OUR CHALLENGES—THE BEAUTY OF OUR JOURNEY TO ETERNAL LIFE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


“All To Jesus I Surrender All!” So sang Esther of The SCOAN Sunday School at the start of the service of July 3, 2022. She then followed up her string-backed rendition with the iconic “Hallelujah”, which she delivered with acclaim for the glory of God. For their part, The Emmanuel TV Choir launched into a session of worship that called down the presence of the Holy Spirit and impacted the people.

Seized also by the spirit of worship, Pastor Evelyn Joshua called for the song “I Love You, Lord” before she began her sermon titled “Our Challenges—The Beauty of Our Journey To Eternal Life”. She took her proof text from 1 Timothy 1:12-20 and spoke on the importance of sticking to the way and Word of God in all circumstances. “When you count your many blessings,” she said, “every doubt about God’s presence in your life will fly away.”

On that note, she urged Christians to refuse to be tools in satan’s hands and to avoid waking up with anger, bitterness, frustration, unforgiving spirit, envy, etc. In her words, “Satan rejoices in challenging the power and supremacy of God and he is ready to use those who have submitted to his will, those whom he has captured.” The woman of God spiced up her message with a number of quotations from God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua. For example, she said, “Many around you may not discover you and it is not important they do. What is important is that you discover yourself, for popularity is when people like you but happiness is when you like yourself.”

She therefore encouraged congregants and viewers to invest in building a solid relationship with God by always focusing on the Word, which lets us see situations differently from others. In one of her summative remarks, she said: “Let us thank God, for His mercies, blessings endure forever. Let us bless the name of God, for there is no reason for faith as good as the Word of God.”

Prayer Line And Laying Of Hands: A Harvest Of Healings And Deliverances

It was another demonstration of the raw power of God at the Prayer Line, which was followed by the Laying Of Hands. Before starting, Pastor Evelyn Joshua besought God on behalf of the people: “Father God, let your healing, deliverance, blessing power fall into their lives, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Father, remove every evil hand from the affairs of their lives! Give them peace, comfort, healing, in the mighty name of Jesus!” Following this, the woman of God proceeded to lay hands on people with different bodily and mental issues caused by satan and his agents.

The woman of God was soon joined by the evangelists, with every touch being a demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost. As each person received a touch, God’s Spirit took over their case—and they shall testify powerfully, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

You Shall Decree A Thing And It Shall Come To Pass

At The Mass Prayer session, Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants: “Everything that came upon your life through curses from the ancestors—begin to break them right now, in the name of Jesus Christ!” For viewers all over the world, she prayed: “By the Blood of Jesus Christ, you are healed! Whatever that is dead in your body—we command it to resurrect, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants: “That spirit that queries your healing, career, finances, marriage, health, breakthrough, existence—command it out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist James told congregants: “Whatever chain satan may have used to connect you to himself—be it anger, bitterness, hatred—begin to disconnect yourself, in the name of Jesus! Every spirit of setback, limitation, say: Out!”

Evangelist Chisom told congregants: “Today is the day the Lord has made—the day of your deliverance.” He asked the church to pray: “In the name of Jesus Christ, you demon, unclean spirit, familiar spirit— anywhere you are in my life, family, tormenting me—Out!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “The spirit behind your sickness—command it out!” He also prayed: “Whatever virus that is not of God in your body—we command it: Out!

In a Mass Prayer video clip, Prophet TB Joshua instructed congregants: “Demons in all places in your life—begin to command them out, in the name of Jesus!” The man of God also prayed: “You demons—leave my people! You infirmity—leave my people! Whatever you may have eaten at the table of your enemy—be flushed out, in the name of Jesus! I say to your blood, fluid, liver, kidneys: Every strange thing—be flushed out!”


No Longer Bewitched By Snake Spirit!

Many years ago, when she first had a bizarre dream in which a snake kissed her, Alice hadn’t bothered so much about it beyond thinking, “How weird to be kissed by a snake!” She had simply carried on with her life, although she continued seeing snakes in her dream. As time went on, however, she began to notice issues with her life. In one dream, she saw the snake sleeping in-between her and her husband. In real life, Alice started having serious problems with her husband. Things then came to a head when she picked up a late-night phone call. Instead of a talking voice, however, what she heard was incantations from the other end. Apparently, somebody was trying to bewitch her. From then on, Alice started to feel ill, losing so much weight in the process. She also felt and looked pregnant, her mouth constantly filled with saliva. “It was as if I had become epileptic—the saliva was foaming,” she recalled during her testimony on Sunday, July 3, 2022. She added, “No one, not even the doctors, could tell what was wrong.” It was in that state that Alice received a touch from Heaven when Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for her during the service of June 26, 2022. Once Alice received the touch, the snake spirit in her confessed openly before disappearing forever. Today, Alice has recovered her former liveliness and high spirits. “I used to be full-figured and fair-toned, and I am on the way to recovering my looks,” she asserted. She also sleeps peacefully now, without any worries or nightmares. She advised everyone, “No matter what you are passing through, God will surely see you through if you trust in Him.”

Healed Of Nine Years Of Stomach Ulcers

For a good nine years, Patricia from Ghana suffered excruciating pains from stomach ulcers. During that time, she couldn’t just eat whatever she fancied, otherwise she would be tormented for hours, even days. Running from pillar to post, she got no real help from medical and native doctors. One day, however, she stumbled on Emmanuel TV and as she continued following the channel, she saw numerous similar cases being resolved by the power in the name of Jesus Christ. She then resolved to visit The SCOAN for prayer on Sunday, June 26, 2022. There, she received a touch from Heaven as the evangelists ministered prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Since then, Patricia has been eating without fear and sleeping like a baby! She advised people to run to God for solutions to their problems.

