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“We Are Grateful, O Lord/For All You Have Done For US,” sang congregants along with The Emmanuel TV Choir at the start of The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of August 28, 2022—two days after the spectacular SCOAN Outreach Service In South Africa. “O Precious Is The Blood/ That Makes Me Whiter Than Snow,” the choir pressed on in their acknowledgment of the forgiving power of Jesus Christ, even as congregants were asked to pray for forgiveness of their sins. With a tone of penitence and humility now set for the service, the choir launched fully into the worship session and the Holy Spirit took control of The Arena Of Liberty. 

Once he got on The SCOAN Altar, Evangelist James wasted no time in citing the Word of God at Jeremiah 29:11 as he prepared to teach on the topic “BE PATIENT”. He said, “When your miracle is delayed, you are about to receive the mother of all miracles.” He then took his proof text from Psalm 37:7-9: “7Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. 8Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret—it leads only to evil. 9For those who are evil will be destroyed,   but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.”

The kernel of the message was the need to exercise faith in absolute patience while being ready to bear its cost as Abraham and Hannah did, knowing that God will ultimately provide us the reward for patience. The evangelist said, “If we rely on ourselves, we will fail because we do not have what it takes to be patient.” He also spoke about the consequences of impatience, such as imprisonment, unsettled marriage and forfeiture of divine dreams. Among the Bible passages cited were Isaiah 40:29-31, Romans 10:17 and Hebrews 6:12.

Evangelist James therefore urged congregants not to focus on the world and its distractions but to fix their gaze on Jesus Christ through His Word. “Patience,” he noted, “is simply faith over a prolonged period…a fruit of the Spirit,” which comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” Among his closing remarks were these assuring words: “Be patient. God is keeping you for a new level in life…. God is preparing you for a better position.”  

After the sermon, Pastor Evelyn Joshua took time, in song and prayer, to appreciate God Almighty for proving Himself powerfully at The SCOAN Outreach Service In South Africa, which was held in Midrand, Johannesburg on August 26-27, 2022. She prayed: “Father Lord, we bless Your holy name! Precious Holy Spirit, we thank You from the depths of our hearts! Father Lord, draw us closer to you, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

And Foul Spirits Spoke Out Before Fleeing Forever!

And as the woman of God moved to the Prayer Line to commence prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of souls, she besought God: “Let your healing power flow into their systems, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

For the hundreds who had come with different infirmities of body and mind, as well as expectations for spiritual uplift, it was indeed well-kept dates with destiny. Expectant mothers received the anointing to deliver safely. Those afflicted with epilepsy received their freedom from the spirits causing their systems to malfunction. Similarly, leg ulcers, fibroids, swollen jaw, mental disorder, skin disease and asthma, etc., were eliminated by the power of God.

Shortly afterwards, the woman of God was joined by evangelists James and Joseph for the general Laying Of Hands session, with hundreds more receiving healing and deliverance various problems, including addiction to eating sand.

Prayer For The Breaking Of Yokes!

For the Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua began thus: “Father Lord, You are the great Physician, Restorer, Deliverer—with uncountable miracles deliverances in Your name. Every soul that is suffering sickness—out, in the mighty name of Jesus! Whatever be the name of the sickness—be it fibroids, hypertension—Father, send it out now, in the mighty name of Jesus! Whatever sickness in your system, body, blood—we command it out now, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every weapon of the enemy against you—we command it out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

She told viewers and congregants to declare: “I am free because God’s Word says I am free. I am healed because God’s Word says I am healed. I am blessed because God’s Word says I am blessed! My life—reject failure, setback, disappointment, hardship, poverty, sickness, affliction, barrenness, whatever that is not of God! My spirit is lifted up! My full pardon is granted! Whatever Jesus says is mine is mine! I have the righteousness of God in Jesus!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “That spirit threatening your life, marriage—that family idol, ancestral spirit—command it out, in the name of Jesus!” He also prayed: “You ancestral spirit, family idol: Out! Be delivered! Be set free! By the authority in the name of Jesus, I command that disease, infirmity: Out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Open your lips and begin to separate yourself from those spirits limiting your progress.” He asked them to pray: “You spirit tormenting my life, caging me, attacking my health—I command you in the name of Jesus: Holy Ghost Fire—Out!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua prayed: “I command that darkness to leave you, in the name of Jesus! That sickness, evil spirit of stagnation, setback, nightmares—I command it to leave you, in the name of Jesus! That nightmare, career failure, hatred, you evil spirit—every chain—be broken, in the name of Jesus! Whatever chain connecting you with evil spirits—break, in the name of Jesus! You sickness in my blood, kidneys, liver: Out!”


