BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR FAITH - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Although a heavy downpour had, for hours, been pounding on Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria, the location of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, the people of God ignored the elements and made their way to their Father’s presence for another session of worship and demonstration of unfathomable divine power. Leading them in song, the Emmanuel TV Choir went from one number to the next as they extolled the name of the Most High. In their first rendition they pled: “Saviour, Hear My Humble Cry/While Others Thou Art Calling/Do Not Pass Me By.” Other songs pled for mercy and for the Spirit to pray through congregants and viewers all over the world.

Subsequently, Evangelist Joseph gave a sermon entitled “Be Conscious Of Your Faith”, reading from Matthew 21:19-22. “For you to be here is by grace,” he began. And speaking as a man of faith, he assured congregants “that whatever that was your problem before you came to God’s Arena of Liberty has left you.”

On that note, he cited references such as Matthew 17:20, Matthew 8:1-3, Matthew 9:22, Matthew 8:7-13, John 20:29 and 2 Timothy 1:17 in encouraging the people of God to banish fear and doubt while standing in the believer’s authority to make demands on the anointing for healing, deliverance and breakthrough.

Recalling the words of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, Evangelist Joseph said: “When the power of God is present, healing, deliverance and all of God’s blessings are just like breathing.” He therefore urged congregants to not allow a break in faith, which manifests as a break in prayer, a break in the Word of God and a break from God Himself. Indeed, it was a message containing numerous self-affirmations, one of which was: “I will deliberately, extremely, intentionally, constantly be conscious of my faith at all times, no matter my situation, because Jesus is alive and never said goodbye.”

Showers From The Heavens!

Just as it was showering literally on that Sunday morning, so did it also shower generously upon all those in The Arena of Liberty and viewers all over the world. It started with words of prayer from Pastor Evelyn Joshua at the Prayer Line: “Almighty God, let Your healing power fall afresh on Your children, in the name of Jesus Christ! We pray against every power, principality that wants to hold them in captivity. Thank You, Lord, for answering our prayer!”

Upon all the people of faith the woman of God declared healing, deliverance and breakthrough. Because He never said goodbye to healing, deliverance and breakthrough, the Master Surgeon took away the burden on the bodies of those with difficulty in walking, goitre, hernias, bodily pain, asthma, sickle cell anaemia, urinary tract disorder, brain tumour, epilepsy, blood retention in the uterus, evil attacks, leg ulcers and mental problems, among others.

Also standing on the believer’s authority, evangelists Joseph, Ope, Chisom and James joined the woman of God in casting out all foul spirits hindering the physical and spiritual progress of the people. To the glory of God, no matter how stubborn the contrary powers in them were, none of the people returned home the same!

Utterances Affected By Heavenly Fire!

Always relying on the Word, Pastor Evelyn Joshua read from Matthew 14:25-29 after asking congregants to proclaim: “I am standing in power. I am walking in power! I am walking in the supernatural because I am a child of God acting on His Word!”

She prayed: “Everything that is limiting you—we cast it out today, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every trouble in your life—we command it out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! “Be freed from every spirit of hatred, every family curse! Receive the anointing that will shame your enemies, oppressors, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” She also asked viewers all over the world to declare: “A way out has come for me!” She then prayed: “Receive, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” Finally, she besought the Lord Almighty: “Be our Alpha and Omega! Be our Protector! Cover our home, business, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Every unclean spirit—every spirit of satan, spirit of darkness, evil spirit, familiar spirit—say, ‘Out!’”

Evangelist Ope told congregants: “That spirit of delay and frustration tormenting your life—break it in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James told congregants to pray: “Every circle of sickness, disease in my life, family—be broken, in the name of Jesus! You sickness, disease—by the authority in the name of Jesus, I command you out!” 

