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In a message on the need to let faith dominate our thoughts in times of adversity, Prophetess Anne addressed the Bible’s role as the key to God’s promises of healing, deliverance and salvation. Citing Moses’ calmness in the face of the tumult around him, as recorded in Exodus 14:3, Anne took her proof text from Hebrews 10:22-23. In the message, titled “The Quality Of Our Faith”, the woman of God explained the link between acting on God’s Word and its impact on a Christian’s character. She said, “Every time we act on God’s Word something enters our spirit and increases our assurance of hope.” Noting that such hope was for healing, deliverance and salvation, she urged viewers to go beyond mental assent and to act on God’s Word. On that note, she added: “That is why a man can be reasoned into Christianity. If the Spirit of God is not there to lighten that Word in his heart, someday, somewhere, somehow some wise fellow can reason him out of it.”

Prophetess Anne therefore encouraged viewers to shun anxiety and develop their faith to such a level where they can receive illumination on God’s Word through living in the Spirit. Furthermore, she said, “continuing to trust in God’s Word is the only way to prepare us, to get us ready for the things which we are not ready for – for these trying and uncertain times” (Hebrews 6:18). Finally, she invited viewers to declare along with her: “I am standing on the promises of God! I am living steady, walking steady! I choose not to walk in fear, failure, sickness but I choose to walk in the light of God! I choose to walk in God’s way, power, will, Word, in Jesus’ name! Amen!”

The Interactive Prayer Sessions: Healing, Deliverance and Salvation in Jesus’ Name

After Prophetess Anne’s message, Emmanuel TV viewers again had an opportunity to see the name of Jesus work wonders in the lives of those who had called in for prayers over issues such as COVID-19, asthma, difficulty in walking, diabetes, hypertension, fibroids, as well as depression and other forms of demonic oppression. The sessions were heavily saturated with the power of the Holy Spirit and numerous prayer recipients fell under the power of the anointing, vomiting blood and other poisonous substances, while evil spirits manifested before vanishing forever in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.    

Prophetess Anne, like all the other ministers after her, said prayers of forgiveness with the prayer recipients before beginning the healing and deliverance session. As the Holy Spirit took control, the people began to react in different ways, with some falling flat on the floor and vibrating under God’s power. Ayuk, a Nigerian missionary based in the Philippines, removed his knee and ankle braces and leg support and demonstrated his perfect healing from sciatica. After 25 years of discomfort, Oscar from Colombia received his healing from back pain and parted ways with his lumbar corset and constant injections. A woman from Zambia started jumping around and dancing after her healing from knee inflammation, no longer needing her knee braces. Also healed was COVID-19 positive Anthony from India, with symptoms such as shortness of breath and loss of the senses of taste and smell having vanished. Peace from South Africa was equally healed of COVID-19. Among numerous other cases were those of a New Zealand couple who vomited all the poisonous substances causing illness in their bodies; Venezuelan professional footballer Luis who received healing for a wrist fracture; Asuncion from the Philippines who suffered neuropathy all over the body; and twin sisters Tracy and Tryphine who received freedom from demonic forces.

Prophet Chris prayed for people like Blanca from Argentina, who was suffering from thyroid and spine issues as well as arthrosis, arthritis, gastritis and osteoporosis; Zambian professional footballer Prince, whose performance at the national team and club levels had been hampered by an ankle injury; USA-based Togolese citizen Eric, who was suffering from hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease; Raphael from Kenya, who had a stiff neck due to lumbar and cervical spine issues; Amarachi from Nigeria, who had a pain-causing growth in her left knee following a fall; Lita from Tonga, who was seeking the fruit of the womb and deliverance from addiction to smoking; and Tumelo from South Africa, who had COVID-19, among several other people from all the continents who were knocked down by the anointing right there in their homes.  After the prayers, Raphael shed tears of joy as he regained his freedom from pain, just as a Peruvian family reported sensing the power of the Holy Ghost land upon them during the prayers. On her part, Stefanía, a Venezuelan living in Ecuador, vomited and urinated during the prayers, signaling the end of affliction. In Zambia, a woman received her healing from chronic piles after manifesting vigorously during the prayer session. Like the Zambian woman, Francisco from Mexico also manifested heavily as he received his healing from a kidney and urinary tract infection. An older woman from Ghana also parted ways with her lumbar corset and crutch as she demonstrated her healing from difficulty in walking. Blanca, Prince and Amarachi also shared testimonies of their healing, doing things they had been unable to do before the prayers.

