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On Friday, 21st May 2021, as well as the day after, Prophet T.B. Joshua was again in the midst of Emmanuel TV partners from all over Nigeria who had assembled at The SCOAN Prayer Mountain to receive their own New Anointing Water and Sticker, which are God’s special gifts to a troubled world. In addition to these gifts, the man of God also laid an anointed hand on the partners. On Friday, he explained that it would be necessary to limit The Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting to only Saturdays henceforth because of the Interactive Prayer Sessions to reach other nations who are not able to travel at this time. After this announcement, he went into a session of prayer for viewers all over the world.

He began: “Viewers all over the world, where can we go from His presence? Remove that affliction, in the name of Jesus! Whatever pain, affliction, challenges – be removed, in the name of Jesus! Every mountain holding you down – be removed, in the name of Jesus! Be it affliction – be removed, in the name of Jesus! In your organs, internal organs – be removed, in the name of Jesus!”

With prophetic authority, the man of God asserted: “I declare it is well with you, in the name of Jesus!”

He then prayed on: “Every sickness – whatever sickness, affliction that has been programmed to disturb, stop, kill you gradually – be removed, in the name of Jesus! Be removed, in the name of Jesus! Whatever that has been programmed to kill, disturb, worry you gradually – be removed, in the name of Jesus! Be it hatred, affliction, poverty, stagnation – be removed, in the name of Jesus!”

He then closed on a prophetic note: “I declare that it is well with you! It is well with your business, health, marriage, family, future, in Jesus Christ’s name! Thank You, Lord!”

For the Friday sermon, Prophet Chris was emphatic in telling the partners, “DON’T DODGE DIFFICULTIES!” He took his proof text from James 1:2-4, 12 but also cited John 16:33 and John 17:13 for the message, which focused on the need to embrace difficulties and challenges as the divine means for toughening us for the truly and lastingly successful life. That being so, he observed, Christians should not be impatient, discouraged or desperate when faced with unfavourable circumstances. According to him: “Our situations are tests to mature us. If you are on God’s agenda, many things that look like an abortion of God’s plan for us usually end up being the road to its fulfilment. In times of test, conflict, stay where you are, hold steady and don’t dodge difficulties. Endure every pain and you will learn what you should know and your grief will turn to gain.”

On Saturday, taking his reading from Psalm 37:35-38, Evangelist Joseph reminded the partners that “GOD ALSO LIVES IN THE FUTURE”. The message focused on an unfailing law of life: the unbreakable link between reaping and sowing. Further citing Romans 12:17-19 and Romans 6:1, he exhorted the partners to take stock of their lives and take responsibility for their actions while avoiding the temptation of blaming God or other people for their predicaments and troubles. Closing on a conscience-pricking note, he stated: “Few things are more dangerous than an unexamined life. When we examine our life in the light of God’s Word, the Bible says, we would see ourselves clearly and see the need to repent of our evil ways.”


Below are a few of the multitudes of cases that confirmed God’s power at The Meeting.

Sleep returns as headaches and ulcers flee!

Helen from Ghana was healed of severe headaches and ulcers. She said: “It had caused me inability to sleep for the past two years. I had been on medications to enable me to sleep. Immediately the man of God touched me, I felt a cold sensation in my body. Now I am free! I feel sleepy!” Moments later, she fell asleep during the Live Service and later woke up to share her testimony.

Emmanuel, too, can sleep soundly again!

Emmanuel had been suffering from severe pain in the head that had led to high blood pressure. He recalled: “Because of this problem, I could not sleep well.” However, after prayer, his story changed: “After the man of God touched me, I felt OK. Now I am free – no more pain in my head!” He also said that he was already feeling sleepy and found a spot to lie down and sleep!

A touch of warmth!

After a touch from God’s servant, Jane from Cape Town, South Africa testified to the power of God flowing through her. “I could feel a warmness when the man of God prayed for me. I have been delivered and I say, ‘Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Holy Spirit!’”

