THE APPOINTED NAME - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On Sunday, October 23, 2022, The Arena Of Liberty was thronged, as usual, by people from various parts of the world who had come to give thanks to God Almighty in humility and purity of heart. Together with The Emmanuel TV Choir, they sang songs asking for mercy so that they would not receive the judgment they truly deserve. They declared: “Leave Me At The Altar/With My Father/I Give Myself Away/So You Can Use Me!” As their voices ascended to Heaven, the Holy Spirit descended into The SCOAN Auditorium and saturated it with His presence, helping the people to prepare to receive.   

It was in that frame that Evangelist Ope came on with his message entitled “The Appointed Name”. Before reading from Hebrews 1:1-4 and Philippians 2:5-11, he told the people: “It is a privilege to always be in God’s presence.” Wasting no time, he extolled the name ‘Jesus’, hailing it as “the Most Excellent Name”, which provides “access to all of God’s blessings.” He also said that the name ‘Jesus’ bears power and authority over every power of darkness.

Among other Bible quotations used to illustrate the message were John 14:13-14, Proverbs 18:10, Colossians 1:19, Acts 4:12, Colossians 3:17 and Acts 19:13-16. According to Evangelist Ope, the name ‘Jesus’ can only be invoked successfully in the power of the Holy Ghost when one does God’s will sincerely, not out of show for human applause. In his words: “The power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ cannot work in you or for you unless you are committed to the glory of God.”

Therefore, the preacher encouraged congregants to not only commit God’s Word to heart but to truly make it a part of their lives. He said, “It is a vain exercise for any man to profess affinity to God according to the flesh while he is unchanged in heart and life.” In some of his closing words Evangelist Ope deplored attempts to repeat the name of Jesus as a spell or charm. “When we learn to use the name Jesus Christ according to the Scripture in the power of the Holy Spirit,” he observed, “we have the secret that shook the world through the Apostles!”

Unfailing Power In The Appointed Name

On getting to the midst of congregants at The Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua proclaimed, “Our God is able!” She then prayed thus: “Father, do to us today according to your Word. Bring those promises to pass, in the mighty name of Jesus! Father, stretch out Your mighty hand and heal Your children! Let there be peace and freedom to your children today, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Immediately, she proceeded to claim the believer’s authority and to activate the unfailing power in the appointed name ‘Jesus Christ’ as she laid anointed hands on the people. To the glory of God, the name brought healing, deliverance, breakthrough and salvation to those who had come with skin disease, pelvic cyst, stroke, mental disorder, ulcers, stiff neck, kidney cancer, asthma, epilepsy, difficulty in breathing/walking, bleeding, heart enlargement and various forms of addiction. Indeed, Jesus Christ remains the Solution to all fundamental issues of life!

Pregnant women also presented themselves for prayer over various complications, including breech presentation. At the mention of the name Jesus, all issues with their pregnancies disappeared as they returned home to have their babies with ease.  

Also using the appointed name ‘Jesus Christ’ while standing in the believer’s authority, evangelists Ope, James, Joseph and Chisom went into the midst of congregants to invoke the power that makes possible everything declared humanly impossible. To be sure, no demon was too stubborn to be beaten to submission by the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 

Covered By The Banner Of Prayer

At the start of the Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked congregants to declare: “Lord Jesus Christ, connect me to Your light, kingdom!” She then told them: “Ask for God’s guidance over your new aspiration, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Begin to loose yourself from every fear, shame, anger!” Praying further she declared: “Every spirit, sickness, yoke that is threatening your health – out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

For viewers all over the world the woman of God prayed: “Whatever may be your challenge, we confront them by the name, Blood of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Ghost! I command the power of resurrection to fall on you, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “That spirit robbing you of your joy, peace – command them out, in the name of Jesus! Every evil kingdom in your life, family – pull them down, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “You demon, unclean spirit, ancestral spirit – I command you by the Light of God – out, in the name of Jesus! Let there be light in your life, family, home, career, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph urged congregants to pray: “You evil spirit causing me sickness, I command you to depart, in the name of Jesus!” He also prayed: “Every sickness in your body – out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Ope commanded: “My career, business, finances – hear the voice of God: Rise up and walk, in the name of Jesus!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua started by declaring: “Today you shall be free from every shame the evil spirit has caused you.” He then prayed: “Be delivered from every shame the evil spirit has caused you, in the name of Jesus! Be it your health, career, marriage, family – be freed and be delivered! Every reproach satan has caused you – be delivered, in the name of Jesus!”


