RESET YOUR FOCUS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was a cool, drizzly September morning in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday, the 11th as the service was declared open at The Arena Of Liberty, where millions from all over the world have found spiritual refuge over the decades. In acknowledgment of man’s sinful nature and his perpetual need for God, The Emmanuel TV Choir intoned to the Heavens: “Spirit Pray Through Me.” As the special composition by Prophet TB Joshua rang through The SCOAN Auditorium, many reacted to the anointing as the work of healing, deliverance and salvation started in them.

When she got on the pulpit, Evangelist Jemila dwelt on the message ‘Reset Your Focus’, starting with a caution from Prophet TB Joshua: “In this world of distraction, it is very easy to get off track and lose focus.” With passages such as Proverbs 4:25, Proverbs 23:7, Colossians 3:2, Proverbs 29:25, 2 Timothy 1:7, Daniel 3:13-23, Matthew 14:28-31 and John 11, alongside illustrations from Prophet TB Joshua’s exemplary life, she stressed the importance of relying on the Word and looking only to the Cross, “where victory has been provided freely.”

Evangelist Jemila urged congregants to avoid fear and act in faith always, hence ignoring sense evidence so that they can keep the focus on God. “Fear,” she said, “is a more deceptive enemy than satan himself.” She then cited biblical characters such as Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Daniel and Job as great heroes of faith who overcame fear and gained the attention of Heaven. She also referred to Jesus Christ’s perfect assurance that God would intervene as He called upon the Father to raise Lazarus from the dead. In her closing line the preacher said, “Dear brethren, reset your focus and let it be on God alone in Jesus’ name!”

God’s Unfailing Power At The Prayer Line

Again, the God of Prophet TB Joshua proved Himself in the lives of seekers after Pastor Evelyn Joshua besought Him to fill the people’s “mouths and hearts with Your testimony.” Among the cases brought before the Lord in faith were bleeding due to fibroids, mental disorder, swollen body, malformation of the foetus, leg ulcer, uncontrollable stooling, difficulty in walking, hernia, kidney infection, urinary tract disorder and pneumonia. Because the people presented their issues in faith, God Almighty rewarded them and changed their stories for the glory of His name.

Afterwards, evangelists Ope, James, Joseph and Chisom joined the woman of God in offering prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. For everyone who came in faith and with a humble spirit, God’s blessings flowed abundantly indeed as foul spirits confessed their atrocities before fleeing forever. Whether in the auditorium or the overflow section, the Spirit of God was present throughout the service.  

The children were also not left out. As Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is grown he will not depart from it.”

Their Faith Made Them Whole

Guided by John 14:27, Pastor Evelyn Joshua began the Mass Prayer session by asking congregants to position themselves for deliverance by looking to Jesus Christ. She prayed: “Every evil veil before you—be removed, in the mighty name of Jesus! All that stands against you and the promises of God—be delivered! Be freed from every chain! All that is dead in your life today—be resurrected!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Those hiding spirits, demons—we command you, in the name of Jesus Christ: Out!” He also told congregants to pray: “You demon, evil spirit, familiar spirit—I order you: Remove your hand from my body, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Ope prayed: “That spirit frustrating your life, health, career—Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Everyone under the bondage of illness, disease—be loosed from that bondage. Whatever you must have eaten in the dream at the table of the enemy—Out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “Every spirit of setback in your business, finances, career—say: Out!” He also told them to pray: “Every spirit that stands on the way to my breakthrough—by the power in the name of Jesus, make way!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua declared: “Thou power of deliverance—begin to rain, in the name of Jesus! You evil spirit, in the name of Jesus, I command you to leave my people!” He further told congregants: “Wherever it is located, that affliction—begin to flush it out!” Finally, he decreed, “I say you are healed! Be completely delivered, in the name of Jesus!”


Medical Student Can Write Again As Stiff Hand Is Released!

On August 28, 2022, Charles received prayer for a damaged right hand tendon. On July 17, a day before he was due to write a crucial examination in medical school, he had injured himself quite badly while trying to open a jammed bathroom door. Of course, he could not write the examination in question! Immediately, doctors performed surgery on the hand and put it in a cast. However, when the cast was removed on August 3, Charles could not move the hand, as it remained stiff. In faith, his South Africa-based mother had brought him to church for prayer on the day in question and the power of God had located him. Now he can clench the hand and write with it, in addition to doing his daily chores with it. Discarding his arm sling, he advised the youth to remember God in everything they do. His mother, Paulina, who gave further details about the situation, advised people to trust in God.

For The Ochonogors, It’s Freedom From Ancestral Alligator Spirit!