Lydia’s good news of a healthier body

After a touch, Lydia from Tanzania will be returning home with good news and a healthier body after 11 years of pain. She quickly tested out the healing she received by lying flat on her stomach pain free, before testifying: “I could not sleep on my stomach but now I can sleep on my stomach. Thank You, Jesus!” 

No more arthritis and difficulty in urinating

Emeka’s body is no longer afflicted by arthritis and difficulty in urinating. Discarding his knee brace, he joyously declared: “After the man of God touched me, I am free! I can jump now!” 

Christian casts off cervical spondylosis!

The weight of cervical spondylosis has now been taken off Christian! “God has delivered me!” he announced. He added: “The pain I felt in my abdomen I no longer feel. I was given this medication to take for one month. The doctor said if I don’t pass out the stone I would be booked for an operation. Now I am free. I no longer feel the pain.”

Restored to full vitality!

For four years Helen had to bear the pain from lumbar spondylosis and osteoarthritis; she also had a swollen uterus as well as objects moving around her body. She said: “After the man of God prayed for me, I don’t feel the pain anymore. I am healed! I am delivered!”

Princess gets her hearing back

While in pre-school, another child had stuck cornflakes into Princess’ ear, causing her loss of hearing in the right ear. After prayer, she testified: “Before I could not hear; now I can hear!” Her mother added: “Thank You, Jesus! My daughter can hear with her right ear!”  

A glorious day for Gloria!

Gloria came all the way from her base in Cameroon to receive her healing from gastric ulcer of 15 years. The Nigerian from Akwa Ibom State said, “I couldn’t eat pepper. I couldn’t eat solid foods and couldn’t bend or sit down but after the man of God prayed for me, I can bend and sit and eat. I am healed. Thank You, Jesus!”

Actors acting out their faith!

Famous actor Oloye presented himself for prayers, after which he declared: “Thank You, Jesus! My body is strong!” He said he hadn’t been able to walk well for the last two years. “I am healed!” he again declared. Ladi Folarin, another actor, also sought refuge under God’s canopy. He told the man of God: “People are dying in our association. We need your prayer, sir.” As God’s servant prayed for him, Ladi reacted to the anointing. Afterwards, he testified: “Immediately after the prayer from the man of God, I felt something going out from my body. My life will not remain the same.”

Eye problem healed

Bibian from Abia State came with a problem of her right eye. She revealed, “I couldn’t read with the right eye but after the prayer from the man of God, I feel OK and I can see!” After reading from the screen to prove her healing, she exclaimed: “Thank You, Jesus!”

Jeremiah shown a great and mighty thing!

When Jeremiah called upon God Almighty, he was shown a great and mighty thing! He received his healing from a partial stroke and testified: “Immediately the man of God touched me, I felt relieved. He added, before, I could not see clearly but now I can see clearly and no more pain!”   

A gambler gets godly contentment

Since the day Ikebuchukwu saw a neighbouring trader win a lottery and he himself went ahead to play it and win, he had become hooked to gambling. It had all started sometime in 2017. The spirit of gambling had forced him to fritter away his resources, including his salaries, as he kept striving to hit it big in gambling. He said, “I didn’t even know when I sold my car. At times I would use my wife’s ATM card, withdraw her money and gamble.” At one time he had in fact diverted his pregnant wife’s money for baby things to gambling. Of course, he always had ready lies to hand over to his understanding wife, who kept directing him towards the godly path. Frustrated by his addiction, Ikebuchukwu had once thought of taking his own life, as there were times creditors would come to the house to demand what he owed them and his wife would hand over her possessions to them. To the glory of God, at The Meeting about a fortnight ago, Ikebuchukwu received his deliverance after a touch by God’s servant. He said, “When the man of God touched me I felt cold. I had never felt that coldness. I lied a lot; even my wife didn’t trust me.” Since that experience, Ikebuchukwu no longer has the urge to gamble. He testified, “Now I can hold my money and not gamble with it. My friends are surprised that I no longer gamble.” He advised people to be content with what they have, noting that it is only God that gives peace of mind.

