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On June 1, 2021 Prophet T.B. Joshua had joined other members of The Emmanuel TV Team to pray with people who had connected via video call to the Emmanuel TV Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. It was another chance to prove that distance is no hindrance to God’s power. In hindsight, the Interactive Prayer Sessions of that first week of June were quite significant, given the peaceful transition of God’s servant at the end of the week, on Saturday, June 5.

Testimonies for the Glory of God

In this article we present only a few of the numerous testimonies that were shared afterwards by people from all over the world who were made whole by their faith in God Almighty.

In the first session, Prophet Racine began by saying a prayer of forgiveness with the people and thereafter assured them of God’s limitless capacity to heal them of every ailment in their bodies, as well as all afflictions of their spirit. Later on, Prophet T.B. Joshua joined Prophet Racine and thanked all those who had connected in faith, reminding them about the woman with the issue of blood who had touched Jesus’ garment in an uncommon act of faith. He said: “I pray your faith will make you whole. I pray your faith will heal you. I pray your faith will save you today.”

His left arm held by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Prophet Racine uttered words backed by the Holy Spirit as he commanded all infirmities in the people’s bodies to be flushed out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As the words penetrated the people’s bodies, they began to react under the anointing, with some of them dropping on the floor and shaking vigorously while others vomited the poisonous substances in their system.

From India, South Korea, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, among others, the power of God worked wonders in the people’s lives. In India, Lungkhangbou’s hideous piles of more than 20 years were eliminated and he could sit properly again. His wife Arjin was also healed of her asthmatic attacks. Maria from Argentina was healed of 36 years of migraines and herniated discs causing her severe back pains; her former life of misery is now over.

Rubicel from Cuba as well as Emily and Lozilia from Malaysia were among those who vomited the root causes of problems in their systems. Pastor Lagos and his wife also felt God’s touch. Others demonstrated their healing by doing things they had been unable to do before, such as USA-based Guyanese Rennie, South Korea’s Park Joo-hui and Sonia from Bolivia.

In Kyrgyzstan, Elnura and her daughter Aruke equally felt God’s hand. While Elnura was set free from demonic forces, Aruke’s skin problem of 10 years was commanded out as she yawned repeatedly during the prayers. Svetlana from Russia had staggered and felt hot during the prayer session, after which she felt “light and wonderful.” Vincente from Spain had “an intense experience” after which he felt healed and delivered.

Prophet Racine prayed for the viewers: “That invisible chain that has been holding you down – holding your life, business, career – be broken, in the name of Jesus! That chain of lust – be broken, in the name of Jesus! That chain of backwardness, depression – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be loosed, be free, in the name of Jesus!”

Alongside Prophet T.B. Joshua, Prophetess Angela prayed for people from countries as far as away from Lagos, Nigeria as Australia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, French Guyana, Seychelles, India, Brazil, Hungary, Romania, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Hong Kong, the USA, France, Netherlands, Pakistan, and the Philippines, among others.

After saying prayers of forgiveness with the people, Prophetess Angela prayed for the expulsion of all sickness and disease from their lives. No sooner had she started the prayers than many of the people begin to sense God’s power in their bodies. Many vomited the impurities in their systems as their bodies vibrated. Thereafter, they began to take off the devices with which they had been supporting themselves.

Lucy, a Peruvian living in Australia, took off her lumbar corset after receiving her healing from fibromyalgia and osteoporosis, which had been causing her severe back pain for years. To the glory of God, she was also freed from the problems of insomnia, panic attacks and tinnitus (noise in the ears).

In Brazil, Rubiana rose from the bed to which she had been confined and embraced her husband in sheer excitement. The 34-year-old had been suffering from chronic migraines since she was 15 years old. The following day, members of her family hugged one another as she testified about her newfound freedom from the expensive oxygen machines on which she had been dependent.

