THE TRAP OF OFFENCE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was both the last day and the last Sunday of July 2022. To glorify God for His unfailing mercy, The Emmanuel TV Choir led congregants and viewers all over the world in a passionate session of worship that got the attention of Heaven. “Father, You Are Holy,” they first declared before pleading, “Let The Mercy Of The Lord Come Down.” Thereafter, they proceeded to render one of the iconic compositions of Prophet TB Joshua, “Spirit Pray Through Me.” In no time, the atmosphere in The Arena Of Liberty became saturated with the situation-changing presence of the Holy Spirit.    

And as Evangelist Chisom climbed on The SCOAN Altar, it was clear that the people of God were ready to receive the Word with a spirit of broken submissiveness. Reading from Matthew 22:37-39 and Matthew 5:44, he announced his sermon title as “The Trap Of Offence”. For those familiar with the divine mandate of The SCOAN, it was immediately obvious that he was going to be speaking about the necessity of forgiveness in the Christian race—a major theme in Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry.

As expected, Evangelist Chisom delivered many powerful nuggets of wisdom from God’s servant, Prophet TB Joshua. He began by observing: “It is impossible to live this life and not have the opportunity to be offended…. Offence will come but we must learn to deal with it at its earliest stage.” And how to deal with offence? Persistent recourse to the Word of God, which is the armour for learning how to forgive offenders constantly, answered Evangelist Chisom. For the message, he cited other Bible portions such as Luke 17:1, Ephesians 6:11 and Matthew 18:21-24, among others.

Evangelist Chisom noted that the Bible is both a defensive and an offensive weapon. Accordingly, as the Bible teaches, virtues such as love, truth, humility and forgiveness are tools of defence against unwarranted hatred, lies and bitterness as perpetrated by enemies of the Christian’s soul. In concluding, the evangelist quoted the words of Prophet TB Joshua as to how to receive God’s blessings in the face of dealing with offence: “You will receive in a moment what you have been praying for so long the moment you let go of offence.”

And The Power Of The Lord Came Down!

Starting the Prayer Line/Laying Of Hands session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “We ask for the anointing to wash away every demonic influence, pronouncement today. Father, set your children free from ever shackle of evil today! In Jesus’ name we pray!”

And because God honours His name and Word always, a diverse range of illnesses and conditions were eliminated by the power of the Living God as the woman of God prayed. For those who had come with special cases such as mental illness, epilepsy, asthma, ulcers, skin disease and pregnancy complications, etc., God showed His mighty hand through the faculties of the woman of God.

With the raw power of God having saturated The Arena Of liberty, the evangelists joined Pastor Evelyn Joshua to minister deliverance, healing and breakthrough for the ultimate salvation of souls. “Out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” the evangelists commanded. Indeed, there was no hiding place for satan and his agents—glory be to Jesus Christ!  

Efficacious Prayer For All!

At the start of the Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked congregants to thank God first before placing their requests. “We can never thank God enough,” she said. She then prayed: “You devil, unclean spirit—I call you by your name, I know you are the cause of pain, sickness and confusion—right now, we command you out, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every spirit that is not of God, we command you out, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every yoke of barrenness, pain, affliction—be broken!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “We command the power of God to rest upon your life, in the mighty name of Jesus. Everything that is not of God—begin to loose your grip!” Finally, she prophesied: “Your deliverance is permanent, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Whatever that threatens your life, peace, joy and comfort—begin to rebuke it…. You demon, unclean spirit—I command you out, in the name of Jesus! Be loosed from that bondage!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “That spirit that threatens your life—command it to come out!” He also prayed: “Every influence of satan over your life—be broken, in the name of Jesus! Every organ in your body that is experiencing illness, by the power in the Blood of Jesus—be healed, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Spirit behind your sickness—command it out!” He also prayed: “You sickness, darkness, disease—I order you out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants to pray: “You spirit frustrating my business, career—I call you by your name—anywhere you are, Holy Ghost Fire: Out!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua prayed: “Father, in Your presence we are content. Holy Spirit, close the gap; bring Your children close. Close the gap, in Jesus’ name! Deliver Your children, in the name of Jesus! Let there be light—light in your spirit! I release you, in the name of Jesus! You sickness, in the name of Jesus Christ, anywhere you are hiding, I say: Out! I separate you from that disease, infirmity! You spirit, leave my people! Whatever poison you must have eaten—poison in your blood, kidney, liver, bones—out, in the name of Jesus!”


Saved From Nine Years Of Pain!

For nine years, Maria, a Cameroonian, suffered from difficulty in walking due to arthritis. For most of the time, she relied mostly on her children to do things for her. To the glory of God, however, Maria attended The SCOAN Sunday Service of July 24, 2022 and received prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Instantly, she received her healing from a problem that had bothered her for almost a decade. “I felt light immediately after the prayer,” she said while walking briskly to demonstrate her healing. She advised people to take their problems to God.