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “Every spirit of disappointment in my business—out! Every spirit that frustrates my effort—out!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua proclaimed: “Receive your deliverance, in the name of Jesus! Be healed, in the name of Jesus! Wherever that affliction—in your bone, fluid, tendons, blood—I command that affliction to leave you! I command that affliction: Leave my people, in the name of Jesus!”


Mother And Son Freed From The Spirit Of Anger At Living Water Service

During The SCOAN Living Water Service of Friday, September 30, 2022, Grace felt the amazing impact of God’s power once she ministered the Living Water on herself. She had used to have attacks from a spirit husband that gave her several miscarriages. She also used to be an aggressive person, who could fight anywhere, including in the middle of the road. To worsen matters, she used to go about with little knives, ready to inflict injury on anyone who crossed her path. While at a police station one day over a disagreement with her landlord, Grace had acted so aggressively that police officers had to throw her out of their premises. To the glory of God, however, she has become a new creature, who now actively seeks peace with family, friends and neighbours. “This is not life,” she said about her former way of life. Her hair now braided instead being low-cut, Grace said she now wants to look and act like the calm woman that she is now. She advised people to trust in God and to take their issues to Him. Grace’s son, David, confirmed the turbulence of his mother former’s life, saying, “She was too much to handle.” David said his mother is now a more peaceable person who is difficult to upset. David also talked about his own deliverance from forces that used to attack him in the dream, leading to his living an isolated life. He said the Living Water had calmed his spirit after he drank it. “I no longer have those nightmares, I am no longer depressed and I am no longer ruled by the spirit of anger,” he told the church during the service of October 9, 2022. “Never give up on God or other people,” the young man advised the world.

Three Years Of Infertility Ends After Living Water Service

Three years into her marriage, Lorita had remained unable to have a baby—a situation that made her worry endlessly, especially as neighbours were already mocking her. After running from pillar to post, she made her way to The SCOAN for prayer sometime in 2019. She had attended a Living Water Service at which she besought the Lord to meet her at the point of her need. On returning to her base in Cameroon, the Nigerian woman fell pregnant in no time, after the initial problem of breast discharge had stopped. During the pregnancy, Lorita was told that her baby was too small. In faith, she began to minister the New Anointing Water and on the day of delivery, her baby came out at an impressive 3.9kg! “Wait on God; He will perfect everything,” she said. “I’m so happy,” said Lorita’s husband. “Have faith in God,” he advised people.

Now A Daughter Of Jesus Christ!

On October 2, 2022, 26-year-old Precious was delivered from the conclave of the queen of the coast. She had been initiated into the marine kingdom after eating a snack offered by a classmate. “You must kill your mother,” Precious’ friends in the marine world had ordered her. The spirit troubled her so much that it caused her to be expelled from school. In the dream, she would find herself making love with both men and women, even as some strange men kept following her invisibly during the daytime. It was so bad that she dropped out of university. And even when she turned to business, she kept failing. She was also afflicted with different illnesses. One day, after seeing strange droppings a few times, Precious found a snake in her living room. Immediately, she rallied neighbours to kill the snake. Not long afterwards, she stumbled upon a scorpion. Before making her way to The SCOAN, she had decided she would take to the wayward path if she did not receive her deliverance. It was in a dream, however, that Precious had first begun to get her liberation from the queen of the coast. In several other dreams, the queen of the coast tried to kill her but failed. In the final dream, God’s Spirit rescued her through an image of Prophet TB Joshua. Finally, she physically got her liberation when she came to The SCOAN for prayer. Since then, she has become a new creature in Jesus Christ. Gone now are the spirits of anger and hatred. “People are now beginning to like me and do things for me,” she said. She has also had confirmatory dreams about her deliverance. She advised the youth to go close to God.