“If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed; I can’t wait to hear your testimony,” said Prophet T.B. Joshua to the people. That freedom came to Aigul in Kazakhstan, who had been experiencing asthma, chronic bronchitis, chest infection and sinusitis for the last nine years, causing her to be dependent on steroid inhalers.

In Indonesia, Josef’s issue of two years of difficulty in walking due to lower-back pain also came to an end and now he no longer needs a lumbar support. In India, Sophia took off the bandage for supporting her knees and elbows and exercised her limbs freely again for the first time in three years. Now she no longer feels pain in her limbs, even as her sinus problem also vanished, thereby allowing her to resume taking cold water and the foods she prefers.

In Venezuela, Giovanny’s problems of lupus and pulmonary fibrosis causing difficulty in breathing came to an end and he no longer needs an oxygen machine. Similarly, there was freedom from pain for Raju in India who had multiple compression and spinal problems. A Brazilian also got set free from the chronic migraines that had led to use of medical oxygen. In Romania, Marcel’s skin problem, as well as haemorrhoids and hair loss (alopecia), also came to an end, even as her husband Florin was healed of psoriasis and allergies.

In the United Kingdom, Veronica received her healing after expelling the substances that had been causing illness in her body for years. Eddy in Belgium said, “I feel so much better and healed. I really want to thank Jesus and the prophet for all the goodness bestowed upon me.”

Military officer Josaia, a Fijian living in the UK, demonstrated his healing from hip and knee pain by squatting. “Today,” he said, “it’s a big honour for me to receive prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua.” Also, Rowena, a Filipino living in the UAE, was healed of muscle tension dysphonia and now she can effortlessly play her guitar and sing again. Numerous other people also shared their testimonies – from Ecuador, Latvia, Fiji, etc.

Prophetess Angela prayed for the viewers: “In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Father, fill their houses! Heal everyone under the influence of this prayer! Bless everyone under the influence of this prayer! Whatever sickness and disease, whatever cage of affliction, disease, virus satan has used to trap your people – be released, in the name of Jesus! Be released! Be healed!”

In a combined session with Prophet T.B. Joshua, Prophet Racine and Prophetess Angela prayed for people in the USA, Guatemala, India, South Korea, Russia, Panama, Honduras, Mexico, Bahrain, Colombia, Peru, and Ukraine, among others. Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “The Bible says it honours God to believe Jesus Christ,” noting that honour is promised to those who believe Christ. He, therefore, commended the people for exercising faith in God’s power. “Only faith pleases God,” he assured them. “We are three now; two believers are better than one,” he further noted.

With the three intercessors now holding hands in the unity of faith, they launched into the prayer session. At the immediate mention of the name of Jesus, the contrary spirits in the prayer recipients began to manifest. A man in India began swinging his hands in rapid motion, then stabilised. A woman in Ukraine began vomiting, just as a child in Guatemala also did, while another woman in Panama burst into tears as her head shook. There was also vomiting in Honduras, the USA, India, Peru, Colombia, Spain, South Korea, and Russia, among others. “Come out! Be released!” Prophet Racine declared, even as Prophetess Angela command that every toxin be expelled from the people’s bodies. 

It was spectacular healing for Giovanna in Peru! After vomiting like numerous others during the prayer session, she received instant divine vitality and took off all her body supports – for her fingers, wrists, knees, ankles and abdominal area. Owing to a spinal cord injury and osteoarthritis she had been suffering from severe difficulty in walking. She had constantly felt pain in her back and hips and was using a lumbar corset to support herself. She also had dermatitis in her scalp and could barely sleep at night because of constant pain. Moreover, she had developed severe gastritis as a result of the drugs she was taking. Declining surgery, she had taken her case to Jesus Christ – and He had rewarded her faith bountifully!

“Every spirit behind your sickness – out!” declared Prophetess Angela as she prayed for Aminta and her mother Amparo, Mexicans living in the USA. While Aminta was still under the influence of the anointing on the way to receiving her deliverance, her mother was already yanking off her lumbar corset and exercising her body for the glory of God. No longer will she be feeling tense and nauseous. “Jesus Christ has healed me! I am very fine!” she declared.

