AVOIDING THE ENEMY’S TRAP - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)



Last weekend (May 7-8, 2021) it was the turn of another two batches of Emmanuel TV partners to participate in The Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting in Nigeria. Starting on a sober note on Friday, Prophet T.B. Joshua called for a moment of silence in honour of the departed Pastor Dare Adeboye, as well as prayers for the family. Thereafter, he invited viewers all over the world to participate in the spiritual largesse that God Almighty had made available. He prayed with them thus:

“Viewers, come on – let us believe together. Let us believe Jesus for our salvation, healing, blessing. Blessed Jesus, we give You praise! Lord Jesus, bring deliverance to the poor, in the name of Jesus! Bring liberty to the prisoner, in the name of Jesus! Bring freedom! Freedom to the captive, in the name of Jesus! Bring liberty to your people, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Reading from Philippians 3:13-14, Prophetess Anne spoke on the topic “THE TRAP OF THE ENEMY”. She spoke against nursing worry and anxiety while encouraging believers to look beyond the fading glory that the world offers. According to her, one will not be able to “differentiate between God’s supply and satan’s bait” if they keep “taking journeys into yesterday.” In her words: “Serving God is the only way to peace and comfort, while listening to the voice of satan is the sure way to pain, bitterness and death.” Furthermore, she urged congregants not to give attention to the things perceived by the physical senses but to keep a steady gaze on Jesus Christ. She therefore concluded: “A steadfast look at the Crucified One will never look in vain at the Great Physician. Let your focus be on Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith.”

The next day, Prophet Racine assured the partners that “GOD IS IN CONTROL”. He read from Isaiah 43:1-2 while also citing the cases of Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52), Elisha (2 Kings 6:16-17) and the Israelites at the Red Sea (Exodus 14:10). With these bits of Scripture, Prophet Racine aimed to impress God’s unfailing power upon the faint-hearted or those who might be feeling left out of God’s blessings. He noted that not receiving immediately from God is not a sign of being deserted; as such, he added, every Christian who wants to move close to God must learn to control their attitude. On that note, he declared: “When we begin to look at our situation from the human point of view, we see danger. When our eyes of faith are opened and we begin to see the power and sovereignty of God, the less we shall fear the calamities of this earth.”  


As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the people, in Jesus’ name, there were manifestations of healings, deliverances and prophetic words leading to breakthroughs in the people’s lives, especially for the salvation of their souls. Below are a few of some of the wonderful testimonies shared on both days.

Glorious end to a lifetime of ear affliction 

As the aftermath of a childhood fever, Adebukola had lost hearing in her right ear. Not only that, the ear became a source of unending shame, as mucus kept flowing out of it. All of her parents’ efforts to cure her failed. While in courtship with the man who is now her husband, she had hidden the problem from him, fearing that he might walk away. However, even when he found out afterwards, the man never left her and he in fact devoted himself to helping her find a solution. Despite the embarrassment from the ear discharge, as well as the strain it brought on his wife’s attempts at interpersonal communication, her husband had resolved to place his hope in Christ Jesus. Last Friday, that faith paid off following a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Adebukola recalled, “Immediately the man of God touched me, my ear started vibrating and I fell. When I stood, I clearly heard my husband ask me what my name is. With the ear that I could not hear with, I heard clearly. He asked me again to confirm my healing. Now my husband can talk to me anytime. I can hear clearly!” She advised people to believe in God, who can do all things.

An end to 34 years of bedwetting!

For 34 years Emmanuel bore the yoke of bedwetting. In addition to the shame that it brought to his life, the affliction was also responsible for setbacks, as well as causing him to have very low self-esteem, which led to his poor academic performance. Although his wife had been very supportive in helping to find a solution to the problem, the couple’s interpersonal relations had been far from smooth, as there was so much anger in the home. Despite engaging in intense prayer sessions and trying to avoid drinking water in the evenings, he had simply seen his situation worsen. A fortnight ago, however, that story changed forever after God’s servant ministered prayers of deliverance for the couple and they both received their deliverance. Since then, Emmanuel has kept a dry sheet at night! Also testifying today about the new lease of life in her home, Emmanuel’s wife said she is now delivered from the spirit husband that had been troubling her life. She said, “My marriage is alive right now – the root cause of the problem has ended.” She advised people to report their problems to God alone. Emmanuel advised people not to let the devil steal their testimonies. “Cry out in faith when mercy is available,” he insisted.

Negative liver report overturned after prayer

For 20 years, Kelechi had suffered from liver enlargement. Not only had the ailment made it impossible for her to eat most of the starchy and fatty foods she would have preferred, it had also prevented her from falling pregnant. Owing to her swollen liver, she could not lie on her right side and her legs would swell every time she ate any prohibited food. Restricted to eating only vegetables, she had attended The Partners Meeting with her husband, determined to receive from God Almighty. Her husband had more or less exhausted his finances on the ailment, for which he had been exploring a diverse range of solutions, including herbal concoctions. Regarding her experience during the prayer session, Kelechi said: “When the man of God touched me, I felt a hot sensation. Now I am healed.” Subsequently she went for a medical check-up and the results showed that her liver had returned to normal. She advised people to run to God for the solutions to their problems.