Queen was born into an idol-worshipping family in village that forbade the killing of alligators, which were regarded as ‘fathers’ to the community. All her life, she kept having dreams about the animal, leading to serious problems in her life. She was constantly angry and had a difficult relationship with her husband and children, whom she frequently beat for no reason. Her children also had a hard time in their academics. In business, everything she touched ended up failing. She equally had ulcerous pains and high blood sugar. Generally, the children and their father hardly ever interacted, with one child, Precious, not even bothering to have his phone number. After discovering Emmanuel TV, however, Queen’s faith became strengthened in God’s power to turn her life around. She then suggested that the family visit The SCOAN for prayer on September 4, 2022. Since then, her story has changed for the glory of God. Queen advised people to take every problem to God. 

The spirit in Precious – Queen’s daughter – had been determined to prevent her from fulfilling destiny, especially by making her wayward. It had all started with a sexual abuse experience through which an evil spirit came into her life. “It made me useless to myself and I never wanted to be with my family,” she recalled. She added, “The spirit made me hate my dad so much.” She would go clubbing every time, smoking and engaging in all sorts of vice, even as she flopped in her academics. To the glory of God, however, the Holy Spirit took control once an anointed hand fell upon Precious during the deliverance session in which she and her mother were freed. Today, she no longer feels the urge to smoke. According to her, “There is now peace at home and I want to be with my family.” She advised people to trust in God.

Precious’ father, Chuks, told of how issues had started in the family after his initially loving wife dared him to approach another woman. Unknown to Chuks, taking up the challenge was going to be the beginning of evil spirit attacks in his life. From then on, his family became a loveless, fragmented one, with Chuks himself fathering a child outside of his marriage. Although Chuks had discovered Emmanuel TV before his wife, she eventually made the trip to The SCOAN before him. Following his wife and daughter’s deliverance on August 28, Chuks joined them at The SCOAN later in the week so that he could testify along with them. “God will visit you at the appropriate time,” he assured congregants. Another child of the family, Winner, expressed her happiness at her family’s newfound love.  

Evil Eye Blinded, Python Spirit Banished In Life Of Doubter!

Peace was one of the daughters of a woman who had lost several children. To ‘protect’ her remaining children, she had taken them to several shrines. One day, a man gave her an evil look and since then his face imprinted itself on Peace’s mind, leading to misfortune in all areas of life. She became fearful and disturbed, including in her marriage. “I used to be afraid of death and I could never sleep alone,” she said. She also said she used to dream about pythons. To the glory of God, however, after receiving her deliverance at The SCOAN on September 4, 2022, life has become truly peaceful for Peace, who shed tears of joy during her testimony. “I can’t count the changes that have happened in my life,” she said. Now she gets along easily with her children and other family members. In a confirmatory dream, she told of how her faith bracelet transmitted power that neutralised ‘a rascal man’ that had been threatening her. In real life, she also saw the power in the New Anointing Water expose a snake that had been hiding inside the wheel of her husband’s car. To the glory of God, the stubborn snake – a symbol of the python Peace had been seeing – was eventually killed. Admitting that she had been a doubter of God’s power at The SCOAN, Peace advised people to believe in God. 

“There Is None Like God!” Agatha Declares After Deliverance From Family Idol

Agatha was also delivered from a family idol during the service of September 4, 2022. “I used to eat food sacrificed to idols,” she recalled. As she grew older, she began to have strange dreams. Academically, she performed poorly. At work, there was nothing to show for her efforts. In terms of relationships, she lost the first man who had proposed to her, following a motoring accident. Her health was also problematic. In time, however, she managed to find another man, who married her and set her up in business. Unfortunately, the business could not take off successfully. So far, she has also been able to have only one child. A while ago, she was diagnosed with appendicitis, ovarian cysts and a blocked fallopian tube. After much prodding by her husband, Agatha started watching Emmanuel TV and soon became convinced about God’s power at The Arena Of Liberty, so she came to church for prayer. Delighted at her new life and experience, she said, “There is none like God; he is the Utmost, the Deliverer, the Saviour.” Her husband, Iromini, thanked God for his wife’s “new dawn”, even as he highlighted the issues he had experienced with his family. He advised people to act fast in seeking divine solutions to their issues.

