YOUR WILLINGNESS TO PLAY YOUR OWN ROLE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was two days before the end of October 2022, with the year racing towards the finish line. In gratitude for everything being done in the people’s lives, The Emmanuel TV Choir began by singing: “Thank You, Thank You, Lord/For Everything You Have Done!” Then they went on to hand Him all the glory: “Let Your Glory Be Above All The Earth!” Realising the believer’s need for the Holy Spirit, they also sang: “O Holy Spirit, Take More Of Me/And Give Me More Of You!” Thereafter, they invited Jesus Christ into The Arena Of Liberty, singing: “I Want More Of You, Jesus!”

In the sermon for the day, Evangelist Shina encouraged congregants on the topic “YOUR WILLINGNESS TO PLAY YOUR OWN ROLE”, picking his proof text from Mark 10:47-52. He noted that salvation should be the reason for each person’s presence in The Arena of Liberty. “If it is otherwise,” he told the church pointedly, “you need to change your confession and say, ‘I am here for the salvation of my soul, not for selfish, classic or material reasons’.” He went on to ask them series of questions to help them evaluate their walk with God, ending with “Do you want to be set free today?”

Drawing lessons from the case of Blind Bartimaeus in the proof text, Evangelist Shina dwelt on the need for believers to play their own part in receiving from God. In his words, “As the seeker, you need to show genuine willingness, genuine desire before healing, salvation can happen.”

The evangelist described the events recounted in Mark 10: 47-52 as “uncommon today”, with Bartimaeus seeking God, being willing to play his part in humility and sincerity of heart and following Jesus for the restoration of his soul. In his words: “It is not a matter of ‘Man or woman of God, Evangelist — help me!’ It is a matter of self-examination, asking yourself the right question: Do you believe it can be done?” He therefore urged congregants to deny themselves, for “Jesus is looking for full-time followers and not part-time followers.”

Evangelist Shina then concluded: “People of God, it is your responsibility to do your duty. Serve the Lord with a willing heart. Obey the Lord with genuine desire. Play your own role first, and God is always willing to play His own role.”

Awesome God!

Right after the sermon, Pastor Evelyn Joshua proceeded with supreme faith into the midst of congregants. Delighted at God’s faithfulness in The Arena Of Liberty, she said, “The Lord is good all the time.” She thanked Jehovah for all the awesome things He has been doing in the lives of the people.

“You just have to seek the face of God for deliverance; get rid of pride,” she told congregants and viewers all over the world. She continued: “I thank God Almighty for setting His people free…. God has fought their battle and He has won!” She further prayed: “Father, hear the voice of our prayer, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Open closed doors for us! Almighty God, renew our strength to seek Your peace above all!”

Once the woman of God started to lay hands on the ailing and the captive, manifestations of divine power charged up the atmosphere in The SCOAN Auditorium. Among the cases she prayed for were difficulty in walking/breathing, drug addiction, swollen belly, bed-wetting, goitre, skin disease, epilepsy, cervical cancer, leg ulcers, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, whitlow, various forms of bodily injury and mental disorder.

A couple of pregnant women also received prayer over complications with their pregnancies, such as cysts and fibroids.

Shortly after, the evangelists marched into the midst of congregants to join the ministration of healing and deliverance for breakthrough. As the evangelists exercised the believer’s authority, every foul spirit dropped its resistance and bowed to the power in the appointed name of Jesus Christ!

Incomparable Jesus Christ!

The Right Hand of God was again upon congregants and viewers all over the world during the Mass Prayer session, when Pastor Evelyn Joshua led the evangelists to utter words affected by the fire of the Holy Ghost.

The woman of God started by asking congregants to declare: “I am hopeful—Jesus Christ is my Hope! No one is hopeless whose hope is in Jesus! I am covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ! My home, children, house, career, business are covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ!” She then prayed: “As we receive the key—key for our breakthrough, success, progress—Father, lead us to where you want us to be, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Everything that stands between you and God—Holy Ghost Fire, consume them!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Receive your healing right now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Breakthrough, success to your life, business, career! Thank You, Lord!”

Evangelist Ope prayed: “That spirit tormenting your family, life—Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Every spirit fighting your destiny, say: Out!” He added: “Every demonic bondage—begin to disconnect yourself.”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “That spirit that caused me sickness, disease affliction, infirmity—anywhere you are in my body: Out! You sickness, disease—my body is not your temple, dwelling place!” He declared: “I command healing on you, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “You spirit blocking my breakthrough, hindering my success, blocking my destiny—anywhere you are, I command you: Out!”