With Tears Of Joy, Emmanuel Celebrates Victory Over Family Idol!

When an anointed hand fell upon him during the service of June 26, 2022, Emmanuel immediately lost energy as the Spirit of God went to work against the contrary spirit in his life. Having lost all strength, Emmanuel slumped helplessly into the hands of the ushers, who managed to hold him up as the spirit in him boasted in vain. Emmanuel’s problems had started after his birth in the village, when his parents dedicated him to a family idol called ‘Ajoku’. “The evil spirit started manipulating me,” Emmanuel recalled on Sunday, July 3, 2022. “That spirit took away my brain and I became a dull student when I got to secondary class three,” he told the church. To rescue Emmanuel from ridicule from his peers and other villagers, an uncle moved him to Lagos and settled him in a trade. Once Emmanuel started making good money, the spirit pushed him into embarking on meaningless journeys from which he wouldn’t return home until all the money was exhausted. The cycle kept repeating. On one occasion, Emmanuel left all the expensive items he had bought for his mother and returned home empty-handed, having suddenly taken leave of his senses. Tearfully, he also spoke about how the spirit gave him ulcers and made it impossible for him to settle down with a woman. Two long courtships—one lasting up to ten years—had broken up. In a desperate move, the family of the woman Emmanuel finally married had had to speed up the courtship process, waiving some customary requirements that would have taken time. The family idol had also given Emmanuel the spirit of lust and the urge to do evil. The spirit would query him, “Why should you do good all the time”? To the glory of God, since his deliverance on June 26, Emmanuel has been experiencing divine peace. “Now I have been sleeping like a baby,” he said while testifying on July 3, “and my ulcers and piles are gone and I no longer nurse evil thoughts.” He rounded off the testimony with words of advice: “I want to encourage viewers to respond to the teachings of Prophet TB Joshua.”  

No Longer Slave To Spirits Of Lust, Suicide And Illness

Another testifier during the service of July 3, 2022 was Lawrence, a Cameroonian living in The Philippines who thanked God for healing him of a mysterious illness that had made it impossible for him to lead a normal life. He had been to so many hospitals and places of worship but without finding a solution. Along the line, Lawrence lost his wife and became suicidal, concluding there was no longer any point in living. As he contemplated taking his life, however, Lawrence had a dream in which a figure advised him to visit The SCOAN for prayers, if he wanted to live and enjoy life. Eventually, Lawrence made his way to The SCOAN and received prayer. Afterwards, he returned home and continued praying with the anointing water. Later on, he had a dream in which he saw somebody holding on to a bag belonging to him, When Lawrence finally got the bag, he found it actually contained rags. Yet a second bag was handed to him and it contained the same thing. With that dream, Lawrence realised that God was showing him that he needed to let go of the undesirable things troubling his life. In yet another dream, Lawrence encountered God’s servant Prophet TB Joshua, who told him to keep the focus on God. Lawrence then continued ministering the anointing water. The more he did so, the more the problems in his life disappeared. Gone now are the spirits of lust and suicidal thoughts as well as piles and all the other ailments troubling his life. He advised people to take their issues to God.

The Heavenly Touch That Set Them Free!

On Sunday, May 22, 2022, two siblings, Serah and Uche, received their deliverance from ancestral curses and the spirit responsible for constant anger. For Serah, there was also deliverance from a spirit husband. In school, Serah was a terror to schoolmates. In fact, on one occasion, she had planned to drown a schoolmate who had upset her. As she waited by the canal where she had planned to carry out her mission, however, a man walked up to Serah and pulled her warningly by the ear. “I know what you are planning to do,” the man told her. He then advised her to desist. At that point, Serah realised that she had been on the wrong path all the while, having always preferred male company as she saw herself as better than other girls. The same spirit of anger had made it difficult for her to settle down with a man. In one case, she had to call off a promising relationship owing to anger issues on the side of both parties. Although Serah was now ready to change her ways, she could not help herself. To the glory of God, however, Serah finally broke her ties with the spirit husband that had been making her life miserable. Now she sleeps peacefully and no longer faces battles in her sleep. The spirit of anger has also vanished from her life. “Go close to God and give your life to Jesus Christ,” she advised people. She added, “Believe in the reality of God’s power.” On his part, Uche spoke about how he had grown up in a family where quarrelling was regular. He also talked about how he had been dogged by the spirits responsible for hatred, loneliness and anger. Most times, he would work but would not be paid for his efforts. Since his deliverance, however, things have turned around for Uche. “Stay close to God and never run away from your parents,” he advised young people. Oluwatoyin, the children’s mother, said she was grateful to God for the opportunity to bring her children for prayers at The Arena of Liberty. “Now my children are obedient and well-behaved,” she told the church. She advised parents not to lose hope in their children and to continue praying for them.

Yet Another Synagogue Baby!

While the service was going on, Helen was delivered of a bouncing baby boy—yet another Synagogue baby! Hours after the delivery, she testified about how she had been suffering from the affliction of a spirit husband, who had been threatening to take her life. Although she had been given a due date of July 17 and her pregnancy had been having some complications, Helen had her baby without any trouble as the evangelist ministered prayer on her with the New Anointing Water. Interestingly, a scan had shown that Helen’s baby was female. She advised people not to give up on God.

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