THE BELIEVER’S RIGHT - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was on an orchestral note that The SCOAN Sunday Service of September 4, 2022 began. When Esther’s sonorous voice rang out, accompanied by a variety of stringed instruments, worshippers in The Arena Of Liberty started to meditate on the goodness of the Lord in their lives. Sang Esther: “Count Your Many Blessings/Name Them One By One/And It Will Surprise You/What God Has Done.”

And when The Emmanuel TV Choir joined in the worship, they started with a solo by Kayode, who performed a Jim Reeves number on seeking refuge in Jesus Christ. The lyrics echoed through the minds of all: “Please Lead Me Through The Darkness/Take My Hand, O Precious Lord/And Help Me On My Way.” Further, as the full choir sang about the breaking of every chain by the power in the name of Jesus, congregants began to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost, with many vomiting as they fell under the power of the anointing.  

Before announcing the title of her message as “The Believer’s Right”, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said, “To be like Christ Jesus is our goal. It does not happen fast. We trust the Holy Spirit to lead. He is our guide.” She then read from Romans 8:26-30 and described the Bible as a special gift from God containing the message of hope and truth that can transform rather than just inform. She went on to describe the believer as “someone who knows what it takes to cast out satan in the name of Jesus Christ, the name above every other name.”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua further noted that a believer has the right to pray and receive. Because the believer is led by the Holy Spirit, she added, he or she is no longer condemned and has become an overcomer who possesses the joy of victory. She cited passages such as Daniel 4:34-35 and Galatians 5:19-22 as she explained the believer’s freedom from fear and feelings of condemnation. Concluding that the believer’s right is being able to pray and receive from God, she said: There is no special, personal attribute that is required for you to believe – just hear the Word, believe the Word. God Almighty does as He wills. Accept that you are guilty, acknowledge your sin, then trust in Christ’s sacrifice to make you whole, clean again.”

Awesome Wonders At The Prayer Line

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for people who had come from all over the world with various issues, such as difficulty in walking, asthma, drug addiction, foot ulcer, swollen belly, overdue pregnancy/tightness of the cervix, sickle cell anaemia, skin disease, mental disorder, kidney failure and bleeding due to fibroids. All of these cases received the fire of the Holy Ghost and the people of God got their permanent relief from physical and mental affliction.

Thereafter, the evangelists joined the woman of God in laying hands on other members of the congregation and God’s power manifested mightily as foul spirits confessed before bowing out forever. Indeed, none of the cases was too difficult at the mention of the name Jesus Christ!

Distance-Defying Prayer In Jesus’ Mighty Name

At the start of the Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Father, draw us closer to the healing, blessing, deliverance you will give us today!” She then prayed for the people: “Be delivered! Be delivered from every shackle of the enemy, affliction, darkness! Be healed from every sickness, infirmity, disease! Be healed, in the mighty name of Jesus! Be freed from every bondage, cage, prison! Be freed, in Jesus Christ’s name!”

She further prayed: “Every spirit challenging the grace of God in your life—be destroyed! Every promise of God in your life—be restored! We command the deliverance power to fall on you! Wherever you may be—receive healing! We command healing power to your life, body, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit of failure, embarrassment and disappointment—be bowed down!

Evangelist Ope prayed: “Every contrary spirit, anywhere you are – Holy Ghost, command them out!” He also tells congregants to pray: “Every spirit that steals, kills and destroys – command them out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Whatever that steals your joy – command them out! You unclean spirit, contrary spirit, anywhere you are – out! Whatever spirit that is causing you pain – command them out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “That spirit that causes you sickness and disease— command them out!” He also told them to pray: “Anywhere you are causing me sickness—out!” He further prayed: “By the authority in the name Jesus, I command healing on you – be healed! Whatever name they call that sickness – be healed! Be cured by the Blood of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Command that spirit to be silenced! You spirit standing against my breakthrough – be silenced! Command that spirit limiting your business, career – give way!”

In a video clip, Prophet T.B. Joshua told congregants: “Ask Jesus to make you a channel of pardon where there is unforgiveness, a channel of pardon where there is injury, misjudgment. A channel of love where there is hate.” He also told them to pray: “Every spirit that connects you to demons, satan—that connects your business, health, marriage, every spirit – begin to disconnect yourself.”


