THE GRACE OF ENABLEMENT - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Throughout the worship session of The SCOAN Sunday Service of September 25, 2022, The Emmanuel TV Choir kept congregants focused on the indescribable mightiness of God and His limitless mercy for His creation. “You Are Worthy To Be Praised,” they first sang before moving on to songs exalting the name Jesus Christ, which has the power to turn around every situation in the lives of those who believe.

As Evangelist Chisom reiterated to congregants and viewers all over the world, “The Grace Of Enablement” is what separates the believer from the unbeliever when it comes to turning around all negative situations through divine power. “Today, he began, echoing God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, “everyone is exposed to things that are not consistent with God’s Word.” In the face of various forms of unrelenting oppression, he observed, believers run the risk of being distracted “from running the straight race with God.”

The preacher quickly pointed out, however, that while God may allow the believer to experience such issues, He will never let His children suffer beyond their carrying capacity in their devotion to Him. On that note, the evangelist cited Bible passages such as John 16:33 (proof text), Exodus 13 & 14, Daniel 3, 1 Corinthians 10:13 and Revelation 12, among others, to assure congregants that God never leaves His faithful children in the dark.

After giving several examples of biblical heroes of faith, Evangelist Chisom urged Christians to pay attention to their past and present victories instead of what they think may be amiss in their lives. In his words, “Stop focusing on what you do not have but begin to thank God for what He has done. When you acknowledge God for what He has done, He will do it again and again!”

All Power Belongs To Jesus!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Father Lord God of Heavens, we are here again. We will continue to uphold your noble name because there is none like it. Let the power of the spoken Word be enough for us today to receive all that we desire, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

Immediately, she began laying hands on people who had come from all over the world for the divine solution to issues such as diabetes, difficulty in walking/breathing, sickle cell anaemia, drug addiction, hernias, skin disease, ulcers, barrenness, mental disorder, tuberculosis, urinary incontinence and a host of other bodily afflictions caused by evil spirits. Also included were pregnant women who had come to be released from every hindrance to the safe delivery of their babies.

Soon afterwards, evangelists Ope, Chisom, Joseph and James joined the woman of God in ministering prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of the people. With The Arena Of Liberty lit up by the fire of Holy Ghost, there was no hiding place for every foul spirit.

And They Were Located By The Anointing!

Yet again, God Almighty proved His power beyond distance during the Mass Prayer session. The woman of God began by asking the people to declare: “Father Lord, establish Your kingdom in my heart. Strengthen my determination and desire for you. Grant my body, soul a heart that does not bear grudges. Give me a heart that is pure, humble, sincere to serve you, in Jesus’ name!” She then read from Mark 11:12-14 before asking congregants to pray: “Son of David, have mercy on me, a sinner in need of your grace, mercy, favour, grace, compassion, success, healing, deliverance, breakthrough! Forgive me my sin and all acts of foolishness!”

The woman of God prayed: “I say to every mountain in your life today, ‘Be cast into the sea, in the mighty name of Jesus!’ Receive the healing power of Christ Jesus! Be freed in your spirit, soul and body! Father Lord, touch their bodies for good health! Be healed!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Whatever mountain hindering your blessing—command it to be moved! By the authority in the name of Jesus, begin to loose yourself from bondage!” He prayed: “I declare freedom over your life, in Jesus’ mighty name!”  He also tells congregants: “Every evil hand upon your life, marriage, family—begin to remove them right now!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants to pray: “You demon, unclean spirit, ancestral spirit anywhere you are troubling my life—I command you: Out! Whatever chain satan might have used to connect me with himself—I disconnect myself spirit, soul and body!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to declare: “Son of David, have mercy on me! Don’t leave me out when You are setting others free!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “You spirit blocking my breakthrough, finances—I command you right now by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua prayed for the people: “Whatever area in your life that is facing challenges—be surmounted, in the name of Jesus! Your spiritual life—be revived in the name of Jesus! Whatever spirit that is operating in your life—spirit of setback, stagnation, sickness, disease, affliction, nightmares—leave my people, in the name of Jesus! Whatever chain satan must have been using to connect you to himself—chain of hardship, loneliness, barrenness, affliction, career failure—begin to loose this chain!”


No Longer Harassed By Strange Voices!

