A NEW DAWN - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday service of May 3, 2020 broadcast live from the Emmanuel TV Studios started on a joyful note with the captivating performance of the SCOAN Choir as they symbolically ushered viewers into a new dispensation of love, peace and freedom as the lyrics of one of their deliveries suggested.

Good morning

It’s a new dawn

Good morning

And win today

The new dawn echoed by their song was also profoundly depicted by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer at the mountain where he interceded for the nations of the world, ministers of the Gospel, health workers and viewers all around the world. The man of God envisaged a new dawn of healing, blessing, unity, love, sound health, prosperity and an end to the coronavirus pandemic. The content of his supplication expressed the urgency of his expectation from the Almighty God.

In a world presently ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, fear and uncertainty have built their nests in the minds of many. Social relationships have been greatly fractured by the fear of the virus, forcing the economic fortunes of most nations to nosedive. In the face of these frightening realities, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the nations of the world: “In the name of Jesus, we present the nations, the world at large to You, Lord. Forgive them their iniquities. Forgive them their wrongs. Forgive them their sins, Lord Jesus. There is cure in the Blood of Jesus. There is mighty cure; there is mighty healing. Heal our land! Heal the world! Heal them of fear of COVID-19! You are the great help, the very help in times of trouble…Help and rescue the world at large, in the name of Jesus Christ!”.

At a time when many ministers are becoming tired of doing the work of God because of the social restrictions occasioned by COVID-19 coupled with the lack of unity that has characterised Christendom, Prophet T.B. Joshua would rather ask for God’s intervention. He asked God for more anointing and enablement for ministers of the Gospel all over the world: “Let me ask for a fresh anointing. Father, a fresh anointing to all ministers of the Gospel all over the world! Lord remould us, refill us with Your mighty fresh anointing – anointing that breaks the yoke! Without Your anointing – no ministers, no healing, no deliverance. All ministers of the Gospel – refill them Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ!”.

The man of God committed the sick into God’s hands, knowing that there is nothing too difficult for God to do. And with the coronavirus sending many to their graves, Prophet T.B. Joshua reckoned that God remains the solution to man’s present situation: “Let the sick say, “I am healed!” Those who are sick – whatever sickness, whatever affliction – be healed, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ! I command you to be delivered, to be set free, in the name of Jesus Christ! In the name of Jesus Christ! In the Blood of Jesus Christ! Whatever the sickness in your blood, fluids, tendons, tissues – wherever it is in your organs, system, faculties – be flushed out, in the name of Jesus Christ! That sickness in your kidneys, liver, bones, blood – I command them to leave, in the name of Jesus Christ! I command you sickness – leave, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

And for all the frontline health workers and caregivers who are risking their lives to administer treatment to the sick, especially in the face of the highly contagious COVID -19, the man of God commanded God’s presence to be with them: “I pray the medical doctors, medical professionals, caregivers, our nurses – let them sense the presence of God! Sense the presence of God! Sense the presence of Jesus Christ! Use them, Lord – the medical doctors. Use them, Lord – the caregivers. Use them, Lord – our nursing sisters and nursing brothers. Use them, Lord to restore the health of sick ones, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

During the interactive session facilitated by Prophets Racine and Chris as well as Prophetesses Yinka, Anne and Angela, a few out of the thousands of emails sent by people from different parts of the world were read out. Most of them were testimonies of persons who received instant healing from COVID-19 after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua while he was making supplications to God at the mountain. Many of them who were diagnosed with the coronavirus have tested negative after praying along with the man of God. One of the emails read thus: “I am from Canada and for reasons best known to me, I will like to withhold my name. My daughter and I had the symptoms of coronavirus. I felt very weak and my daughter also suffered a lot of fever and cough. As the man of God offered prayer at the Prayer Mountain, I joined in that prayer along with my daughter. After that prayer, all the symptoms disappeared! No more sore throat, fever, chills, loss of appetite. I later went for a test of COVID-19; it was negative. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank you Emmanuel TV. Thank you, T.B. Joshua. Thank you, prayer warriors. Only a miracle of Jesus could have healed me so quickly. I declare that, as it came out of my house, it will never return, in Jesus’ name!”

Responding to another email whose sender sought to know Prophet T.B. Joshua’s stance concerning tithes and offering, Prophet Chris explained that tithes and offering should come from the giver’s heart and not as a coercion from the church. He supported his submission with a reading from Exodus 25:2: You are to receive the offering for me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give”. He further clarified that the force behind the offering matters more than the offering itself. Hence, the need for churches to be very cautious in accepting or requesting tithes and offering from people. He added that those who give genuinely in service to God are those whose giving is blessed by God.

Still on giving, Prophetess Angela observed that “…there is no giving without receiving and there is no receiving without giving. Those who understand this principle give for the salvation of their soul”. She praised the attitude of those who give even when they have not been asked, stating that, for such people, they are usually prompted by their spirit to give. “God Himself speaks to their hearts to give; it is an inspiration of the Spirit”, she said. She concluded with prayers against COVID-19, suicide, sickness and all forms of addiction, in Jesus’ name.

Concluding Prophet Racine thanked all the Emmanuel TV Partners that have been reaching out to the needy and less-privileged all around the world. He reminded them of the powerful nature of the love and care they have been expressing and urged them to continue the good work. “Partners all over the world, a million thanks are not enough to say thank you for your effort. God has no hands but yours do His work. God has no help but your help to bring men to His kingdom. God has no house but your body is His temple”, he said.

In response to Prophetess Anne’s question concerning other ways a Christian can show love other than giving financial assistance, Prophet Racine stated that love can be expressed through encouraging words, compliments and also giving comfort to the lonely. “To those who are lonely, comfort them. Those who are discouraged, encourage them. Those who do not know they are beautiful, tell them they are beautiful!”, he said.

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