THE MOST COSTLY DEVOTION - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of March 27, 2022 began with a solo operatic performance by Esther titled “Wher’er You Walk”.

Moments later, The Emmanuel TV Choir took over the worship session, starting with the iconic “My Hallelujah Belongs To You”. Many congregants soon began to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, leading to vomiting of the poisonous substances in their systems.   

On joining congregants, Pastor Evelyn Joshua announced her message title as “The Most Costly Devotion”, for which she read from Micah 6:8—“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Other scriptural references for the message included Romans 10:9 and Luke 5:1-11. In summary, the woman of God urged congregants to serve God with only a willing heart while combining confession with genuine belief. Hypocrisy and deceit, she said, describe whatever service rendered in the house of God that does not come from the heart.

On what God requires from true worshippers, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said: “What God requires from you is very simple. A broken spirit, a contrite heart, a humble heart, a sincere heart God Almighty will not reject. Those who will come to Christ Jesus must come to Him in sincerity and humility of heart.” On that note, she urged the church to embrace Jesus Christ as the direction to faith in God. In her words: “In that direction, righteousness takes the place of unrighteousness, humility takes the place of pride and wisdom takes the place of foolishness.”

A Time To Receive From The Holy Spirit

At the Prayer Line, God met many at the points of their need as Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered. Among the cases were sickle cell anaemia, hernia, swollen belly/prostrate/scrotum, urinating blood, difficulty in walking, arthritis and wrong positioning of foetus!

During the Anointing Water Ministration, hundreds were also delivered from diverse demons and contrary spirits causing delay, stagnation, failure, poverty and disease, among many other things.


66-Year-Old Doris Walks Freely Again!

On Sunday, March 20, Doris, a 66-year-old Nigerian woman, was one of the recipients of prayer from Pastor Evelyn Joshua. For over two years, she had been suffering from difficulty in walking owing to lumbar spondylosis. All the while, she was in excruciating pain despite taking numerous powerful medications that started affecting her liver. Doris also constantly used leg braces and a lumbar corset. Following the prayer, Doris fully recovered her ability to walk freely again. “I thank God for healing me, for making me whole again,” she said last Sunday, when she testified alongside her daughter, Loveth. “There is no physio coming to the house anymore,” said Loveth. “It has been wonderful since we left here,” she added. Loveth also thanked God for freeing the family from the constant burden of having to fend for a helpless mother, even as she noted that money could not solve the problem. Doris advised people to hold on to God for their healing at the appointed time. On her part, Loveth advised: “Try God and see.”

Loveth Healed Of 15 Years Of Arthritis

For a good 15 years, Loveth suffered from the merciless pangs of arthritis in her right leg. For all of that time she was dependent on her husband and children for support to do the most basic things. On March 20, she finally made her way to The SCOAN for prayers. As Pastor Evelyn Joshua moved towards her, Doris had initially felt uncomfortable but was delighted to be healed immediately after she received a touch from the woman of God. Demonstrating all that she can now do, Loveth advised people to seek God first over their issues. Eze, Loveth’s husband, gave his own account of the testimony, saying he had watched his wife on live television as she gave her testimony. Eze said, “Starting from last Sunday I have been relieved from all those duties I was doing on behalf of my wife.” He advised people not to abandon their wives when they are having issues, saying: “That is when she needs you most.”

Rosemary Ovulates Again After Six Years!

When the evil spirit in Rosemary was challenged by the Spirit of God during prayerful ministration of the New Anointing Water, it boasted: “I gave her infections—incurable infections! I want to destroy their family—all of them!” The evil spirit was then told pointedly that its time was over in Rosemary’s life. Since the deliverance from the evil spirit, which had troubled her for no less than 20 years, Rosemary has been sleeping like a baby. Moreover, her ovulation, which had stopped for the last six years, was restored the day after she got delivered. Besides, she is no longer suffering from infections and her life has become more exciting and meaningful. She advised the church: “God’s time is the best; never cease praying, for the Lord will see you through.”

Fracture Healed As Demon Is Banished

On March 20, 2022, Oluchi was a recipient of prayer at The SCOAN. As the New Anointing Water fell upon her body, the ancestral demon in her protested at being disturbed. Much as she had tried at different places in the past, Oluchi had failed to find a definitive solution. During that period, Oluchi had a dream in which she saw three chickens at the top of a mighty tree. Convinced that this was an abnormal scene, Oluchi had willed that the chickens drop from the tree. When they did, she crushed them in anger. Later on, the ancestral demon in her threatened to crush her leg. Shortly afterwards, she had an accident and fractured her left leg, leading to her being bedridden for about two years.

Through Emmanuel TV, Oluchi began building her faith. Her husband, Pascal, complemented her efforts by bringing her the Living Water anytime he attended The SCOAN Living Water Service. On March 20, 2022, Oluchi made her way to church and received prayerful ministration of the New Anointing Water. “The Holy Ghost is here; it was as if they threw me inside a pool of water with electric current in it,” she said concerning her experience during the prayer. “I can now feel life in my leg,” she added.

“Everything was going down into the lake,” said Pascal regarding how he had had to divert all his retirement savings to his wife’s treatment. Some of his children also had to have their schooling interrupted. On his wife’s current condition, however, he said: “I have seen changes…she is a lovely woman.” He advised people not to make assumptions about their problems but to seek God’s face for direction.

Martin, Oluchi’s son who had to drop out of school for two years, said he had to share chores and split bills with his siblings as they tried to take care of their mother. Esther, Oluchi’s daughter who missed two years of secondary school, thanked God for her mother’s healing and deliverance. In closing the testimony, Oluchi thanked her husband and children for their support, while advising people to believe in the continued presence of God’s power at The SCOAN.

