ACTING ON GOD’S WILL AND PROMISES - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


During the opening session of the Sunday Service of August 14, 2022, The Emmanuel TV Choir pled to God for themselves and the people: “Take Not Thy Holy Spirit From Me/Restore Unto Me The Joy Of Thy Salvation/And Renew A Right Spirit Within Me.” Then, in appreciation of God’s wondrous works of the past, the present and the future, they sang: “We Are Grateful, O Lord, For All You Have Done For Us!” And as many as declared these words from the heart, the Lord heard their humble cry and shamed the devil!

For his message titled “Acting On God’s Will And Promises”, Evangelist Joseph took his major reading from Romans 10:17 and noted the centrality of God’s Word to His character, personality and heart. Recalling Prophet TB Joshua’s ceaseless emphasis on the Word of God as both a shield and a weapon, the preacher said that a Christian must always meditate on the Word so that their spirit can act on it and bring about astounding and outstanding success, victory and authority. “Don’t forget that meditation on the Word is a visit with God,” he said.

Accordingly, Evangelist Joseph reminded congregants to remain in the assurances of the promises in God’s Word even in times of crisis and uncertainty, and to pray in line with the Scriptures while confessing only positivity. He therefore urged all to confess as he rounded off the message: “I am standing on the promises of God. I am living steady, moving steady, working steady in unsteady times. I choose not to walk in worries. I choose not to walk in pain. I choose to walk in God’s promise for my life.”

Healing And Deliverance By The God Of Heaven And Earth

At the start of the Prayer Line/Laying Of Hands, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “Almighty God, we revel in prayer in Your name against every principality and power, forces of evil spirit that hold Your people in bondage. Father, set them free from every weakness, shortcoming, limitation, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

As the woman of God prayed over each case, divine power surged through the people like electric current, reawakening every dead thing in their systems and lives. Among the cases were asthma, difficulty in walking, stroke, breech presentation, drug addiction, bleeding, ulcers, swelling of the body, allergies, kidney ailments, mental disorder, hernias, diabetes, split personality and cancer.

Soon, the woman of God was joined by evangelists Joseph, Ope, James and Chisom in the ministration of prayers of healing and deliverance for breakthrough and the ultimate salvation of souls. As the prayers carried on, God’s raw power suffused The SCOAN Auditorium and forced every contrary spirit to confess before fleeing forever!

And Their Hearts’ Desires Were Met By The God Who Answers By Fire!

“Be disconnected from the seen and be connected to the unseen, for what is seen is temporary and what is unseen is permanent,” prayed Pastor Evelyn Joshua at the beginning of the Mass Prayer session. She then asked the people to say: “My heart, hear the voice of God! My heart, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit! Lord God! My body, my spirit—reject the spirit of sickness! Reject the covenant of pain, barrenness, setback, disappointment!”

She further prayed: “Everything that is not of God in your body—out now, in the mighty name of Jesus! Be healed! Let there be freedom, rest in your life, in the mighty name of Jesus!” For the nations she prayed: “Set us free from every covenant of character! Give our leaders direction, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Father, release us from every satanic influence that cages our nations!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Those hiding spirits—spirit of setback attacking your body, family—command them out!” He also prayed: “You demon, unclean spirit—Out!”

Evangelist Ope prayed: “By the fire of the Holy Ghost, every demonic covenant against your family, business—be broken! Spirit of hardship—out!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Your body is not the temple of disease, sickness. Command them out, in the name of Jesus!” He also prayed: “Every cycle of sickness, disease in your life, family—be broken! Be loosed from that infirmity!” He further told congregants: “Whatever that is hindering your career, business, finances—command it out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom commanded: “Receive your breakthrough keys and open those closed doors to breakthrough and success!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua prayed: “Whatever chain satan must have used to connect you to himself—be broken, in the name of Jesus! Whatever weakness satan is using to get you to himself—be broken, in the name of Jesus! That affliction—leave my people, in the name of Jesus! Every organ—begin to function!”


Healing And Deliverance For Juliet And Her Children

On August 7, 2022, Juliet, a caterer, was a recipient of prayer during The SCOAN Sunday Service. She had been suffering from difficulty in walking caused by pain in the waist and ankles. As the woman of God laid an anointed hand on her, Juliet felt the bones click into place in various parts of her body. Since then, she has been moving about and working without needing assistance for things she should do by herself. She advised people to run to God. “He will heal you as He has healed me,” she assured her listeners and viewers. Juliet’s 15-year-old daughter, Rhoda, also gave her own testimony of deliverance from the spirit causing bedwetting. “Since last Sunday, I have not wet my bed during the night or at any other time,” she told the church. She advised people to have faith in God, who alone can solve all problems. Juliet’s son, Owen, equally testified about his deliverance from a spirit wife who had always prevented him from making headway in life. “Now I no longer see the woman or have negative thoughts or watch pornography,” he told the church. He advised youths to occupy their minds with godly things. “Where your treasure is, so will your heart be,” he reminded them.

