FEAR WITHIN US - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On the 1st of March 2020, amidst the fear of the unknown in which the world seemed to have been enveloped, Prophet T.B. Joshua had prophesied about divine showers that would calm world fears. As the service went on, reports were being received from across the continents about the predicted showers. “Liberate my spirit,” the choristers sang.    

“Coming to the presence of God is like walking out of the darkness into the light,” Prophet T.B. Joshua began his message titled, FEAR WITHIN US. It was his first physical appearance at a Sunday service in a while and he took the opportunity to speak about fear as a weapon that satan is using against people. He noted, “You fight on the outside but on the inside you are filled with fear, panic and anxiety,” even as he asserted that the Holy Spirit is an enemy of fear. Right away the man of God launched into a fiery prayer session in which he stressed the need to break free from ancestral strongholds and inhibiting family patterns. Along the line, he prophesied an imminent end to the present source of fear – disease.

In “LOOK INTO YOUR LOVE WALK”, Prophetess Anne also spoke against the backdrop of the climate of fear. She started by asking two key questions concerning true Christian living: Do I have peace of heart? How long will all I am enjoying last? She then took her proof text from Matthew 18:7 and Romans 14:20 as she preached against failing to acknowledge those who have helped us to make progress in life. She was, in other words, advising congregants and viewers not to forget the fountain of their success. As such, she said, true Christians ought to treasure sincerity of heart and shun pretence. In her words, “The heart makes up the content of a man’s character. Man may do much by outward restraint but still lack the character of God in his resolution.” She also cautioned against imitation, self-will and seeking short cuts to the kingdom business. She noted, “If we are successful, wealthy, making it, famous, and our spiritual lives are not prospering, it will soon fade.”



Chief Samuel Forbi, a 63-year-old Cameroonian, had been suffering from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis and degenerative disc disease. For the last one year, he had been using a lumbar corset, yet he had pains all over his thighs and legs. Doctors had suggested an operation but the chief had preferred only surgery from the Master Healer, Jesus Christ. They had told him that he might soon lose control of his bowels if he did not present himself for the operation. Two Sundays ago, he received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “It was as if something was coming out of my body,” Samuel recalled how he had felt during the prayers. Now I no longer need my lumbar corset, he stated. “Whenever in crisis, don’t go to anyone else but Jesus Christ,” he advised.

Similarly, for the last one year, Mrs Esther Forbi had been troubled by difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis and osteoarthritis. Owing to this condition she had been unable to function in her different roles. Having seen all the specialists available in Cameroon without finding a solution,

Esther had taken her case to God. Two Mondays ago, she had attended The Living Water Service. After climbing the Mountain of Prayer, Esther rolled on The SCOAN Altar for a few minutes before removing her lumbar corset. Although she had been assisted onto the altar by her husband, she started jumping for joy after she received immediate healing. She then proceeded to self-minister the Living Water. In her testimony last Sunday, Esther told of how she had suddenly started feeling sharp pain in her back during a morning of physical exercise, her right leg having become heavy. Doctors were unanimous on her condition: grave. To the glory of God, however, Esther had received her healing as God located her. “Look at me now – I’m standing straight,” she asserted. She advised people to run to God for solutions to their problems.


 Mrs Kelechi Nnadi, from Imo State, had ceased menstruation and severe waist pain. In a dream a woman had vowed that Kelechi would no longer see her mense – and so had it happened, right from that very month. And so for eight months, instead of her monthly menses, Kelechi would have a swollen tummy and pains all over her body. Although she had got special drugs and treatment from the doctors, Kelechi had not felt better. Two Sundays ago, God’s servant Prophet Racine laid an anointed hand on her in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Shortly afterwards, Kelechi felt a sensation in her stomach and went to check herself in the restroom: her flow was back. Now she can bend and squat, just as she can wear her high-heeled shoes. Mr Nnadi confirmed his wife’s testimony and advised people to take their problems to God. Kelechi advised people: “Do not be deceived; it is all real.”


Mr Emmanuel Gbabi wasn’t your regular thief. Why? He enjoyed stealing only from those who had been kind to him. If you didn’t help him, he wouldn’t steal from you. Such a strange thief he was! Well, Emmanuel had simply been under the manipulation of demonic forces. Right from childhood, the Benue State indigene had been fond of picking meat from his mother’s soup pot and stealing money and other valuables from neighbours. As he grew older, he graduated into brazen theft.