With Arthritis Gone, 72-Year-Old Queen Glorifies God!

“Woman of God, please don’t pass us by!” Those were the words of appeal that rang out from the mouth of Toritseju, the son of 72-year-old Queen as he addressed Pastor Evelyn Joshua while his mother sat in the car. He, alongside a family friend, Esther, had brought Queen to church on March 20 over the problem of arthritis that had kept her unable to walk for three years. Immediately after receiving prayer and feeling God’s touch, Queen started screaming: “Thank You, God of T.B. Joshua!” Toritseju testified alongside his mother during the service of March 27. Also accompanying Queen to church was Esther. Queen said, “There is nothing God cannot do.” She added: “Be patient; God’s time is the best.” 

E-Mail Testimonies From SCOAN Prayer Lines

A few e-mail testimonies were read out from among the hundreds that had been sent in by those who received ministration via The SCOAN Prayer Lines.

On March 15, 2022, Baset from South Africa sent in an e-mail testifying about her healing from symptoms such as shortness of breath, tiredness and general body weakness. She had received prayer from the evangelists over the phone. On March 22, 2022, a Kenyan woman received her healing after being prayed for over the phone. She had been having throat pain and other symptoms.

On March 25, 2022, a United Kingdom resident sent in her testimony of deliverance from an anxiety-causing demon after receiving prayer over the phone. From Angola, a woman sent in an e-mail testimony about her daughter’s healing from stiffness of the body and other worrying symptoms after she prayed in faith over the child while also sprinkling water on her. The woman also testified about having an improved life since following Emmanuel TV prayer clips.

Dennis from Zambia sent in an e-mail about his healing after receiving prayer via the Prayer Lines of The SCOAN. A 45-year-old woman from Ghana also called the Prayer Line over the spirit causing fear in her life. During the prayer, she felt the power of God in her room right there in Ghana, she said. Now she is free indeed. Alice from Zimbabwe sent in an e-mail on March 25, 2022. She testified about her son’s healing from a fever, as well as hers and her husband’s healing from symptoms that had weighed them down. During the prayer over the phone, they had vomited the poisonous substances in their systems. Another e-mail from March 22, 2022 came from a man who testified about his wife’s safe delivery after prayer over the phone.

A Ghanaian woman also sent in an e-mail testimony about the safe delivery of her baby despite negative prophecies by so-called seers who told her she would lose her life if she failed to visit the village. Being already overdue, the woman was told she needed to be induced. However, she still could not have her baby and the doctors advised surgery. Her husband declined the surgery and he promptly called the Prayer Line. Only a couple of hours after, the woman had her baby by herself after her cervix opened up by God’s power. The baby has now been named SCOAN!     

Prayer For All!

“The belief in your heart,” said the woman of God during the Mass Prayer session, “is released by faith out of your mouth.” She then asked congregants to pray: “Thou power of deliverance, fall afresh on me!” She went on, asking congregants to place their hands on their heads and pray: “My head, reject failure, setback, barrenness, sickness and affliction, career failure!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “Every area of your life that is in darkness—let there be light, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Every demon, I command you—out!”

Evangelist Ope told congregants: “That sickness tormenting you, causing you nightmare—command it out!”

Evangelist James prayed: “Every struggle in your life, career, finances, business—enough is enough!” He also told congregants: “Ask Jesus to put an end to that struggle in your life. Ask Jesus to anoint your hands for progress and success.”

After joining congregants in removing the barrier between them and the Spirit of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed in a video clip: “Every satanic covenant of attitude, character—out, in Jesus’ name!” He further prays: “Be released, in the name of Jesus! Every spirit that disturbs your peace, breakthrough, that attacks your health—I put them into a cage, in the name of Jesus!”

Testimonies After Service

John was healed at the Prayer Line after receiving prayer for severe leg pain. He had had surgery but the pain had persisted. “The heaviness has left my leg,” he said while casting off his walking aids and demonstrating his healing. He advised people to take their problems to Jesus Christ.

Rose also received her healing from difficulty in walking owing to severe pain in the left leg. She had been to various places but found no solution. To the glory of God, however, she experienced God’s electrifying power as the woman of God laid an anointed hand on her. Now, she will no longer be needing her body brace. She advised people to put their trust in God.

All the way from Benin Republic, a man came with the problem of stiff neck. After prayer earlier in the service, he received his perfect healing and took off his neck collar. He advised people to seek Jesus.

After the service, Cherish, a Nigerian living in the USA, testified alongside her fiancé. First, she testified about her healing from ankle pain as she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Second, she testified about her deliverance from addiction to eating ice after she received prayer a fortnight ago at The SCOAN. Since then, her issues with tooth pain are now gone, even as she is now more stable emotionally. Cherish said the prayer also brought about a turnaround in her business. She advised people to see God as the first and only solution to their problems. Her fiancé, Joshua, thanked God for her deliverance, as he no longer needs to go shopping for ice for her. Joshua himself has also broken free from addiction to smoking after receiving ministration of the New Anointing Water by one of the evangelists. He advised people to seek God first.

Gift was freed from the spirit responsible for nightmares in her life. For seven years, the spirit had frustrated her by making it difficult for her to cope in her Pharmacy course. Most times, her results would not be found or she would just fail outright. After taking her case to God, Gift’s situation improved and she managed to make it to the final year after transferring to Physiology. However, the problem reared its head again as the order of Gift’s name was transposed, forcing her to need to travel hundreds of kilometres to her school in order to have the mistake on a key document corrected. In a tearful voice, she expressed her delight over the divine rescue that she experienced a fortnight ago. She advised students and others to involve God in their lives.