Woman Stops Bathing With Salt As Demonic Spirit Is Expelled

One fateful day five years ago, Elizabeth suddenly started feeling hot all over. Later in the night, a strange man invaded her dream and forced his way into her. From then on, Elizabeth’s life turned upside down. Terribly bothered by the turn of events, Elizabeth’s husband began taking her from place to place as he struggled to recover the woman he married. At one such place, Elizabeth was asked to bathe with salt. Finding some relief from the salt bath, she continued putting salt in her bath water; she even went a step further by ingesting raw salt every now and then. But the bigger problems remained, until Sunday, October 16, 2022 when she received her deliverance from the demon that had been troubling her life. Now she lives a life of freedom—no longer needing to drink or bathe with salt. Moreover, she now has full affection for her children and her husband. In a confirmatory dream, Elizabeth gained victory over the man that had been dogging her dream life. “I cut off his head,” she told the church, “and invoked the name of Jesus Christ to destroy the empty large building in which the man had tried to attack me.” Elizabeth advised people to hand over their challenges to God. Her daughter, Happiness, told of how her mother now plays freely with her. “She plaits my hair now,” said Happiness, “and I don’t cry about her anymore.” Happiness advised people to wait patiently on God.

Freed From The Malice Of Ancestral Spirits!

“The boy is mine forever!” growled the evil spirit that had been trying to ruin Ayodele’s life. At birth, he had been given incisions all over his body by his grandfather. As he grew older, Ayodele became increasingly fond of his grandfather, who was the representative of their family’s fourth generation in an ancient cult. As part of preparations to make Ayodele the representative of the seventh generation, his grandfather would take him on nightly spiritual sojourns to the world of darkness. In real life, Ayodele was such a stubborn and vengeful child that most family members avoided him. When going to sleep, Ayodele would lie fully on his bed but wake up with his feet on the wall. In one dream, he saw his father’s face in the body of a cow, which was soon slaughtered by people in his grandfather’s secret society. A couple of days later, his father passed away, having already been killed in the realm of the spirit. Tired of the kind of life he was living, however, Ayodele made his way to a church where he was asked to denounce the demons of his father’s household. The demons immediately started making his life miserable, giving him many problems at work even though he had been receiving huge accolades before then. His wife was also afflicted with an illness that almost claimed her life. Years back, Ayodele had had a spiritual encounter in which he was delivered by an image of Prophet TB Joshua. When he told his mother about the dream, however, she warned him against the man of God. He later moved to the north of Nigeria. Many years down the line, he met another man of God who asked him to go to The SCOAN for his full deliverance. To the glory of God, Ayodele received his full deliverance after an anointed hand was laid on him during the service of October 16, 2022. Since then, all shut doors have been reopened in his life, with job and business offers now coming his way. Besides, he no longer faces attacks from the spirit wife that had been messing with him and people are now genuinely warm towards him. Regarding how he had felt on discovering that his grandfather had been behind his troubles, Ayodele advised people not to hate those who cause problems in their lives but to run to God, who alone can eliminate the demons in such people’s lives. Ayodele’s wife, Esther, glorified God for her husband’s deliverance.

Angolan Woman Healed Of 48 Years Of Infirmity, Another Healed Of Severe Skin Ailment

Luzia from Angola was among those who received prayer during the service of October 16, 2022. Forty-eight years ago, she had had a dream in which three women attacked her. From then on, she started to bleed and found it difficult to walk. “I couldn’t do anything for myself,” she recalled. She said she also faced all sorts of other issues. To the glory of God, however, Luzia received her healing after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “I fell down and when I got back up, I could do everything I had been unable to do before,” she said. One week after, Luzia can do many things she had been unable to do before, such as standing and walking without any assistance. “I can even dance,” she smiled. She advised people to seek God. “He is the One that can heal you and set you free,” she added. A relative of Luzia’s, Domincas, also testified about her own healing from a skin ailment that caused itching and severe discomfort all over her body. She had also received a touch from Pastor Evelyn Joshua during the same service. Today, all of the ailments are gone. “I was completely healed,” said Domincas. She advised people to seek God persistently.

Freed From Reproach Of Bed-wetting, Adewunmi Takes Her Place In Divine Glory!

“I’m her husband … I made her bed-wet so she can be disgraced,” boasted the spirit husband in Adewunmi. One day, while sitting down in a public place, Adewunmi urinated on herself and that was the beginning of her misery. The shame issue of bed-wetting had forced her to scamper off from her school hostel. Her mother also suddenly went blind, even as her father lost his job. “My sister has also been failing a particular examination,” confessed Adewunmi. The contrary spirit made life so miserable for her that she had to take to an unflattering lifestyle so she could support her parents. “I kept moving from one relationship to another,” she said. Last Sunday, however, Adewunmi received a touch from one of the evangelists, even though she had tried to avoid being touched by going to hide in the toilet. Since her deliverance, Adewunmi has broken with the spirit husband. As part of her divine package, Adewunmi’s mother’s sight has now improved, contrary to doctors’ assertions. “I have not bed-wet since that day,” she added. She advised people to focus on God’s opinion instead of human reasoning.

