FEARLESS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday Service of July 24, 2022 is one service congregants and viewers will not forget for a long time to come. That service proved beyond all doubt that, indeed, the God of Prophet TB Joshua continues to place His Right Hand upon The SCOAN. From the choir ministration to the sermon and the testimonies session, congregants and viewers all over the world could see the mighty move of God.

Evangelist Ope preached the Word with the burning fire of the Holy Spirit as he taught on the topic “FEARLESS”, for which he took his proof text from Romans 8:15. Starting by noting that “Fear has caused millions of God’s children to settle for less, to live below a four-foot ceiling when the sky is the limit,” he gave many reasons why God’s children should banish fear from their minds and step into the full glory of the Kingdom by defeating the enemy, satan.       

Among bits of Scripture for the fiery message were Job 3:25, Ephesians 4:27, 2 Corinthians 2:11, 1 Kings 18 & 19, Nehemiah 6:11, Esther 4:16, Acts 20:24 and Psalm 27. Citing Nehemiah’s boldness in the face of the enemy, Evangelist Ope urged the church: “If God gives you a vision and it is opposed by men, do not be afraid, do not reduce your vision. Stay in faith in Christ Jesus, for someone in the person of the Holy Spirit will defeat fear for you today!”

Anointed Hands At The Prayer Line

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua intoned: “Lord God Almighty, let Your presence be known here today, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

And indeed God’s presence was felt mightily in The SCOAN Auditorium as hundreds kept a date with destiny, for God’s healing power fell bountifully upon them. They were healed of bodily infirmities even as they received their freedom from spirits that keep people in bondage.

Subsequently, the evangelists joined forces with the woman of God in ministering healing, deliverance and breakthrough to the people for the ultimate salvation of their souls. At The Arena Of Liberty, there is surely no hiding place for contrary spirits! Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Mass Prayer

For the Mass Prayer session, the woman of God re-joined congregants alongside the evangelists. She started by reading from Hebrews 12:1 and Psalm 40:6 as she reminded congregants about the need to run the Kingdom race with humility and sincerity of heart.

“Ask God to give you a sincere, pure, clean heart that seeks Him alone,” she told congregants. She prayed: “I command every spirit of disobedience, unfaithfulness, lies, immorality to loose its grip on you, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Every contrary spirit, lying tongue, spirit of immorality—we command you out right now! Let there be healing in your body today, in the mighty name of Jesus! Let all your stolen joy be restored today, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “Command that spirit that threatens your life, peace, joy to come out.” He also told them to pray: “Every darkness around me, by the power in the light of God—out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Command every darkness, unrepentant spirit, hiding spirit, unclean spirit to come out.” He continued: “By the light of God, every demon will be exposed today. Those spirits attacking your dreams, troubling your business—out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants: “That sickness in your blood—command it out. Whatever you might have eaten from the table of the enemy—command it out. That hidden sickness, disease, fibroid—out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Whatever that is hindering your life, business, career, finances from expanding and increasing—give way!”

For viewers all over the world, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “By the Word of God that says, ‘Let there be light’, we speak light into your darkness today, in the mighty name of Jesus! Be loosed from every ancestral, psychological cage!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet TB Joshua prayed: “Souls under the bondage, right now, dominion of afflictions, dominion of sicknesses and diseases, weaknesses, poverty—be released, in the name of Jesus! Souls under the influence, control of satan—I release you, in the name of Jesus! You satan, loose your grip!” He declared upon the people: “Freedom is yours! Liberty is yours! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”


Saved From Affliction Of Family Idol!

On Sunday, 17 July 2022, Priscilla was freed from the bondage of a family idol that had ruled her life since childhood. “I want to destroy her!” the family idol had boasted as the mighty power of God fell upon Priscilla during the laying of hands. While growing up, Priscilla used to have troubling dreams in which she saw herself wandering helplessly in the forest. In school, she performed quite poorly because of the idol’s influence. In marriage, Priscilla became a source of misery for her husband, Henry, because of the same idol, which ensured that it crumbled the man’s business. Priscilla’s husband kept losing contracts and other opportunities to make money. The idol also made Priscilla herself a total failure in business. “I could not sustain any business,” she said. But all of those tales of woes ended after Priscilla’s deliverance by the Spirit of God. Since then, she has stopped having bad dreams and received healing for her chronic shoulder pain. “Do not take your children to idol worshippers; take them to Jesus Christ,” she advised congregants. On his part, Henry told of how he had repeatedly lost big contracts and been underpaid for executed during the days of his wife’s affliction. “My wife is now submissive and cooperative,” he told the church. He advised people not to reject their spouses because of their weaknesses. “Today, I am the one to enjoy staying with her,” he said. 

Released From Malicious Marine Spirit!