Rescued from drug addiction

Dele had been engaged in drug addiction since his secondary school days, although most people hadn’t known about it, including his parents. “I couldn’t do without smoking in a day,” he recalled. As such, he could not focus when he got into university and kept dropping out. At one point he was confined to a rehabilitation centre for three months, yet when he came out he promptly returned to his addiction for crack. To sustain this addiction, Dele had also engaged in other illicit activities, such as scamming people of their hard-earned money and selling off his parent’s possessions. Even more, the addiction robbed him of appetite for food. Tired of the life he was living, Dele called for help and his parents brought him to the house of God, where he received a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Since that touch, the young man’s life has changed for the better and he no longer desires drugs. Moreover, his appetite has now improved and he is well behaved. His parents testified alongside him, glorifying God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to set their son free from bondage. Dele advised young people to avoid bad friends; he also advised parents to monitor their children closely.

Healed of difficulty in urinating

Now nine years old, Manu had begun to have serious issues with urinating at age four. For all of these years his mother had been bothered about how to ease his pains. Meanwhile, the little boy had to ingest drugs that would make him urinate and even then his urine would come out only in trickles while he felt severe pains. Last Friday, as Manu received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, his body felt cold – a sign that divine surgery had been performed on him. Subsequently, he was escorted to the restroom as he demonstrated his perfect healing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Now he can urinate with ease for the glory of God! His mother, grandmother and uncle were on hand to testify with him. Glory be to Jesus Christ!  

Rescued from the brink of death

Owing to depression, which he had been experiencing for the last 12 years, Tolulope had tried to kill himself. In his bid to battle the problem, he had got used to driving his food down with alcohol. One day, while walking along the road, he ran into cobwebs three times. Later that same day, he wanted to end it all by drinking a chemical substance. As he was drinking it, he heard a voice telling him: “You can do it.” It was around 10 p.m. that the news got to his older sister, who rushed down to his residence. “I started shouting, ‘God of T.B. Joshua, help me!’” Tolulope’s sister recalled. She added, “Some neighbours came in to check him and we discovered that he was already dead. I called my mother to bring the Anointing Water. When she arrived, she ministered the New Anointing Water on him and started praying. After a while he sneezed, started coughing and was taken to the hospital.” It was at this point that Tolulope came back to life after five hours of unconsciousness! He had heard someone telling him: “You have to come back.” When he woke up he saw himself in the hospital. Today he is free indeed from depression and now feels very happy and hopeful. Tolulope advised the youth to ignore all thoughts of suicide.

An end to satanic marital discord

Until the Bassey couple received deliverance prayers during The Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting, man and wife had been having serious conflict for over nine years. They were always fighting – even over minor issues. It was virtually impossible for Bassey to please his wife. The wife recalled, “There was a day I broke a bottle to stab him to death,” even while admitting that her husband is a patient person, who knew that the problem was spiritual. Following a touch by God’s servant, the evil spirit in the wife had started manifesting and was cast out and since then she has become a joyful person. Since the deliverance, the marriage has been restored. The couple advised people to run to God when facing challenges.

Glaucoma goes away!

Pastor Frank from Benue State had suffered from glaucoma for over three years. Things had been so bad that he could barely see; it was as if something were covering his eyes. After a touch from God’s servant on Friday, the thing covering his eyes vanished instantly. Now he can see clearly and write his own name!

Healed of two years of arthritis

Irene, a Zimbabwean living in Nigeria, had been suffering from arthritis for two years. Unable to walk easily, she found it hard to do her domestic chores. A divine touch also brought her instant relief on Friday!   

Healed of deafness in left ear

While taking a swim in the sea sometime in 2019, this Zimbabwean man had experienced blockage of his left ear as water got into it. Since then, he had been forced to content himself with hearing only with the right ear. During prayers he had felt a cold sensation and his left ear had popped open! Thank You, Jesus!

Piles bow to God’s raw power

For Sunday from Abuja, last Friday will remain unforgettable as the day he had a raw encounter with God’s power. For five difficult years, he had been battling with piles – a problem that made it difficult for him to sit or lie down for long. Anytime he dared to sit for a prolonged time he would experience a hot sensation. Despite taking medications, his condition had failed to improve. He recalled feeling a vibration and hot sensation when the man of God prayed for him. He said he felt something leave his body. Now all of the pain has disappeared and he can sit without feeling any pain. Hallelujah!

31 years of insomnia comes to an end

A traumatic experience 31 years ago had caused Abiola to develop insomnia, forcing her to become dependent on sleep medications. Even with the medications, she got little sleep and this made her permanently agitated and irritated, especially around her children. Immediately after prayer last week, however, she regained her natural ability to fall asleep. Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Healed to walk freely again!

Ivy from California, USA had a problem with her right knee. As a nurse, the problem affected her job and domestic life. Most times she would experience a swelling of the knee anytime she exerted herself. To help ease her pain, doctors gave her a knee wrap but it did very little to ease the pain. During prayers last week, she felt an electric shock and received her healing instantly. “I am free! I can move my knees!” she exclaimed.

On her part, Susan came all the way from Italy over her problem of difficulty in walking due to knee pain. For many years she had expended time and resources trying to fix the problem but all to no avail. A fortnight ago, she had felt such severe pain that she had had to have another scan but the doctors had found nothing. After the man of God touched her last week, she instantly received strength in her system after feeling a cold sensation. Hallelujah!

No more stiffness of the neck

For this Indian national, today marks the end of 20 years of stiffness of the neck. He said he had felt a cold sensation and something going out of his body as the man of God prayed for him. Praise the Lord!

Divine surgery for baby girl

The Master Surgeon performed instant surgery on the right hand of this little girl. Although her father is a medical doctor, he had been unable to do much to help his daughter, who had sustained an injury at birth. Several sessions of physiotherapy had done nothing to solve the problem, hence her needing an arm support. After prayer last week, however, the little girl moved her arm without the support! Glory be to Jesus Christ!