No Longer Under Shadow Of Paralysis

“By the grace of God,” began Valentine when he testified, “I received my healing here at The Synagogue.” The Sunday before, Pastor Evelyn Joshua had prayed for him over his issue of severe difficulty in walking. Holding on to two crutches, the pharmacist had cut the picture of a helpless individual desperately in need of divine help.  Three months previously, he had been lifting bags of cement when he sustained a backbone injury. “I’d suggest surgery,” said his doctor, “but you have only a 50-50 chance and it will cost 2.5 million naira.” Alarmed at the likelihood of paralysis, Valentine quickly heeded his brother David’s advice that he visit The SCOAN for prayers. And God rewarded his faith—and the virtual invalid is now hale and hearty. “I can do practically everything now,” he said while proving his perfect healing. He advised people to seek God’s face always. On his part, David glorified God for “doing what no medical doctor could do.” He advised all to put God first.   

Golden Son Rescued From Brink Of Insanity!

Not many things can make a full-grown man weep like a baby in public. Uncommon as such a thing might be, however, one father experienced it recently as he watched his son – an only child – teeter on the edge of mysterious insanity. It had all started when Destiny informed his father Taiye, “I feel hot all over my body.” Taiye’s immediate response was to take his golden son to hospital. “It’s just a fever,” declared the doctor, who promptly prescribed drugs. But things changed rather fast and Destiny became a mental case and had to be referred to a psychiatric home. “I’d never seen such a thing before,” Taiye recalled about the violent nature of his son. “He kept fighting everybody, including us his parents and the medical staff; he was even addressing us by first name,” Taiye said. He added, “At home, Destiny was so noisy that our neighbours couldn’t get any rest.” Taiye then remembered the New Anointing Water and ministered it on his son. “He tried to resist the water at first but he soon calmed down as the God of Prophet TB Joshua took control,” an elated Taiye said. “He then asked to be taken to Pastor Evelyn Joshua,” Taiye continued. On Sunday, April 3, 2022, after Destiny was prayed for by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, he received his full healing! Now he can eat and sleep freely—things he had been unable to do for several months. “All of my body is now calm and I give God all the glory,” said Destiny before advising people to place their hope in God.

Freed From The Malice Of Ancestral Spirits

Alice, a Sierra Leonean living in the UK, testified about her deliverance from the ancestral spirits that had been programmed into her in childhood. Speaking from hindsight, she said that the spirits had caused her to be lustful, fearful and dull at school. “I kept eating items sacrificed to idols, not knowing the implications,” she recalled. She also said she used to be oppressed by a spirit husband, even after getting married and moving to the UK. “I had nothing to show for all my labour in the UK,” she said with regret. Besides, her son had learning difficulties, so his schoolwork suffered. In all of this, however, Alice had some respite from watching Emmanuel TV. Happily, since August 28, 2022, when the Holy Spirit knocked out the ancestral spirits from her, Alice has been doing fine alongside her son. “My family is free!” she declared. Also gone are the spirits of fear and lust. “The spirit husband is also gone,” she said. For advice, she urged the people to “believe in God.”

A Double Dose Of Healing And Deliverance For Endurance

“In the mighty name of Jesus, be freed!” decreed Evangelist Joseph as he cast out the confessing demon in Endurance, a Nigerian woman whose grandfather constantly fed meat sacrificed to idols during her childhood. As the bond between girl and grandfather grew, however, it became a burden to the former. Every now and then, her grandfather’s image would appear to her in the dream and feed her with meat that she had already eaten in real life. As Endurance carried on with life, she found herself facing severe opposition in many aspects of life, especially with regard to her choice of joining the military, where her career was hampered by a broken leg. To the glory of God, since the prayer of healing and deliverance on Sunday, August 28, 2022, Endurance has become a new creature. She advised people to have faith in God.  

Released To Shine For God As Serpentine Spirit Is Overpowered

Even for the three young men restraining him, it was a tough battle indeed as the evil spirits raging in Kingsley kept boasting about how they had planned to prevent him from fulfilling destiny as a preacher of the gospel. “Now that he has come here, he shall be freed,” said the evil spirits as they finally surrendered to the Holy Spirit in The Arena Of Liberty. As a boy who had lost his father at a tender age, Kingsley faced untold hardship while growing up in the village. Following an experience in which his manhood vanished after a handshake with an older man, Kingsley slid down the abyss of retrogression and infirmity even after the manhood was restored. “I started seeing snakes in my dream and I became ill,” he recalled. In the search for a solution, he had incisions made all over his belly by a spiritualist and he also drank camel’s urine. But all to no avail. Done with running helter-skelter, Kingsley sought God’s face at The SCOAN during the service of August 28, 2022. “Since my deliverance I have been peaceful,” he said. He also narrated a confirmatory dream in which he killed the snake spirit that had been dogging his life. He advised people, “Don’t delay your deliverance, healing or breakthrough; run down to The Arena Of Liberty!”

