EXPRESS THE NECESSARY TRUST IN CHRIST JESUS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


After welcoming the Holy Spirit into The Arena Of Liberty and inviting Him to take control, The Emmanuel TV Choir led congregants and viewers all over the world into an impactful worship session where they glorified the name of the Lord and asked to be located by abiding divine mercy. “Don’t Leave Me Out/When You Deliver!” they prayed.

For his message entitled “Express The Necessary Trust In Christ Jesus”, Evangelist Shina backed up his words of exhortation with passages such as Psalm 37:3-4, Matthew 9:20-22, Daniel 3:15-18, Matthew 8:7-8, Psalm 51:1-2 and James 1:21-22. In one of his opening remarks, he noted: “Millions today have surrendered to their fears while their hearts dream of a miracle. Do not allow that to happen to you.” This was his way of assuring congregants that although trials will arise for the Christian, such trials should never be enough to tamper with their faith in Jesus Christ’s ability to meet their needs in the end. To back up this point, he cited the cases of the woman with the issue of blood, the centurion and his servant, and the three Hebrew children.

Expectedly, Evangelist Shina urged congregants to see the Bible as containing all the guidelines to follow on how to repose total faith in Jesus Christ. When you act upon the Word of God,” he said, “you are in unison with God, you are acting with God.” He further noted, “Knowing Jesus is all about adherence to, commitment to, faith in, trust in and complete dependence on Him for everything.”  Therefore, he concluded, “There is no state of being that is as rewarding as living in tune with God!”

 Their Dates With Destiny

When Pastor Evelyn Joshua joined congregants for the Prayer Line/Laying of Hands session, she began by praying: “Father, reveal yourself in all that concerns us today—in our situations, circumstances! Father, free us from every bondage today, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Father, heal us from every pain today, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Following that petition, the Holy Spirit descended into The Arena Of Liberty to commence the work of healing, deliverance and redemption in the lives of people who had come with cases such as difficulty in walking, addiction to smoking, swollen belly, asthma, bleeding due to fibroids, hernia, safe delivery, urinary tract disorder, goitre, leg ulcers, prostate cancer, piles, epilepsy, skin disease, whitlow, and fracture, among others.

As the evangelists joined the woman of God, it became clear yet again that there is never a sickness that Jesus cannot heal, never a mountain of affliction that He cannot move and never a problem that He cannot solve! 

Affirmations In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ

After reading from Luke 13:15-17, Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to declare: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forevermore!” She then prayed: “Everything that satan may have used to connect you to himself—be loosed, delivered right now, in the mighty name of Jesus! Everything that stands between you and God’s favour—be humiliated today, in the name of Jesus!”

She also asked congregants to decree thus: “Every giant in my way—begin to move now! Every Wall of Jericho—be crumbled and destroyed, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” For the viewers she prayed: “We command the healing, blessing power of God into your career!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “Command that demon that threatens your life, family to come out.” He also asked them to pray: “Whatever spirit from my past that is threatening my present and my future—out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants to pray: “I am a child of God! By the grace of God, you devil, demon, satan frustrating my life: Out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants: “Every hidden sickness, disease in your blood, kidney, liver—command it out!” He also prayed: “That poison in your body, moving object—by the fire of the Holy Ghost: Out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Whatever spirit frustrating your effort, career, business, destiny, finances—command it out! Whatever that has been taken from you—ask the Lord to restore it!” He also prayed: “Let there be light in your career, business, destiny!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua asked congregants to pray: “Thou power of deliverance—fall upon me!” He also prayed: “Whatever spirit operating in your life—Out!” The man of God then proclaimed: “You are a channel of God no matter what comes, no matter what happens! The way out for you has come, in Jesus Christ’s name!”


Rose Walks Freely Again!