A person that friends and family always loved to be with, Emmanuel one day visited a friend in the eastern city of Nsukka and left with the latter’s household valuables, including a laptop and a phone. Begged to return the items, Emmanuel asked to be given the sum of 50 thousand naira before he would return them. He did get the money but he refused to send back all the items; he had in fact sold off the laptop. He soon visited another friend in Makurdi, a city in his home state, and made away with phones belonging to this friend and his brother. This friend then caught him and alerted the other friend whose laptop Emmanuel had stolen. Emmanuel was beaten up and disgraced publicly before being handed over to the police. The owner of the laptop subsequently caused Emmanuel’s mother to sign an agreement stating that she would pay him the sum of 300 thousand naira in six months, otherwise her son would be sent to prison. At this point, Emmanuel realised that he had a spiritual problem and opened up to his mother, Blessing. The Emmanuel TV fan promptly brought her son to church two Sundays ago. “When the man of God laid his hand on me I was ‘electrocuted’,” Emmanuel recalled. Since then he has become a new creature, no longer having the urge to visit people with the intention of stealing from them. Blessing said she had tried helping her son by her own efforts but had failed. Confirming the change in her son’s life, she glorified God for his deliverance. Emmanuel advised people to realise that God can do all things.


It was on the 19th of May 2012 that Mr Donaldson Onodjayefe got initiated into cultism. Wanting to be accorded respect, Donaldson, then just out of secondary school, had asked his friends in the neighbourhood to let him know what made them tick.

The initiation process, which lasted from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., had involved three stages: severe beating, burning of the back with fire from a lighter, and swearing to an oath. According to Donaldson there were 135 initiates at the camp that night. With the initiation now complete, the young felt a giant man settle inside of him. He was ready to take down all opposition at short notice.

Although his first hit was brutal, the target ended up not dying, so Donaldson’s name came up and he became a target for the rival cult group. He fled Lagos for Delta State, where he connected with fellow cultists and sank further into violent crime. Perhaps tired of the troubles from his chosen lifestyle, Donaldson kept moving from city to city, yet the cult network kept seeking him out. While in Ibadan, he got news of a gang member’s murder and decided to return to Lagos to avenge the killing, together with other members. In Ibadan a witchdoctor had fortified him with over 200 incisions, assuring him that he had become untouchable to the enemy. With such renewed assurance, he carried on confidently in gang life until he was arrested for a murder that was actually committed by a gang member. Now already in detention for months, and on the verge of being sent to prison, Donaldson’s parent came to The SCOAN to seek the face of God concerning his situation. Shortly after, Donaldson surprisingly had a dream encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. In that dream the prophet had isolated him from the other gang-member detainees and asked him to leave. Four days later Donaldson was discharged with a ‘no-case-to-answer’ declaration by the detaining state’s new Chief Judge. It was a miracle indeed. Two Sundays ago Donaldson came to The SCOAN and after an anointed touch by God’s servant Prophetess Anne, he was delivered. Once back on his feet after falling from the power of the anointing, Donaldson became remorseful and started to ask God to forgive him for his past atrocities. Donaldson’s father, Mr Gold Onodjayefe, struggled to fight back the tears as he told of how much of a bother his son’s lifestyle had caused him. Shaking his head, Donaldson cried, “There is no gain in cultism. Stay close to God and make His Word the standard for your life.” His father urged parents to be close to their children and bring them close to God.


For Sierra Leonean Mr Unisa Mansaray and his mother, Adama, it was a wonderful time in God’s presence during The Living Water Service of two Mondays ago. Unisa had been mostly deaf, hearing only faintly with his right ear.

