GOD’S OWN FAITH - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


In one of the worship songs with which they started the Sunday Service of February 20, 2022, The Emmanuel TV Choir led congregants in putting God first as they sang: “Lord, You Are Everything!” It was in that spirit of total surrender to The Omnipotent, The Omniscient and The Omnipresent that the people experienced showers of blessings from the Throne of Grace.

After the worship session, Evangelist Joseph Ayodele climbed on The SCOAN Altar for the first time as a preacher and ministered the undiluted Word of God. His message, titled “GOD’S OWN FAITH”, drew from Genesis 1:1-3. In the message Evangelist Joseph paid attention to the place of faith in the Christian walk. He cited some examples of biblical characters who saw beyond their present difficult circumstances and kept their sight on God, such as Daniel in the lions’ den, Moses while leading his people through the wilderness and Elisha while surrounded by enemy forces.

Evangelist Joseph summed up faith in four ways. First, he described it as “unshakeable confidence in the reality of the yet unseen world”, a description which perfectly fits God’s own faith as He created the world. Second, he called it “the certainty of God’s yet unfulfilled promises” for the believer. Third, as explained in Hebrews 11, he described faith as “the evidence of things hoped for.” Fourth, he called faith “a firm expectation of what God has promised in Christ Jesus,” thereby reminding congregants of their need to tap into the grace afforded by the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. On that note, he urged congregants not to be swayed by their feelings and emotions but to always act in a manner that is consistent with God’s Word.

Power in the Balm of Gilead!

At the Prayer Line, Pastor Evelyn Joshua ministered healing, deliverance and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As she moved from one case to the next while ministering the New Anointing Water, chains of sickness and stagnancy were broken, with everyone exclaiming, “Thank You, Jesus!” as they felt the impact of God’s awesome power.

Later on, evangelists Joseph, James and Chisom joined the woman of God as they went all over the auditorium to minister succour to the people in the name of Jesus Christ. Like the biblical balm of Gilead, the New Anointing Water brought total relief to the suffering, whether bodily, materially or mentally. Not a single case was too stubborn at the presence of Jesus Christ!

SCOAN Ghana Anointing Water Ministration

Before starting the Prayer Line ministration, Pastor Evelyn Joshua told the church about her visit to The SCOAN Ghana for a midweek service during which the New Anointing Water worked wonders in the people’s lives. Many vomited the poisonous substances in their systems as evil spirits fled their bodies. Glory be to Jesus Christ!

As God’s Right Hand Fell On Congregants And Viewers

“My case, my situation, my problem will not escape the anointing of God!” Those were the words Pastor Evelyn Joshua asked the people to pronounce on themselves as the Mass Prayer session began. She then prayed: “Everything that has stopped in every department of your life—let it begin to move right now, in the mighty name of Jesus! Every negative supernatural power—out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist James told congregants to pray: “You demon, anywhere you are hiding in my life–be exposed! You demon, you evil spirit, the cause of my shame, disgrace—I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus! Come out!”

Evangelist Chisom prayed: “Every organ in your body under the dominion of disease—be cured! Whatever you might have eaten in the dream or at the table of your enemy—be flushed out!” He also told congregants to pray: “You sickness, disease—anywhere you are tormenting my life, family—out, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Evangelist Joseph told congregants: “Command every hindrance to your breakthrough, blessing to give way.” He also prayed: “Your destiny, future, health—be released!”

For the viewers, Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed: “We command today to favour you, in the name of Jesus Christ. Be released from every disappointment. You are freed, saved, delivered in your home, family, marriage, finances!”

From virtual space, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed: “I command you to recover your lost dream. Your lost dream, in the name of Jesus, recover it! I release you from the influence of ancestral cycle. Be released, in the name of Jesus!”


A New Lease Of Life For Cameroonian Parliamentarian!

Ekolle, a Cameroonian parliamentarian, was bedridden for two years. While in hospital, Ekolle saw people die around him but his faith remained firm and he assured himself that God would meet him at the point of his needs. Two Sundays ago, he visited The SCOAN for prayers. As the woman of God ministered the New Anointing Water on him, God’s power fell upon Ekolle. “We command every pain out of your body now, in Jesus’ name!” she prayed. Then she told him: “Rise up and walk!” Since then, Ekolle can do all he had been able to do before, including lifting his hands, walking briskly, jumping and shaking his legs. He advised people to trust in God and to ignore mockery from people.

Beninese Woman Walks Freely Again!

Another beneficiary of the healing power of God two Sundays ago was Zocli from The Republic of Benin. The woman had been suffering from severe difficulty in walking, so she was at the mercy of those around her. On receiving prayerful ministration of the New Anointing Water, however, Zocli had felt something inside of her and she had found herself able to walk perfectly again. She advised people to run to God for solutions to their problems.

Healed For Free In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ!

Last year, while he bent down as he was trying to light a gas cooker, Oluwatoba heard a sound suggesting that a bone had shifted in his back. No longer able to continue what he wanted to do, he decided to rest for a while. However, he did not feel better. At the hospital, doctors said he would need at least 2.3 million naira for surgery, excluding other expenses. Besides, they told him he would take at least four months to recover. They said he had suffered a collapse of his lower spine disc. With the church not being open when the incident happened, and the money not being available, Oluwatoba had to wait it out. Eventually, during the Sunday service of January 20, 2022, he received prayerful ministration of the New Anointing Water by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “Something clicked back into place,” said Oluwatoba of how he had felt during the prayer session. To the glory of God, the then wheelchair-bound Oluwatoba began recovering immediately after the prayer. Last Sunday, in the company of two of his sons, he testified about his perfect healing. No longer using a lumbar corset, he thanked God for the wonderful work of healing that had cost him nothing, even as he advised people never to stray away from God. His sons took turns to corroborate the testimony while glorifying God for helping them not to stray from God’s path as they sought a solution to their father’s health problem. They advised the youth to believe in God’s power.

