DON’T QUIT – DIG DEEP AND FIGHT IT THROUGH - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


In an encouraging message during the week that went straight to the hearts of all who heard it, Prophet T.B. Joshua had emphasized on the importance of getting up each time we fall. He said, “If you don’t quit when you fail, you will ultimately succeed in life.” Likening our journey in life to that of a baby learning how to walk, he said, “You fall and get up, then fall again and get up again until you master your balance.” He urged all not to waste time lamenting on past failures because we have goal to reach that needs all our energy. The man of God cited many scriptures for further reading including, Hebrews 11:1-3, Romans 8:35-39, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, and concluded with these inspiring words: “You only truly fail when you stop getting back up and trying again.”

God Is Interested In The State Of Your Heart,” so went the title of last Sunday’s sermon as given by Prophet Chris during the Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions. Chris took his main reading from Matthew 7, focusing on the first verse on not judging others so that we would not be judged and on the seventh and eighth verses on asking, seeking and knocking in order to receive from God. “The blessings of Jesus,” he said, “are for those who ask, those who seek, those who knock genuinely.” As an echo of Jeremiah 33:3, the passage about calling upon God and being shown “great and mighty things”, Chris’s proof text reminds today’s Christians about God’s Spirit essence. As Chris stated, “God is Spirit and those who talk with Him, relate with Him, commune with Him must do so in spirit.”

Accordingly, he added, the extent to which God hears our prayer will depend on how much our heart is in tune with His Spirit. Therefore, he advised viewers to make their heart a worthy contact point with God by freeing it from all forms of offence and impurities such as anger, bitterness, resentment and pain of the past. Taking his point home, Chris explained that “Liberty in prayer can only be obtained when there is an atmosphere of light, unity, harmony” and that only a pure heart can help a person to appreciate Jesus’ capacity to heal, deliver, save, restore and redeem those who call on Him. On that note, Chris advised that we allow our heart to get in tune with God by letting go of offence and meditating continually on God’s Word. With this message, Chris prepared viewers’ minds for the prayer sessions.

Session 1

By the time Prophet Chris finished his first prayer ministration for the day, God’s name was again glorified as all traces of COVID-19 were flushed out from the systems of people who had connected from Africa and South America.Sindy had called in from Colombia while Roza, as well as her daughter and niece, had called in from Malawi. From South Africa, police officer Samuel, with his wife and three children, had also linked up with the Emmanuel TV Team. They all believed that God’s unfailing power would level their COVID-19 mountain. After saying prayers of forgiveness with the families, Chris called down the Holy Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As divine fire heated up their bodies, the people fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Samuel said he could feel the heat in his chest during the prayer while his wife said her body shook. She sucked on a fruit and sniffed perfume to prove her healing, just like Roza, who said she felt light after vomiting. Sindy said her body also shook during the prayer and that her breathing had normalised. Chris prophesied into the lives of viewers: “Every cycle and curse of poverty in your family line – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ!”


Session 2

Besides his COVID-19 symptoms of difficulty in breathing and sleeplessness, Arturo was also troubled by arthrosis and scoliosis. He sat beside his wife, Adiela, who was having headaches, diarrhoea and intestinal pain, among other effects of COVID-19. The couple had linked up from Colombia. Also calling in were Magdalene and Didi, with their two boys. Magdalene, a Tanzanian living in South Africa, said she was having headaches, an itchy nose, nausea, shortness of breath, as well as loss of sense of smell and taste. From Zimbabwe, senior citizens Olayinka and Ruth had also linked up. Besides COVID-19, Olayinka also reported having a stiff neck, with his neck collar as evidence of his condition. Similarly, Member of Parliament Ruth also reported diabetes and asthma alongside her COVID-19 symptoms. “Vomit that virus!” Prophetess Yinka commanded in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. And instantly, the people began to cough up the poison in their systems. “I can see you being released!” she declared while asking Olayinka to take off his neck collar. He sucked on an orange, like his wife, Ruth, who glorified God’s name for her healing. Arturo and Adiela also confirmed their perfect healing by doing things they hadn’t been able to do. “Now I can breathe well,” Magdalene testified alongside her husband. For viewers, Yinka prayed: “Whatever chain, whatever means satan is using to connect you to himself, to trap you to himself, to drag you to himself – be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Session 3

In the third session, Prophetess Angela prayed for Mercy and Melita from South Africa and for Getrude in Zimbabwe. Having prepared the people’s hearts to receive from God, Angela prayed earnestly with them and commanded that they vomit the poisonous substances in their system. In Mercy’s home, a man who had been out of camera range was also heard coughing up the impurities in his system. Heeding Angela’s call, he came into view to complete the vomiting. Getrude said she felt the impact in her system and then sprayed some perfume to prove she had regained her sense of smell. On their parts, Mercy and Melita savoured the taste of bananas, declaring all their symptoms gone. Facing the viewers, Angela prayed: “Right now, I pray for every system affected by that deadly virus, that COVID-19 – be restored, in Jesus’ name!”

