GOD IS MORE POWERFUL IN DISTANCE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On Sunday, 28 June 2020, the Emmanuel TV Choir again took advantage of the Live Sunday Broadcast to give an offering of praise and worship to the Creator of Heaven and Earth. They performed five of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s faith-building songs: “Be Still”, “My Heart”, “Rain Your Power”, “Vision Man” and “No One Like You”. The themes of the songs ranged from absolute trust in God’s reassuring power and total heart submission to requesting for the Holy Ghost’s presence and acknowledging Christ’s ultimate price at Calvary.     

Again, God proved his unquestionable might during the Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions, as several individuals received a divine touch right inside their homes. After the Prayer Sessions, many testimonies began to pour in confirming the undeniable power in the name above all names, Jesus Christ.

An astounding case was that of Dr Pierre Kameni, a gynaecologist and obstetrician who had been self-isolating somewhere in his private clinic after contracting COVID-19 from one of his patients. With his positive medical report in his hands and describing his symptoms of dry cough, headaches, difficulty in breathing and body pain, he cried out for God’s intervention. It was evident during the prayer session that Pierre’s case was extraordinary. No sooner had Prophet Chris begun praying than Pierre started coughing vigorously and sweating profusely in the air-conditioned room. His vomit on the floor as visible proof of what he had just experienced, Pierre said he had felt blockage and respiratory muscle pain leave him as the anointing floored him. Chris assured Pierre that he would subsequently excrete more poisonous substances.

To the glory of God, just within a day of receiving prayers, Pierre sent in news that he has now tested negative. Persuaded by the evidence of his intense reaction during the prayers, Pierre decided to submit himself for another COVID-19 test and the result was confirmed negative. It was therefore a most excited Pierre who reconnected with the Emmanuel TV team to share his testimony. During the lengthy testimony, Pierre said that he had indeed discharged a huge amount of faeces, as Prophet Chris had predicted. Praise the Lord! He advised nations all around the world not to panic in the face of COVID-19 but to run to Jesus Christ because He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

From the university city of Bamenda, Cameroon, Dr Dickson Ndamsa connected with the Emmanuel TV Studios. Dickson disclosed that he and his wife had tested positive for COVID-19 and that their two little daughters were also displaying symptoms of the disease. For the parents, the classic signs had been manifesting: headaches, sore throat, heaviness in the chest, difficulty in swallowing, general body weakness and restlessness at night. Before praying for the family, Prophetess Anne implored Dickson to free his heart from anything that might prevent him from receiving his healing, having acknowledged that distance is no barrier to the move of God. Anne then prayed for Mrs Ndamsa, for whom the prayer session was a double dose. Mrs Ndamsa not only received her healing from COVID-19 but also had the root cause of her fibroids exposed, as the evil spirit in her manifested vigorously before vanishing forever.

Another participant in the prayer session was Mr Rafael Cervantes, a Mexican living in the USA. Four weeks ago, Rafael had injured his neck in an accident. Although he got swift medical attention, Rafael’s condition had barely improved and he had feared that his neck would remain stuck in a collar. He was also terrified at the prospect of no longer being able to care for his family, given that the injury might incapacitate him. Consequently, he soon began to nurse negative thoughts and became depressive. Once Prophetess Yinka was done with praying for Rafael, she asked him to take off his neck collar and he revelled in his perfect healing. Rafael removed the neck collar and handed it over to one of his three daughters, who also received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Turning his neck in all directions, Rafael glorified God’s name.

For Rachael Palmer, a 46-year-old South African woman, the problem was a fractured left foot that had forced her to use a moon boot and a pair of crutches. Rachael had slipped and landed on her back on April 30, 2020 and had had to depend on her family for care and support since then. However, she believed in God’s power to deliver and heal her. As Prophetess Angela prayed for Rachael, God’s power broke all barriers of time and distance and located her effectually. Not only did the anointing free Rachael from her pain but it also delivered an older male member of her family, who dramatically fell to the floor as soon as he entered the video call. In an unmistakable display of wellness, Rachael yanked off her moon boot and cast aside her crutches as she paraded the length and breadth of the family’s living room, giving all the glory to God.

