AN ENCOURAGEMENT TO MEDITATE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN live Sunday service from the Emmanuel TV Studios witnessed an outpouring of divinely inspired wisdom as Prophet T.B. Joshua made his first television appearance after coming back from the Prayer Mountain. The man of God explained that he chose to go to the Prayer Mountain to rest, surrounded by nature. He however added that anywhere can be a prayer mountain as it all depends on the state of our heart. Responding to the major question in most of the emails sent by viewers, about how the Word of God can get into our hearts, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the benefit of meditation. He said that meditation means to focus on only one thing which is God’s Word.

Beginning with a reading from 2 Timothy 3:16, the man of God expressed the fact that the Word of God, in its entirety, represents truth and has a way of illuminating our hearts in discerning and understanding the fundamental issues of life. “The Bible is the Christian’s guide for belief and practice and contains the truth of Jesus Christ. The Bible is the letter inspired by the Spirit. When you are reading the Bible, God is reading you. I mean, when you are reading the Bible, you are reading the Holy Spirit. Holy men were carried along by the Holy Spirit as they spoke the message that came from God”, he said.

He decried the attitude of those who read the Bible like literature or history without due regard to the Holy Spirit. “If you are to read the Bible, you must be carried along by the Holy Spirit. But nowadays, we read the Bible, we pray without any attention to the Holy Spirit, without any regard for the Holy Spirit. Before you read the Bible, you need to seek the attention of the Holy Spirit because the Bible is the tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Without the handler, the tool is useless” he added.

Prophet T.B. Joshua observed that the world is made up of two languages – the language of the Bible and the language of today. For him, the language of the Bible is what God uses in bestowing his blessings upon us and exercising his Kingship over us while we use the language of today in gossiping, telling stories, doing business and giving direction. He gave an insight on how the Christian can make the best use of the Word of God: “If we take the Word to our heart and truly make it part of us, it will by its very nature, change us from unsaved to saved. The Word of God is a treasure that produces great riches in the lives of those who meditate on it, not in the lives of those who read it. We can read and pray day and night but unless we live in it, we miss the point”.

Responding to the question on why the Word of God impacts only those who meditate on it, the man of God said: “The Word of God can only become part of us by meditation. While meditating, we are on our own. While reading, you can have so many things on your mind…Meditation is a tool, weapon to get the Word of God into our heart”. He also added that meditation strengthens us to resist temptation and produces the fear and knowledge of God.

He concluded with prayers for viewers all around the world. “Begin to choose faith over fear”, he said as he committed viewers into the hands of God. “I pray for the system of the body that has been affected by COVID-19, whatever virus, whatever affliction – be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Leave that body, leave that blood, leave that organ, in the name of Jesus Christ! Heal the sick, Lord! To the doctors, nurses, caregivers – what a calling, what a career! Imagine without you at this critical time. Bless them now, in the name of Jesus Christ! Let them know that their labour is not in vain, in the name of Jesus Christ! Those on the sickbed – whatever challenges, whatever virus, whatever affliction, COVID-19 – Your Word declares, be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

He also prayed for Emmanuel TV Partners all around the world: “To all our partners all over the world, we see the manner and the way you have allowed yourselves to be used for the glory of God. Lord Jesus, bless them, in the name of Jesus Christ! Bless them in a tremendous way, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Prophet Racine, Prophet Chris, Prophetess Yinka and Prophetess Angela read out some emails containing testimonies of those who received their healing from COVID -19 after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua while he was at the Prayer Mountain. Most of the testimonies proved that God’s power is still at work and remains the most reliable cure for every ailment tormenting humanity. A very interesting testimony is the case of a viewer who was healed of COVID -19 after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and drinking lemon and hot water. It would be recalled that Prophet T.B. Joshua had, during a live broadcast from the Emmanuel TV Studios, demonstrated one of his habits – drinking lemon and hot water which has a lot of health benefits.

Another testimony worthy of mention is that of a viewer from Canada whose email reads thus: “Dear Prophet T.B. Joshua and my lovely Emmanuel TV family, I want to thank God for New Brunswick in Canada where my family stays. As we prayed with the Prophet against COVID-19, God has been faithful. There were 118 cases but after March 27th, people started recovering and now 112 people have been reported healed. On May 2nd, all the patients were confirmed healed and on Sunday evening, we got the announcement that, for three weeks now, there have been no new cases of coronavirus in New Brunswick… We know God answers prayers and we thank God for His faithfulness. Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua for praying for the world. God bless you all!”

Prophet Racine thanked the Emmanuel TV Partners for their unflinching demonstration of love in a crisis era. He encouraged them to continue with the good works they are doing, putting smiles on the faces of the weak, the deprived, the sick, the needy and the less-privileged. He thanked them for using their time and resources to care for those who need help and support, adding that love can change the fate of nations. “Partners in Christ, you are called to be apostles of giving. That is what Jesus meant when He spoke to the disciples in the Book of John 17:18: ‘As the Father sent me, so send I you’”, he added.

In a prophetic message on his official Facebook page, titled “GET READY FOR LIFE AFTER THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN”, Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged viewers all over the world to face whatever situation they find themselves in, after the COVID-19 pandemic with equanimity, stressing that it could a blessing in disguise. “If you don’t get your job back or you don’t get a proper job or a full-time job or you run into loss or lose a loved one after this lockdown, don’t despair; don’t doubt your Guard. God is about to establish you”, he said. He added that the global challenge we find ourselves in requires us to adjust our lifestyle and live modestly and sincerely. “Something must happen every 100 years to affect the whole world. This is what has happened in our own lifetime. It has been like that for generations. Those who respond to the demands of the age will end up as overcomers, victors, winners.”

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