Session 4

In the fourth session, prayers against COVID-19 were offered for Liseth from Peru, Hazel from South Africa and Rose from Belgium. “You sickness – be flushed out!” Prophetess Anne cried out in the name of Jesus Christ. Instantly, God’s power was activated in the homes of the people and they began to react intensely to the declarations, vomiting the poisonous substances in their systems. “I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and my body started shaking”, said Rose moments before she vomited. She exercised her body to the glory of God. Hazel took bites of edibles to prove her healing while Liseth reported feeling hot all over her body as she sipped some juice. Anne also prayed for viewers: “Every spirit holding you down to where you do not belong – be cast out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

Session 5

In their respective homes in South Africa, Linda and Johana also received prayers over their COVID-19 symptoms. Johana also had high blood pressure and arthritis in the right knee, for which she needed a knee brace. In Mexico, Raul and his wife Alma equally called in for prayers over his COVID-19 affliction and her asthma and high blood pressure. Prophet Racine prayed for their release from the coronavirus, decreeing that their organs be purged in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “Vomit it out!” he prayed, as Johana began to cough and vomit the impure substances in her system. “Right now check yourselves,” he told the people. To this Raul answered, “I feel very fine.” He turned to Alma, who said, “I feel good too.” In her own corner, Linda did body movements she hadn’t been able to do before while sucking a lemon. “Thank You, Lord Jesus!” she waved. Johana got off her sofa and yanked off her knee brace while stating that she had felt heat all over body during the prayers. “Every garment of sickness – be removed, in the name of Jesus! By the power of the Holy Spirit, that sickness, that COVID-19, that deadly disease, that affliction in your body, in your organs – be removed, be flushed out, in the name of Jesus Christ!”


The ministers of God also prayed over numerous general cases from all over the world. By the end of the sessions, healing, deliverance and salvation became the portions of all the prayer recipients.

In Malaysia, Tijan was healed of the bilateral vocal cord paralysis that had caused her severe pain and discomfort since 2006. Her husband, Charles, was also healed of sinusitis and lower back pain. In Zambia, Michael took off his neck collar after being healed of stiffness of the neck and back. His anus bleeding and muscle spasms are also things of the past. In Mexico, 14 years of pulmonary emphysema ended for Socorro, as well as arthritic pain in the hands and knees. In DR Congo, Elise was overjoyed to be rid of the burden of disc herniation after 10 years. No longer would she be needing a lumbar corset! In Argentina, Valeria gained her freedom from the terrible pain of fracture between the coccyx and sacrum. Having avoided a high-risk surgery, she glorified God for coming through for her and saving her from heart and nervous system issues. Mauritian couple Olivier and Amelia received their permanent deliverance from addiction to alcohol and smoking. The curse of joblessness and marital burdens was also lifted from their heads, just as their baby daughter was freed from endless crying and hurtful nail biting. In Ecuador, after 15 years of suffering, Susana was healed of gastritis, sinusitis and rhinitis. Moreover, she is also now free from allergy to cold and dust, noise in the ears, cervical and eye issues, as well as stress and suicidal thoughts. Frances from South Africa was also healed of gallstones after three years of excruciating pain.

In Mexico, 17-year-old Pilar finally broke free from the pain of gastritis, from which she had been suffering since age six. No longer will she troubled by the bacteria that had always made her nauseous and unable to eat. In the USA, Crystal felt God’s hand over her congestive heart failure and asthma; she will no longer be needing a nebuliser to breathe. In Colombia, depressive Aura had been feeling caged, anguished and desperate following the problem of chronic neck pain leading to headaches, difficulty in walking and sleeplessness. To the glory of God, all of those problems are now in the past. In Spain, Maria and her son, Jorge, received physical and spiritual healing. While Maria got healed of her thyroid issues and lower back and cervical pain, Jorge parted ways with the demons that had been attacking his body and destiny. His self-esteem is now restored in the name of Jesus Christ and there will be no more spiritual embargo on his and his mother’s lives. In the Philippines, nurse Jenylyn took off her neck collar and lumbar corset after her healing from cervical and lumbar spondylosis. Similarly, Reginah in Botswana was healed of lumbar spondylosis of over 10 years, as well as from depression and excessive sweating.

Other general cases involved people from Ghana, Sweden, the USA, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, France, the UK, Peru, South Africa, Mauritius, Mexico, Austria and Colombia. Their cases ranged from physical afflictions such as chronic diarrhoea, arthritis, scoliosis, spondylosis, lung problems, ovary cysts and sickle cell anaemia to spiritual attacks and stagnation.

In his brief partnership message, Prophet Racine reiterated the call for pure giving and cooperating with others in promoting not only the work of God but also the welfare of fellow humans. Urging partners to make a difference in other people’s lives in these harsh times, he noted: “Whatever you do through God, God will continue to speak strength and courage through your trials.” He therefore advised partners to give willingly and without prompting in order to mirror God’s unconditional love. He concluded: “Whatever you make happen to others, God will make happen to you.”