Comfort, a Liberian living in Australia, had received prayer on September 18, 2022 over the problem of mental disorder, which developed after a frightening dream in which she saw a cow. From then on, she began to have problems at work and in her relations with people, with strange voices always whispering into her ears. She also started to have health issues that did not let up. Once a tap landed on her head from the woman of God during the prayer session, Comfort fell flat on her back as the evil spirit in her reeled from the divine shock. Since then, her story has changed and she has been sleeping like a baby. “There is nothing too big for God,” she told the church. “Call upon Him and He will answer you,” she assured them. A male family friend who helped to bring Comfort to the church confirmed the healing. “Thank God for setting my aunt’s friend free,” he said. He then advised the church, “Keep your faith in the Lord.”

When A Boastful Spirit Succumbed To God’s Power!

“I am not comfortable at all—leave me!” fired back the evil spirit in Kefe when it was asked what was happening to it in The Arena Of Liberty as it manifested during the Laying Of Hand session of the service of September 18, 2022. The spirit had gone berserk once the power of the Holy Spirit surged through Kefe, prompting the Delta State-born man to yank off his shoes and strip off all covering on his upper body. The spirit even challenged the prophet to a duel, boasting: “You are too small for me!” But, of course, it was all an empty threat in the face of God’s power. A week later, Kefe returned to church to testify about how a family idol had bothered his life by keeping him stagnant through invasive, destiny-destroying dreams. With regard to relationships, Kefe kept rejecting the women in his life for no reason. “I had felt like tearing apart the evangelist when he touched me,” recalled Kefe about how he had felt during his deliverance. To the glory of God, now he no longer sleeps with women in the dream and he has received the calm spirit of a dove. “Never give up on God,” he advised the church. “The God of Prophet TB Joshua will not leave you behind,” he added.

The Day Four Sisters Witnessed God’s Power!

During the service of September 18, 2022, four sisters witnessed the power of God in The Arena Of Liberty. Their issues had originated with their mother’s pledge to a village idol while searching for a female child. It started with Novena, who had anger issues caused by a spiritual husband that kept making her reject suitors. Since the touch during the service, sex and eating in the dream have become things of the past. The second sister, Josephine, testified about her deliverance from the spirit that had made her uninterested in church. In dreams, she used to see herself in the water and in demonic shrines. To God’s glory, such dreams are now a thing of the past. Paulina, the only married one among the sisters, talked about seeing a giant man in the dream who would have sex with her, leading to miscarriages. “All of that no longer happens,” she said. The fourth sister testified about her deliverance from the spirit of anger. “Always run to God,” she advised the church.

At Last, Freedom For Udo And Healing For Her Son!

Until September 18, 2022, stubbornness was a major affliction in Udo’s life. She had been in church alongside her husband and children, who witnessed how the fire of the Holy Ghost consumed the demon in her. A week later, Udo testified not only about her own deliverance but also about her son’s healing from congenital tonsillitis. Although the doctors had given up on the case, Udo and her husband had brought the boy to church in faith. Following a touch by the evangelist, the little boy can now breathe easily and sleep well. Udo told of how her family had been dogged by the issues of inability to marry and instability in marriage, among other problems. She also told of how she used to be troubled by the idols of her father’s household, which used to make her see various animals once the lights were off. She became fearful and faced heartbreaks as an adult, even as she had been unable to do well in school. In marriage, the idol manifested as a spirit husband that constantly got between her and her husband. “Now, however, I feel peace in my life and sleep well,” she said. She also spoke about her healing from painful menstruation. Udo’s husband thanked God for his son’s healing even as he glorified His name for Udo’s liberation from the spirit of fear. “Now there is affection between us and the kids are happy to be with their mother. He advised people to wait for their morning after the night of weeping. Udo said to congregants, “Put God first in all you do and every other thing shall be added to you.”

“Now I Am Standing Gallantly!” Says Woman Healed Of Partial Stroke

Eneh was effusive and tearful as she thanked God for her healing from partial stroke. Ministered with The New Anointing Water by her older sister while she was in a coma in the first few days of the illness, Eneh soon became strong enough to visit The SCOAN for prayer in March 2022. On that occasion she had been ministered with the water again by one of the evangelists, who asked her to stretch out the hand on her ailing side. Since then, vitality has returned to all of her body as her brain has recovered its full functions. “Now I am standing gallantly and my brain is OK!” she excitedly said about the full restoration of life in her left side. In tearful gratitude to God Almighty, Eneh demonstrated all that she had been unable to do before, including vigorously exercising her limbs and other body parts. She advised people to watch and pray while believing that God can do all things. Eneh’s older sister said, “I am so happy about her healing, which has taken off a huge burden from me.” She advised people to hold on to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