Closing the deeply impactful prayer session was a video clip of Prophet T.B. Joshua ministering prayers of deliverance, healing and breakthrough in the unfailing name of Jesus Christ: “I command all spirits from your past that are hindering your present and future to leave you, in the name of Jesus! Spirit of poverty, hardship, hatred, rejection, stagnation—leave, in the name of Jesus!” God’s servant then declared: “Let there be calm in your business, career!”


God’s Power In New Morning Water Ends Dangerous Addiction!

While it was raining one day, Carol, a Zambian, caught a whiff of clay soil. From nowhere an evil spirit whispered to her, “That soil will taste nice—go and get some of it.” Immediately, she obeyed the demonic instruction and her life was no longer the same. Instead of going to the market to buy food, she would go there for clay soil. Before long, her health started to suffer as she could not resist her bizarre cravings, whether at work or at home. Struck by piles, she began to feel severe pains that made her life miserable. The addiction also affected her marriage very badly. Sometime in 2019, however, she visited The SCOAN for prayers and returned home with The Morning Water. As she persisted in praying with the water, Carol found her urge for clay soil diminishing, eventually losing it completely. Today, she is totally freed from the evil spirit responsible for her former addiction. She advised people to run to God for help.

Delivered From The Marine Kingdom

At age seven, Deborah had a dream in which she found herself at the bottom of the ocean, feasting and making merry with marine beings. On waking up, she narrated the dream to her mother and they prayed about it. As she grew older, however, she began to notice strange things about herself. A spirit husband kept getting intimate with her during the night and as a trader she frequently got into needless arguments with her customers. With her family members the story was no different, as Deborah preferred to be by herself most times. At some point, she went online to download the soundtrack to a mermaid programme she used to watch on TV. Anytime she played the song, she would find herself dancing excitedly to it, especially during the night. Realising that her problem was spiritual, she began following the prayers of God’s servant, Prophet TB Joshua. Apparently, the spirit husband didn’t like this, so he confronted Deborah in the physical and threatened to torment her. One day, when Deborah failed to watch the prayer videos, she suffered an attack that led to hospitalisation. Consequently, she increased her devotion to following the videos. Since her deliverance during the service of October 23, however, Deborah has been sleeping peacefully and has parted ways with the spirit of anger. Her lifestyle has also changed, as she now prays and reads her Bible every day—with the marine husband now gone for good! Moreover, she has stopped dressing in a wayward manner. “I interact with people easily now,” she said. She advised people to trust in God as they confide in those who can direct them to Him. 

A Double Portion For Rita!

Rita from Zambia testified about being blessed with the fruit of the womb and being restored to her position in the bank. She had been married in 2014 but had been unable to conceive as at 2016, when she and her husband visited The SCOAN for prayer. During the service, she had besought God to have mercy on her. After the service, she got The Morning Water and ministered it on herself as she got intimate with her husband, even while still in Nigeria. It turned out that not only did Rita fall pregnant but she also returned home to find that she had been restored to her position in the bank. According to her, “While I was at The SCOAN, the directors were worried that an injustice had been done to me, so they decided my demotion had to be nullified so that the bank would not be penalised for the action against me.” She said that the manager who had engineered her demotion was asked to leave the company. Today, her child is five years old and Rita herself is thriving in her profession. “Continue trusting in God,” she advised the church, “and refuse to be distracted.”

Affection Restored In Vivian’s Family As Spirit Husband Is Banished

“Spirit of anger!” bellowed the demon that had been tormenting Vivian since childhood, when asked about its identity. In its long encounter with the evangelist, the demon made numerous confessions about its activities in Vivian’s life before succumbing to the power in the appointed name of Jesus Christ. A week later, during the service of October 30, 2022, Vivian returned to The SCOAN to testify. “I give all the glory and thank God for a day like this,” she began, flanked by her husband and first child. She said it had all started after she was given a ritual welcome by the python being worshipped in her husband’s ancestral home. Rejecting any potential relationship with the python, Vivian had returned to where the python was and told it pointedly that she and her children would never serve it. Later that night, she had a dream encounter with an old woman who cautioned her on her temerity in rejecting the python spirit. Then the attacks began. On two occasions, the demons in the python tried to kill Vivian’s children but God rescued them. Her first child would have died by electrocution and two other kids had managed to escape death in a chest freezer only by the sheer grace of God. In her marriage there were serious problems, leading her to actually move out of the home on one occasion.