Healed Of Fracture And Constant Dislocations Due To Osteoporosis

When she was eight, Ngozichi was diagnosed with osteoporosis—a condition that made her bones brittle and weak. Doctors said she was at risk of paralysis if anything major happened to her. However, when at 13 years old, Ngozichi sustained a fracture while trying to sit in a chair, her mother hadn’t been overly worried, especially since the little girl constantly suffered dislocations, making it difficult for her to play like other children and do chores in the home. However, her believing father had brought her to church for prayers at The SCOAN, where Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered to her. Instantly, Ngozichi felt divine calmness in her body as God’s healing power flowed into her. Although the cast in her arm had been meant to be carried for six months, it was actually removed within a month! “Believe and trust in God; nothing is impossible for Him,” she advised people. Her mother, Ifeyinwa, also urged people to believe in God for all things.

Synagogue Critic Freed From 17 Years Of Spirit Husband Affliction

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, Mercy was a recipient of prayer by Evangelist Ope during the Laying of Hands session. Upon being touched, she had suddenly lost consciousness of herself as the foul spirit in her began to confess its atrocities. During her testimony at the service of August 28, Mercy had started by confessing that she had been one of those who doubted God’s power as manifested in His servant, Prophet TB Joshua. For 17 years, Mercy had been under the bondage of masquerade spirits from her father’s house which said they wanted her to join them. Most times, a male figure would appear to her in the dream and get intimate with her. In physical life, Mercy was afflicted with health problems, including a serious cough that kept draining her weight. The spirits also caused Mercy to constantly face false accusations, leading to police arrests where she would eventually be found not culpable. Regarding relationships, Mercy could not find any man to commit to her. One day, however, while charging her mobile phone at a shop, Mercy chanced upon Emmanuel TV and saw miracles being wrought by the power of God.

Already delighted by what she had just seen on Emmanuel TV, Mercy got further confirmation of God’s grace upon The SCOAN when the man, whom she had never met before, gave her the sum of 500 hundred naira for transportation after she told him about her retail cosmetics business. Intrigued by it all, Mercy later returned to the man to ask for help regarding her spiritual issues, especially the coughing that used to precede her birthday. The man asked her to start praying along with God’s servant. On her first birthday after the encounter with Prophet TB Joshua’s Ministry, Mercy did not experience the usual cough attack caused by the foul spirits. Then she returned to the man, who advised her to keep on praying along with God’s servant. Trying to get in the way, the spirit husband appeared in Mercy’s dream again and had his way with her. Subsequently, Mercy decided to visit The SCOAN for prayers and God located her during the service of August 7—and the rest is history. She testified, “Now the peace of God is inside me and I sleep like a baby—no more spirit husband.” She advised people, “Do not give up on God; only those who are patient will receive from Him.” 

Burkinabe Woman Shines Again After Deliverance From Spirit Husband

Sunday, April 10, 2022 was the day of liberation for Fatimata, a Burkinabe woman residing in Lebanon who had received ministration of the New Anointing Water by Evangelist Joseph. Unknown to her, an evil spirit had been living in her and had caused her setbacks of all sorts. It had all started while she was living with her grandmother, a spiritualist who claimed to be able to help people to solve life’s problems. In most cases, the people would sacrifice chickens and other animals at Fatimata’s grandmother’s home. As a child, Fatimata was always happy to eat up the sacrificial food—but she had to pay a big price for doing so. To start with, she was always angry and aggressive and she did poorly at school. Later, she left the village but not without being given a spiritual preparation by her grandmother. However, the charm caused her more problems instead, such as constant false accusation and dislike for no reason. “Whenever I was in rage at people, they would say they could hear two voices coming from me,” Fatimata recalled.

