BACK TO GOD - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


It was the day after Christmas 2021, so the festive excitement from the day before, as well as from the Carol Service of Christmas Eve, was still in the air. And when Prophet Racine got on the pulpit after the ministration of intense worship and praise by the Emmanuel TV Choir, congregants were beside themselves with joy to see the legacy of Prophet T.B. Joshua being carried on for the glory of God.

“You know his joy was—and is—to see the sick being healed, to see the oppressed being delivered, the poor being blessed, the lonely and the elderly being comforted and the young and the seeds of tomorrow to succeed in their lives,” said Prophet Racine as he reminded the church and viewers all over the world of what Prophet T.B. Joshua lived and died for.

Earlier in the service, Pastor Evelyn Joshua had carried on the work of charity from where God’s servant, her ever-loving and compassionate husband Prophet T.B. Joshua, had left off. She had spent hours on her feet as she handed out gift packs to all the kids and youth in The SCOAN Sunday School. It was indeed a memorable day for attendees of The Sunday School as they also received ministration of the New Anointing Water, with many of them being separated from every malicious force trying to hold them down.

Pressing on with his message about retracing one’s step to God, Prophet Racine asserted The SCOAN’s abiding commitment to the ultimate goal of salvation as he announced the title of his sermon as “BACK TO GOD”. For this message he took his reading from Luke 15, starting from verse 11—the story about how the Prodigal Son had come back to his senses after a season of riotous living in which he squandered his prematurely collected share of his inheritance.

Prophet Racine noted that God had created man to have a spiritual as well as a physical essence that would help him to remain in perfect communication with Him. With man’s fall in the Garden of Eden, however, he lost his ability to interact with God in Spirit and truth, said Prophet Racine. But there is hope, Racine quickly suggests, when he describes Jesus Christ as the language in which God has now chosen to reveal Himself to man. “That is why God calls Jesus Christ the Word,” Prophet Racine explained before adding that a deep relationship with God produces extraordinary success, as was the case with Prophet T.B. Joshua. “If you are to be great, victorious, successful, it is because of your relationship with Jesus,” Prophet Racine further asserted.  

Among other Bible passages that Prophet Racine cited were Job 33:14, Isaiah 41:8, Exodus 33:11 and John 14:15. He then pointedly asked congregants if they were willing to get back to being God’s friend as it was originally designed, saying: “The transforming promise Jesus offers us today is liberation.” Having said that, he urged those feeling depressed, condemned, oppressed, bound and sick to submit their heart to Jesus for their spiritual, mental and physical deliverance.

In concluding, Prophet Racine told congregants: “Jesus is coming to take you to a place of contentment and peace of heart. It is a free gift of God; it is for whosoever believes. Jesus is coming to take you to a place of significance. Imagine a life without guilt, condemnation, fear, inferiority—what a blessed life!”

Ministration Of Prayer With The New Anointing Water

After the sermon, Pastor Evelyn Joshua joined congregants in The SCOAN Auditorium for the ministration of prayers with the New Anointing Water, God’s special gift to humankind. For those who had come with various afflictions of the body and mind, visible or invisible, the woman of God prayed with the authority in the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. As she declared them freed, healed and restored at the Prayer Line, the people immediately began walking in the light of their testimonies and pronouncing their blessings.

Similarly, the evangelists furthered the work of healing and deliverance by ministering the New Anointing Water on congregants in the Auditorium, the Sunday School, the Overflow and the Nursing Mothers’ Section. The Spirit of God moved mightily among the people, causing commotion in the world of malice as captives regained their freedom and entered into the Light of God’s Kingdom. Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Mass Prayer   

The work of healing, deliverance and breakthrough continued during the Mass Prayer as Pastor Evelyn Joshua and Prophet Racine pronounced healing, deliverance and breakthrough upon the people.

“May the enemies of your soul surrender in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” prayed Pastor Evelyn Joshua.

To every problem in congregants’ lives Prophet Racine declared: “Come out, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Capping up the Mass Prayer was a clip from Prophet T.B. Joshua in which he urged the church: “No matter the situation you are in, give thanks to God!”


Set Free From Difficulty In Walking

For two years, Dorcas suffered from the problem of difficulty in walking. “I couldn’t drink cold water or bathe with it,” she recalled. Unable to get any significant relief from medicine, Dorcas chose to seek divine help. A fortnight ago, she attended The SCOAN Sunday Service, where she received ministration of the New Anointing Water by Pastor Evelyn Joshua. “I felt cold all over my body and I didn’t feel pain anymore,” she testified last Sunday. Dorcas demonstrated her healing by doing things she had been unable to do earlier, such as wearing high-heeled shoes and walking briskly. She advised people to have faith in God.

Her Scourge Of Bleeding Is Over!

Amidat had been bleeding profusely for months. “It took a toll on my social life and work,” she said about the problem, which took up a sizeable portion of her monthly income. As drugs and other interventions could not help her, Amidat made her way to church two weeks ago and received ministration of the New Anointing Water. “I felt different,” she said of her experience after the ministration. “I was cold all over during the prayer session,” she added. “I was further delivered in my sleep by the woman of God,” she disclosed. In that dream, Amidat said, she went into the restroom and passed out a bloody mass containing a moving object. In real life, she did expel the root cause of her bleeding, even as she displayed a picture on her phone of a bloody lump that she had passed out. “This testimony has put a stop to every challenge in my life,” she declared. “Jesus Christ will rescue you, whatever your situation,” she advised congregants.

Walking Freely Again For The Glory Of God!

Florence, a 71-year-old Ugandan living in the USA, was among those impacted by the ministration of the New Anointing Water on December 12. Seven years ago, Florence had had hip replacement surgery, after which doctors gave her a walking stick for aiding her movement. To the glory of God, after Florence received prayer she became whole again. Since then she has been moving unaided and walking freely for the glory of God. “Never give up on God,” she told the church.

Baby Repositions As Fibroids Melt In Jesus’ Name!

Joy from Nigeria had received ministration of the New Anointing Water during the service of December 19, 2021. A pregnant woman who had fibroids alongside the improperly positioned baby growing in her womb, she had been advised by doctors to have her baby evacuated. She could not eat well, stand properly or get any decent sleep because of severe pain. Once she got ministered with the Anointing Water, however, God’s power went to work in her body. “I lost control of myself and things started coming out of my body,” she said. Later in the week she went for a check-up and doctors found that not only had her baby moved to the proper position but also that the fibroids had disappeared. Testifying amidst joyful tears last Sunday, Joy could barely hide her excitement about how the hand of God had changed her story in minutes. She advised people to trust in the Lord.