GOD’S POWER IS NOT LIMITED BY SPACE, TIME OR DISTANCE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


With edifying songs composed by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Emmanuel TV Choir began the day’s Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions on a worshipful note. To the delight of Heaven, they performed the songs “Welcome To My Heart”, “I Bind My Spirit”, “Flow From You”, “Christ’s Strength” and “Acknowledge God”.

During the Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions, many received their freedom from sickness, disease and affliction. First to experience God’s majesty in distance was Pastor Hilton Dennis from South Africa. Hilton, a worker in the Lord’s vineyard, had been unable to look away from the suffering of people in his community as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown took away their livelihoods. In addition to being a preacher, he also runs a nongovernmental organisation (NGO) that caters to the needy; therefore, he lost no time in reaching out to them. Along the line, however, he contracted the coronavirus. Doctors immediately asked him to self-isolate for a 14-day period. He had headaches, general weakness and cold shivers. Just a couple of days later, Hilton’s wife and daughter also came down with symptoms after which they went for a test and were confirmed COVID-19 positive. Hilton linked up for the Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions, where Prophet Chris prayed for him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He advised Hilton to let go of all pain of the past in order to receive from God. Chris then commanded: “Every affliction – come out, in the name of Jesus Christ!” Following the prayers, Hilton testified: “What I experienced earlier is gone; the pain in my body is gone!”

On her part, Jessica said that she had been isolating with her 11-year-old daughter since her husband, Hilton, tested positive for COVID-19 and was isolating elsewhere. She had symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest and back pain, cold shivers and sweating. A diabetic, the South African also had a cough and loss of appetite. Displaying her COVID-19-positive test report, Jessica said she was ready to submit to God’s healing power. Prophet Chris then began, “Right now, receive a hearing heart in the name of Jesus Christ!” Once he was done ordering out the killer virus from Jessica’s body, he asked her to confirm her healing. Jessica said that she could now breathe freely and that her health had been restored. Advising Jessica to remain on the Lord’s side, Chris observed: “Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. He also prayed for Jessica’s daughter, who had been having difficulty in breathing, diarrhoea, sore throat and nausea. Turning to the viewers, Chris prayed: “We declare to you right now: Enough is enough to that sickness, bondage, failure!”

Prophetess Angela prayed for USA-based Cuban couple María Aguila and Guillermo Reyes. First to be impacted was María, who had been COVID-19-positive for 20 days, as her test report showed. She had been having body pain and weakness, loss of sense of smell and taste as well as heavy pressure in her chest and back. She also had a cough and had been feeling feverish. “You need a free heart to receive from Jesus,” Angela said to María. She then went on to pray for her. “Jesus Christ has set you free!” Angela declared, asking María to confirm the return of her sense of smell and taste. Immediately, María made for her refrigerator and poured herself a beverage. María said that she had felt like something was protecting her whole body as the prayers went on. “I am free from all sickness! I am healed!” she proclaimed excitedly.

Guillermo who also tested positive to COVID-19 had also been coughing in addition to having body pain and weakness. Quarantined at home for the last 13 days, he had lost weight and could not go to work. Before praying for Guillermo, Angela reminded him: “Distance is no barrier and Jesus is more majestic in distance.” She then prayed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ: “Be set free from the prison of sickness!” As Guillermo exercised his body to demonstrate his healing, he said that during the prayers he had felt hot and sweated profusely. He added, “I am free! I am well! Thank You, Jesus!” He therefore advised people to have faith in God, for whom nothing is impossible.

From Kazakhstan, Favziya linked up with the Emmanuel TV Studios over her long-running problem of asthma, which used to worsen during the cold season. The university lecturer also had leg pain, which led to insomnia. Unable to go out in cold weather owing to her breathing problem, Favziya had to rely on an inhaler for support. As Prophetess Yinka made to pray for Favziya, she asserted: “God is omnipresent. God is more powerful in distance. God is the Healer.” She then commanded God’s healing power to flow into Favziya’s lungs in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “Be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ!” she added, even as she also expelled the knee pain responsible for Favziya’s insomnia. Yinka assured the woman, “You are free in the name of Jesus Christ,” asking her to take deep breaths. Having demonstrated her healing, Favziya said she would discard her inhaler. Facing the viewers, Prophetess Yinka declared that the same anointing would heal every sickness in their lives.