Furthermore, she had problems with getting into relationships as she always tried to dominate the men in her life, frequently attacking them with dangerous objects. It was the spirit husband ruling her life, constantly appearing in her dreams and telling her they already had children together. “You cannot leave me,” he would threaten her in the dream. One night, Fatimata had a dream in which a cockroach crept into her private part. When she woke up, she bled for four days and subsequently her menses became messy and smelly. To the glory of God, however, she found The SCOAN online while searching for Christian channels. Captivated by the deliverances and testimonies that she could see, Fatimata finally succeeded in visiting The SCOAN for prayers, having failed to make the visit for the last six years. “My body was quite heavy when I arrived here,” she told the church. “Once the water was ministered on me, my body started to vibrate,” she added. Since then, Fatimata has been sleeping like a baby—to her own surprise. Even further surprise came when, the morning after her deliverance, she received a call from a manager who had disliked her so much and broken off communication with her for the last two years. “I am also totally disconnected from the spirit husband,” she asserted. She advised people to seek the face of God.   

Sade Keeps Her Date With Destiny!

On August 21, 2022 Sade, a Lagos-based Nigerian, received a divine touch from one of The SCOAN evangelists. A week later, she testified about her deliverance from the spirit that had used to make her faint—something she had realised when she was six years old. When she turned 18, Sade began to experience nightly visits by a spirit husband. As time went on, she found her education affected. Later on, she found that she also had issues with relationships, with men absconding after committing to her. “I lost five relationships,” she said. In search of a solution, Sade’s father took her to spiritualists who subjected her to flogging for days and weeks. After she kept a date with destiny, however, Sade became a new creature, her temple now the habitation of God’s Spirit. Subsequently, she had a confirmatory dream in which she freed herself from a man who said he had been blocking her all these years. From nowhere, Sade had found a sword in her hand and she had heard a voice ask her to drive the sword into the man’s heart, leading to his death. In the same dream, Sade saw her mother carrying a baby and coming towards her. Shortly after, she saw God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, who assured her that she was truly beautiful and that her problems were over. “Now I sleep easily, I no longer feel pain during my menses and I don’t eat my nails anymore,” she disclosed. She advised people to take their case to God in faith.

An End To Affliction Of Python Spirit!

Sunday, August 21, 2022 was also the day of deliverance for Onyinyechi. According to the spirit in her, “I put a python in her body; I want to kill her!” It had all started at Onyinyechi’s maternal mother’s homestead, where the little girl used to be hailed as “the glory from the water.” As she grew older, she started to dream about being in rivers. In real life, this led to serious relationship issues with men, with her first marriage collapsing after her spirit husband interfered and killed him in a motoring accident. Even when she turned to business, Onyinyechi also met with failure and her problems remained when she married another man. Things came to a heads one night when Onyinyechi dreamt that a snake crawled into her body. Then she decided to make her way to The SCOAN. There, during the prayer time, she found herself feeling uncomfortable as the spirit husband tried to force her out of the church. That was the beginning of her deliverance. In the end, she had an encounter with God’s Spirit and the foul spirit in her was expelled forever after confessing the atrocities it had caused in her life. She testified, “Now I sleep well, my food digests easily and I have peace in my heart.” Onyinyechi subsequently had a confirmatory dream in which a male figure told her that her prayer requests had been answered. She advised people to run to God for solutions to their problems. Onyinyechi’s husband, Ifeanyi, corroborated his wife’s narration, saying her issues had brought constant disappointment to his life. “I no longer get angry easily, I don’t worry unduly anymore, my wife’s eyeballs no longer suddenly discolour and she no longer tunes off in conversations with me,” he said. He told the church, “God makes all things possible.”