“This God Is Too Much!” Ugochi Confesses After Liberation From Spirit Husband

One night, Ugochi had a dream in which she saw herself in the river, dancing, bathing and holding a lantern. She was trying to prove to her schoolmates that she was from a particular Nigerian state with ‘River’ in its name. As she grew older, she became a hard nut to crack, always aggressive and never willing to brook nonsense. When she left secondary school despite failing to write her final examination, she went to Lagos and started working. Along the line, she had a dream in which a man tried to enter her forcefully but she screamed, alerting people in the house in the process. Soon, she began to have pain on one side of her body. Tried as she could, she could not find a solution to the problem. Eventually, she got married but not without severe opposition from her husband’s family, who said she had a spirit husband. Meanwhile, Ugochi continued to have dreams about snakes. At one time, she also saw bees in her cupboard and a ‘discerning’ neighbour told her it was the spirit husband who had appeared to her. In real life, Ugochi was a terror to her husband and kept contemplating quitting her marriage. Although her mother had urged her several times to visit The SCOAN, she had refused to do so. In the end, however, the Spirit of God located her during the service of September 4, 2022, after an anointed touch by one of the evangelists. Now she no longer has pain in the waist and her side. Most importantly, Ugochi said: “My relationship with my husband, Chima, has changed. I am now a free person indeed. This God is too much!” In that regard, she added, there have been confirmatory dreams in which God’s Spirit gave her a child of her own. She advised people to place their hope in God. Chima confirmed the transformation in his wife’s life and advised people to seek divine solutions quickly enough.

A New Marriage For Man And Wife After Evil Third Party Is Ejected

“Let her go! I have destroyed her!” Those were some of the utterances made by the foul spirit in Faith during her deliverance on September 4, 2022. In childhood, against her mother’s advice, Faith had gone to bathe in the village stream. From then on, she started to have encounters with a spirit husband, who kept appearing as people familiar to her. As she grew older, she faced constant failure in her academics, causing her parents to give up on her schooling. When she finally settled down with a man, the man woke up one day and simply walked out of the marriage. The pattern then continued with successive boyfriends, as the spirit husband kept warning them off. Later on, Faith managed to find another husband but the spirit interloper kept troubling the marriage. “For a long time, my husband refused to sleep close to me because he was scared of the spirit husband,” she said. It was so bad that Faith thought of suicide as her pregnancies kept aborting. Meanwhile, she was never interested in church issues, always disliking watching Christian channels. At last, however, she made her way to The SCOAN for the service in question and the spirit in her manifested before fleeing forever. In a confirmatory dream, Faith overcame the giant man that had been threatening her life. To the glory of God, she now sleeps with ease and no longer has the spirit of fear. She advised children not to disobey their parents. She also advised parents not to give up on their children. Faith’s husband, Moses, told of his encounter with the spirit husband and of his own deliverance. Now he eats much better than he used to and feels free with his wife in every way. Thank You, Jesus!

Mother And Daughter Are Free Indeed!

It was spectacular deliverance for Tochukwu and her first daughter, Chidinma, on September 4, 2022. They had been under the yoke of an ancestral spirit that Tochukwu’s father had refused to serve. At one point, Tochukwu had quit university in her second year, although she later returned to finish up. In marriage, she frequently fought her husband and destroyed family possessions. In particular, Chidinma became a thorn in her flesh. “I don’t want to go to school anymore,” said the girl, who was then in secondary school. It transpired that the girl had been seeing strange spirits in her dream while in school. Generally, Tochukwu disliked her children and they, in turn, made parenting miserable for her. Eventually, however, God’s power located her and the spirit in her vanished forever, after a divine touch. In a dream, Tochukwu saw confirmation of her deliverance when holy fire consumed the masquerades that had been chasing her and her daughter. Now she is no longer under the yoke of anger. She advised people to be close to their children and to place their faith in God. Moreover, Chidinma is free from the spirit responsible for anger and she is now much closer to her parents and siblings. She advised the youths to stay close to God and to avoid flashy things. She also advised parents to be close to their children.

After-Service Testimonies

A woman from Zambia was healed of complications from spina bifida, a condition she had been born with. Her lumbar corset had provided little or no relief and she had had a hard time sleeping at night. Since God impacted her at The Prayer Line, however, she has been able to bend, squat and stand normally! 

Chima received his total healing from severe back pain for which he had previously had surgery in India. “The Lord has strengthened me,” he said while clutching his lumbar corset and demonstrating his healing from the illness, which had started in 2015.

Lucia from Nigeria received her healing from an ankle fracture and shoulder dislocation that had defied medical intervention. “When the woman of God prayed for me, I felt a cold sensation in my body and the pain vanished,” she said.

Sixty-six-year-old Juliana was healed of difficulty in walking due to severe back pain. Now she no longer needs a lumbar corset, as she can sit, turn her body and stand comfortably. Thank You, Jesus!