IS ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD? - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Proving yet again that distance is not a barrier to the healing, delivering and saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ, The SCOAN Choir called down the presence of the Holy Ghost during the Live Sunday Broadcast from the Emmanuel TV Studios in Lagos, Nigeria. They began with the supplicant

“Locate Me Lord In Your Mercy,” a song composed by Prophet T.B. Joshua to honour God for always showing up in His children’s lives.

“Don’t leave me out when You heal/Don’t leave me out when You deliver,” so the soulful lyrics go. On a further note of gratitude, the choristers declared that “Nothing More Can Make Me Happy” and “Joy Is A Fruit Of Faith.”

To introduce the day’s Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions, Prophetess Angela gave a brief message titled

IS ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD?” She briefly narrated the experience of a viewer who had blocked the Emmanuel TV prayer line soon after receiving prayer over her COVID-19 infection. According to the viewer, she had feared that she was dealing with fraudsters. However, once she realised that her symptoms had actually vanished, she unblocked the number and shared her testimony to praise God’s name. To this Angela said: “This tells us that the evidence of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is result in Jesus’ name.”

In the message, Angela referred to Psalm 139, verses 1-4 and 7-8 to stress God’s omnipresence as well as to Matthew 8 to illustrate what a believer can achieve by displaying implicit faith in the Godhead, given how Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant from a distance. As such, she advised Christians to approach God in an attitude of repentance, submission and forgiveness of their fellow man. “Two sins do not lead to righteousness,” Angela noted, and “Forgiveness is not based on the magnitude of sin but on the magnitude of the Forgiver’s love.” As she prepared to pray for viewers, she said: “Right now, free your heart and come to a place of repentance.”   

Moments from the Prayer Sessions

As the interactive prayer sessions carry on, God’s presence continues to shine through. On Sunday, SCOAN ministers prayed with individuals and families from over 30 different countries across the continents including: Fiji, Faroe Islands, Mexico, Guatemala, American Samoa, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Australia, Peru, Kenya, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, Belgium, Romania, Namibia, Chile, Sweden, France, the USA, Colombia, Malawi, Japan, South Korea, The Philippines, and Germany. There were instant manifestations of God’s power, as people received healing, deliverance and salvation in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. The prayer sessions provoked different physical reactions to the power of the Holy Ghost, with many dropping to their knees and vomiting poisonous substances while others thrashed uncontrollably on the floor as contrary spirits vacated their bodies.

In addition to healings of cases of COVID-19, which has been the source of anxiety for the world in the last few months, several prayer recipients were set free from long-term illnesses such as asthma, sleep apnea and other physiological conditions. Before and after offering prayers, the ministers ensured to stress the place of forgiveness, faith and godly living to everyone. For the glory of God, all of these cases are briefly highlighted in this article.

Session One

In the first session, Prophetess Angela prayed for Carlos from Colombia,

who had symptoms of COVID-19 and fertility issues, having been unable to father a child despite all medical efforts. During the prayers, the Spirit of God surged through him and he shook off all his symptoms. Angela also prayed for the couple Sabrina and Andrea Luis, who called in from Brazil. They were afflicted with COVID-19 and on the verge of divorce.

Their children also received prayers over coronavirus signs such as headaches, body pain and diarrhoea. During the session, Sipokazi from

South Africa vomited poisonous substances, thus expelling all the traces of COVID-19 from her system. Finally, Jeffrey, as well as his wife Lucy and

their daughter Lesego, equally vomited poisonous substances from COVID-19. They also called in from South Africa.

Session Two

Prophet Racine took over in the second session. He prayed for Christian from Peru,

who had received his third positive COVID-19 test result on July 18, 2020. Christian fell under the power of the Holy Ghost and vomited the poison in his system. For Elizabeth from South Africa, a nurse who had contracted COVID-19 in the course of work, there was a lot of screaming and

thrashing on the floor when the Master Healer set to work on her organs. Also prayed for was Edward from Kenya.

All of his COVID-19 symptoms vanished after the session. Finally, there was Jean, as well as his wife and little daughter.

Jean, a coronavirus-positive Congolese living in Canada, vomited the poison in his system. His wife also received her own healing from the disease.

Session Three

In the third session, Prophetess Anne prayed for Belgium-based Marie, as well as her five children and brother, all of whom had COVID-19 symptoms.

After the prayers, signs of relief were visible on their faces. She also prayed for Samuel from South Africa, as well as for Brenda,

his Cameroonian wife, who had developed COVID-19 symptoms while caring for him. The couple vomited the poisonous substances in their system. Eva from Sweden also received her healing from COVID-19.

For the first time since being homebound for the last two months, Eva was able to taste and smell again.

