THE SIGNIFICANCE OF RESURRECTION - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was Sunday, 17th April—and Easter 2022. To celebrate Christ’s resurrection and their appreciation of the blessing of redemption, people from all over the world congregated at The SCOAN to sing songs of worship and praise, led by The Emmanuel TV Choir. It all began with an opera-style performance by Esther of The SCOAN Sunday School. “Worthy Is The Lamb”, “I’d Rather Have Jesus”, “It Is Done” and “Break The Chain” were among the songs rendered on the day—a day of astonishing miracles and testimonies. 

It was indeed another day when the faculties of woman of God Pastor Evelyn Joshua were affected mightily by the Holy Spirit as she ministered the Word, followed by prayers of healing, deliverance and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Speaking on “The Significance Of Resurrection”, she took her proof texts from Matthew 27:27-31 and Matthew 28:2-6. Before introducing the title of her message, she had read from John 14:1-4 and told congregants: “Eternal life is the sole end and purpose of our activities here on earth. As Christians we live in the world but are not a part of it.”

In summary, the woman of God’s message focused on the need to show appreciation of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross by doing as He would have us do in our relations with fellow humans. She therefore discouraged the church from equating religiosity with reflecting the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. “Don’t tell me what you feel about Christ Jesus,” she charged her listeners and viewers all over the world. She then requested, instead: “Tell me what you know about Jesus of Nazareth.” According to the woman of God, “knowing facts about Him does not change your relationship with him.”

As she wound up the message, Pastor Evelyn Joshua urged congregants to realise that the sense of righteousness which comes from embracing Christ “will bring awareness of power, authority, self-knowing that your sins are forgiven.” She then read from John 19:30 and reiterated the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection: “He defeated the devil for your sake. His victory gives you victory.” Finally she said, “An effective witness of Christ not only knows his faith but shows his faith.” 

Prayer Line Ministration—Fire On Resurrection Morning!

On Easter Sunday, the incredible power of God flowed freely in The SCOAN Auditorium during all segments of the service, including the choir ministrations. Every hidden thing in the people’s systems were exposed and flushed out by the Holy Ghost, who sees what human eyes can never see.

“Father, see to all that concerns them, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” prayed Pastor Evelyn Joshua before she began laying hands on the young and the old and the weak and the strong from all over the world. Many vomited the poisonous substances in their systems and, for others, God’s presence manifested in the confessions made by the negative spirits that had been dwelling in their bodies and tampering with their destinies.

The people used their faith to put a demand on the anointing for cases such as hernia, pregnancy complications, difficulty in walking, addiction to eating soil, multiple fibroids, ovarian tumour, piles, bleeding and many other afflictions from the devil. And their faith was rewarded—for the glory of God!

The resurrection power also flowed freely through the faculties of the woman of God and the evangelists during the Anointing Water ministration session. God’s power indeed heals, delivers and blesses effectually!

In the one-on-one sessions, the evangelists declared: “Fire, in the name of Jesus Christ! Power, in the name of Jesus Christ! Out, in the name of Jesus Christ!” And all evil voices were silenced forever in the lives of the liberated.  

Prayer For All!

“Get connected to the throne of grace, the throne of mercy. If you want to be victorious in your confrontation with satan, you must begin to believe what the Word of God says about you.” With those words of self-affirmation, Pastor Evelyn Joshua began the Mass Prayer on Easter Sunday.

The woman of God prayed: “Let the resurrection power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ begin to fall on you right now, in the name of Jesus Christ! In the place of pain in your life, begin to receive the joy of resurrection! In the place of poverty in your life, begin to receive the blessing of resurrection! In the place of barrenness in your life, receive the fruitfulness of resurrection!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “Every closed door to breakthrough in your business, career – be opened, in the name of Jesus Christ! Everything that is dead in your career, finances—be resurrected, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Declaring that “Today is your day of deliverance, freedom,” Evangelist Joseph prayed: “You unclean spirit, anywhere you are – no hiding place for you. I command you in the name of Jesus: Come out!”

Evangelist James asked congregants to pray: “By the power of resurrection, begin to release yourself from every demonic bondage – bondage of sickness, dominion of sickness!”

Evangelist Ope asked congregants to pray: “That spirit frustrating your effort, business, career — command it out, in the name of Jesus!”

Pastor Evelyn Joshua further prayed: “Every negative pronouncement against your life, family shall not stand, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

“Right now begin to cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus!” said Prophet T.B. Joshua in a Mass Prayer Clip. He then prayed: “Whatever chain satan might have used to connect you to himself – be it your weakness — be disconnected, in the name of Jesus! Whatever challenges you are in, I can see you being free, in the name of Jesus!”

Rounding off the prayers, Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked congregants to declare: “The way out for me has come! I am what God says I am! I have what God says I have! I can do what God says I can do! Thank You, Jesus, for your presence in my life, church, family!”


An End To Seven Years Of Hearing Loss

All the way from Canada, Nigerian-born Juliet had visited The SCOAN on Sunday, April 10, 2022 to receive prayer over her problem of hearing loss. Seven years ago, she had been exposed to extremely loud music while attending a party with her husband. Doctors told Juliet, “Don’t worry—you should be fine within two years.” But she never got to be fine, actually. Expectedly, the problem came with considerable social stigma, as Juliet had to rely on hearing aids. To the glory of God, while receiving prayer from Pastor Evelyn Joshua, Juliet regained her hearing. And now she will no longer be burdened by the stigma from hearing loss. “God is the same today, yesterday and forever,” she reminded the church.