“It Was God Who Spoke On My Behalf!” Says Aircraft Engineer Who Moved From Zero To Hero

Eddah, a Kenyan aircraft engineer, had come to The SCOAN to pray for breakthrough in 2019. Despite her qualifications, she had remained without a permanent job from 2013. After being introduced to Emmanuel TV, she had decided to come from prayers at The SCOAN. With the New Anointing Water in her possession, she had returned home and continued praying for God’s favour over her life and documents. “I wasn’t bothered that they got wet; I just handed them over to God,” she recalled. A month after, she received a call from an international aircraft company asking her to sign a contract with them. She continued praying with the water and favour continued to locate her on the job, with multiple promotions coming her way within a short while. Now she is head of the unit where she works. Eddah also received healing from the problem of acne, which had used to mess up her face. Every morning she would ingest the New Morning Water, praying for God to flush out the toxins from her system. And God answered her prayer! Now her face is fresh and comely again. “Indeed, it was God who spoke on my behalf,” she declared Eddah about her rapid professional rise. “Never give up on God. No matter how many years you have lost, God is going to restore them,” she advised people. She also told them, “Distance is never a barrier.”

A Week On, Anastasia’s Healing Remains Unshaken!

Although she had testified right after her healing in the middle of the service of October 2, 2022, Anastasia deemed it necessary to testify again a week later. A diabetes and hypertension sufferer since 2014, she had suffered multiple organ failures and vision issues. It was as if the spirit of death was lurking around her, as she kept seeing the spirit of the departed in her family. Before visiting The SCOAN for prayer, Anastasia had seen the woman of God appear to her with a sword, declaring healing upon her. That vision did become a reality when Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed physically for Anastasia. “Vitality returned to my body as she held my hands while praying for me,” she said. “Continue to trust in the goodness of the Lord,” she told the church. Corroborating the testimony, Anastasia’s brother expressed his joy at the healing. “Everything is perfect now; we are all free,” he said.

After-Service Testimonies

Rosemary testified about her deliverance from the spirit that had been responsible for unending disappointments in her life. During a sojourn abroad as a commercial sex worker, she faced so many problems that she ended up returning home with nothing to show for it. But she refused to be dejected and pessimistic, so she made her way to The SCOAN on October 2, 2022. Mercifully, she received her deliverance. And now she no longer eats in the dream. “I know the battle is over,” she stated with assurance. She advised people to shun prostitution and urged parents to desist from idol worship.

Also on October 2, Nneka was liberated from the spirit husband that had kept her stagnant for decades, causing her heartbreaks and instability. Her father confirmed the testimony.

Despite getting several incisions at witch doctor’s homes, Chinenye had continued to face attacks from a spirit husband, who kept diverting good things from her. “I had no helpers,” she said, “and my marriage also crashed.” During the service of October 2, the Holy Spirit arrested the spirit husband and Chinenye has stopped making love in the dream. “Someone gave me money last week,” she further testified, disclosing that she had not received such a gesture for years.

Born into an idol-worshipping family, Blessing believed it was normal for life to be the way it was for her family. The idol gave her the spirits of depression and anger. Her academic performance also suffered badly. During the service of October 2, Blessing received her perfect deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Her nephew, Ifeanyi, also testified about his own freedom from the family idol, which had been made him to engage in cultism, drug abuse and cyber fraud. “I am free, in Jesus’ name!” he asserted. Uju, Blessing’s mother, also testified about how several of her mother’s ten children had lost their lives in accidents caused by the vengeful idol. Today, however, she is also free indeed! Uju’s mother told of the atrocities that the idol had caused in her family, including killing her husband and children. “Words are not enough to express my joy,” she said about her own deliverance during the service of October 9. Uju’s husband also told of how he was set free from the idol of his own father’s house.    

Precious was freed from the hold of a malevolent spirit that had been dogging her life since childhood. In marriage, she failed. In business, she also failed. And in interpersonal relations, she was too domineering to be able to keep friends and acquaintances. Although she had sought deliverance from different places, she did not find a solution until she visited The SCOAN for prayers. “Now there is peace in my life,” she stated. She advised people to be patient while following the footsteps of Jesus.