Demonic Giant Man Loses His Hold Over Esther

Esther was freed from the demons of her father’s house during the service October 16, 2022. Since childhood, Esther had been getting tormented by the demons in the form of a spirit husband. They gave her many troubles and bothered her relentlessly. In her family, it was the pattern for people to experience divorce and to lose at least a child. In Esther’s case, she did lose a child and she is presently in a second marriage. Her first marriage had been ruined by the spirit of anger, as Esther constantly took charge of the home and would often lock out her husband over minor issues. In her bid to solve the problem, Esther took her mother’s advice to dedicate an altar to the spirit husband. As part of the agreement with the spirits, Esther was not to sleep with her husband on a specific day of the week. Despite that, there was no letup from the insatiable demons and Esther kept experiencing nightmares. During The SCOAN Living Water Service of September 30, 2022, Esther’s husband had filled a bowl with water as he followed the service on Emmanuel TV. He then gave Esther some of the water. Subsequently, Esther came to church for prayer. Following a touch from one of the evangelists, the spirit in Esther manifested as she got her liberation from the giant man that had been troubling her life. She advised people to trust in God. Her husband advised young men not to give up whenever they are facing challenges.

Victoria Breaks Her Ties With The Realm Of Evil Spirits

“What is she doing here? She’s not supposed to be alive now! She is my wife; you can’t take her from me! I am the silent spirit!” Those were some of the utterances by the spirit husband that had been running the show in Victoria’s life. The spirit husband also boasted that Victoria already had two children by him. Therefore, he said, it was time for her to return to him in the spirit realm. But God’s spirit took over as the evangelist cast out the demon in her during the service of October 16, 2022. Victoria had grown up with the trauma of having buttocks that did not match in size. The smaller buttock had been the result of numerous injections that she had in infancy, leading to its damage. This imperfection made it difficult for her to believe in herself. When a man came to ask her hand in marriage, Victoria gave the man a very hard time as the spirit husband kept warning her against getting married. Eventually, she did get married but almost lost her life during childbirth. During the period of labour, Victoria’s prayerful husband had made a superior covenant with God and Victoria could not return to the spirit realm. After five days of labour, she finally had her baby boy. Since her deliverance, Victoria has now become a confident person who is now prayerful and motivated to revive her music career. In a confirmatory dream, Victoria broke her ties with the spirit husband. “I couldn’t recall my phone number when he asked for it in the dream,” she said. “God has the final say,” she told the people by way of advice. Her husband, Ifeoluwa, testified about his wife’s new way of life. “She is now prayerful and her voice is back – even sweeter than before,” he told the church. He advised people to take their issues to God.

God’s Grace Frees Grace From Spirit Husband And House Fire!

It was also another case of breaking ties with the spirit realm as the foul force in Grace was cast out during the service of October 16, 2022. “My mother had taken me to a spiritualist after I was born,” she recalled. She said her mother had been afraid she would lose her latest child, as had happened a few times already. “I used to dance to music that other people couldn’t hear,” said Grace. Later on, she began to dream about a giant man who kept troubling her. In the spiritual realm, Grace got engaged but in real life mostly married men came her way. “I kept losing relationships,” she said. One day, while at home, she experienced an attack on her foot. However, during a television ministration of prayer by God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, Grace prayed along in faith and managed to place her ailing foot on the TV. To her amazement, she felt a slight electric shock—and her victory from pain became complete! She then decided to come to church for her deliverance from the spirit husband that had been tormenting her. Since then, her life has transformed, especially following a confirmatory dream in which the spirit husband set himself ablaze. “In that dream I asked God to help me,” she remembered. She went on: “Immediately, an image of Prophet TB Joshua appeared and asked me to leave the scene of the burning man.” On getting out of the revelation, Grace woke up to find that her home was already darkened with smoke. She had actually been cooking noodles but had drifted into sleep and didn’t come out of her revelatory dream until a couple of hours later, with her neighbours already banging at her door and screaming in panic. Delighted beyond measure, Grace thanked the God of Prophet TB Joshua for rescuing her. She advised people to keep meditating.

After-Service Testimonies

After the service, a few people testified about God’s work in their lives. While the Olowoyos thanked God for safe delivery, Habiba told of how she received her deliverance from evil spirits. As for Yeboah, he was deliverance from the idols of his father’s house. Finally, Rosemary received her deliverance from the marine world.