No Longer Ruled By Family Idol Causing Anger

As one of the children of the third wife of her father, Rachel had promised herself while growing up that she would not end up with a broken marriage, as had been the case with virtually all of her father’s female children, who kept returning home. However, the devil wanted Rachel to break that vow, so he gave her the spirit of anger and constantly made her quarrelsome. Anytime she got angry, she would not mind using any object around her to hurt whoever had upset her. For years in her marriage, there was no progress but retrogression. Her mother then told her it was a family idol that was trying to break her marriage. On July 24, 2022, however, Rachel received her deliverance after prayer by one of the evangelists. Now she has calmness and peace in her life and home. Her child also got healed of an ailment during the Service. A confirmation of Rachel’s deliverance came from a dream where she saw herself in a battle where two of her children fell down while running from an enemy. Before she could reach her fallen children, someone had tried to cut them with a knife. From nowhere, however, a man appeared and told the person he could not harm the children, for they belonged to God. Afterwards, in that same dream, the giant man who had been bothering Rachel’s life was eliminated for good. Rachel’s husband, Jeremiah, told of how his consulting business had been hampered severely by the spirit of anger dwelling in his wife. He recalled, “There were times my wife took a machete and threatened to kill me and then herself.” He also thanked God for the salvation of his family. He advised viewers never to consider themselves untouchable but to stay under the cover of Jesus Christ. Rachel advised congregants, “Be patient; wait for God’s time.”  

With Family Idol Expelled, Restoration Is Now Assured For Ngozi’s Family!

Ngozi started her testimony by telling of how she and her family had been enjoying life to the fullest after she got married. “Our businesses were going fine, we were living in our own home and our children were attending the best school around,” she said. However, things changed all of a sudden. On many mornings, the family would wake up to the sight of strange objects on their premises after strange birds would have cried repeatedly during the night. They would also see cats at night and bloodstains all over the compound in the morning. People to whom they were benefactors began to fight and malign them. As time went on, the couple had to withdraw their children from the standard schools they were attending. They also lost their home and cars. Then they began to live from hand to mouth. Everywhere Ngozi and her family went, including abroad, they met with hatred and unexplainable ill will. Even those who had promised to help them would suddenly change their minds after seeing them physically. With the family being unable to make ends meet abroad, it took an Arab man to sensitise Ngozi and her family about the need to seek God’s help. “Do you know about The SCOAN?” the man had asked Ngozi. Following that prompting, Ngozi and her husband made their way to Nigeria for prayers at The SCOAN on July 24, 2022. As the woman of God moved close to her during the prayer session, Ngozi saw the foul spirit in her become uncomfortable. Since then, she said, she has been light and lively and no longer suicidal. She advised people, “No matter what you are going through, have faith in God.” Ngozi’s husband, Oscar, told of how people used not to live beyond 50 years in his family. Since the deliverance, however, Oscar has stopped having dreams in which he would see himself in the village. 

Prophetess Delivered From Masquerade Spirit, Daughter No Longer Bedwetting

Glory, a minister of the Word, testified today about her deliverance from the family idol that had been responsible for many problems in her family, including broken marriages and death at the point of childbirth. The evil spirit behind the idol used to do battle with Glory in the dream, appearing as a masquerade. Even though Glory used to defeat the masquerade in the dream, she would experience trouble and setback in real life. People she helped constantly turned against her, spreading falsehood about her and maligning her name. The evil spirit also constantly threatened to break Glory’s marriage, but she kept on seeking recourse to God Almighty, with the support of her Bible-believing husband. The spirit equally made it difficult for Glory to sustain the membership of her church. Along the line, Glory’s husband passed away, yet, she insisted on staying with the Lord. Further temptation and pressure came from the devil, when he tried to entice her with material things in a dream. During that encounter, Glory had screamed, “Emmanuel!” Following this scream, the whole place began to shake. And when Glory woke up, she enquired from some people where “Emmanuel” must have come from. When she was told, she decided to have a satellite TV system installed at home. She then continued following the man of God’s ministry on TV. Last week, Glory saw the raw power of God manifest as she received a touch from one of the evangelists during the Sunday Service. Since then, foul spirits have taken their leave from Glory’s life. In confirmatory dreams, Glory saw the masquerade destroyed, even as she saw the man of God minister to her. “Look unto God in every situation, for there is anointing that is higher than anointing,” Glory told congregants. One of Glory’s daughters, Emmanuella, confirmed the change in her mother’s life, “She is now no longer prone to anger,” said Emmanuella. Another daughter, Deborah, told of not only her mother’s deliverance but also of how she received her own deliverance from the spirit responsible for bedwetting. Indeed, the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed! 