At Last, Samson Is Freed From Malevolent Mermaid Spirit!

Asked what his mission was in the body of Samson, the demon boasted that he was going to destroy him and kill the remaining members of his family. The demonic spirit had crept into Samson while he stayed with his grandmother, a devotee of mermaid spirits. In his teens, Samson found himself having dreams in which a woman would get intimate with him. Even when he got married, the demon continued to get in the way of Samson’s relationship with his wife. A mermaid spirit, the demon would frequently appear in-between Samson and his wife while they lay in bed, threatening to break up their union. Determined to fulfil its satanic mission in Samson’s life, the demon afflicted him with poverty by grounding his trucking business. Samson then switched to commercial farming. However, he soon experienced another setback as he lost the acres of land to new buyers, who pitifully handed him the sum of one hundred thousand naira only as compensation. Undaunted, Samson tried his hands at another farm elsewhere but he again witnessed disaster when a herd of cattle invaded his yam barn and caused him total loss.

Already dealt a terrible blow by the spirit of poverty, Samson was left without rest as the spirit started taking away his siblings one by one. Refusing to succumb, Samson resorted to prayer. Along the line, he had a dream in which the Spirit of God rescued him from an attempt on his life. When he awoke, he realised he had been saved from the spirit of death. On another occasion, he escaped death after virtually losing consciousness when he ate meat that his wife had been frying for Christmas. He was eventually saved when, in a trance-like state while he lay on his back and alone on the floor of his bedroom, an image of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua appeared to him and commanded out the spirit of death from his body. To the glory of God, during the service of August 7, 2022, Samson received his total deliverance from the mermaid spirit that had been threatening him with death after afflicting him with poverty, stagnation, shortness of temper and nightmares. The moment an evangelist’s anointed hand landed on Samson, the evil spirit in him knew its end had finally come, so it confessed hurriedly before running away. To the glory of God, Samson no longer eats in the dream as he gets ready to pursue, overtake and recover all! He advised parents to be mindful of whom they keep their children with and to have faith in God. Samson’s wife, Patience, told of how she had been troubled by the spirit of barrenness. She also thanked God for saving her husband from the spirit of anger. “There is peace in our home now,” she said with tears of joy in her eyes. She advised people to wait for God’s appointed time.

A Heavenly Divorce For Grace From Twin Spirit Husbands!

Grace from Benue State testified about her deliverance from the twin spirit causing her nightmares and stagnation. She recalled, “Two spirit husbands used to come to me in the dream. They would take me to a stream and then get intimate with me.” When Grace finally opened up about the encounters, her mother advised that they start visiting spiritual homes for solutions. Unable to do well in academics, Grace resorted to business. However, the evil spirit again reared its ugly head there, causing her to lose all her investments and plunging her into debt. In the area of relationships, the spirit would creep in and force Grace to call off relationship after relationship. “I have been in over ten failed relationships,” she disclosed. She added, “The present relationship is being sustained by the grace of God.” However, despite attempts by satan to cause her discomfort while in church, Grace finally received her deliverance after a touch by one of the evangelists during the service of August 7, 2022. “I was determined to not give in to the devil despite all the pain I was feeling,” she said about how she had felt before receiving the divine touch. Since then, she has been delivered from the spirit of anger. “Now I wake up singing songs of worship instead of being bitter and angry,” she said cheerfully. Following the deliverance, Grace had a dream encounter with an image of God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, who prayed for her and ministered the New Anointing Water on her. In a subsequent dream, Grace overcame the two evil spirits that had been troubling her dream life. “Never ever give up on God,” she advised the people.

“I Have Peace And Calmness In My Heart Now,” Says Woman Delivered From Spirit Husband

“I killed all her family! I caused her a lot pain! I don’t want her to have peace!” so declared the spirit in Rose from Kogi State. It was threatening to claim her life as it had done with numerous members of her family already. “I kept having dreams in which the spirit of death trailed me,” she said. The spirit also transferred its malevolence to Rose’s infant child, giving him heart failure. To the glory of God, after ministration of the New Anointing Water on the child, he received instant healing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “Now he is no longer on oxygen and he eats and sleeps well,” Rose told congregants. Regarding herself Rose said, “I have peace and calmness in my heart now and I no longer dream about dying.” Also gone is the spirit of anger that used to make Rose physically assault her 9-year-old son over minor issues. She advised people to avoid building strange altars in their homes.

Linus Is Released For Exploits As Spirit Wife Is Banished And Bedwetting Ends!