For Sadrak And His Wife, The Evidence Of Jesus Is Indeed Changed Lives!

Sadrak from Namibia was in church to thank God for many things. First was the healing he had received for the partial paralysis of the right side of his face. Second was his healing from heart palpitations. And third was his movement from stagnation to breakthrough. At the height of his problems, Sadrak had come to church and received a touch from God’s servant Prophet T.B. Joshua. Although Sadrak had expected to be touched on his face when he came for prayers, the man of God had in fact touched his heart. Afterwards, Sadrak was gifted the Anointing Water. On returning home, he began ministering the water and things began to change dramatically for him. He not only experienced improved health but also found his business booming and expanding. Sadrak had wanted to testify in 2019 but the lockdown had made it impossible. Taking pride in the rescuing power of Jesus Christ, Sadrak happily updated the church on how God had enlarged his coast—with houses, cars and thriving livestock to show for it. “When you have a problem,” he advised the church, “go to any living church to receive oil for your lamp, as I did by coming to The SCOAN.”

In another testimony, Sadrak’s wife said she had seen her husband on Emmanuel TV as he received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Motivated by the testimonies of people who were delivered from addiction, such as addiction to eating ice cubes, Sadrak’s wife said she subsequently prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua over her own addiction to eating sand. Since that prayer five years ago, she said, there has been no urge to eat sand—something she had done for 48 years since the age of seven! She advised people to have faith and to forgive those who have hurt them as they follow the teachings on Emmanuel TV.

Now As Calm As A Dove After 11 Years Of Mental Trouble!

Toun from Ekiti State testified about the power of God in the New Anointing Water. Actually, the testimony was about Michael, her nephew. Initially, she said, Michael had been a coolheaded boy but later became so heady that his parents started to worry. Toun then brought him to church for prayers. Michael changed, but for some reason he later got worse. Yet, his aunt and his mother remained calm, as taught by Prophet T.B. Joshua. One day, Toun received news that Michael had not been at work. Nine days later, when he was found, Michael looked like a mental case. Eventually, he was taken to a psychiatric home. However, Michael’s case appeared to worsen and his mother decided to withdraw him so she could bring him to church. On February 5, 2022, Michael was brought to church for prayers and received ministration of the New Anointing Water from Pastor Evelyn Joshua. Toun said it was a simple prayer but she knew it had taken effect immediately. On his part, Speaking of his 11-year ordeal as a substance abuser, during which period people mistook him for a thief and beat him up on numerous occasions, Michael said: “I thank my mum for running to God, because it was a period of torment for me. I am a different being … I am no longer aggressive … I am fine.” He advised the youth to stay away from drugs, which he described as a time waster that can take away their lives. Like Michael’s mother herself, Toun advised parents to take cases like Michael’s to God.

Freed From Demonic Hold!

“I am a demon! I am here to kill her!” screamed the evil spirit in the body of Emma, a Kenyan. One day, while eating dinner with her husband and children, Emma had felt an insect crawl into her head. She asked her husband to check but he found nothing. Emma dashed into the restroom, no longer feeling comfortable. A voice started urging her to kill herself and she soon became a mental case—a depressed woman. She always saw people carrying coffins moving towards her. Unable to disclose her problem to her husband, Emma did not know what else to do to free herself. One day, while a technician was installing satellite TV in her home, she stumbled on Emmanuel TV and since then she started following deliverance sessions on the channel. Meanwhile, the demons had been bringing constant rejection and disappointment to her life. Emma then decided to end it all. One morning, she prepared poison and was about to drink it when her husband unexpectedly returned home to pick up something he had left behind. In seeking a solution, Emma’s family had taken her to different places, including witch doctors. Subsequently, Emma put more effort into receiving from God through Emmanuel TV. A fortnight ago, to the glory of God, she received her perfect deliverance after prayerful ministration of the New Anointing Water. Since then, she feels calm in her heart and no longer has heart palpitations. “Even if all seems to have come to an end, there is God,” she advised the church.   

A Basketful Of Blessings For Kenyan Family

Daniel, a Kenyan based in the Central African Republic, said he had first found out about Emmanuel TV in 2008 while working in South Sudan. Sometime in 2018, he said, he had received healing from a chronic stomach ailment after Prophet T.B. Joshua touched his stomach twice in the dream. Similarly, that same year Daniel’s wife was able to finish her doctoral studies in a Kenyan university; she was in fact the first woman to do so in her entire community. In 2019, Daniel’s daughter received deliverance from demonic forces; that same year she also gained admission to a university in the United States of America. Later, Daniel’s son gained admission to a Canadian university. Even more, Daniel’s wife has now received admission to study for another doctoral degree in the United States of America. Regarding himself, Daniel testified that he received exceptional grace to continue for another one year on an international volunteer job on which he was supposed to have spent four years. In 2015, he had moved from Nepal to the Central African Republic, where he received the special extension to serve at the highest level after finishing his original term. In 2021, after receiving the New Anointing Water, things further improved for Daniel’s family. His daughter got a scholarship for her education in the USA and, just about a week ago, he himself received a permanent offer with the United Nations as the Regional Administrative Officer at his present place of work. “In all this it has always been God,” said Daniel as he advised people to focus on God.