Pastor Couple And Daughter Delivered From Impure Spirits

Sunday, August 21, 2022 was also the day of deliverance for Beatrice. In her case, she was freed from the spirit of “a strange man” that had been responsible for problems in her life and marriage. The spirit’s major grouse with her was her constant reference to the “God of Prophet TB Joshua,” Beatrice being a minister of the Gospel, like her husband, Jeremiah. It had all started while Beatrice was living with her grandmother. As a young girl, Beatrice had found herself constantly angry in a family lacking peace. At some point, she fought her mother and this led to a police case accompanied by harsh words from her mother and other people. When Beatrice finally brought home a man, her mother initially opposed the union but later allowed the wedding to happen. However, on countless occasions did she move out of the house because of quarrels. For a while, Beatrice could not conceive but she sought God and ended up having three children. Yet, problems remained. She said, “I was addicted to masturbation and I constantly fought my husband, almost ruining our ministry, which had had Prophet TB Joshua’s The Mirror buried in its foundations. To the glory of God, the ministry survived. Beatrice and her family then decided to visit The SCOAN for prayers and she received her deliverance. “Now I no longer see dead people, make love in the dream, have back pain or get angry easily,” she said. “Moreover,” she continued, “I now sleep easily; in short, it is well with me.” She advised people to run to God always.

Jeremiah confirmed all that his wife had said, adding that a rainstorm had tried to prevent their wedding day, which happened sometime in November 2000. After the wedding, Jeremiah began to experience serious problems, losing key business contacts and facing financial hardship. “Now there is love in our marriage,” he said before advising people to run to God. The couple’s daughter, Favour, thanked God for hers and her parents’ deliverance. She then told of her experience with a spirit husband and how she kept flying in her dream and seeing dead relatives. “I performed poorly in school, as I kept failing to remember everything I had read.” She also told of her struggle with the spirit of anger. “I could destroy anything in the house when angry,” she said. Worse, she was depressed and suicidal. Since receiving a divine touch, however, Favour is now able to sleep easily and read her Bible without distraction. “The spirit husband is gone,” she confirmed. She advised people never to give up on God.

For Hope, It’s Another Chance To Live For God!

On Sunday, August 21, 2022, Hope was one of those liberated from foul spirits. In her own case, a foul spirit had entered her mother when she went to see a native doctor for Hope’s safe delivery. While growing up, Hope was always aggressive and stubborn. To worsen matters, at 13 years old, she fell pregnant and got rejected by her mother and several other family members. “Only my father stood by me,” she recalled during her testimony on August 28. Along the line, she moved away from home and became a hair stylist. During this time, she met a woman who introduced her to prostitution abroad, after she had been made to swear to an oath of secrecy and unfailing cooperation. On arrival at her destination, Hope was forced to surrender her passport and other key documents to her Nigerian trafficker in the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, for a grueling year, she strove hard to repay her debt to the trafficker, until she reported herself to immigration authorities.

On returning home, Hope tried to pick up the pieces of her life by going into retail trading. , But she continued having serious spiritual problems, with a spirit husband and snakes constantly appearing to her. Luckily for her, she discovered Emmanuel TV and vomited the impure deposits in her system while praying along with Prophet TB Joshua. She then decided to visit The SCOAN for prayers. Since her deliverance, Hope has become light. She said, “I no longer see snakes and those other strange things in my dream; besides, I no longer have the spirit of anger.” She advised parents to guide their children in love and urged young people to not be in a hurry to make money. Her father, Raphael, thanked God for delivering his daughter at His appointed time. Hope’s sister, Blessing, also thanked God for delivering her sister from the spirit of anger, stubbornness and waywardness. She advised people to have faith in God. 

Baby Godslight Born Against All Odds!

For Mary, the power of God manifested in the form of the New Anointing Water. She had got married in 2018 to a man with spinal cord issues who also had fertility issues. Told there was no solution but adoption or artificial insemination, Mary and her husband opted to seek God’s face, even after the transition of God’s servant in June 2021. In no time, she fell pregnant—proof that the power of God could never fail. Although doctors had told her that she would very likely have her child via a Caesarian Section, Mary took her case again to God and received prayerful ministration of the New Anointing Water by one of the evangelists. After the spirit in her had manifested, Mary became calm and assured that her child would be delivered normally. And to the glory of God, baby Godslight was delivered normally! Mary’s mother-in-law, Josephine, said she had introduced her son and his wife to the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua and that she was delighted at their testimony. She advised people to take their case to God. Mary advised people to obey God’s command and to share their own testimonies to strengthen the faith of others.

After-Service Testimony

It was with a heart full of gratitude that Samuel testified today after he was healed of five years of difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis, following prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua at The Prayer Line. As he walked around freely, brandishing his lumbar corset and knee braces, he kept saying, “I appreciate God!”