Weaned From Bizarre Diet Of Sand Blocks

August 28, 2022 was also the day when Favour received her deliverance from the spirit responsible for addiction to eating building blocks. The evil spirit had crept into her on the morning of December 22, 2021 as she perceived the smell of cement mixed with sand. “I couldn’t resist the ‘aroma’,” she said, “so I sneaked to the building site and took a bite.” Since that day, eating cement blocks became a habit for Favour. After running out of building sites, Favour turned to the home. In no time, she had chipped off noticeable portions of the wall around a door in the home. To prevent her children from picking up the habit, she would chase them away while at it, sometimes spanking them for peeping at her. But the strange diet soon began to affect Favour’s health, causing her dizziness and fainting spells. “I could have passed away on one of such occasions,” she disclosed to congregants. Favour’s journey to deliverance began after she confided in a SCOAN member, who advised her to come to church. The night before the service, Favour had a dream encounter with Prophet TB Joshua after being ministered with the New Anointing Water by the member’s husband. Since the physical deliverance in church, Favour’s story has changed. No longer does she have nightmares, face unwarranted hatred or beat her children at the slightest excuse. “For a good four days after the deliverance, my system kept purging itself,” she said. She advised people not to condemn themselves as sinners but to approach God in faith. Her husband, Christopher, also advised people to run to God’s presence.

Retired Pharmacist Healed Of Lumbar Spondylosis

Dr Daba Boyle began her testimony by thanking God. Sometime in June 2022, the retired pharmacist had received prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered to those on the Prayer Line. “What do you want God to do for you?” the woman of God had asked her. “I want Him to heal me,” the pharmacist replied. Minutes later, she was almost running, having felt the healing power of the Holy Ghost surge through her to release her from the burden of lumbar spondylosis. Now she no longer needs a lumbar corset to aid her movement. She advised people to believe in God’s power to heal.

Healed Of Disfiguring Allergy After Ministration of New Anointing Water

Right from when he was 13 years old, Jean-Aime from Australia had suffered from serious allergies triggered by bananas. He would have lumps on his lips, mouth and body. Rather than improve his condition, drugs actually worsened it by causing him to shake uncontrollably. At a point, the symptoms started appearing even when he hadn’t eaten bananas. “I became like a monster,” he said. With unshaken faith in God, however, Jean-Aime came to The SCOAN in June 2022 and received prayer, returning home with faith tools such as the New Anointing Water and the faith bracelet. After prayerful ministration of the water, Jean-Aime began to get better by the day and now he is in perfect health, with all the lumps gone forever. “Now I feel normal and fine,” he declared. He advised Christians to fight their doubt and feed their faith.

For Lydia, It’s Divine Rest From Chronic Arthritis Causing Difficulty In Walking

On Sunday, April 17, 2022, Lydia from Tanzania was in church over the problem of difficulty in walking due to chronic arthritis and a torn ligament. Because she was in so much pain and frequently fell down while trying to walk, Lydia started hiding from people, including clients who had just signed a business contract with her. Interestingly, her mother was also down with cancer, although she later got her healing after ministering the New Anointing Water. By November 2021, Lydia was almost going for surgery when the Holy Ghost nudged her against it. By this time she was already using walking aids and numerous doctors had insisted she needed to have surgery. Along the line, a friend suggested that Lydia visit The SCOAN for prayers. “God will give you rest today, in the mighty name of Jesus,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua had assured Lydia before praying for her on April 17. Said Lydia, “I felt a hot sensation when she prayed for me.” Prompted by family members a month later, Lydia agreed to see one of the doctors who had penciled her in for surgery. After taking several new scans of both knees, the doctor found nothing! Excitedly, Lydia demonstrated her healing by doing all that she had been unable to do before, such as walking briskly, squatting and turning her right foot in all directions. She advised people to tap into the anointing available in The Arena Of Liberty. Lydia’s older sister, Sandy, thanked God for the healing, even as she shared her own testimony of healing from lower back pain after praying over the phone with Lydia while she was at The SCOAN. She advised people to watch and pray and trust in God. 

Email Testimonies From SCOAN Outreach Service In South Africa

  • A Zimbabwean was healed of numbness in the hand.
  • A South African was healed of abdominal pain after expelling a bloody substance.
  • A man was healed of kidney stones after vomiting poisonous substances.
  • A South African woman was healed of severe menstrual pain.     
  • A Zimbabwean man delivered from a spirit husband, following which his wife was delivered of a baby. The man had handed the faith bracelet to his wife, in addition to laying on his wife a hand he had anointed with the New Morning Water.

After-Service Testimonies

Ruth from Zimbabwe, Caroline and Thelma from South Africa were all healed of difficulty in walking. Similarly, Orlando from Mozambique and Alice from South Africa were healed of difficulty in walking/stiff neck and difficulty in walking, respectively. Finally, Patricia from Australia was delivered from bondage to a family idol.

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