After prayer, Jorge in Colombia stood up from his special cushion and did some squats to prove his healing from the spine and coccyx problems that had been causing him pain. He had also complained about colon, intestinal and kidney problems, as well as stiff neck and general body weakness. To the glory of God, he has now been restored to perfect health.

Similarly, India’s Benjamin and his wife Stella had the vestiges of COVID-19 flushed out of their systems as their bodies vibrated under the anointing. Now their oxygen levels have been restored for their perfect health, just as their senses of smell and taste have returned. In India, Akhil turned his neck in all directions to confirm his healing from neck and back muscle pain and stomach tightness, just like Cuban body builder Alexander in the USA who had been suffering from upper abdominal hernia, herniated discs, shoulder pain, vision problems and internal as well as external haemorrhoids. Now he is free forever from haemorrhoids bleeding.

In the USA, Maria Lourdes, a Mexican, was delivered from evil attacks of the last one year that used to make her scream so much that her children would cry in terror. Now the evil spirit can no longer control her by making her angry for no reason. Moreover, her husband Israel now has a restful mind as he no longer needs to worry about his wife’s health or his children’s safety. “I am free, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ,” Maria proclaimed, displaying the substances she had vomited during prayers. “Thank you, Jesus! You are powerful and mighty!” Maria added.

In South Korea Pastor Lee Poong-seong and family glorified God together. She testified: “I received so much grace through this prayer session. God touched me from my head to my toes, so I am healed completely.” Her knee pain and dizziness were indeed gone! “Hallelujah! I give glory to God!” she concluded. Also in South Korea, Dr. Cho Seong-jeong’s prayer for the salvation of her family was answered, even as her sister’s father-in-law received his healing from the stomach cancer that had caused him loss of appetite leading to weight loss.

In Ukraine, a couple thanked God for their healing. The husband said: “Even before the prayer started, I felt the presence of God in my life. I was having heart pain but by His wounds I was healed by the end of the prayer. My leg felt warm. I believe my mind was fully delivered. My internal organs were healed. I had pain close to my groin but now I am healed.” The wife, Liliana, disclosed that she and others had all manifested during the prayers.

Similarly, families from South Korea, the USA, Russia, and Bahrain, among others, all waved their gratitude to the cameras. South Korean Pastor Heo Young-cheol was healed of the myocardial infarction that had virtually killed him for three days sometime in 2014, keeping him in intensive care for 20 days afterwards. Gereme in The Bahamas was healed of difficulty in breathing and chest pain, just as South Korea-based North Korean Hong Seong-il was delivered from the spirit of fear that had made him a bed-wetter since the age of ten. Jensen in India testified about his freedom from the spirit of depression and he is now released into perfect mental and physical health.

After the healing and deliverance prayers, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged the people to loose themselves from all hurts, saying: “I know, before now, these were the things that led you to sickness and disease. Right now begin to release yourself from all hurts – pain of the past, anger. Right now begin to loose yourself. I command that spirit to come out, in the name of Jesus! Spirit of anger – begin to release yourself right now, in the name of Jesus! Release yourself right now! Release yourself from the spirit of anger, pain of the past, pain, hurts! Release yourself, in the name of Jesus! Be released, in the name of Jesus!”

For the viewers Prophetess Angela prayed thus: “We pray with you that God almighty will grant you His Spirit, His peace and his healing power. Be released from every chain! Be free from every torment! Be healed from every sickness, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! You are delivered, you are healed, in the name of Jesus Christ!” She then urged them to “Give thanks to God, for distance is not a barrier.”

Glory Be To Jesus Christ!

These testimonies and many more were indications of the answered prayers during The Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Session held on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 by Prophet T.B. Joshua alongside other members of The Emmanuel TV Team. Glory be to Jesus Christ!