DON’T MISS THE POINT - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On Sunday, March 13, 2022, The Emmanuel TV Choir began the worship session with a plea to the Son of David: “Have Mercy On Me/Let Your Mercy Speak For Me/Your Divine Favour Locate Me.” And the Son of David did show mercy to all who made their hearts the contact point for the Holy Spirit, as they received healing and deliverance for breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and for the ultimate salvation of their souls.

When Evangelist Ope got on The SCOAN Altar, the first thing he said was, “The greatest book on earth is the Word of God.” After that emphatic declaration, he went on to announce the title of his sermon as “Don’t Miss The Point,” taking his reading from Ezekiel 33:31-33. Other scripture references were James 1:22, Matthew 7: 26-27, Titus 1: 16, Matthew 7:21, John 14:15, 1 John 4:20 and Matthew 21:28-31. As Evangelist Ope made point after point, each of which hit home, it was clear that congregants were in agreement with him on the changes that needed to be made in their own lives.

The point of the message was that true Christians should not just read the Bible but that they should read it with deep understanding that leads to cultivating a relationship with Jesus Christ which shows in the level of love they show to fellow humans. Said the evangelist, “You can read and pray all day but unless you do the Word, act the Word and live in the Word as well, you miss the point.” Therefore, it would amount to missing the point, he said, if a person claiming to be a Christian only knows the letter of the Bible and professes faith without manifesting good works. In Evangelist Ope’s words: “Faith must be backed up with appropriate action. Faith without works is dead. Our works prove our faith. Our works perfect our faith. Our works complete our faith.”

Evangelist Ope further spoke of the need to express love as Jesus Christ expressed it, meaning that Christians must love their neighbours regardless of what those neighbours represent. On that note he said, echoing Prophet T.B. Joshua, “If you don’t love, you are missing the point, you are missing life because love is life and life is love.” And in concluding the sermon, the preacher urged Christians to be mindful of the whole point of their worship of God Almighty. Those who will be rewarded, he said, will be only those who hear, believe and obey God’s Word.   

The New Anointing Water: God’s Gift To The World

When Pastor Evelyn Joshua joined congregants at the Prayer Line, she started by offering words of gratitude to God Almighty: “Father Lord, we thank You! Jesus Christ, we praise You! Holy Spirit, we honour You!” Then she began the ministration of prayer with the New Anointing Water. She assured the people: “God Almighty will deliver you from every shackle today, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

There were cases of difficulty in walking, stiff neck, anus cancer, swollen scrotum, bleeding, mental disorder and pregnancy complications, among others—all of which were settled by God’s unfailing power in the New Anointing Water.

Prayer For All!

“Jesus Christ is as close to you as he was to Blind Bartimaeus,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the church as she started the Mass Prayer session. She went on: “Every trouble that is threatening your life, peace—out, in the mighty name of Jesus! Reach out to the Holy Spirit and take what God has in store for you.”

The woman of God was thereafter joined by the evangelists. Evangelist James said: “By the authority in the name of Jesus Christ, begin to break every demonic resistance to your prayer!” He went on: “Every appointment with sorrow, nightmare, failure, setback—be cancelled!” He also told congregants to pray: “You unclean spirit tormenting my life, career—I command you out!”

Evangelist Chisom started with words of assurance: “There is power in the Blood of Jesus to heal you of that sickness, to cure you of that disease.” He then told congregants to pray: “You sickness, disease—anywhere you are located in my body, fluid—be flushed out, in the name of Jesus!”

Evangelist Joseph prayed: “Every chain that satan might have used to connect you to himself—be broken!” He then assured the church: “Today is your day of freedom, blessing. You cannot afford to go back the same.” Finally he declared: “Your lost dream, glory, career—be restored!”

On his part, Evangelist Ope told the church: “Declare freedom to your health, family, career, marriage, business, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

In a Mass Prayer clip, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed: “Whatever spirit that has been disturbing you—come out! You familiar spirit, I call you in the name of Jesus to come out! Those of you under the influence of this voice, that familiar spirit that has been disturbing, destroying your life, marriage, business, career, health—that familiar spirit, I say, out!”


An End To 25 Years Of Difficulty In Walking

“We ask for Your healing power; let it flow into her body, in Jesus’ name,” so prayed Pastor Evelyn Joshua a fortnight ago for Grace, who was suffering from difficulty in walking. The problem had started 25 years ago and had forced her to visit numerous places in search of a solution. After discovering Emmanuel TV and building her faith, she decided to visit The SCOAN for prayers, alongside her husband. To the glory of God, Grace received prayer with the New Anointing Water. “My body became cold,” she recalled. Since then she has been able to do the things she had been unable to do before, such as washing her clothes, sweeping the floor and walking freely. Expressing relief, Grace’s husband said: “She is now healed. Before, she could not hold her phone or walk. She also sleeps well now.” The couple advised people to exercise faith in God. 

After Three Years, Ateni Walks Freely Again!