It was a most impactful session for Myrzagul, who linked up all the way from Kazakhstan, Central Asia. The hairdresser had been suffering from a heart disease since early childhood and in the last two years had been experiencing a searing back pain that was making her “walk like a robot” – to use her own words. Despite visiting several medical doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine, Myrzagul did not get any better. She could not sit, walk, stand or sit for long and her work started to suffer. Most times, while attending to her customers, she would tie a cloth around her back and waist area so that it would keep her back warm and ease the pain. After Prophet Racine prayed for her, however, Myrzagul regained her vitality, having been saturated with the anointing that breaks all yokes. Testifying that all the pain had gone, Myrzagul is back to perfect health in Jesus’ name!

Ever heard of pulmonary emphysema? Well, that was the medical name for the problem that Mr Miguel Yuma had. In 2012, doctors had discovered that the 56-year-old Cuban’s lungs were defective, which meant that he could not breathe properly, so they gave him a nebulizer, which he had to use four times a day. They also gave him other medications apart from the drug to be poured into the nebulizer. Miguel frequently had to overdose on the nebulizer medication, as he felt the recommended dose was not effective. Moreover, he also had prostate issues and hypertension and often suffered nosebleeds. Owing to these health issues, Miguel could never get a good sleep. To the glory of God, however, all of that is now in the past after Miguel vomited the poisonous substances in his system when he fell under the power of the anointing during the prayer from Prophet Chris. The American resident showed proof of his healing by taking deep breaths and pacing around his sitting room, even stepping out onto the street, without using the nebulizer, something he could not do before. Truly, God is more majestic in distance!                                

When it was South African Khanya’s turn to receive prayers for COVID-19 that had given her tightness and pain in her chest and pain while breathing, Prophet Racine simply assured her: “God is more powerful in distance. God is more wonderful in distance.” And after the prayer, it was clear that Khanya had been healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

Also from South Africa, Ms Esther Mahlangu had tested positive for COVID-19 and among other symptoms suffered the problem of shortness of breath. During prayers from Prophetess Angela, Esther not only received instant relief from difficulty in breathing but also had the evil spirit in her expelled after a bout of intense manifestation.

On his part, Nigerian Mr Olayinka Agbaje called in all the way from Canada, North America. Fitted with knee braces and a lumbar corset, he said that for the last two years he had been feeling pain in his knees, hips and other joints. Despite having visited several physiotherapists and chiropractors, he could still not sit, bend, run or climb the stairs without feeling severe pain. Worryingly, X-rays claimed there was no obvious reason for Olayinka’s problem so he resolved to bring his case to God. To uproot the problem, therefore, Prophet Racine urged Olayinka to let go of all offence and believe in God’s transcendental power. After the prayer session, Olayinka parted ways with his lumbar corset and knee braces! Emmanuel!

For 26-year-old Sibusiso Xaba, a South African, the last few months had been marked by miserable pain. He had a nerve disorder called trigeminal neuralgia, which meant that a nerve in his face was dead. The implication of the nerve damage was that he could not eat, move or sleep without suffering dreadfully. In the last one week, he had been sustaining himself with only milk. And even as he explained his condition to Prophet Chris, his distress was obvious. Doctors had told him that he would need an expensive and delicate surgery if he hoped to lead a normal life again. In this desperate state, Sibusiso connected with the Interactive Prayer Sessions on Emmanuel TV believing that his case would be reversed.  Prophet Chris called upon the Lord Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Ghost backed by the Word, and divine ease settled upon Sibusiso’s face. In a matter of moments, Sibusiso began crunching away at an apple! His mountain of trigeminal neuralgia had been levelled! Sibusiso’s father also experienced the anointing, as he dropped to the floor while Chris was commanding out the chest tightness and pain troubling the elderly man.  