36 Years Of Asthma Vanishes During Meditative Walk On SCOAN Premises!

Aurelia, an asthma patient since childhood, testified about her healing during a meditative walk on The SCOAN premises on September 24, 2022. She could not walk for long distances and could not eat certain foods. Always she had to have an inhaler on her. Three months ago, following another round of hospitalisation, Aurelia had promised to visit The SCOAN for prayer. While walking along the entrance of the church and meditating as she viewed banners containing the images of Prophet TB Joshua, she witnessed the raw power of God surge through her and she fell to the ground. On getting up, she realised she could now breathe easily and was no longer disturbed by strong perfumes. “The anointing in The Synagogue is more than our demand!” Aurelia shouted during her testimony. A male fellow Ghanaian visitor confirmed Aurelia’s testimony, saying he had been worried when she fell to the ground. “Leave her alone!” a church official had ordered him as he tried to touch the Holy Ghost-impacted woman. To the glory of God, Aurelia did receive her healing and no longer needs an inhaler. Another fellow Ghanaian visitor said she had broken into the song “Sin’s Power Us Is Broken” once she saw Aurelia on the ground. A third fellow Ghanaian visitor equally confirmed the testimony and told of how Aurelia can now eat things she had been unable to eat before.

Liberated From Family Idol Causing Destructive Anger

Jeremiah testified about his deliverance from the family idol that had been troubling his life. As the children in the family began to notice that the idol was responsible for their problems, a decision was taken that the idol should be burnt. Their problems worsened, however. Sometime in 2003, Jeremiah had a dream in which a giant man prevented him from picking up a bag of money. From then on, he started sleeping with women in the dream. Anytime he was expecting something good, he would have the dream and he would later physically visit a prostitute, leading to a cancellation of the coming good fortune. Unable to help himself, Jeremiah confided in people he trusted and then took the advice to visit The SCOAN for prayers. On Sunday, September 18, 2022, Jeremiah was indeed at The Arena Of Liberty, where a divine touch changed his story for good! “There is now peace in my home and I no longer have nightmares or eat in the dream,” he told congregants. His wife, Purity, told of how her four-year-old marriage has received a new lease of life. “My husband no longer nags endlessly, as he used to do,” said Purity. She added, “I am no longer worried that my husband may insult me in public.” Telling of how her marriage is now full of peace and love, she advised people to trust God over their issues. 

Miraculous Healing From Kidney Stone After Anointing Water Ministration

Diagnosed with ulcers, Mary received drugs to treat the condition. But she did not feel better. Then she went for another test and it turned out that she had issues with her bladder and left kidney. She got more drugs. But her health did not improve. She then sought refuge in God’s power at The SCOAN. After prayerful ministration of the New Anointing Water on her, she started to feel better immediately and, upon returning to the doctors, tests showed that the stone in Mary’s left kidney had vanished—to the surprise of the doctors. Delighted at her healing, Mary told the church: “God’s time is the best!”

Eight Years On, Kati’s Divine Healing Stays Sure!

It was in 2014 that Kati received prayer over her problem of difficulty in walking due to ankle trauma. The problem had started three years before, when she had had an accident while riding on a commercial motorcycle. Before visiting The SCOAN, she had been following Emmanuel TV and that had boosted her faith. As God’s servant, Prophet TB Joshua, prayed for Kati, he pointedly told her that she had to shed weight. To the glory of God, the Holy Ghost fire surged through Kati and she felt something leave her body on that very occasion. Kati said she took the advice to shed weight, while advising people to run to God. Her husband said, “I feel very happy, knowing that God’s time is the best.”

After-Service Testimonies

Lizzy from Edo State testified about her deliverance from the spirit behind the family idol that her mother had been worshipping. She had advised her mother to stop worshipping the idol, leading to persistent attacks on her from the angry spirit. Unable to fight off the spirit by herself, Lizzy had made her way to church for the service of September 18, 2022. After a dream involving the idol the day before, she received her perfect deliverance following prayer by the woman of God. Since then, she has stopped seeing the idol in her dreams and she is free indeed. She advised people to exercise faith while seeking God. Alongside Lizzy were her siblings Doris, Justina and Doris, who received their own deliverance during the service of September 25.

Isiaka from Ogun State testified about his healing from back pain caused by a shift in his backbone. Now he no longer needs the lumbar corset that he had been using to support his back.

A Ghanaian couple testified about the survival of their son after losing four previous babies to a congenital heart condition that had claimed each one at four months old. Once she discovered God’s power at The SCOAN, the boy’s mother had made her way to the church and returned with The New Anointing Water and Stickers. She fell pregnant again and, to the glory of God, the product of the pregnancy, a boy, is now two and a half years old! “The boy has been doing fine,” said his father.