Three years ago, a vehicle knocked down Ateni. The accident affected her backbone and led to difficulty in walking. For the past three years she had been unable to sleep well owing to pain all over her body. She also constantly had to take drugs to minimise her pain. After receiving prayer in the name of Jesus Christ two Sundays ago, however, Ateni got her perfect healing and now she can move freely for the glory of God. No longer needing her lumbar corset or drugs, Ateni advised people to take their case to God.

Grandmother Delivered From Spirit Of Bedwetting

“I thank God for what He has done in my life,” said Mopelola during her testimony on Sunday. Since childhood she had been a bed-wetter and the problem had caused her severe embarrassment. Tired of her shame, the 53-year-old grandmother suggested to her husband that they seek a permanent solution in God’s presence. Since receiving prayer two Sundays ago at The SCOAN, where Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered the New Anointing Water on her, Mopelola has stopped wetting her bed! Glory be to Jesus Christ! “Don’t run away from God; He is the only One that can deliver you,” she advised the church.

Engineer Healed Of Three Years Of Difficulty In Walking

For three years, 42-year-old Eric, an engineer, suffered from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. To be able to make the most minimal of movements, Eric had to have a lumbar corset around his waist while also relying heavily on drugs. He had tried to lift a heavy piece of machinery while at work when something snapped in his back. After several pharmacy and hospital visits, Eric did not feel better, so his doctors suggested surgery. However, friends told him about The SCOAN and advised him to present himself for prayers. Two Sundays ago, Eric received prayerful ministration of the New Anointing Water by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “My body felt cold,” said Eric regarding how he felt during the prayer. Since then Eric has been able to everything he had been unable to do before. He advised people to believe in God. “What God cannot do does not exist,” he added.

Two Years After, Bed-wetting Remains A Thing Of The Past!

Mary, a Nigerian residing in the United Kingdom, testified about her freedom from the bondage of bed-wetting—a problem that had used to trouble her life every now and then. In March 2020, she had visited The SCOAN and received a word of prophecy as well as the prayer of deliverance from God’s servant Prophet T.B. Joshua. Since then, the merciful God has helped Mary to keep her bedspread dry every night. Moreover, she has stopped having bad dreams and there is no longer conflict in her family. She advised people to continue praying hard while moving closer to God. “The God who delivered me will also deliver others,” she prayed.

Mental Health Restored, In Jesus’ Name

Goodness, a 36-year-old Nigerian residing in Germany, was one of those who received prayer over the problem of mental disorder two weeks ago. It was in 2014 that she developed the problem, leading German authorities to take her children from her. The incident also eventually led to the collapse of her marriage. During the prayer session, the power of God had fallen mightily on Goodness and she had vomited the poisonous substances in her system. Now she no longer feels pain in her chest and also sleeps peacefully. “No matter your circumstance, don’t lose hope in God,” she advised people all over the world. Goodness’ sister, Anthonia, confirmed that her sister is now mentally relaxed and no longer speaks incoherently.

At Last, Mercy Finds Mercy In Long-Awaited Pregnancy!

On February 27, 2022, Mercy had been a recipient of prayer at The SCOAN over her problem of barrenness. For a good 10 years, she had been looking for the fruit of the womb. Along the line, she and her husband had faced embarrassment from neighbours, friends and family. Undaunted by the passing of God’ servant to glory, Mercy had continued praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. On one occasion, Mercy heeded the call by God’s servant to buy any items she would need for her situation, so she decided to buy some baby things. As time went on, she suddenly found that she had fallen pregnant. Beside herself with joy and excitement, she glorified God for fulfilling His promise for her life. As the pregnancy progressed, however, she started coming down with complications, including high blood pressure and breech presentation for her baby. Besides, the family’s finances were in a mess. It was in that state that she had presented herself for prayers before the woman of God. Immediately after the prayer, Mercy had felt coolness in her heart and had started feeling better. Later on, she went to her doctors, who confirmed that her blood pressure had returned to normal and that her baby’s position had been divinely corrected. Stating that he himself had been impacted while at home as his wife received prayer on the 27th of February, Mercy’s husband advised people to realise that God is the only Solver of our problems and that He deserves our trust always. “There is condemnation for whosoever in in Christ,” Mercy concluded.

Instant Testimonies After Prayer Line And Mass Prayer Sessions

After the Prayer Line and Mass Prayer sessions, three people testified about their instant healing.

First to testify was Kofi, who received his healing from lumbar spondylosis. He had been having difficulty in raising his arms and turning his neck, which always had to be encased in a neck collar. Now he no longer needs the neck collar as he is perfectly fit. He advised people to take their problems to God.

Benedicta also received prayer for her problem of difficulty in walking, leading her to use a lumbar corset. “I felt something like a shock when the woman of God prayed for me,” she said. Now she no longer needs the lumbar jacket. She can now squat, bend and take positions that she was not able to take before. “Seek God first in everything you do,” she advised the church.

For 13 years Jonathan could not walk freely but now he can move around without any trouble. “I felt light immediately and felt a peppery sensation around my waist when the woman of God prayed for me,” he said, discarding his waist brace and walking stick. “Have faith in God,” he advised the church.