed from every shackle, ancestral spirit! Be healed from every sickness—whatever name that it is being called! Receive your healing, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

The woman of God asked viewers all over the world to declare: “My life – reject affliction, suffering, disappointment!” She further prayed for them: “I command the healing power of God into your life! Freedom to your health, career, family, business, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Every familiar spirit: Out! Be healed, in the name of Jesus! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus! I say to familiar spirits — out from their lives, marriage, business, finances, careers!”


Ancestral Idol Bows To God’s Power!

“She will not shine!” growled the demonic spirit calling itself “agbara” as the evangelist commanded the fire of the Holy Ghost upon it during the service of October 30, 2022. Testifying a week later, Angela, the woman in whom the demon had been living, narrated how her mother had gone begging an ancestral idol during her search for a male child. Although she did not say whether or not her mother did get the male child she so badly wanted, it was clear from her narration that the idol wanted constant appeasement. Perhaps because it failed to get worship from Angela’s mother or because it was just interested in Angela herself, the idol decided to make a home of Angela’s life. As she grew older, Angela began to witness many issues in her life, such as men pulling away from her after committing to the point of preparing to marry her. Disturbed by it all, Angela went to numerous places in search of a solution. “Anytime I was undergoing deliverance in a church, I would not be able to talk,” she recalled. “I was also always angry,” she said. Most nights an evil man would creep into her dream, insisting on owning her. However, all of that came to an end right inside The Arena Of Liberty, when Angela underwent perfect deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Now released for exploits after breaking all ties with the demon causing her nightmares and misery, Angela advised people never to give up. “Look at me now – I am delivered!” she declared.

From The Streets Into God’s Presence!

When she was six years old, Blessing had a strange experience at the foot of a tree: Atop the tree was a snake staring intently at her. Unable to move away from the spot, Blessing could do nothing as the snake wound itself around her but left her unhurt. From then on, her lifestyle changed. She lost interest in school and, as she grew older, took up vices such as smoking, drinking and prostituting. She also kept having strange dreams. Along the line, she came down with strange illnesses owing to her lifestyle. In one instance, she treated an infection for a year, only to be afflicted by yet another one once the previous one was cured. “I was making money from men but it was all going into treating myself,” she told the church. On confiding in her mother, Blessing was advised to attend The SCOAN Living Water Service of September 30, 2022. After the service, she found that all her pains had vanished and her leg sores were on their way to drying up. Encouraged by this, Blessing decided to attend the Sunday Service of October 30, during which she received her full deliverance. Since then, her life has changed significantly. “I no longer have the urge to smoke or meet up with men for money from flings,” she said. She advised people to get close to God, even as she encouraged young women to avoid trading their bodies for sex.

Anointing Restores Baby Chisom’s Lame Leg!

Magnus and his wife testified today about how their little daughter was healed of a developing case of poliomyelitis following an injection. Alarmed at the discovery, the child’s parents took her to the hospital, where doctors recommended physiotherapy sessions. On noticing that physiotherapy had not been working, the child’s father suggested they bring her to The SCOAN for prayer. To the glory of God, after an anointed touch, life flowed back into baby Chisom’s lame leg – immediately! In no time, Chisom began to walk like every child of her age. Her parents thanked God for taking away all the pain and damage from the infrared treatment she had received in physiotherapy. Her mother advised people to bring cases like her daughter’s to God.

Delivered From The Spirit Of The Waster!

“She fights for her husband but she can’t fight for herself!” This utterance was among the many confessions that the demon in Olusola made during the deliverance session of the service of October 30, 2022. During her childhood, she had used to participate in ritual appeasement of a family idol kept under the staircase. Advised against continued worship of the idol by her grandfather, Olusola refrained from worshipping it. When she got married, however, the idol became a nuisance in her life by giving her four stillbirths! The idol also faced Olusola’s finances, making her lose money repeatedly and causing her to accuse her husband and children of stealing it. In fact, she became a bank debtor, although her husband stepped in to clear the situation. Meanwhile, Olusola had become a regular visitor to witch doctors’ lodges. Since her deliverance, however, Olusola’s life has transformed incredibly. Since then, too, she has had a confirmatory dream about her freedom. In that dream a huge millipede had crawled out of her hand and she had later seen God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua smile in further assurance at her. The evil man stealing her money in the spirit was also defeated. As evidence of her new life, Olusola has been receiving favours, including a huge sum from her husband and credit from suppliers. “You can never go ahead of God,” she told people while urging them to take their cases to God. “The love of Christ is now intoxicating me!” she added. Her husband, Musa, urged people to place their faith in God.

With Ease From The Anointing, Baby Chisom Pops Out!

On May 29, 2022, Akunnaya received the prayer of deliverance, like numerous other congregants in The Arena Of Liberty. She had come with pregnancy complications because of the improper positioning of her baby and the fact that her due date had passed. All her life she had been under the influence of the spirit of fear, thinking that she or her baby would die owing to the actions of a spirit husband in her life. During the pregnancy, Akunnanya had been so scared that she could hardly sleep, always wanting her husband to stay around her. One day, she had prayed along with Prophet TB Joshua and shortly after, labour pangs started to trouble her. Her husband took her to the hospital right away, armed with the New Anointing Water. Right there in the labour ward, Akunnaya had a vision in which Prophet TB Joshua and Pastor Evelyn Joshua appeared to her, with the man of God urging her to minister the New Anointing Water on herself. Immediately, Akunnaya instructed the nurses to minister her with the water. Only minutes later, the baby popped out – with the greatest of ease! The excited mother said, “Always hope and trust in God; He will never fail you.” Her husband, Henry, confirmed the miracle and expressed his delight and gratitude to God. “He alone has the final say,” he said.

After-Service Testimonies

During the Mass Prayer, a man received his healing after vomiting the root of his stomach upset, which used to make him vomit anything he ate.

Nandisa from South Africa received her healing from severe neck and back pain that used to make it difficult for her to walk. Now she no longer feels heavy or has pins and needles. “I was dancing freely during the praise session. “Thank You, Jesus!” she said.

Pastor Paul from Ghana came with the issue of cervical arthritis leading to a stiff neck and difficulty in walking. Now he no longer needs a neck collar to ease his movement. “I’m free and healed!” he declared.

Esther came with severe back pain that made walking difficult for her. Without a body brace, she could not hope to enjoy even the slightest painless movement. To the glory of God, she returned home without any pain, after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “It was as if cold water was poured all over me,” she told the church about how she had felt during the prayer. She advised people to believe in Jesus Christ’s healing power.

Valentine came with several issues including arthritis and glaucoma. He was neither able to walk properly nor see clearly. After prayer, however, the situation changed and he can now walk well and match briskly, in addition to being able to see more clearly. He advised people to run to God for solutions to their issues.

Justina testified about getting the fruit of the womb after visiting The SCOAN for prayer and returning home with the New Anointing Water. She had been suffering miscarriages before then. The anointing also saw her through the pregnancy. Cradling her baby named Victory, she advised people to rely on God.