A TEST OF GENUINENESS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On Sunday, December 6, 2020, the power of the Holy Ghost manifested powerfully again during The Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions as people from all over the world received healing, deliverance and salvation in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.   

Before the prayer sessions, Prophet Chris gave a word of encouragement to viewers, using vivid illustrations for his message titled “A Test of Genuineness”. In the message he talked about challenges to walking in the light of God’s Word, noting that the moment one nurses “the desire to do what is right,” one immediately begins to face a battle either within or around one. He took his reading from Matthew 15:21-28, the passage in which a Gentile woman of exceptional faith refuses to be discouraged while Jesus tests her faith, eventually securing instant divine healing for her demon-possessed daughter.

On that note, Prophet Chris urged viewers to expect trials and tribulations when on the path of genuine Christian service, as such challenges toughen the Christian for future promotion. In his words, “Many have been hindered and handicapped from fulfilling their true potential because they gave up in the face of the very things meant to usher them to their destiny.” He therefore advised Christians not to be distracted by persecutions and battles but to forge ahead in resolute reliance on God’s promise of salvation, knowing that the “battle you face before receiving your miracle is necessary to help you to value your miracle when it finally comes.”

Maintaining our miracle, Prophet Chris added, is mostly a matter of wanting what God wants and wanting it for the reason God wants it, that is, the salvation of our soul. To achieve this, he further said, one must not only seek God genuinely but also learn His way through the help of the Holy Spirit. He concluded: “Genuine faith can find encouragement, even in that which seems discouraging, and get nearer to God. For it honours God to believe Him even while every sense contradicts Him – and God honours those who honour Him.”  

Interactive Prayer Sessions:

Literally from the four corners of the earth people connected with The Emmanuel TV Prayer Team during the Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions. From Singapore in Southeast Asia, for example, Thomas called in over his problem of obstructive sleep apnea, alongside his wife Ong who had severe back pain. From South Africa, Elizabeth called in over her problem of knee pain, just as Myrna did from The Philippines over her problems of myoma and gallstones as well as other ailments.

From northwestern Europe Sjaak and his Cuban wife also petitioned God over their COVID-19 infection. God’s power pierced through the computer screens as Prophet Chris prayed the petitioners and the evil deposits in their systems were flushed out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Laura, a Venezuelan living in Panama, also received prayers over the problem of Barrett’s oesophagus, just as Shalom from Indonesia displayed the large volume of poisonous substances that came out of her during prayers, leaving her sight now bright and clear.

For all of these people, good health is now their happy portion as they have discarded their medical aids forever.

In the second session people across the continents also received healing, deliverance and salvation during prayer from Prophetess Anne.

Among these were Debbian, a Jamaican living in the USA, who was healed of sleep apnea and no longer needs her breathing machine; Idah from Zambia, who threw away her neck collar after being healed of spondylosis; Sugei, a Mexican living in Mexico, who received her healing from fibromyalgia, varicose veins and nerve damage; Eugene from Russia for whom insomnia became a thing of the past immediately after prayers; Ivon, a Cuban woman living in the USA, who received healing for the pain in her spine; and Kelly from Colombia, who was delivered from the spirit of oppression, discouragement and sadness.

Although doctors had told him that his case of spinal spondylosis could only worsen with time, Christopher from Trinidad & Tobago had that negative report cancelled when he took his case to Jesus Christ at the third interactive prayer session with Prophet Racine.

Priti from India could also smile again after being healed of difficulty in walking due to a spinal problem, just as it was the case for Rose from Canada, who also received her freedom from spinal pain after six long years. Similarly, Lazarus from Zambia got a divine touch that has now freed him from COVID-19.

To the glory of God, Janet, a Nigerian based in Abuja, no longer needs pain-relief medications or surgery for the degeneration of her knees. Christian who had punched a hole in his wall said he felt happy to be delivered from the contrary spirits troubling his life.

All to God’s glory, Anne from Sweden could swallow food and drink again after her healing from mucus congestion in the throat. Similar cases of joy came from Latvia, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Ukraine, among others.

“I want to see God’s glory! I want Jesus to heal me!” so had requested Violeta, a woman from Peru, who had five discal hernias and suffered arthrosis in both knees, causing her to use knee braces. Nsolo, a Cameroonian man living in the USA who had spinal lumbar stenosis, also sought Jesus’ healing hands during the fourth interactive prayer session. Like Violeta, his wish was granted and he no longer needs his lumbar corset, knee brace and a host of other medical devices.

The situation was similar for Hanizah from Singapore, who had serious knee and ankle pain; Love from the UK, who had difficulty in walking. For nurse Daniel, a Ghanaian resident in the USA, it was COVID-19, which he suffered alongside his children and wife. For 10-year-old Morgane, who lives in France with her mother Mariane, affliction had come in the form of asthma and allergies since age two.

All of these problems and more were commanded out of the people’s lives during the fourth interactive prayer session with Prophetess Yinka also involving people in Moldova, Pakistan, Mexico, Tanzania, Panama, Hong Kong, Canada, Honduras, Kenya, and the UAE.

Diversity was also obvious in the fifth session. From the northeastern European country of Estonia, for example, erstwhile national opera icon Pirjo opened her heart to God’s power as she sought prayers for restoration of her fading voice following demonic attacks.

During the prayer session with Prophetess Angela, Pirjo fell under the limitless power of the Holy Ghost as she received her deliverance. When she got back up, her voice had been restored for the glory of God. Similarly, in the eastern part of Africa, Tanzanian woman Kobusinge was delivered from the addiction to eating red soil.

During her testimony, she said red soil no longer tasted like chocolate to her. Other afflictions that vanished in the people’s lives included COVID-19, sleep apnea, difficulty in walking, asthma and colon cancer, to mention only a few.

Dolores and her husband connected from Venezuela and as they shared their testimony of healing shared a touching vision that they had received during the prayer session that it was angels who were working in the Emmanuel TV Studios healing people in the Interactive Prayer Sessions.  

Message To Partners

Prophet Racine thanked those who have remained steadfast in contributing their time and material resources to the progress of God’s work while also meeting the needs of others. “It takes a mature mind,” Prophet Racine observed, “to maintain a balance between our responsibility to God and our fellow man, especially when the two tend to conflict because of challenging circumstances.”

Regarding the ongoing economic crunch, therefore, Prophet Racine cited Galatians 6:2, 9-10 to encourage partners never to give up in doing good and relieving others of their burdens. “As partners of faith,” he said, “your love, your strength, your commitment can get them out of their desperate setbacks. He also noted that tests and trials are unavoidable, hence the need for Christians to steady their hearts by knowing the will of God.

Concerning challenges to the Christian’s faith, Prophet Racine assured viewers thus: “Do not let it hinder your heart toward your neighbour; instead, reach out with compassion and generosity to a troubled world.” He also cited 2 Corinthians 12:9 in reminding partners not to base their faith on immediate improvement after prayer, given that answers to prayers may be delayed or not granted in order to preserve a believer, prepare them for a new level in life or strengthen their desire and determination for God. He concluded: “Therefore, let us be strong in the Lord – strong to serve, strong to continue to reach out to the needy in this troubled world, knowing that genuine love never gives up; it perseveres for the best, which is yet to come!”