When, one morning, Rose woke up feeling pain all over her body, she had thought it was a small matter that would disappear as suddenly as it came. But she was wrong. The pain persisted, so she had to start seeking solutions wherever she could, including at medical, tradomedical and spiritual centres. However, there was no solution for her inability to walk, which doctors later detected was caused by lumbar spondylosis. In the meantime, they had given her a walking aid to support her feeble mobility. Not knowing what else to do, Rose settled for a visit with God Almighty at The SCOAN. There, she received faith-backed prayer on Sunday, August 14, 2022. “People discouraged me from coming,” she recalled about her decision to attend the service. Once the woman of God laid an anointed hand on Rose, however, all of her infirmity came to an end. “I saw something heavy leave my body,” she testified a week after. “I fell flat on my back,” she added, “once Pastor Evelyn Joshua touched me.” Now she can bend, raise her hand, walk freely and do other things she had been unable to do before. “Refuse to be discouraged by people once you have set your mind on seeking God,” she advised congregants and viewers all over the world.

Divine Victory For Salamatu!

One morning in the year 2003, Salamatu, a Ghanaian, found herself unable to move her legs after a fall from the bed. Despite looking desperately for a solution, she found none and instead received further unhappy news: stomach ulcers. To the glory of God, however, she visited The SCOAN with faith in her heart as she received prayer from the woman of God on August 14, 2022. Since then, her infirmities have bowed down to the power of Jesus Christ and she has been in perfect health. Now she can walk briskly, lift objects, run and jump—things she had been unable to do before. Moreover, she can now return fully to her business, which had been suffering over the years. She advised people to stick with God always.

Freed At Last From Idol Of Her Father’s House!

Nina, an evangelist from Imo State, testified about her deliverance from the stranglehold of an idol from her father’s house during the service of August 14, 2022. “Every August,” she disclosed to the church a week later, “our parents would take us to the village and have a ceremony for appeasing the spirit behind the idol.” She continued, “I was an inquisitive child, so I kept asking questions and trying to find out things from my parents but they never told me much, except to say that our ancestors had been under a curse for killing a maiden a long, long time ago.” One day, her curiosity led her into a building she had been forbidden from entering. “It was a strange place containing fetish items—a shrine—and I urinated there,” she revealed. That was the genesis of her personal conflict with the idols of her father’s house, which made her life miserable. She performed poorly at school, failed in business and suffered from many ailments. Even more, marriage was a big mess for her: three children with three different men! One day, she heard a voice instruct her to start preaching the Gospel. Nevertheless, her problems remained: bondage to lack, indebtedness and illness. Following her deliverance, however, Nina is now a new creature in Jesus Christ. “I no longer have nightmares or dreams about a spirit husband, and I can breathe easily now,” she told congregants. She advised parents to pay attention to their children’s needs and to tell them the truth while making God’s Word the standard for their lives. “Read your Bible and believe in God no matter what you are facing,” she advised people. 

“Yours Is A Synagogue Case!” Friend Told Woman Now Delivered From Ancestral Spirit

On Sunday, August 14, 2022, the ancestral spirit in Nwakaego had boasted that it would not let her marry. A week later, during Nwakaego’s testimony, it transpired that the spirit was known as ‘agadi nwanyi’, meaning ‘old woman’ in the Igbo language. Among the atrocities that the spirit brought to the family were madness and premature death by motoring accident—the route by which several members of her immediate and extended family left the world, including her father. In her own case, Nwakaego suffered the additional affliction of inability to marry. The most she had got was a very brief marriage. When her problems became unbearable, Nwakaego decided to visit The SCOAN despite being warned against it by detractors of the ministry. To the glory of God, Nwakaego received her deliverance after a touch from Pastor Evelyn Joshua during the service in question. Since then, she has had at least two confirmatory dreams in which she broke free from the spirit of the old woman that had sought to bind her forever to the demons of her father’s house. “Now I feel very light and calm inside me,” he said. Citing Luke 1:37, she advised people to seek God and submit to His power at The SCOAN.

And Baby Daniel Came Forth After Ministration Of New Anointing Water!

On May 1, 2022, Olakunle was in church with his heavily pregnant wife, Gloria, seeking the face of God for her safe delivery. After prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, the couple returned home, taking the New Anointing Water with them. A fortnight later, on May 15, Gloria fell into labour. However, for five hours, she laboured without being able to bring forth her baby. Then, Olakunle recalled the gift of the New Anointing Water. Quickly, he fetched it, mixed it with glucose and gave to his wife. Within minutes, Glory had her baby—a boy! But there was a snag: the placenta was stuck inside Glory, so the nurse told Olakunle not to rejoice yet. However, he again ministered the New Anointing Water and the broken placenta eventually got extracted. But Glory had now become so weak there were fears for her life. Again, Olakunle turned to God’s power in the New Anointing Water. Even after they were referred to another hospital, Olakunle did not lose hope and he again administered the water. Shortly after, Gloria came back to full consciousness—to the glory of God! Olakunle advised people to trust only in the Lord. On her part, Gloria said: “No matter the doctor’s report, have faith in God and you will be a living testimony!”