Session Four

By the time Prophet Chris was done invoking the mighty name of Jesus Christ over those who had called in from three continents, it was clear yet again that God’s power knows no boundaries.

Tsepiso had connected from South Africa, flanked by his medical doctor wife Phola and their three kids as well as house minder. Tsepiso vomited all the vestiges of COVID-19 in his system. Afterwards, he poured himself some juice to taste. “I felt hot during the prayer,” he recalled. Hugging her daughter intensely,

Teclaire from France could not hide her excitement after they both received prayers over coronavirus symptoms. Before the prayers, she had displayed her X-ray results showing her torn lung tissues.

In his own case, Romel from Honduras had COVID-19 and a cyst in his liver. After the prayers, he ceased having heart palpitations and body vibrations. Another Elizabeth connected from South Africa over COVID-19 symptoms.

During the prayers, she kept coughing and trembling all over. All of the prayer recipients thanked God for healing them.

Session Five

In the fifth session, Prophetess Yinka prayed for Julie, a Cameroonian living in the USA.

Julie had COVID-19 symptoms such as tightness of the chest, back pain, palpitations and mucus blockage. While the prayers went on, Julie swayed on her feet and eventually vomited the poison in her system. Kenny from Colombia also had COVID-19 symptoms and vomited during the prayers.

To show that she had recovered her senses of taste and smell, she took a mandarin and drank some carrot juice.

Raphael from Malawi also vomited all traces of COVID-19 from his system. Similarly, Matthew from South Africa received his perfect healing from COVID-19.

He had been isolating at home after a two-week stint in the intensive care unit. No longer needing his oxygen machine, he declared: “Thank You, Jesus, for healing me!”

Session Six

In the sixth session, Prophetess Angela prayed for people who had connected from Belgium, Chile, Germany, Peru, and The Philippines. For 16 years, Angele from Belgium had lumbar pain due to arthritis of the back;

she also had hypertension. Her seven-year-old daughter, Leila, regularly had bronchitis crises. “I would like God to take away my bronchitis,” Leila requested. And God granted her petition. After the prayers, Angele cast off her lumbar corset and exercised her body.

Prophetess Angela also prayed for Mary, a Venezuelan living in Chile who had the spirit of depression; Sandra, a Colombian living in Chile who had the spirits of lust, sadness and pride; and Angela, a Colombian living in Chile who was troubled by suicidal thoughts and lacked deep affection for her children.

Yesenia from Peru had deviation of the spine and herniated discs. She always had muscle contractions that caused stiffness in the neck and shoulders, in addition to chronic inflammation of the throat, urinary incontinence, myopia and astigmatism. After the prayers, she removed her neck collar and exclaimed in excitement at her healing.

From The Philippines, Shyrell called in over a cervical problem of pain in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and fingers.

For four years, she bore the pain rather than undergo a risky surgery. Shyrell’s mother had stomach ulcer as well as back and knee pain, while her brother had the problem of addiction to alcohol and smoking as well as knee pain due to an accident. Shyrell’s niece had throat irritation, a dry cough and loss of appetite. During the prayers, Shyrell said, she had felt her heart beating fast and an electric sensation running through her hands.

Session Seven

Prophet Chris handled the seventh session, where he prayed for Yongo, a South Sudanese living in Australia who had knee and hip pain since sustaining a bike accident in 1999; for Mirleydis from Colombia who had blurred vision, loss of memory and knee pain.

She also had bad dreams and the addiction of nail biting. Also part of the session was Virginia, a Filipino living in Japan who was seeking deliverance for her family,

especially for her third child who was unwilling to attend school owing to internet addiction. After the prayers, she claimed freedom for her children. “I feel very light; my back pain is gone,” she testified. Prophet Chris also prayed for Yeon from South Korea who had difficulty in walking due to degenerative arthritis of the knees,

as well as piles and depression. Although she had lain flat on her back during the prayers, she received strength to remove her braces, get off the bed and walk around the room. Lastly, Nomazuko from South Africa received healing for the pain in her right foot.

She subsequently climbed the stairs painlessly and drove herself around the premises, having done away with her moon boot.

Session Eight

Prophetess Anne prayed for Dicky and Hanna from Indonesia.

Owing to gastritis, Dicky’s stomach was always a source of discomfort. He also feared coming down with cancer or dying from a heart attack. Even more, he had a low sperm count. On her part, Hanna had a liver problem and her ovaries were not big enough. The couple’s seven years of marriage had produced no child. During the prayers, Dicky’s face twitched in discomfort and he tapped rapidly on his belly, his body contorting on the floor. He then vomited the poison in his system, after which he confirmed his healing. Marc from France also received prayers over his childhood problem of sleep apnea.