Meanwhile, the spirit husband continued troubling Vivian’s dream life, causing her to lose affection for her husband. However, once the family started tuning to Emmanuel TV and watching prayer videos of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the spirit husband began to feel uncomfortable. One day, the spirit ordered Vivian to damage the cable connection. But she soon realised that the spirit husband had been giving her false happiness. She then agreed to attend The SCOAN as suggested by her husband. Along the line, Vivian was saved from insanity after her husband gave her The SCOAN Believer’s Card. Eventually, she made her way to church on October 23, despite efforts by agents of darkness to paralyse her before that day. In the course of the service, Vivian had tried to resist being touched by one of the evangelists but she was restrained by dutiful SCOAN ushers.

To the glory of God, Vivian’s deliverance eventually happened by divine will. Since then, she has become a different person. “God is good,” she said as she started narrating the changes in her life. According to Vivian, she now prays and worships God with all her heart. She is also now full of affection for her family, especially her husband. “When the appointed time comes, God will do it,” she told congregants. Vivian’s son, Uche, confirmed the restoration of peace in the family. “She no longer gets angry,” he said, “and I feel happy about it.” He advised children to pray for their parents always, even when they are doing the wrong things. Vivian’s husband, Damian, told of the frustration he had felt in his marriage, which had made him rather hypertensive. “I thank God for everything,” he said.

Freed From The Malice Of Merciless Family Idol

The spirit in Mercy had wanted to claim her life by afflicting her with several illnesses. However, the Spirit of God stepped in during the service of October 23, 2022. “When I was a young girl, I used to dream about snakes,” she said. She also said that she used to see herself standing on top of water, without sinking. A spirit husband also used to show up in her dreams. One day, while trying to take a shower in the bathroom of the company where she worked, Mercy saw a huge, manlike lizard on the wall, so she fled immediately. When she got married, she began to face serious issues. In her restaurant business, she kept seeing strange things in her pots of soup. Troubled by these events, she asked her mother what might be wrong. “You are supposed to be serving a family idol,” her mother answered. Shortly afterwards, Mercy dreamt about losing all the assets of her business and in no time the business packed up in real life. Tired of staying idle at home, she got a job. But she was not going to get any respite either, as the family idol made her ill all the time, causing her to lose successive jobs. Eventually, she made her way to The SCOAN for prayers, a week after a dream encounter in which a SCOAN evangelist delivered her. According to Mercy, it was the same evangelist who physically laid an anointed hand on her and released her from the malice of the merciless family idol. “Now I feel light and sleep freely,” she blushed. She advised all to trust in God. “He will save you and do what no man can do,” she explained. Mercy’s husband, Boniface, expressed his happiness about his wife’s deliverance. He told of how he had used to get stripped by a strange spirit during the night, in addition to other strange things anytime he slept on the same bed with Blessing. “If you ask me, I will say I got married on Sunday!” said Boniface. He urged people not to give up on God or part ways with their spouse when facing a similar situation.

“This Deliverance Of A Thing Is Real!” Declares Man Whose Wife Was Healed Of Difficulty In Hearing

On April 24, 2022, Adline was at The SCOAN for prayer over the problem of difficulty in hearing, which had started with feverish symptoms. Despite several visits to the hospital, she had not felt better and had been unable to do anything for herself or her family. Her husband then brought her to the church, where she received ministration of the New Anointing Water in Jesus’ mighty name. “I heard a bang in my voice,” she recalled about the effect of the prayerful ministration of the water. “Then I started to hear clearly again,” she added. Adline’s husband glorified God for his wife’s healing, declaring: “This deliverance of a thing is real! I advise viewers all over the world to believe in God.” Adline urged people to trust in God.

After-Service Testimonies

Retired midwife Dinah, from Ghana, received her healing from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. After prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Dinah could do things she had been unable to do before, such as walking briskly and squatting. Buoyed by divine excitement, she threw away the knee brace and lumbar corset that she had been using to support her movement.

Nkechi from Enugu State was healed of 12 years of difficulty in walking, following prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “Something came out of me,” she said while displaying a lumbar corset that she will no more be needing. “Thank You, Jesus—I’m healed!” she exclaimed.

Blessing from Imo State testified about her healing from arthritis and hypertension. For three months she had been unable to walk without pain or get quality sleep. “I am healed now,” she declared as she tossed away the bandage she had been using as a knee support.

Today, Blessing received her deliverance from a spirit husband after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “Whatever you are going through, have faith in God,” she advised the people.