Delivered From Spirit Husband!

Anabel from Equatorial Guinea also testified about her deliverance from a spirit husband. Forced by her aunt into a relationship of convenience with a man she did not like, Anabel suffered domestic violence for years. Eventually, she ran away from the union and left the child in the village with her mother to find a job. She began a new life in the city and soon found another man who married her. However, that marriage too did not last, as her spirit husband kept getting in the way. Meanwhile, another child had already come into the picture. Yet again, Anabel found a third man but her spiritual husband kept appearing to the latest man in the form of a python. Troubled by the afflictions in his mother’s life, Anabel’s third fiance advised her to visit The SCOAN for prayers. On Sunday, August 14, 2022, Anabel finally received her deliverance right inside The Arena Of Liberty, after the spirit in her confessed before fleeing. Since then, she has had a confirmatory dream in which the spirit husband fled from her, saying she was now carrying divine fire. “God is bigger than your situation,” Anabel told the church.

Freed At Last From Ancestral Demons!

Because of an evil covenant that their ancestors had entered into with ancestral demons, Christiana’s father and his siblings had died off one by one without fulfilling destiny. Feeling entitled to being worshipped by the next generation, the demons wanted Christiana and her siblings to bow to them. However, Christiana decided that would never happen. Consequently, the demons tried to make her life miserable, especially by preventing her from finding a husband. Although a number of men came her way, each one eventually vanished, breaking all contacts with her. Over the decades, Christiana had been to numerous places in search of a solution but she had met with no luck. By divine design, she made her way to The SCOAN on Sunday, August 14, 2022 and the Spirit of the Lord located her! Now she no longer has dream encounters with the departed souls of her father’s house. She has also received her healing from the chest and lower-abdomen pain that used to bother her body. Afterwards, she had confirmatory dreams in which she parted ways with the spirit of the dead. She urged people to take their problems to God. “You will be free like me, in Jesus’ name!” she assured them.

Divine Joy For Joy After Liberation From Spirit Husband!

Sunday, August 14, 2022 was indeed a glorious day for Joy from Benue State. That was the day she received her deliverance from the spirit responsible for anger and other vices, including the power of negative pronouncement. It had all started in her childhood, when she found herself sucked into a river where she stayed for three days. Since then, she became possessed by a spirit that gave her the power to command anything into existence. She could even disappear from a scene of danger. In relationships, she became a source of terror to men, causing misfortune to those she didn’t like but who dared to pester her for a relationship. In one case, she rebuffed a pastor who had asked to marry her. Coming from a family of snake worshippers, Joy had a snake constantly ‘guarding’ and ‘protecting’ her. But the spirit in her also caused her outright negativity. At one time, the spirit husband had raped her in the dream and given her pain in the real world. Doctors said it was piles. To the glory of God, after prayer from Pastor Evelyn Joshua during the service in question, Joy passed out blood even while the service was ongoing. She advised parents not to force their children into erroneous practice. “Stop worshipping idols,” she advised people.

After-Service Testimonies

Until he received the prayer of healing, Jeremiah was compelled to use two lumbar corsets to aid his movement as he was suffering from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. Unable to afford the huge cost of surgery, he had brought his case to God and received prayer at The SCOAN. Now he can do all the things he had been unable to do before, such as raising his hand and squatting. He advised people to run to God.

Charles was also healed of difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis. After prayer by the woman of God, he is glad that he will not need to subject himself to expensive surgery. “Run to God,” he advised people.

Elizabeth from Ghana equally received her healing from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. Advised not to subject herself to surgery because of her weak bones, she had opted to take her case to God. Now she no longer needs a walking aid and can do things for herself. “Now I can raise my hands and bend my body and I no longer need a lumbar corset,” she said. She advised people to run to God.