“I am the strong man in her life—I am her husband!” boasted the foul spirit that had been running Oyindoubra’s life for decades. In childhood, Oyindoubra had been dedicated to a water idol and other malicious spirit elements in her village in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The first of 12 children of whom eight survived, Oyindoubra had a miserable life that saw her entering into early marriage with a man older than even her own father. Prior to entering marriage, she had been a huge failure in school. For ten years in the marriage, Oyindoubra could not conceive until she was made to bow before the village water idol. Subsequently, she took the child for dedication in a church, contrary to the expectations of the custodians of village tradition. For that, she got punishment from the water idol. After a few more years of trouble in her marriage, during which her polygynous husband could not get an erection whenever he was with her, Oyindoubra left her marriage. In a subsequent marriage, Oyindoubra could not experience penetration, as the idol had blocked her lower private part. She was again forced to appease the village idol before the space reopened and she got her second child. Afterwards, things changed again and the man left her. Along the line, Oyindoubra had a third child but later lost one of her children, even after continuing to appease the idol. She then rejected the idol and found her way to Jesus Christ. Upon returning to Christ, she met a woman who helped to change her life in many positive ways. At this point, Oyindoubra made a lot money and travelled to several countries. Unfortunately, she failed to manage the prosperity and things went awry again, with her benefactor deserting her for apparently no reason. She also came down with a variety of ailments that almost took her life. Eventually, she returned to Jesus Christ and started to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. To the glory of God, since her deliverance after attending The SCOAN, Oyindoubra has become a new creature in Jesus Christ and all the ailments in her body have vanished forever! “Now I am perfectly fit,” she asserted. She advised people to run to God rather than idols.

Freed From Family Idol Causing Impotence And Poverty

“He thinks he can pray but I will make life miserable for him!” That was one of the confessions made by the spirit that had been troubling David’s life since childhood. The foul spirit had been speaking on Sunday, 17 July 2022. “I come from a family that worships idols,” David told congregants during his testimony a week later, after being rescued by the Spirit of God. While growing up, David had asked his father why the family was serving idols. The older man answered, “My son, you see, it was very difficult for me to have a child after I got married, so I had to cry to these idols for help. They helped me, so now I must serve them.” After schooling in the village, David went into business, starting as a furniture maker before diverting to timber supplies and bread baking. Later on, he diverted to timber haulage but that was the beginning of many problems. Along the line, his home got burnt and he lost all of his goods in another fire that razed his shop. Moreover, he kept losing the deposits he made for goods, with potential suppliers swindling him. “The more I struggled, the more I lost money,” he recalled tearfully. After his father’s death, David decided to leave the country. Unfortunately, however, the pattern continued as he kept struggling but with nothing to show for it. He then began having dreams in which he would find himself eating and sleeping with strange women, leading to impotence in real life. As he went from doctor to doctor, David found that the verdict was the same: “I’m afraid, sir, but I see nothing wrong with you; in fact, you’re even stronger than the average 25-year-old!” But David’s body told him a different story, for surely something wasn’t right. However, one thing was certain for him: He would not be returning to the family idol. Regarding his experience during the Sunday Service where he was delivered, David said: “It felt as if I was in an oven the moment I entered the church. But I later became calm.” He continued, “Now I have peace in my heart. I no longer have those bad dreams and the affection for my wife has been restored.” David’s wife, Susan, testified about how their marriage had been badly affected by her husband’s problems, especially his erectile and financial issues. I am the happiest person here today, she said. She advised people to have faith in God, who can do all things. David advised people to wait for God’s time.

God’s Power In Anointing Water Cures Tuberculosis And Scoliosis

During The SCOAN Sunday Service of March 13, 2022, Aderonke received prayer over her issues of tuberculosis and scoliosis. On that occasion, the woman of God had ministered the New Anointing Water on the frail-looking woman. “I used to look like an 80-year-old woman,” recalled Aderonke. Since the prayer, however, Aderonke is not only free from ill-health but has also stopped having nightmares in which she would get beaten up by different groups of people. Indeed, she has stopped coughing and now walks freely for the glory of God. “Make God your pillar,” she advised people.

Favour Has Baby Testimony Without Surgery!

Heavily pregnant and troubled by the idea that she might have to undergo a Caesarean Section because of her tight cervix, Favour from Bayelsa State was at The SCOAN Sunday Service of April 17, 2022. Prior to coming to church for prayer, she had been praying along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. She later had a dream encounter with the man of God. Hours after leaving the service in question, Favour’s water broke. And within two hours of being taken to the hospital, she had baby Testimony without surgery! Clutching her bundle of joy, Favour advised people to trust only in God. “In every situation, God always has something to say,” she said. 

Shame Of Bedwetting Ends As Python Spirit Is Expelled!