“I thank God for delivering me from a spirit wife and bedwetting,” Linus began his testimony during the service of August 14, 2022. It had all started after he shook hands with some village elders as he prepared for a journey. Thereafter, he had a dream in which he made love with a woman after seeing the same set of elders in the dream. Since then, things started going downhill for him as he began to lose opportunities that would have bettered his life. Even worse, each loss of opportunity was preceded by bedwetting during the previous night. After being introduced to Emmanuel TV, Linus decided to seek out The SCOAN. As the woman of God and the evangelists moved around him during the service of August 7, 2022, Linus found that the spirit bothering his life had become uncomfortable. The spirit had tried to force him into another invisible handshake but the Holy Spirit had taken control. Instead, it was an anointed hand that took hold of his and released him permanently from satanic bondage. He said, “I no longer have trauma, sickness or bedwetting.”  Following his deliverance, Linus had a dream in which he flogged the spirit wife before chasing her away. He advised people to exercise patience in their dealings with God. “God is the First and the Last,” he asserted.

Hideous Leg Ulcer Healed After Prayer By Prophet TB Joshua!

Francisca from Enugu State had suffered an accident while on a business trip. Although she was taken to the hospital for immediate treatment, Francisca found that her leg injury refused to heal and eventually developed into an ulcer. Doctors suggested she might need to have her foot amputated if she would not allow flesh to be taken from another part of her body and grafted on the ailing leg. As a believer in God’s power, however, Francisca had made her way to The SCOAN on June 25, 2017 and received prayer from Prophet TB Joshua in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Five years after, only a scar remains of Francisca’s leg ulcer and she can now do all that she had been unable to do before. She advised people to trust in God. “He will see you through,” she promised them. Her son, Samson, glorified God for saving his family from the stress of their mother’s illness. He also advised young people to have faith in God.

Gloria And Chiamaka Are Free At Last From Marine Spirit Causing Anger, Stagnation

Gloria testified alongside her family about her deliverance from a marine spirit that had been responsible for addiction to vice, including smoking, drinking and drug abuse. She also used to be ruled by the spirit of anger and constantly had dreams in which she would see herself as a corpse, with her family mourning over her. In her off-campus residence while a student, Gloria’s witch-doctor landlord kept demanding that she give him cowries to enhance his own powers. However, unaware that her landlord could see what she did not know about herself, Gloria kept telling him that she was a child of God. In frustration, the man appeared in her dream and, after failing to get what he wanted, summoned Gloria in real life and asked her to vacate his premises. Afterwards, Gloria came down with a skin ailment and became suicidal, even as she sank further into addiction. Eventually, on August 7, 2022, she made her way to The SCOAN for prayers and the Spirit of God located her. Since then, she has been freed from ten years of addiction and spiritual abuse by malevolent spirits. She advised people to look up to God for solutions to their problems.

Gloria’s sister, Chiamaka, also recounted her own deliverance from the spirit husband that had used to cause her unbridled anger. “I kept finding myself having dreams in which the spirit husband would sleep with me, before and after I got married,” she said. The demonic spirit also made her life miserable, causing her stagnation in business and lack of peace in marriage—as well as occasional bedwetting. Things came to a head when Chiamaka started dreaming about masquerades, dogs and other strange creatures. She had quickly agreed to join her sister Gloria for the Sunday Service of August 7. Now gone are bedwetting, nightmares, the spirit of anger and business stagnancy. “Clients have been calling me since I came here,” she informed the church with a broad smile. She advised people not to keep issues to themselves. “Jesus can fix all things,” she said. The sisters’ father confirmed the testimonies and thanked God for all that has changed in their lives. Said their mother, “I feel so great and happy.” She advised people to run to Jesus for solutions to their problems.

After-Service Testimonies

During the Mass Prayer session, a woman vomited the poisonous substances that had been causing movements all over her chest. Now she can open her mouth and talk freely for the glory of God!

Evelyn, a Cameroonian living in Germany, testified about her healing from difficulty in walking owing to lumbar problems. She had been relying on a lumbar corset and an ankle brace. “Every pain is gone now,” she said about the effect of the prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. She demonstrated everything she had been unable to do before. “I feel light,” she said before advising people to take their own cases to God.

A woman from Botswana also received her healing from knee pain. “I felt a sensation in my knees when the woman of God was praying for me,” she said. While discarding her knee supports and demonstrating what she could not do before, she advised people to move to God for solutions.

Veronica from Ghana testified about her healing from lumbar spondylosis, after receiving ministration at the Prayer Line. Now she no longer has waist pain and can move as freely as she wants. “I felt a cold sensation in my body during the prayer session,” she recalled as she discarded her lumbar corset and knee support before demonstrating her perfect healing in Jesus’ name.