YOUR OWN PART AS A CHRISTIAN (PART 2) - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Six days before Christmas 2021, amidst the anxiety that was still gripping the world over a pandemic that had kept governments, the business world and individuals humbled as prophesied by God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) proved yet again to be a place of refuge for believers in God’s incomparable power. The service began with soul-lifting, faith-building renditions of songs by the Emmanuel TV Choir, who acknowledged the power of Yahweh before declaring sin’s power broken over the lives of congregants and viewers all over the world.

On joining the congregation, Pastor Evelyn Joshua cheered them up with words of encouragement. “God is with us,” she began, “and because He’s with us, you can start talking about your faith in Christ Jesus instead of your doubt.” Before announcing the continuation of her message from the previous week, “Your Own Part As A Christian”, the woman of God further charged up the atmosphere with affirmations of God’s constant presence and guidance: “Because God Almighty is with you, you can start talking about your hope of glory instead of your self-pity. Because God Almighty is with me, I talk more of my victory instead of the battle. Because God is with you, talk more of your Blessing Provider instead of your lack.”

In starting the sermon proper, the woman of God recalled the proof text of John 11:22 and reiterated the Christian’s need to play their part by doing God’s will and exercising faith that leads to receiving from God. “The way of obedience,” she explained, “is the way of blessing.” She therefore enjoined congregants to emulate Martha’s show of absolute faith in Jesus’ power. Because Martha “showed her effort,” the woman of God said, she gave Christ all that He needed to meet her family’s need three days after the burial of her brother, Lazarus. “Believing is receiving,” she added.

The woman of God also noted that divine wisdom ensures the Christian’s preservation. To expand on this point, she read from Mark 6:1-6 and pointed out the result of failing to perform one’s role in the relationship with God. “Uncommon peace is a gift from an uncommon God,” she declared after highlighting Zacchaeus’ encounter with Jesus which led to salvation for his entire family. On the idea that winning begins as an internal process, the woman of God cited the cases of Blind Bartimaeus and the woman with the issue of blood, both of whom exercised faith borne of deep inner conviction (Mark 10:46-52; Luke 8:43-48)

After noting that “unanswered prayer stands between you and your faith,” Pastor Evelyn Joshua told congregants: “My brethren, you will be healed, delivered, saved by faith in the finished work of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.” She added, “Faith is our movement to God. It believes now, it acts now and it receives now.” She then prayed: “The God of grace and goodness will speak to your heart on what to do to play your role at any given time.” Fittingly, she concluded: “When you have an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, His mercy, peace and the glory of God will not pass you by, in Jesus Christ’s name!”

Healing, Deliverance and Salvation During Ministration Of The New Anointing Water

The Anointing Water Ministration session was again time for delivering congregants from the spirit of malice and for bringing healing to their ailing bodies. Among those who received prayer were people with various hideous leg ulcers and skin disease as well as other forms of affliction. To the glory of God, their testimonies are sealed, in Jesus’ mighty name!


Below are the testimonies shared earlier in the service about God’s presence in the New Anointing Water. May your faith be lifted as you read them. 

No More A Victim Of Back Pain

“Thank You, Jesus!” Harrison from Liberia had exclaimed as he rose to his feet after ministration of the New Anointing Water on him by Pastor Evelyn Joshua during the Sunday Service of December 5, 2021. Before then, Harrison had been unable to do so many things, including bending and walking freely. Last Sunday, however, he demonstrated his perfect healing by doing all that which he could not do before! He advised people to pay heed to God’s power in the New Anointing Water. 

Miraculous Pregnancy And Birth Despite Fibroids!

Over 20 years ago, Fortune was diagnosed with fibroids, which doctors told her needed to be surgically removed. As she was neither married nor searching for a baby then, Fortune had not been much bothered. However, the fibroids soon became a source of concern when she got married, as she was unable to fall pregnant. In the course of time, she received the New Anointing Water and began ministering it. Meanwhile, the fibroids had been causing her unbearable pain, especially during her menses. While seeking medical attention, Fortune was told she needed to have several tests, including one that would be done during her period. However, when it was time for the test to be done, she realised that her menses had ceased. Disturbed by the news, she allowed herself to be checked again by the doctors, who then told her something quite unexpected: a baby had already formed in her womb amidst the multiple fibroids! “This can only be God’s work,” said the surprised doctors. Grateful to God for the incredible blessing she was now carrying, Fortune continued ministering the New Anointing Water on herself. She began to bleed profusely every month but it was no ordinary bleeding, for it was her fibroids that were being flushed out by God’s power! To the glory of God, Fortune carried the pregnancy to term, eventually giving birth to a bouncing baby boy. Testifying on Sunday, she advised women in her situation to hold on to God. After corroborating her testimony, Fortune’s husband advised people, “Keep praying and believing in God, using the Anointing Water; God will see you through.” 