All the way from Kaduna State, Justina came to Lagos to attend The SCOAN Sunday Service of July 17, 2022 over a major problem in her life. “In my dreams, I used to see pythons coming out of my ribs,” she began her testimony on July 24. From childhood to adulthood, she had continued to have the same scary dreams. “In my family,” she said, “people were dying prematurely and some would just go missing.” She also said that the python spirit kept causing her illnesses including arthritis, ulcers and general body pain. Worst of all, she said, she was a perpetual bedwetter! To the glory of God, all of those issues are now things of the past since the deliverance session in which the python spirit confessed before fleeing forever. “Now I have affection for my husband and I am full of health,” Justina said. She advised people to stay with God.

Healed Of Stomach And Leg Ulcers

Sometime in 2019, Teebia woke up feeling pain in her lower private part; she also felt weak all over. Soon afterwards, she made her way to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with ulcers and gave her drugs. However, the drugs did little to ease her pain. Later on, Teebia developed pain in the leg. With Teebia’s condition now worsened, her younger sister advised her to find her way to The SCOAN. Teebia did attend church on July 3, 2022 and eventually received a touch from the woman of God, Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “I fell down after the touch,” she recalled. Later, during The Mass Prayer session of that service, Teebia vomited the poisonous substances that had been clogging up her system. “I lay on the floor until one of the ushers came to rouse me,” she recalled. When she returned home, Teebia found that she could drink water and eat as much food as she wanted, without experiencing any stomach irritation. Teebia’s brother urged people to trust in God, while Teebia herself advised people to never give up on their challenges but to run to God for solutions.

Healed Of Mysterious Skin Affliction After prayer By Prophet TB Joshua

Deng, a South Sudanese living in Australia, had been suffering from an embarrassing skin disease about which the doctors could do little or nothing. It had started with a rash in his legs and doctors later said it was a sort of autoimmune disease. Incapacitated by his condition, Deng could not help himself as he found his skin being ravaged before his very eyes. To the glory of God, Deng visited The SCOAN for prayer on June 17, 2018. After prayer by Prophet TB Joshua, Deng returned home and began to recover his health. Today, he is in perfect internal health and his skin is free from affliction. He advised people to direct others to God. 

Itohan Escapes From The Clutches Of A Dragon!

During the deliverance session of the Sunday Service of July 17, 2022, it emerged that the evil dragon in Itohan had been covering up her glory from the world all these years. “It started over forty years ago,” she recalled. “People used to tell me I was beautiful when I was growing up but I never paid heed to it,” she added. In the course of time, Itohan got married. But she soon became a terror to her family as her life was ruled by the spirit of anger. Itohan’s husband, who had been doing well before the marriage, soon began to live from hand to mouth. Apparently, it was the dragon that had been responsible for it all. The spirit would make her fall on the ground anytime she was about to get something good. After the fall, she would surely meet with disappointment. That way, she lost numerous job opportunities. When she later set up a restaurant, Itohan realised that people didn’t care about her food. Moreover, in a bizarre twist, she kept finding excreta in front of her shop. In her bid to solve the problem, she went to places she should never have gone to. In the end, however, she came to The SCOAN for prayers of deliverance and breakthrough. “I felt very light,” she said about how she had felt after the deliverance session. She also parted ways with the spirit of anger, as well as the spirit husband and the dragon spirit that used to tie up her right hand with a chain. In a dream, the deliverance from the dragon was confirmed to Itohan as she saw the dragon’s chain broken off from her and transferred to the dragon’s own hand. She advised people to focus on God, whose time is always the best. Itohan’s husband confirmed that his wife is now full of affection for him and the children. He advised people to encourage those with issues to take their case to Jesus Christ.  

No Longer Controlled By Power Causing Bedwetting And Failure

It was in a demonic dream that Emmanuella had come in contact with the spirit responsible for bedwetting and constant failure. The spirit made her perpetually aggressive and she would fight people, including men, at every given opportunity. With the problem of bedwetting continuing, Emmanuella’s mother took it upon herself to look for a solution. Prior to writing her school certificate examination, Emmanuella had the dream encounter again and she woke up with serious eye discomfort. At the university, she had to isolate herself because of the problem, especially during examination periods. To ease her mother’s worry, Emmanuella constantly lied to her that she was no longer bedwetting. When it was time for national service, she became quite apprehensive as she did not want to embarrass herself. But the bedwetting happened anyway—and repeatedly too. Moreover, anytime Emmanuella was promised something, she would fail to get it once she wet her bed the night before. That was now the unfortunate pattern, causing her to be wary about praying for good things. To the glory of God, however, since her deliverance at The SCOAN Sunday Service of July 17, 2022, Emmanuella has been freed from the bondage of bedwetting. On the night of her deliverance, Emmanuella had a dream in which she escaped from a man who was chasing her with a gun. She ran into a room only to meet the said man waiting close by when she came out. Although the man aimed at her, his gun failed to fire. Another man then handed a gun to Emmanuella. “Now shoot him!” he ordered her. Emmanuella fired and the man died! Since then, Emmanuella’s sheets have stayed dry every single night—and so shall it remain forever, in Jesus’ name! She advised people not to be ashamed about their condition when in church for prayer. “There is no shame in God’s presence,” she said.