Fifty-four-year-old Marcela Granados, a Colombian, also linked up to The Emmanuel TV Interactive Prayer Sessions. For six years, she had the problem of compression of the sciatic nerve, which made standing up very painful and slow. She also had the problems of fatty liver and ovarian cyst, which led to hormonal imbalance. No longer able to exercise her body, Marcela gained weight but she could do little to help herself. Standing on the authority in the name of Jesus Christ, Prophetess Anne launched into a session of fiery prayer during which the anointing caused strong vibrations in Marcela’s body and dragged her to the floor. By the time Marcela rose back to her feet, she had been transformed into a much more youthful woman, punching the air and kicking out her limbs in all directions. She had indeed regained her freedom from the demons that had put her body in bondage. “I am super fine!” she exclaimed.

For thirty-nine years old Rodrigo Trejos, a Mexican, his reason for reaching out to the Emmanuel TV Team for prayers was to rid himself of addiction to alcohol and drugs as well as ‘spirit of man’. Since the age of 12, Rodrigo had been a wanton abuser of alcohol and drugs. And since his earlier years, he had found himself being attracted to the same sex. As he positioned himself dutifully for prayers, Rodrigo recalled having slept with two men in the past. He also disclosed that alcoholism had been making him engage in frequent violent arguments at home and at work, leading to job loss and marital issues every now and then. Opening up further, Rodrigo said that, apart from causing him to steal, alcoholism and drug abuse had led to problems with his appendix, which had to be removed, as well as his with pancreas and gallbladder. Prophetess Yinka assured him that as he had connected with Emmanuel TV, God had already forgiven him and he should now forgive himself. Powerful prayers  then showered upon him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. During the prayers, he said, his palms had been sweaty, his body had been vibrating and he had felt dizzy. For Rodrigo, a new dawn has now broken! 

Another recipient of prayer was Ms Valentine Mbon, a Cameroonian living in France. Until her healing a few days ago, the nursing assistant had sciatica for four years. Doctors gave her a lumbar corset and medications to ease her suffering. However, the pains persisted. Valentine also said that she used to have nightmares, in one of which episodes the enemy attacked her throat and she began to spit out a yellowish substance in real life. During prayers from Prophetess Anne, Valentine vomited the poisonous substances in her system. When she stood up, she began to exercise her body and do things she had been unable to do before. Anne advised her to maintain her healing in Christ Jesus.

France-based eight-months pregnant Rakia Billy had been a heavy drinker and smoker all her life. She was so addicted to drinking that she could not do without alcohol for up to three days at any point, often preferring highly concentrated alcohol and never bothering about the health of her vulnerable foetus. According to scans, Rakia’s almost-due baby was not well positioned, meaning that she would require a Caesarian Section during delivery. Although she had tried on her own to quit drinking and smoking, Rakia had not succeeded. Instead, her condition had worsened and she had frequently assaulted her partner, sometimes in public. Luckily, her partner had always been understanding and he was there to support her during the prayer session. The evil forces in Rakia manifested as she shed tears of brokenness, to the glory of God’s Kingdom. The couple having entered a new dawn following the deliverance prayers, they were assured by Prophetess Yinka that Rakia would have a natural birth. Immediately after the prayer, Rakia said she felt disgusted at the sight of alcohol. 

Indeed, the Interactive Prayer Sessions of June 28, 2020 was another uncommon demonstration of God’s unbeatable power.

For his brief message on the reward for supporting God’s work and fellow humans, Prophet Racine cited two of the most iconic bits of Scripture that define the Christian faith: 1 Corinthians 13:3 and Matthew 25:45. While the first asserts love as the greatest virtue, the second stresses the need to help anyone who falls in need, no matter how lowly they might be. Such show of love, he said, is both the clearest demonstration of our relationship with God and also a guaranteed way of divinely multiplying our own possessions. In his words: “You are blessed to bless others; therefore, being blessed but not blessing others is the cause of poverty. The best investment is help. So, let us build our lives around our contribution to others. The value of possessions is to change lives, change nations and change the world.”

May the Lord bless His Word in the midst of our hearts.