Little Girl Healed Of Congenital Heart Disease

During one of the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting of early 2021, Ojomo Olasope and her husband had been one of the attendees who had come for their New Anointing Water and Sticker. Before then, they had been told by doctors that their little daughter had a congenital heart disease that had led to abscesses in her brain. They said it was so bad that she might not survive. However, as a woman of faith, Ojomo had declared that her baby would not die, in Jesus’ name. The Olasopes had persisted in prayer even as their daughter’s condition subsequently required further surgical attention in India. During the surgery, Ojomo had kept her faith in God as her daughter underwent an open-heart surgery. To the glory of God, the operation was successful and the little girl recovered faster than the doctors had expected. This had been the state of things when the family received prayer from God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. The little girl’s condition kept improving and now she is in perfect health! Ojomo herself said that after receiving prayers, she was able to excel in her Master programme by making a Distinction grade of 4.67, despite all the distraction from her daughter’s illness. Ojomo advised people to believe in God’s power to solve all problems, no matter how challenging they may be.

Delivered From Aggressive Marine Spirit

“I wanted to kill her when she was twelve years old,” claimed the spirit in Nneka as she underwent a deliverance session during the ministration of the New Anointing Water a fortnight ago. Apparently, Nneka had been under the influence of marine spirits that made her stubborn, aggressive, violent, quick-tempered and unruly. In secondary school, she played truant most of the time and caused her parents heartache by deserting home when it was time for her to proceed to university. Subsequently, Nneka rejected every single suitor, finding one fault or the other with them. Eventually, she settled for the man who is now her husband, Ejike. According to Nneka, the marriage had been a source of torment for Ejike, whom she constantly fought, insulted and cursed openly. Despite her business success, the marine spirit made it impossible for her to enjoy the fruits of her labour, as she soon became broke after making any huge amount of money. To the glory of God, after the contrary spirit fled from Nneka’s life following her deliverance, she became a new creature in Jesus Christ. Referring to his wife’s changed behaviour, Ejike said, “Since last Sunday I have taken my position as a man in the home.” Nneka tearfully apologised to her husband while testifying about her divine transformation.  Now free from the destructive marine spirit, 53-year-old Nneka advised people to wait patiently for God’s time. Indeed, the evidence of Jesus is lives changed.

Set Free From Spirits of Lust and Bestiality

“I am a spiritual wife. I make him sleep with animals!” confessed the evil spirit in Samuel durng the ministration of the New Anointing Water two weeks ago. During his testimony last Sunday, Samuel disclosed that he had been raised by an old woman who initiated him into evil rituals. “I used to eat some of the food sacrificed to spirits and that was how a spirit entered me,” he recalled. He began to sleep with every woman that came his way, even as he began developing a weird lust for animals. With the evil knowledge that he got from the spirit world, Samuel became a spiritual terror to those around him. He recalled bewitching a girl into falling helplessly in love with him, as well as causing several people to take leave of their senses after invoking their names in evil rituals. In hopes of escaping from this malicious spirit, Samuel fled to Asia. However, his situation worsened there and he became further involved in bestiality and sleeping with much older women. One day, he came across a video of Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube and decided to watch it. Later that night, he had a dream in which God’s servant prayed for him. “When I woke up in the morning, I felt light,” Samuel said. He then decided to make his way to The SCOAN, where he eventually encountered God’s awesome power and the evil spirit in him manifested before fleeing forever. Now set free from the spirits of lust and bestiality, Samuel advised people to see their challenges as a means of reaching their throne of grace.

Prophet Racine At The Mass Prayer Session

During the service, the woman of God welcomed Prophet Racine, describing him as an abiding product of God’s grace on His servant Prophet T.B. Joshua. Thereafter, she and Prophet Racine led the Mass Prayer session before the playing of a Mass Prayer clip of Prophet T.B. Joshua. As always, God’s power flowed in its saving, healing and deliverance richness as people vomited the poisonous substances in their systems after contrary spirits fled from their lives.