Restored to life by power in New Anointing Water

It was on October 14, 2018 when Ernest received prayer at The SCOAN during the Sunday Service. The young man had been involved in a ghastly accident two weeks earlier, on September 30th. When Cosmos, his father, got to the scene of the accident, Ernest had been moved away but an eyewitness had directed Cosmos to the hospital to which Ernest had been taken. There, Cosmos had found a virtually lifeless body. Undeterred by this, however, he had immediately run to his car to fetch his bottle of Anointing Water. He then got somebody to open Ernest’s mouth so he could minister the water prayerfully in it. Within seconds, the young man had begun moving his body and his father had subsequently had him transported via ambulance to better-equipped hospital, where doctors found he had sustained a fracture of the nasal bone. However, that ambulance trip had actually been delayed because the nurses on duty had requested that the water also be ministered on another almost lifeless patient. Cosmos had ministered the water and the patient had in fact responded to God’s power in the Anointing Water as Cosmos rushed off to attend to his own son. To the glory of God, the doctors managed to stabilise Ernest but they insisted that he needed surgery. Determined to demonstrate his faith in God, Cosmos had insisted on removing his son from the hospital, hence the visit to The SCOAN in 2018. Immediately after prayers, the pain left and Ernest began to use his mouth again. Within days, he had recovered even more and he had begun to do things he hadn’t been able to do before. Recounting what had happened, Ernest said the accident had happened as he rode on a friend’s motorbike, which he had borrowed out of boredom. Ernest and his father were grateful to God for the opportunity to finally testify about His intervention during the accident. Ernest advised young people not to live recklessly, while his father advised people not to waver in their faith to God.

Divine Surgery on Ailing Kidneys

Sometime in 2013 Shola was diagnosed with a severe kidney problem. He recalled: “My kidneys were swollen. I was referred to Ilorin Teaching Hospital and I spent months there but no solution. I took different drugs and injections but no solution.” He also reported that he had kept seeing Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream while in hospital. As such, he had requested that his family take him to The SCOAN for prayers. However, the doctors had insisted that what he really needed was a kidney transplant, which would cost no less than eleven million naira! Meanwhile, the dreams persisted. Shola further recalled: “Because of this condition, I was so restless. I could not eat or urinate.” Eventually, he was brought to The SCOAN for prayers. Shola testified: “Immediately the man of God prayed for me and left, I felt something running in my body. Three days after, I dreamt and saw four people who looked like doctors on my left and right sides. They were putting on white and they were attending to me. After I woke up, I discovered something on my abdomen – a scar.” Shola said he had told his mother about it and she had responded thus: “Thank You, Jesus. He has done it.” Subsequently, Shola felt the urge to urinate. From then onwards, the swelling in his body started to decrease. Even today he continues to urinate freely and painlessly, as he is perfectly healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

After nine months, no more stroke for Ekehedilichukwu!

For over nine months, Ekehedilichukwu was virtually helpless owing to a stroke. He recalled: “I could not do anything with the right side of my body. I could not lift my right hand and leg; I was just like a vegetable. It was my wife that was doing everything for me.” It was the same faith-exercising wife who had managed to bring him down to The Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting With Prophet T.B. Joshua about two weeks ago. Ekehedilichukwu continued his testimony, “After the man of God touched me, I received my healing. I can now move my hand and lift up my leg freely. Before, I could not talk but now I can talk well.” Ekehedilichukwu’s wife thanked God for healing her husband, confirming he can now do everything he couldn’t do before. Ekehedilichukwu advised people to believe in God.

Joy’s joy returns as six years of ceased menstruation ends!

Until two weeks ago, when the anointing turned things around in her life, the last six years had been truly miserable for Joy. Her menstruation had ceased, causing her considerable emotional pain as well as disappointment and insults. “I had gone to different hospitals,” she said, “and I took drugs and injections.” She also said she had visited herbalists in the search for a solution. Furthermore, she explained that whenever she was in a relationship and was about to get married, the man would suddenly change his mind and stop all plans. In fact, she said, one such suitor had labelled her “a man” and another had recently called off wedding plans. To the glory of God, after prayer by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Joy’s joy was restored and by the following morning her menses was back! Now she will no longer be the butt of jokes by people around her. She advised people to have faith in God.

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