The condition had made him abandon school 15 years ago and he had developed a complex about his situation, as he always felt that he was being taunted. His mother always had to scream out her words and, try as much as she did, she could not find a medical solution for her troubled son. Although the doctors had said nothing was medically wrong with Unisa, he was certain that something was constantly moving in his ear. For Adama herself, the problem was that she had been suffering from a nagging headache, as well as leg pains, for the last 11 years. After ministering the Living Water in his ears, Unisa said, “I began to feel as if there was hot water in my ears.” At that point healing was taking place in Unisa’s ears. Advising people to obey the divinely inspired words of God’s prophet, Adama said that her own healing had begun when she vomited after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. After that experience, her faith increased and she eventually came to The SCOAN a fortnight ago. In her testimony on Sunday, Adama said she used to have terrible pains in her head, navel and feet. After self-ministering the Living Water on her head, Adama said, “It felt cold in my head.” At her hotel later that night, she had dreams in which a scorpion and a maggot came out of her. By the morning she noticed that her navel swelling had come down. No longer feeling the throbbing in her head, Adama has now had her hair made and she has been sleeping peacefully. She advised everyone to take their problems to Jesus Christ. Overwhelmed with emotion and tearful gratitude to God, Unisa advised people to grow their faith as they present their problems before God.     


At The Living Water Service of two Mondays ago, Ghanaian Mrs Beauty Sanyo received her healing from 20 years of itching of the eyes. For all of that period she could not look at light or afford to have currents of air to blow at her face without her eyes becoming teary. Her eyes were always reddish, causing her to shy away from going out. In faith, Beauty had attended the service trusting that God would heal her. However, once she applied the Living Water to her eyes they suddenly went shut, at which time Jesus Christ, the Master Healer, was obviously working on her sight. Aided to the Living Water taps for the second time, Beauty ministered it again and her eyes opened and she could see clearly, even though she had initially reported that the water felt like fire. During her testimony on Sunday, Beauty told of how, back home in Ghana, her little daughter had acted in faith one night by touching the screen while Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying, and then placing the hand on her mother’s eyes, which had been hurting on the night in question. Since her healing, Beauty has been able to have her hair done, can look straight at light and can comfortably have draughts of air blow at her face. Beauty herself advised people to have faith and believe in God.


During the Mass Prayer session of The SCOAN Sunday Service two weeks ago, Mrs Bodzra witnessed the power of God in a mighty way. As the prayers went on, the right hand of God had fallen upon her and she had vomited two coins and the evil spirit in her had manifested, confessing its atrocities before vanishing for good.

During her testimony last Sunday, it transpired that the coins had actually been manipulated into her by a figure from the marine world. According to Mrs Bodzra, marine forces had told her that her husband James was the property of their kingdom. Represented by a female figure, the marine forces had reached a deal with Mrs Bodzra that she would give them a male child to replace James, whom she said she loved and could not afford to lose. When she conceived, however, it was a girl. For failing to give them what their kingdom wanted, the female figure would appear to Mrs Bodzra every now and then and deliver her a resounding slap, which would cause her serious headache and bodily discomfort. She was always unhappy and depressed, just as the marine kingdom had wanted. They said they could not allow her to be happy while their own kingdom remained in turmoil, as her husband’s birth had caused problems for the male head of their kingdom. For this reason, the Bodzra’s daughter was struck with illness for two years. The marine forces also made Mrs Bodzra to become a compulsive borrower, asking for money that she didn’t need. Stating his part, James said that he had to commit to paying back some of the debt incurred by his wife. He also said that he had been alarmed when his wife had told him that she had only 14 days to live, asking him to bring her to The SCOAN. By some miracle, James managed to arrange for the trip to Nigeria. Finally, he narrated how his wife had received her deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. James advised people not to abandon their spouse when they are in trouble but to support them spiritually. “No more slaps or headaches,” Mrs Bordza said.


“There is a woman there – it is like a non-stop flow of water and fluid is coming out of your body. It has been like that for some years now. Jesus is with you. Come out.” Those were the words of prophecy for Mrs Grace Paul during a Sunday service in September 2018 as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered. Confirming the prophecy, Grace had produced her medical documents showing that she had what the doctors called PID and ovarian cyst. After the service, Grace had returned home and after meeting with her husband, she subsequently fell pregnant. She eventually had a baby boy, whom she brought to church on Sunday alongside her husband. In amazement, her doctor had knelt down in gratitude to God, given that he knew that something was blocking Grace’s womb. “The blood from my menses was as black as my hair,” she told the church. She also said that, in dream encounters, Prophet TB Joshua had advised her not to go to her village in search of a solution and that she would have her own child. To the glory of God, Grace is today a nursing mother and many around her are now ardent viewers of Emmanuel TV. She advised people to put their faith in God while letting go of all pain of the past.

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