Scholastica Finds Breakthrough After Eight Years Of Stagnation

Scholastica from Tanzania testified today about her deliverance from the spirit responsible for stagnancy. For eight years, the employed woman did not get any promotion. Although she got the gift of an Emmanuel TV Sticker, Scholastica did not take her spirituality seriously and so she handed it over to her husband. And when the man of God passed away in June 2021, Scholastica thought it was all over. However, God yet had a plan for her life and he gave her a dream in which the man of God assured her he was alive in Christ, before praying for her. In that dream, God’s servant also signed her a cheque worth a trillion dollars. “Within two weeks,” said Scholastica, “I got promoted.” And in a short while, Scholastica started constructing a nursery school. Less than a year later, she started a primary school, even as she kept seeing Prophet TB Joshua in the dream. She advised congregants, “Keep believing in the Word of God and watching Emmanuel TV.”

Delivered From 21 Years Of Infirmities!

The spirit in Gloria said it was responsible for infirmities such as diabetes, arthritis and fading eyesight. The spirit also claimed that the plan was for Gloria not to get married, hence its anger at her for breaking the pact. In 1979, Gloria got married, to the anger of fellow villagers, who threatened that she would never have a child. But, not long afterwards, God gave Gloria a boy child that she named Victor. Regrettably, 21 years ago, Gloria began to experience a range of illnesses including diabetes, arthritis, noise in the ears and high blood pressure. Since her deliverance on July 17, 2022, however, Gloria has been “sleeping like a baby.” She advised people to believe God for their healing.

89-Year-Old Healed of Mandibular Ulcer After Anointing Water Ministration

Eighty-nine-year-old Bolaji suffered from mandibular ulcer for a year, until he received prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ from Pastor Evelyn Joshua during the Sunday Service of May 15, 2022. Although he had suffered excruciating pain while it lasted, all of the pain vanished once God’s power took over. Within two weeks, the grandfather resumed chewing easily again, as all the bleeding had ceased. “I can even punch my jaw now,” he said. He advised people, “There is no problem God cannot solve.”

Family Delivered From Spirit Of Premature Death And Stagnation

Helen testified about her deliverance from the spirit of death, which had dogged her family since 2008, following the loss of two of her siblings in quick succession—each occurring during a festive period. In 2010 Helen’s mother passed away, only to be followed shortly after by her father. Along the line, the family had approached some “prayer contractors” to chase away the spirit responsible for death in the family but the process failed. A few years afterwards, another set of two male siblings left the world. Sadly, those two were followed by another sibling, who also died close to a festive period. Now, there was a pattern to it all for Helen: Before anything tragic would happen, she would dream about her father’s house being flooded. The same spirit responsible for deaths in the family also made Helen to be irascible and aggressive. On one occasion, she had flared up and broken the windscreen of her husband’s car and then went to report at the police station. Two years ago, Helen had fallen ill and had feared she was about to die. However, when she started following Prophet TB Joshua’s ministrations on Emmanuel TV, she received her healing. By the time she attended the Sunday Service of July 24, 2022, however, Helen was down again with illness. Nonetheless, to the glory of God, she has now been set free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “Now I no longer have anything to do with the spirit husband or the spirit of anger,” she gushed. Helen’s husband, Kingsley, told of how their car key had vanished as they planned to come to church. On another occasion, even though the car key was kept securely in Kingsley’s pocket as he slept, he found that the car’s wipers had suddenly stopped working on that rainy morning. Nevertheless, Helen had made it to church and she had received her deliverance. “One day God will deliver you,” said Kingsley, as he advised people to stay with God. The remaining male child of the family, Ayo—a minister of the Word—also testified about how God delivered him from the spirit of sudden death. Ayo described himself as a follower of the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua for the last 19 years. Humorously, he told of how his wife had been super fruitful, especially how she had been having a child each year. “I have nine children and I have suffered even more of everything that claimed the lives of my siblings,” he said laughingly. He also said the Word of God had helped him to overcome the forces responsible for poverty and premature death. He, therefore, advised people to stay with God and locate their own prophet. For her part, Helen advised people, “Never give up on God—look for a living church.”

Testimonies After Service

During the Mass Prayer session, Maria vomited and urinated the poisonous substances in her system, after which she stopped feeling pain in her stomach.  

Sharon also vomited the bloody impurities responsible for problems in her system. Now, she is fine!

Azubuike received his healing from ankle pain after prayer by Pastor Evelyn Joshua at the Prayer Line. Now he no longer needs an ankle brace and can walk freely. He advised people to hand over their issues to God instead of trying to help themselves.