Shortness of breath, nagging headaches, loss of sense of smell and taste, as well as body pain and general weakness – those were the symptoms that had been making life miserable for Tamzyn, a South African woman who had been isolating for the past two weeks because she was positive for COVID-19. When Tamzyn displayed her test result, Prophetess Anne simply assured Tamzyn that the distance between Cape Town, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria would be no barrier to her healing and deliverance, as the Holy Spirit is the key to light. True to Anne’s words, no sooner had she begun praying that the fire of the Holy Ghost surged through Tamzyn’s body, uprooting her from the sofa and causing her to thrash uncontrollably on the floor. “Every sickness, every affliction – begin to vomit it out, in the name of Jesus!” Anne commanded. After vomiting the poison in her system, Tamzyn stood up and got a banana, which smell and taste she could now relish to the glory of God! “My chest is relieved right now,” she testified. Still standing on the authority of God’s Word, Anne prayed for viewers: “Right now, I command in the name of Jesus Christ, whatever deadly sickness in your system – be flushed out, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Prophet Racine prayed for Mr and Mrs Malan, a South African couple that had been suffering from coronavirus symptoms. Mrs Malan had gone to hospital and was confirmed COVID-19 positive. She had been suffering from a blocked nose, headaches and weakness of the body. Her husband had a dry cough and sweated profusely at night. In response to all their complaints, Racine said, “I am here to proclaim to you God’s faithfulness,” even as he asked them to work on the state of their hearts before God. “Whatever virus, whatever symptoms – come out, in the name of Jesus!” Once those words landed, the Spirit of God took over and Mr Malan began to cough out the poisonous substances in his system. On her part, Mrs Malan not only testified that she could now breathe properly but also offered a few push-ups. “It was a wonderful experience; Jesus is alive,” said Mr Malan. Racine then advised the couple to allow themselves to be ruled by God’s Word, which has healed them. For viewers, Racine prayed: “Whatever sickness, whatever disease – in the name of Jesus, be free from your prison of sickness!”

Prophetess Angela also prayed for Mónica García, an Ecuadorian living in the USA. Fifty-six-year-old Mónica had a severely ailing gall bladder as well as gastritis and loss of memory. Owing to the problem with her gall bladder, Mónica felt severe pain anytime she ate food that contained oil – pain that would cause her to clutch at her stomach and bend over while being rushed into emergency care. Restricted to a special diet and having lost a lot of weight, Mónica still did not get better, as she needed ever more injections of morphine to ease her pain. Booked for an operation, Mónica had been unable to have the procedure owing to the COVID-19 lockdown. However, after Angela commanded out the spirit behind the disease, Mónica felt the regenerative heat of God’s power as her body vibrated. “It felt like an electric shock all over my body,” she cried joyfully. “I felt something come out of me,” she added, pressing her stomach and doing things she had been unable to do before.

The ministers of God also had further prayer sessions with people from all over the world. At each session, they encouraged the prayer recipients to purge their hearts of pain of the past and to continue relying on God’s Word for the sustenance of their healing, deliverance and salvation.

Prophetess Yinka prayed for Belgium-based aspiring footballer Krotchi Gradel and his brother, who were afflicted by knee injuries and body pain. After the prayers of healing and deliverance, the two young men are now fit as fiddle, having been set free from their destiny-threatening injuries.

Prophetess Yinka also prayed for the Dominican Republic’s Lt. Col. Alixandre Tejero Melo and his wife. After being confirmed to be positive for COVID-19, Alixandre sent a prayer request to The SCOAN. After the virtual prayer session, Alixandre’s symptoms vanished and he exercised his body vigorously to the glory of God. His wife Yuberkis Jaquez also received her healing from coughing, nasal congestion and body pain. “We are healed! Thank You, Jesus!” the couple testified.

