PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA AT THE PRAYER MOUNTAIN - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The SCOAN Sunday Service of 26 April, 2020 broadcast live from the Emmanuel TV studios captured Prophet T.B. Joshua admonishing the body of Christ and praying for world leaders and their nations from the Prayer Mountain. He called on God to forgive their sins. He also extoled the healing and curative power in the Blood of Jesus. In an era when the COVID-19 pandemic has become the focal point of the world due to its adverse socio-economic consequences, the man of God implored God to heal their lands and the world at large. He commanded the power of sin over the nations of the world to be broken, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! At a time when nations of the world and their leaders are at their wits’ end as a result of widespread fear and uncertainty occasioned by the rampaging COVID-19, Prophet T.B. Joshua sought divine direction: “In the name of Jesus, by the power of the Blood shed on the Cross, by the authority of the Scripture, I decree wisdom and understanding in this critical time. Give our leaders wisdom and understanding to guide their nations, their countries at this time of trouble, in Jesus Christ’s name we pray”.

In spite of the noticeable division in Christendom all over the world, the man of God beseeched God to strengthen the body of Christ in all the nations of the world, stressing that the endless struggle to be like Him is the reason soldiers of the Kingdom of God are so divided: Father, we want to commit our ministers of the Gospel – we are struggling to be like You. There is a mix-up. That is the reason we have division in the house of God. That is why there is division everywhere in Your House. That is why there is division all over the world. Father strengthen us, refill us, remould us, rearrange us and fill us with fresh anointing. Without anointing, no one can do Your work. Without anointing, our challenges will overwhelm us. Without anointing our challenges will overpower us. We ask for fresh anointing; fill every minister of the Gospel. Fill them, remould them, rearrange them, Lord, for the journey! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”.

For those on the sickbed, the man of God declared them free from their sickness with authority in the name of Jesus! For those who are on the sickbed, Father, I declare them free, in the name of Jesus! Receive your deliverance, in the name of Jesus Christ! Receive your healing, in the name of Jesus! Whatever sickness in your body, fluids, organs, whatever name they call it – COVID-19, whatever affliction – receive your deliverance, receive your cure, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Prophet T.B. Joshua also prayed for health workers who are at the forefront of the battle against
COVID-19. He asked God to strengthen and guide them as they continue to discharge their duties with the ultimate aim of relegating the dreaded virus to the dustbin of history: I pray the medical doctors, medical professionals, caregivers, our nurses – let them sense the presence of God! Use them, Lord, to restore the health of sick ones, to restore their health, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Concluding, the man of God reminded health workers that their profession does not make them invulnerable to sickness. However, he committed them into the protective hands of God: “That you are caring for the sick ones – you caregivers, professional doctors, nurses – does not mean you cannot be sick. You can be sick. I release you, in the name of Jesus! Be healed in your soul! Be healed in your spirit! Be healed, in the name of Jesus! Whatever sickness, disease you are facing right now, I cover you with the Blood of Jesus! Surgeons’ hands – I place my hand on them. Lord Jesus, guide the surgeons’ hands. The treatment given to the sick ones – Lord Jesus, guide them!”

Prophets Racine and Chris alongside Prophetesses Yinka, Angela and Anne dissected some of the highpoints of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecies for 2020 and the years before. They specifically talked about the current reality in the global oil sector where the price of oil has drastically come down as prophesied by the man of God in 2008, 2011 and 2013. They also demonstrated, with existing facts, that the total lockdown which has reduced the whole world to a ghost village and has given rise to business shutdown, hunger and frustration, can be linked to ‘the year of humility’ which Prophet T.B. Joshua had warned about in his 2020 prophecy.

They made reference to data released by John Hopkins University in which it was confirmed that the curve of growth of patients who had contracted the coronavirus actually started declining significantly from March 28, 2020, in consonance with Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy that the noise of the coronavirus would be broken on March 27, 2020. It would also be recalled that the man of God had said that ‘the fearful year’ would end in March while ‘the year of humility’ would follow, according to God’s time-table.

Responding to an email sent in by a viewer in Canada and read by Prophetess Yinka, Prophetess Anne explained that giving is not restricted to monetary donations. She reckoned that there are many other things with which a true believer can better the lot of their fellow brethren. Just as God Almighty has designed the workings of human society, so He has also planned that each individual with their differences can contribute to helping their fellow human beings”, she said. Reiterating the fact that there is no one God has created without a gift, she declared that it is the inability of people to acknowledge the gift(s) God has given them that leads to unemployment or lack of a job to do. For those who have a stable stream of income, she advised that money is not the only thing they can use to bless others. She encouraged them to channel their love to others through acts of kindness, such as sharing knowledge or even just an ordinary smile, adding that when we plant them, they yield bigger harvests.

She buttressed her explanation with a reading from the Book of Romans 12:7-10: “If it is serving, let him serve. If it is teaching, let him teach. If it is encouraging, let him encourage. If it is contributing to the need of others, let him give generously. If it is leadership, let him govern diligently. If it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully. Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil. Cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love”. In the spirit of the times, an era when the world is passing through a difficult phase caused by the coronavirus pandemic and its adverse economic effects, Prophetess Anne urged Christians to plant more love and faith into society. She added that we should plant unconditionally, not just giving to people whom we share the same faith with but to those who do not share the same faith with us. She concluded with a call to Christians to embrace the spirit of forgiveness so that God would also give an unrestricted ear to their supplication. She exemplified this concept with a reading from the book of Psalm 66:18: If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened”. She concluded by leading viewers in a prayer for forgiveness from every iniquity which is a hindrance to our prayers and relationship with God.

Prophetess Angela elaborated on the concept of sacrificial giving with a reference to the encounter between Prophet Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath as captured in 1 Kings 17:10-14. In spite of the social and economic disadvantages that defined her life, the willingness of the poor widow to sacrifice all she had, led to the transformation of her life through the Prophetic declaration and blessings of Elijah. While Prophetess Yinka prayed for viewers to be free from all burdens, including coronavirus.

Prophet Chris once again drew viewers’ attention to their role of acting love stating, “Love casts out evil because evil cannot stand love…That is why love should be our motto, our slogan as Christians.” He further added, “If your support does not come from your heart, it cannot be a blessing to the Kingdom of God or others.”

Prophet Racine then spoke, first thanking Emmanuel TV Partners for their selfless demonstration of giving. He referred to the Good Samaritan who was not in a proper position to help somebody but gave what was in his hand knowing it could be a solution to the situation at hand. What was uppermost in his heart was the need to carry out his assignment as a commissioned solution provider. He concluded with a call to Christians to continue propagating love and reaching out to the less privileged. Finally, Prophet Racine reminded Emmanuel TV Partners to do love, act love and let love lead as “Love casts out evil”.