Freed From The Grip Of Vicious Pain

“Set her free, O Lord! In the mighty name of Jesus!” prayed Pastor Evelyn Joshua as she laid hands on Stella, a Liberian woman based in America who had come with the problem of difficulty in walking. For a long while, she had been unable to help herself and had to rely on family members for doing basic things. To help Stella cope with the pain, doctors had given her knee braces as well as a waist belt and a walker. At the Prayer Line on April 10, 2022, Stella had felt a cold sensation all over her body as she received prayer. Since then, she has regained her ability to walk unaided. Her daughter Mahawa glorified God for the miracle. Both mother and daughter advised people to run to God for solutions to their problems.

As God Steps In, Couple Moves From Lack To Plenty

“I want to thank God for His mercy and favour that has manifested in my life,” began Musa, a South African, who testified about the transformation that he experienced after nine years of lack and want in the wilderness of unemployment. In that prostrate position, Musa had been unable to care for his family. He was highly indebted and unable to pay his bills, a situation that caused him considerable anguish alongside his family. Along the line, he discovered Emmanuel TV through his wife and began following the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Having built his faith over time, Musa decided it was time to visit The SCOAN. However, he found it hard to raise the money for the journey, since he had no source of employment. Eventually, he made the trip in November 2018 and got the New Anointing Water and Sticker. Musa and his family continued praying and ministering the water in faith. Within a short while, things began to turn around. First, he got a job offer from a company to which he had not applied. With this top management job, the family’s living standards began to improve and Musa started building his own house, even as he bought his first car. Musa finished the building project and subsequently acquired two other cars. Glory be to Jesus Christ! His wife Rosemary confirmed the testimony, even as she told of how her own personal business had been grounded during the family’s time of affliction. “I made myself available and God was able to salvage my situation,” said Musa while concluding his testimony. The couple therefore advised people to rely on God at all times.

“When It Came To Death, I Remembered God!” Says Kareem After Miraculous Survival

A couple of years ago, Kareem’s parents sent him to school. They had thought their innocent-looking 19-year-old was safely in school but they were wrong! In fact, their boy had been lured into drug addiction by people pretending to be music producers. From taking small quantities of dangerous drugs Kareem soon graduated into ingesting incredible amounts of hard drugs, including cocaine. As time went on, the drugs perforated his intestines and affected other organs. It was on the verge of death that Kareem opened up to his parents about his involvement with severe substance abuse. Immediately, they rushed him to the hospital. Kareem’s condition was so precarious that several hospitals rejected him. Eventually, one doctor agreed to have him on admission.

After numerous intravenous drips, however, Kareem’s condition did not improve, so the doctor suggested a 50-50 surgery and got Kareem’s father to sign the authorisation form. Armed with the New Anointing Water and Sticker, Kareem’s parents prayerfully sent him into the theatre. Kareem himself took the sticker into the theatre. Despite the slim chance of making it out alive, however, Kareem survived the surgery—to the utter amazement of the doctors and for the glory of God Almighty. The healing process was then expected to follow, but the doctors found that there was hardly any protein in Kareem’s system. That meant that it would be difficult for his surgery scars to eat, especially since he had not been eating for days. Again, God Almighty intervened as Kareem had two visitations from God’s Spirit through Prophet T.B. Joshua and Pastor Evelyn Joshua.

After those Spirit encounters, every imperfection in the surgery process was corrected by the Master Healer. Thereafter, on March 6, 2022, Kareem was brought before Pastor Evelyn Joshua for prayers. Today, 22-year-old Kareem is now perfectly healed, with new medical tests confirming it all. Indeed, Kareem’s testimony clearly demonstrated the full restoration of all of his faculties as he narrated his experience like a master storyteller! Kareem’s parents advised people to monitor all their children closely and to support them with prayer. Now a believer in God’s awesome power, Kareem advised the youths to shun drug abuse. “I now know God and want to dwell with Him forever,” he declared.

Twins For Joyce After Years Of Delay!

After having her first child, for a long time Joyce could not fall pregnant again until 2019, when their then only child had gone far into her teens. Along the line, however, complications came up and Joyce eventually lost the baby. Needless to say, she was shaken and heartbroken as she wondered whether she had not prayed enough. Thereafter, she and her husband were invited to The Partners Meeting and received the New Anointing Water and Sticker. During that period, God’s servant Prophet T.B. Joshua had urged the couple not to look to the past but to look ahead to their coming blessing. “What is coming is far better than what you have lost,” he had assured the family. When the couple went home, they knelt down in prayer and told God to do His will in their lives. Five months later, Joyce fell pregnant again, even though her doctor had secretly warned her husband against trying for another pregnancy. To the glory of God, however, Joyce carried the pregnancy to term, after overcoming her initial blood pressure issue. And as the man of God had prophesied, this time Joyce ended up with a wonderful set of twins—a boy and a girl! Joyce advised people to face temptations, trials and tribulations with faith. “Consistency is very important,” said her husband as he advised people to wait for God’s time.

Email Testimonies

Email testimonies were also shared about cases from South Africa, the Republic of Ireland and Zambia. There was a case of difficulty in walking, a case of fluid in the lungs and a case of right-knee pain. The people received prayers over the phone and while praying along on Emmanuel TV. No doubt, distance is not a barrier for the move of God!