From France, Mrs Marie Qenenoj connected with Emmanuel TV. She received prayers from Prophet Chris over her problem of disc herniation and spinal compression as well as cracked heel and cracked anklebone. Preferring divine surgery to medical surgery, Marie saw her faith rewarded as she parted ways with her lumbar corset and ankle brace after the “electric current” of God’s power surged through her body. “Before, I could not do this! I could not run like this! I could not bend like this!” she testified in demonstration of her healing. Marie’s husband, Felix, also received his healing from ankle and heel pain. Now, he can return to work and can walk briskly for as long as he wants. “Thank You, Jesus, for Your grace and mercy!” he exclaimed.

Prophet Chris also prayed for Paola Tapia, a Mexican living in the USA. Paola had been asthmatic since she was eight years old. As she grew older, her condition worsened, making it difficult for her to do her housekeeping job effectively. She usually experienced shortness of breath, chest pain and headaches. Even more, Paola fractured her thorax and ribs in a motoring accident and doctors had to insert a screw in her wrist after her tendons tore. As an asthmatic, Paola had to rely on inhalers to cope with her breathing crises, sometimes needing to use the inhalers up to four times a day. After the prayers, however, Paola can now do the things she had been unable to do before. “Now, I don’t feel pain in my heart; neither do I feel pain in my chest when I breathe. Thank You, Jesus,” she declared just as she began to exercise her once painful wrist, and to the glory of God, she felt no discomfort!

Edward Mulenga, a young man from Zambia, also received prayers. He had severe problems with swallowing solids and liquids, for which doctors told him to take a barium swallow test and an oesophageal manometry test. Edward also complained about a phobia to do with clustered holes, following a distressing picture he stumbled upon on social media. During his prayer session with Prophetess Anne, Edward fell on the floor and vomited the poisonous substances in his system. Once he got back on his feet, he proceeded to prove his healing by eating and swallowing. Prophetess Anne then declared to Edward: “I put it to you today that God Almighty has set you free! You are free, you are released, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

Another beneficiary of God’s awesome power was Madhavi, an Indian woman who received prayers from Prophetess Anne. For 15 years, Madhavi had the problems of lumbar spondylosis, knee pains, spine ache and rheumatoid arthritis. With this array of problems, Madhavi had been unable to function for the last five years, despite using a lumbar corset. As the prayers went on, Madhavi’s organs received a touch from Jesus and now she will be able to work again. Hallelujah!   

Prophet Racine prayed for Bernardo Barón, a Colombian who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 12, 2020. Isolating away from his family, Bernardo suffered not only loneliness leading to depression but also fevers, headaches and tightness of the chest. Of the effect of the prayers, he said, “I sensed the presence of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit that was moving from my spine to my lungs.” He then declared that he was free from every pain.

Finally, Prophet Racine prayed for Susan Ndana, a Zambian who had been suffering from asthma and sinusitis for the past 20 years. To aid her breathing, Susan had to use a nebuliser as well as medications. During the prayers, Susan vomited the poisonous substances in her system as she regained her permanent freedom from asthma and sinusitis.

Indeed, when we behold these incredible instances of divine power transcending space and time, we cannot but exclaim: Distance in indeed not a barrier to the move of the Holy Spirit!

Partnership Message

To round off the day’s broadcast, Prophet Racine cited James 1:27 and James 2:15-16, teaching that widows, orphans and the needy must not be allowed to suffer deprivation on account of their status. Therefore, he said, true Christians should not look away from the plight of the sick, the hungry, the widows, the orphans and all those needing help, especially during the coronavirus crisis. He then highlighted the divine reward for such acts of charity, as stated in Proverbs 19:17 and Deuteronomy 14:29. “To the carnally minded, money, service or sacrifice given in charity may seem to be thrown away,” Racine observed, but not so for genuine givers who promote “Love that has feet to move to the needy, to move to the sick ones, to move to the hungry ones. Love that has hands to help others without expectation. Love that has eyes to see misery and want and has ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men.”