Prophetess Yinka prayed for Vidya in India, who had difficulty in walking, diabetes, haemorrhoids and a blood clot in her veins; Willard from Zambia, who had COVID-19 and a kidney infection; Yolisa from South Africa, who was addicted since age five to eating toilet paper, which to her “tasted like a snack”; Amalia, a Filipino living in the USA who had joint pains; Bonisile, who was depressive, had difficulty in walking and was using a lumbar corset due to a spinal problem; Bonisile’s 16-year-old son Nikilita, who had type 1 diabetes and asthma; Naomi in the USA, who had difficulty keeping food in her stomach; Lidia in Kenya, who wanted restoration for her marriage, as well as her son Justine, who had acute pneumonia and sickle cell anaemia; Joycelyn in the Philippines, who had water in her lungs; Lornia in South Africa who had difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis; Canada-based Yuliia, from Ukraine, who had multiple sclerosis and vision problems; Johnny in Vanuatu, a lieutenant who had been tormented by evil spirits for 23 years; and Fadilat in Nigeria, who had been rendered bed-ridden due to spondylosis and degenerative disc disease, among numerous others. During the prayers, the evil spirit in toilet paper-eating Yolisa confessed to being responsible for her barrenness as well, thus ending her 28 years of addiction to eating toilet paper. In Nicaragua, a woman vomited the poisonous substances in her system, while Fadilat got on her feet again and exercised her body without pain. Vidya also dropped her lumbar corset, having received her healing from pain due to disc prolapse. Like Precious in Botswana, Keynia in Cuba, Liliam in the USA, Osmar, Rafaella and Oswaldo in Germany, as well as Ramiro and family in Colombia and Jose and Ana in Ecuador all testified to their healing in Jesus’ name.

Prophetess Angela also prayed for people from all corners of the world. At the end of the session, Yaraslava in Ukraine vomited the poisonous substances in her system as she received her healing from COVID-19 together with her sister; Gabriel from Ghana took off his body brace and lumbar corset and began to walk without pain after deliverance from the effects of dreams in which he was shot; and Ngozi in South Africa received her healing from carpel tunnel syndrome, alongside her husband Samuel, who fell under the anointing as he received his healing from conjunctival cysts. There was also more manifestation of God’s power as Kwesi in Ghana received his healing from cervical and lumbar spondylosis and no longer needed his neck collar and body brace; Clarah in South Africa received her freedom from arthritis and no longer needed a knee brace; members of a Guatemalan family in the USA received their healing from different ailments including congenital asthma and back pain; Mamai in France took off her lumbar corset and exercised her body to demonstrate her healing from back pain; a woman in Costa Rica began breathing normally again after vomiting the root cause of her lung problem; Adam in the USA received healing for the hernias in his groin and stomach and did things he had been unable to do before, while COVID-19 patient Carlos in Portugal could not hide his excitement after his symptoms disappeared. To the glory of God, several other prayer recipients testified about their healing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

“I felt the power of God so strong upon me,” testified Roger in Canada after he received his healing from degeneration of the spine leading to difficulty in walking during the session led by Prophet Racine. After vomiting the poison in his system, Roger discarded his lumbar corset and glorified God’s name. In South Africa, a father and his two sons also received their healing; the father did away with his lumbar corset as the children glorified God for taking away their asthma. In Peru, Lindsay and Roberta received their healing from COVID-19, while four-year-old Abigail received her healing from deformation of the femur, which was responsible for her inability to walk without leg braces. In Ghana, Valeria received her deliverance from 26 years of addiction to eating soap. In South Africa, Jefferson was healed of a twisted ankle and parted ways with his crutches, just as Turkey-based professional Ghanaian footballer Mahatma was healed of his career-threatening injuries. There were also testimonies of healing from Ukraine, Colombia, Kenya, and the USA, where young Anthony got emotional in front of his parents as he realised that he had been healed of Crohn’s disease. In Malawi, senior lecturer Meya also received her healing from chronic hypertension and piles as well as fibroids. Samuel in South Africa equally received his healing from COVID-19. Also, May in South Africa received her healing from cervical spondylosis, thyroid problems, diabetes, hypertension and irritable bowel syndrome; she also got delivered from the spirits of depression and fear. Also in South Africa, little Tedro was healed of asthma and will no longer be needing a nebuliser, just like Quinter in Kenya, who was healed of both asthma and H. pylori; Quinter’s son also received prayers over his testicle problem and sickle cell anaemia.

Indeed, what these testimonies prove yet again is that the evidence of God’s power is lives changed.       

Partnership: Making a Life by What We Give

Thanking partners for being a channel of hope where there is despair in life, Prophet Racine began his partnership message by assuring viewers that the uncertainties and hardship of life today are not a reason to stop caring for others in need. “God,” he said, “loves the strangers, the widows, the orphans and the needy.” To that extent, he noted, every person who loves God should be interested in the just treatment of others. He cited Luke 10:25-37 – the story of the Good Samaritan – as he spoke about the place of “a heart decision”: “You are what is in your heart; I am what is in my heart.” Racine said that having a heart for the people is having a heart for God.

In words worth quoting in full, Racine reasoned thus: “God’s love is expressed and revealed through our compassion towards those in need. So, let us match our actions with our words because a confession of faith, if it is not followed by appropriate actions is a lifeless form of words without any inner reality.” He also said that it is the Holy Spirit that prompts doers of God’s Word to love, care, help and give without expecting anything in return. Referring to Romans 14:23, Racine urged viewers to seek God’s help in identifying those to give to. He therefore reminded viewers that “we make a living by what we get” and “make a life by what we give,” thereby ensuring our salvation.