After the prayer, he took a deep breath of healing. There was also Flora from Malaysia who had a stone in the bladder,

a liver cyst, hepatitis B, hypertension and insomnia, as well as Harun,

a South Sudanese living in American Samoa who had leg pain and a burning sensation in the stomach for 15 years.

Session Nine

Prophetess Yinka prayed for Cynthia from Ghana who had difficulty in

walking and was using a moon boot and walking stick; for Kirstin from

Faroe Islands who had insufficiency of pancreatic enzymes and had suffered five miscarriages; for Luis from Costa Rica who had spirit of man

and addiction to pornography; for Thomas from Fiji who had spirit of man

and addiction to marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol; and for Alfredo from

Mexico who had oxygen deficiency and got tired easily when walking or talking.

Session Ten

Prophet Chris also prayed for Karla from Honduras, a dental surgeon who had cervical herniated discs, migraines and a spinal problem for 20 years,

as well as a neck problem for 10 years. She was using a neck collar, arm sling, lumbar corset and a special cushion for sacral support. After prayer she removed all supports, saying: “I felt something strange inside me; I cannot explain it.” She walked and danced around in the room to show her perfect healing. He equally prayed for Agnes from Zambia who had

rheumatoid arthritis since 2009; for Joseph, a South Sudanese living in Australia who had chronic asthma and could not socialize because of his ailment.

During prayers, he was breathing heavily and clutching at his stomach before falling on the floor, writhing and rolling as if in pain. He also vomited. “I felt like something was coming out of my guts. I felt like something was touching me hard on my back,” he told Chris. Finally, Chris prayed for Jimena, Breida and Rosa from Peru.

Jimena had shortness of breath, chest pain and acid reflux due to pharyngitis. Breida had allergies causing breathing and chest pain. Rosa had asthma and herpes on the chest due to stress. All of these problems bowed to the power in the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Session Eleven

In the final session, Prophet Racine prayed for Charmain from Namibia who had the intestinal problem of hiatal hernia.

“My hands were shaking and I experienced heat in my body,” she said of how she had felt during the prayers. Racine also prayed for Larisa from Romania who had panic attacks and depression.

Larisa also had sight issues, which were side effects of her medications, as well as constant urinary tract infections. “I feel like crying due to happiness. My body was shaking and I could not control it,” she said about the prayers. “I feel heat in my hands. I feel a lot of peace inside me,” she added. Andres and Viviana, a Colombian couple living in Chile, also received prayers.

Andres had the problems of lust, pride, quick-temperedness and marital problems, in addition to having amorous dreams. Viviana had had two miscarriages and doctors said she could not have children. At 17 a witch had supposedly closed her womb. She also had the problems of lust and dreaming about marital infidelity, in addition to an addiction to pornography and masturbation. During prayers, the couple fell to the floor and later said a force had overpowered them. 

Prophet Racine also prayed for Magaly from Guatemala who had lumbar disc herniation, muscle strain from knee fluid leak and groin tear.

After the prayers, she removed her lumbar corset and body brace, moving and walking painlessly. “Thank You, Jesus! I am free by the power of Jesus!” she exclaimed. Finally, Nathaniel from Ghana, a health research officer

born with sickle-cell anaemia, also received his healing from hip pain. “During the prayer my body was vibrating as if there was an electric shock. Now I am okay,” he said while exercising his hips and limbs with a few squats.

In the light of such overwhelming evidence, it is worth asking again: Is anything too hard for the Lord? Absolutely nothing!

Partnership Message

Prophet Racine started his partnership message with a wise saying: “When we are placed on top of a horse, we should always remember those who can’t even get the chance to ride on a donkey.” He then went on: “The privileged should remember the less privileged, because it is a rare privilege to be in a position to give.” Having given such conscience-piercing words, Racine read from James 1:17, the passage about every good and perfect gift coming from God, who does not change like shifting shadows. On that note, he exhorted viewers to realise that they are always in a position to offer help to others, no matter how small. Racine said, “Whatever your gift is, that is what the Lord will use to bless others through you. No matter how small, you can still share your gift with others in need. The strong should strengthen the weak with all their substance.”

Racine’s message could not have come at a better time, with the livelihoods of millions all over the world having been lost to the global lockdown from COVID-19. There is no better time than this, Racine reminded viewers, to help in lessening the pain of others. He then echoed the relentless cry of Prophet T.B. Joshua: “When the pain of others becomes your pain, when you feel what others feel, when the wound of others becomes your wound, when the cry or joy of others becomes yours – only then will you begin to succeed with your life.”